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Found 10 results

  1. Selling a bunch of vinyl, shipping 4$ inside US. can ship same day/next day. No fixed prices, message me if you're interested Black Tongue - Born Hanged (purple and bone variant) (clear variant) sealed* ? forget which one is sealed Periphery - Self Titled (unknown variant) original press /50 *Sealed Counterparts - Prophets (Orange) *Sealed Counterparts - Prophets (Electric Blue) *Sealed Northlane and In Hearts Wake - Equinox (Green Splatter) *Sealed Northlane - Node ( 7 inch series) still has shrink wrap on it never played. [ill take what i payed for on this idc ehat its worth i just would like it out of my collection i have nowhere to put it] Humanities Last Breath - Self Titled (Red) *Sealed xSpongecorex - Brutal Bikini Bottom Beatdown (Green) The Contortionist - Exoplanet [Remastered] (Blue and Green split) & (back hole color) *Sealed The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots..(Green Mint) *has seem splits on inner sleeve - SOLD August Burns Red - Found In Far Away Places (OxBlood Red) *Sealed The Maine - American Candy (Bubblegum Pink /500) & (Light Blue /1000) & (HotTopic White/Blue Swirl /500) all sealed* The Maine - Lovely Little Lonely (Purple/Black Split /500) sealed*
  2. SALE POST... DM me if interested *FREE shipping in the US, $25 International Shipping, $50 International Shipping with Tracking *All records are in an excellent condition, unless noted Opeth - Damnation (2008 US Press - hard to find) $30 SOLD: Stranger Things - Volume 1 Soundtrack (clear/black smoke variant) Casey - Love is Not Enough (Buttermilk Variant - noticeable corner damage from shipping - only played once) Metallica - Hardwired... Limited Colored Boxset (Sealed New) Dredg - Catch Without Arms (10 year anniversary - New Sealed - Black Variant) Contortionist - Language (Orange marbled variant - New, opened to see the color and never played - some corner damage from shipping)
  3. Please sell me these ! Architects (UK) - Lost Forever // Lost Together (Blue) /??? Beartooth - Disgusting (Red w/ Black Splatter) /??? Crown The Empire - Retrograde (Electric Blue w/Magenta Splatter) /200 Issues - Black Diamonds (White/Turquoise Starburst) /500 - w/ glassy autographed card - 1st Pressing Matty Mullins - Self Titled (Red/Tan/Blue Starburst) /500 - 1st Pressing Memphis May Fire - Unconditional (Burgundy & Tan Starburst) /500 - 1st Pressing Miss May I - At Heart (Clear w/Red Splatter) /1000 Storm The Sky - Permanence (Half Swamp Green w/ Swamp Green Splatter on White) /200 1st Pressing Thy Art Is Murder - Hate (Yellow w/Black Splatter) /1000 - 3rd Pressing In Hearts Wake - Into The Storm CD In Hearts Wake - The Gateway CD
  4. Willing to pay top $$$ for these test presses. If you have any hit me up ! Crown The Empire - Limitless (Black) TEST PRESS /20 - 1st Pressing Crown The Empire - The Fallout (Black) TEST PRESS /20 - 1st Pressing Crown The Empire - Retrograde (Black) TEST PRESS /20 - 1st Pressing In Hearts Wake & Northlane - Equinox (???) TEST PRESS /10 - 1st Pressing Like Moths To Flames - An Eye For An Eye (Black) TEST PRESS /20 - 1st Pressing Like Moths To Flames - When We Don't Exist (Black) TEST PRESS /20 - 1st Pressing Like Moths To Flames - The Dying Things We Live For (Black) TEST PRESS /20 - 1st Pressing Memphis May Fire - Challenger (Black) TEST PRESS /20 - 1st Pressing Memphis May Fire - The Hollow (Black) TEST PRESS /20 - 1st Pressing
  5. My whole list is up for sale so if you see something you like then hit me up ! Here's some of the artists; The Amity Affliction In Hearts Wake Northlane Thy Art Is Murder Like Moths To Flames Crown The Empire Architects Being As An Ocean For Today Hellions La Dispute Memphis May Fire Miss May I Pentatonix Prepared Like A Bride The Devil Wears Prada https://deadformat.net/collection/Demalem/haves
  6. I put picking this up off for too long and now its unfortunately sold out. If anyone got a copy and is looking to sell it definitely message me!
  7. Selling the following; Crown The Empire - The Fallout (Orange/Red Starburst) /500 In Hearts Wake - Skydancer (Sunrise) /250 Memphis May Fire - Unconditional (Brown) / 1700 Real Friends - Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing (Cyan/Easter Yellow Smash) /500 The Color Morale - Hold On, Pain Ends (Sea Blue w/Purple Splatter) /500 Northlane - Node (Electric Blue/ Sea Blue Smash) /650 Northlane - Node (Milky Clear/ Baby Pink Haze) /650 Open to all offers via message and will send pics/info on request !
  8. Hey guys, Trying to get a thing going where I re sell limited edition vinyl records that people struggle to get their hands on Go check it out and give me a like if you're keen https://www.facebook.com/RareGemRecords
  9. Just to let you guys know that both the northlane and in hearts wake variants on merch now are out of the bundle again and up for sale! Don't know how long they will last though. I ended up buying the bundles for these, kinda wish I would have been patient to get these on their own the mock ups look pretty cool actually! Enjoy everyone! Northlane: (Gold/Purple/White Starburst) http://riserecords.merchnow.com/products/185481/singularity-deluxe-reissue-goldpurplewhite-starburst-double-lp IHW: (Blue/White Starburst) http://riserecords.merchnow.com/products/185459/earthwalker-deluxe-reissue-bluewhite-starburst-lp
  10. Finally got my copy of this in the mail today, anyone else pick one up? I grabbed the multi splatter version, but kind of wishing I got the green splatter after seeing the final products, I think that one turned out the best. Comparison between the mock ups and the final products below (for the coloured variants). There's also still copies of the 'The Earth' variant (bottom image) available too: http://www.24hundred.net/products/earthwalker-12-vinyl-limited-edition-the-earth-colourway.html