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Found 3 results

  1. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/products/560248-dead-mothers-2-songs-picture-disc-lathe-cut-limited-to-25-read-full-description-please Founded in 2014, Asheville, North Carolina’s Dead Mothers wrote a crushing debut EP "Life is Poison" We released it earlier this year on a 7". If you haven't already, you should pick it up too. We used the remaining two songs (Doctored, Disease) from that recording session to release this 2 song square picture disc lathe. This is limited to a one time release of 25 copies. Artwork on both releases is by Ethan of Primitive Man. THE SOUND QUALITY IS NOT PERFECT, THINK OF IT MORE AS A PLAYABLE PIECE OF ARTWORK. YOU WILL BE PROVIDED WITH A LINK TO A HIGH QUALITY DIGITAL FILE OF THESE TWO SONGS THOUGH. *********************** IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT LATHE CUTS ********************************* These are not a direct substitute for pressed records. These are 100% hand-made, in real time. If the record is 10 minutes long, it took 10 minutes to cut plus setup time. This labor, coupled with the maintenance and knowledge required makes these lathe-cuts more expensive (per piece) than a larger pressing of vinyl. They have some degree of surface noise/pops/crackles, which tends to largely disappear once the music starts, especially for full, loud recordings. However, these lathe cuts are not audiophile records, or even comparable to standard pressed records. They will sound slightly different than the master, because the plastic reacts to certain frequencies differently.They are made from materials that were never intended to be records (plexi glass cut with a 70 year old lathe). Sound quality varies slightly from one record to the next, and some audio tracks translate better than others. These records should be treated like, and priced as unique works of art. It is like the difference between selling a cheap gift shop print of a painting and an original artist print of that painting. ********************************************************************************************* This album will fit right in your collection between your Gaza, Knut, Pig Destroyer, and Converge albums. Tracklisting: 1. Doctored 2. Disease Dead Mothers is: Olive Ardizoni - vocals Mike Royal - bass Jordan Vermillion - drums Ryan Moon - guitar http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/products/560248-dead-mothers-2-songs-picture-disc-lathe-cut-limited-to-25-read-full-description-please
  2. More about this below but we are pretty pumped on this. This EP rules. Mountain punk hardcore. We approved Dave's lacquers and it is headed for plating and pressing now. Founded in 2014, Asheville, North Carolina’s Dead Mothers have written a crushing debut EP. Life is Poison, due this summer on Bitter Melody Records. Along with the announcement, the band have released the new single "White Squaw" through New Noise Magazine. http://newnoisemagazine.com/song-premiere-dead-mothers-white-squaw/ Mixing their punk ethos, social awareness, and technical musicianship they have recorded 5 songs with Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, NC. The result is a tight, monumentally heavy EP. Life is Poison crosses genres of mathcore, grind, and sludge. This album will fit right in your collection between your Gaza, Knut, Pig Destroyer, and Converge albums. Tracklisting: 1. Nicodemus 2. White Squaw 3. Victim 4. Dead Mothers 5. Poison Dead Mothers is: Olive Ardizoni - vocals Mike Royal - bass Jordan Vermillion - drums Ryan Moon - guitar https://deadmothers.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/deadmothersband http://www.bittermelodyrecords.com/ http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/
  3. 01 Knut - Merciless 02 Author & Punisher - Body Dome Light 03 Ovo - Like Rats 04 Eagle Twin - White Flag 05 Drugs Of Faith - Paralyzed 06 Mandemiurgeshit - Predominance 07 Gnaw - Life Is Easy 08 Omega Massif - Don't Bring Me Flowers 09 Wormed - Tiny Tears 10 Transitional - Avalanche Master Song 11 Maruosa - Defeated 12 Warsawwarsaw - Pulp 13 Nadja - Go Spread Your Wings I've only found this at Music Fear Satan in France so far but (even if no-one posts) I'll add what the record company says when they get back to me. I know there are some Omega Massif fans here. Lots of information and some of the tracks here: http://www.avalanchers.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=10677&sid=a18240c9118a1020d607d7da1844015d