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Found 17 results

  1. Hey all, I'm looking to buy some used punk band tee's, size Extra Large. We had recently moved and somehow a bag of my clothes went missing. If you have any laying around that no longer fits, have minor holes/stains or just wanna make some cash, please PM me! Interested in pretty much any bands on Lookout!, Epitaph, Fat, Recess, Asianman, Hellcat, It's Alive, Dead Broke, Hopeless, Red Scare, Nitro, ect... I'll pretty much snag any that are reasonably priced and also open to trade vinyl for them. Appreciate it everyone, cheers!
  2. Hunting for: Let Yourself Be Huge [any colored variant] Bouncing Souls - The Gold Record [Gold] Lagwagon - Blaze [Blue] - (dude on Discogs rejected my offer of 200 EUROS. Woof.) Anyone willing to part with a copy? Cheers.
  3. Hello. Please read the whole thread before you go mad with PM's and offers. I have decided that I’m going to take cash offers on my NOFX records as well as trades. I have loved this collection but its time to give up the NOFX variant game and get some records I would appreciate (and listen to) I do have a want list, but if you still want to trade let me know what you’re after and ill have a look at your record list. I’m getting rid of all my variants, but if you see something you want on my keeper list and make me a good enough offer I may part with them and keep another variant of that record. Shipping will be from the UK I will get postage quotes before I take payment. The shipping will be tracked. You can pay extra if you want it signed for. Please just let me know. My record list is here. http://www.theoldlp.com/users/26178/collection I will try and get back to you ASAP, but I'm very busy and will take offers in the order I get them. All the best, David NOFX TRADE/SALE LIS So here’s the list that didn’t make the cut. 7" NOFX - Self Titled 7" EP, 3rd pressing. Limited to 500 NOFX - Fuck The Kids 7" EP,1996, black wax, (Fat Wreck) NOFX/The Spits - 7" Split EP, 2010, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Ronnie & Mags 7” EP, 2012, black wax, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Liza and Louise 7” EP, 1992 repress, Black Wax, Normal size hole (Fat wreck) NOFX - Xmas Has Been X'ed / New Year's Revolution 7" EP. 2012 (Fat Wreck) 12" NOFX - 15 Years Getting Loaded 12" LP, 2006, 2nd pressing, Pink wax limited to 500 copies NOFX - 22 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records 12" LP (Fat wreck) NOFX - Eating lamb 12" LP, 1996, Black Wax, (Epitaph) NOFX - Frisbee 12" LP released in 2009 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - I Heard The Suck Live 12” LP, 1995 , Black wax, (Fat wreck) NOFX - Liberal Animation 12" LP, 1991, Black Wax, (Epitaph) NOFX - Live and Limited double 12" LP. 400 copies. NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2006, Grey Marble Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2008, Blue Wax, Limited to 400 (Mystic) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2008, Clear Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2008, Orange Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2008, Purple Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2013, White Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2014, Green Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Punk In Drublic 12" LP, 2010 repress, Green Wax, limited to 660, (Epitaph/Hot Topic) NOFX - Punk In Drublic 12” LP, 1994, Black wax, (Epitaph) NOFX - Ribbed 12" LP, 2009, Orange Wax, Limited to 500 (Epitaph) NOFX - Ribbed 12" LP, 2010, repress, Translucent red wax, Limited to 500 copies, (Epitaph) NOFX - Ribbed 12” LP, 1991, Original black press. (Epitaph) NOFX - S & M Airlines 12" LP, 1989, Black Wax, (Epitaph) NOFX - Self Entitled 12” LP, 2013, black wax, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes 12” LP, 1997, Black Wax, (Epitaph) NOFX - The 7" club. 12" LP on yellow wax NOFX - The Album 12” LP, 1996, black wax, re-press, (Mystic) NOFX - The Decline 12" EP, 1999, black wax (Fat Wreck) NOFX - The Longest EP 2 x 12” LP, 2010, Black Wax, Limited to 1000 (Fat) NOFX - The Longest Line 12” EP, 1992, Black wax, (Fat wreck) NOFX - They've Actually Gotten Worse Live! Double 12" LP, 2007 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - War on Errorism 12" LP, 2003, Black (Fat Wreck) NOFX - White Trash Two Heebs and a Bean 12” LP, 2014 repress, Yellow wax, limited to 750 (Epitaph) NOFX - White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean 12” LP, 1992, Original Black press, (Epitaph) NOFX - Wolves in wolves Clothing 12” LP, 2013, black wax, (Fat Wreck) NOFX / Rancid -BYO Split Series Volume III -12" LP. 2002, black Wax, green cover (BYO) Box Set NOFX - 30th Anniversary Box set Blue fat version THE KEEPERS - Please read If you want any of these please make the offers good as these are my rarest NOFX records. 7" NOFX - 7” of the Month club 2 x 12” LP, 2013, black wax, 500 copies. (Epitaph) NOFX - 13 stitches 7". 2003, brown wax, limited to 7000 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 01, Yellow wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 02, Orange wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 03, Cream Wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 04, Green translucent wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 05, White Wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 06, Clear Wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 07, Red wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 08, Black Wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 08, Black Wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 09, Blue Wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 10, Cranberry wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 11, grey wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 12, picture disc, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - all of me 7" EP pressed on Aqua wax, limited to 8,000 copies (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Coaster/ Frisbee bonus 7" EP, Number 1213 of 1500, Green label (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Cokie the Clown 7" EP, 2009. Green Wax, limited to 903, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Don't Call Me White 7" EP, 2004, pressed on white wax, limited to 1500 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - F**k the Kids 7" EP, 1996' clear green wax, limited to 500 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Hardcore Covers 7" EP. 2011, Clear black and white splatter wax (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Liza and Louise 7" EP, 1992, light pink wax, limited to 10000 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Louise and liza 7". 1999, purple wax, limited to 10,029 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Louise and Liza 7” EP. 2012, Pink/black wax, 1207 copies, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - My orphan Year 7" EP, 2009. Brown wax, limited to 903. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - My Stepdad's a Cop and My Stepmom's a Domme 2012 Blue/Black wax limited 1007 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - PMRC can suck on this 7". NOFX - Pods and Gods 7" EP, 2000, orange wax and limited to 12000 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Regaining Unconsciousness 7" EP, 2003, Grey Wax, limited to 10237, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Ronnie & Mags 7" EP 2012 Blue/Grey wax limited to 1008 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Self Titled 7" EP. 1985, original first pressing, limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - So What If We're on Mystic! 7" EP 1986, limited to 2000, (Mystic) NOFX - Stoke Extinguisher 7" EP, 2013, Green/pink Wax, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Surfer 7" EP (Japan earthquake) Orange wax, Limited press (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Timmy The Turtle 7” EP. 2012, Pink/Green wax, 1207 copies, (Fat Wreck) NOFX/The Spits - 7" Split Ep, 2010, White wax, Limited to 1009. (Fat Wreck) 10" NOFX - Hardcore Covers 10" EP. 2011, black and white wax (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Leave it Alone 10" EP 1995 limited to 1000 (Epitaph) 12" NOFX - 22 Songs 12” LP, 2002, Yellow Wax, Limited to 220 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Eating Lamb 12" LP. Re-release. Pink wax, limited to 300. (Epitaph) NOFX - Frisbee 12" LP, 2012 repress, blue wax, limited to 344, (Fat) NOFX - Hardcore Covers 12" Picture disc EP. 2011 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - HOFX 12” LP, 1995, Purple Splatter Wax, Limited to 7300 (Epitaph) NOFX - I Heard They Suck Live 12" LP, 2010 repress, Green wax, limited to 375, (Fat) NOFX - Liberal Animation 12” LP, 2008, yellow Wax, Limited to 750 (Epitaph) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2000, Black Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Pump Up The Valuum 12” LP, 2013, Black Wax, Limited to 500 (Epitaph) NOFX - Punk In Drublic 12" LP, 2008 repress, Red wax, Limited to 300 (Epitaph) NOFX - Ribbed 12" LP, 1991, Condom coloured, limited to 500 (Epitaph) NOFX - S & M Airlines 12" LP, 2008, orange wax. limited to 500. (Epitaph) NOFX - Self Entitled 12" LP 2012 Tri-colour wax limited to 1000 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Self Entitled 12” LP, 2012, clear splattered store edition, Limited to 150 (Fat) NOFX - So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes 12" LP 2008, Pink wax, limited to 300 (Epitaph) NOFX - The Album 12" LP,1988, Green wax, Limited to 250, (Mystic) NOFX - The Album 12" LP,1988, Grey wax, Limited to 250, (Mystic) NOFX - The Decline 12" EP. 2010 repress on yellow wax, limited to 544 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - The Longest EP 2 x 12” LP, 2010, Green + Red Wax, Limited to 343 (Fat) NOFX - The Longest Line EP 12" 1992, white wax, limited to 1,082. (fat Wreck) NOFX - War On Errorism 12" LP, 2003, White Wax, limited to 1027, (Fat) NOFX - White Trash, two Heebs and a Bean 12" LP,2009, white wax, 300 copies. (Epitaph) NOFX - Xmas Has Been X’ed (Store edition) 7” EP, 2013, Red/green & white splatter, Limited to 150 (Fat Wreck) NOFX / Rancid -BYO Split Series Volume III -12" LP. 2002, Green Wax, limited to 500. (BYO) NOFX / Rancid -BYO Split Series Volume III -12" LP. 2002, Orange Wax, limited to 500. (BYO) BOX SETS 30th Anniversary Box set pink 126 inches of nofx box set (Coloured)
  4. Have some unexpected bills to cover so need some funds. Please send me offers.Thanks for looking!! RECORDS: 5”: - Rocket From The Crypt - Plays The Music Machine 5” (Black Vinyl) 7”: - Bracket - Stinky Fingers 7” (Black Vinyl) - Five Stars For Failure - S/T 7” (Translucent Red Vinyl) - Gin Blossoms - Found Out About You / Hey Jealous 7” (Black Vinyl) - Protagonist - Reasoning With Time 7” (Black/Blue Vinyl) 10”:- Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - The Canyons 10” EP (Gold/White Vinyl) - *2016 RSD Release /1500*- Fleshies - The Game Of Futbol EP 10” (Picture Disc) 12”: - All Time Low - So Wrong, It’s Right LP (Yellow & Red Splatter Vinyl) - Blink 182 - Dude Ranch LP (180g Black Vinyl) - *Deluxe “Audiophile” Edition & #’d*- Blink 182 - The Mark, Tom, & Travis Show x2 LP (Clear w/ Pink, Green, & Blue Splatter Vinyl) - Brand New - The Devil & God Are Raging Inside Of Me x2 LP (White/Black Marble Vinyl) - /500- Dashboard Confessional - The Shade Of Poison Trees LP (Yellow Vinyl) - Dave House - See That No One Else Escapes LP (Gray Marble Vinyl) - David Bowie - Bowie Live x2 LP (Black Vinyl) - Dustin Kensrue - Carry The Fire LP (Red Vinyl) - Finch - Back To Oblivion LP (Black Vinyl) - George Harrison - Living In The Material World LP (Black Vinyl) - George Harrison - S/T LP (Black Vinyl) - Goldfinger - S/T LP (180g Opaque Blue Vinyl) - H20 - Nothing To Prove LP (Yellow Vinyl) - I Am The Avalanche - Avalanche United LP (Translucent Gold Vinyl) - */50, Signed by Band, & comes w/ a #’d letter pressed print* - I Am The Avalanche - Wolverines LP (Green Vinyl) - Lagwagon - I Think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon LP (Black Vinyl) - Meek Is Murder - Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters LP (Blue Haze Vinyl) - Moving Mountains - Pneuma x2 LP (Blue & Green Splatter Vinyl) - My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge LP (Clear w/ Red Splatter Vinyl) - No Motiv - Winterlong LP (White Vinyl) - Protest The Hero - Scurrilous LP (Cream Vinyl) - *Underground Ops/Canadian Pressing) - Refused - Freedom LP (Black/Gold Vinyl) - *UK Pressing Variant*- Sortits - Jetzt Wird Gefickt! (Black Vinyl) - The Beatles - 1962-1966 x2 LP (Black Vinyl) - The End Of The Century Party - Isn’t It Perfectly Fucking Delightful To Be So Goddamn Certain LP (Black Vinyl) - The Ergs! - That’s It… Bye LP (Black Vinyl) - The Good Life - Everybody’s Coming Down LP (180g Blue w/ Yellow & White Splatter Vinyl) - *Deluxe Pressing /300* - The Movielife - This Time Next Year LP (180g Black Vinyl) - *10th Anniversary MTS Pressing*- The Sores - Six Songs Of Despair And Frustration LP (Black Vinyl) - Thrice - Vheissu x2 LP (Clear Vinyl) - Troubled Coast - Awake And Empty LP - Twin Forks - S/T LP (Black Vinyl) - Unwritten Law - Elva LP (Black Vinyl) FILM / TV SOUNDTRACKS - 7”:- Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - Theme 7” (Black Vinyl) - Doug - Songs From Bluffington 7” (“Neematode” Variant) - Doug - Songs From Bluffington 7” (“Quailman” Variant) - Phoenix w/ Bill Murray - Alone On Christmas Day 7” (Black Vinyl) 12”:- A Bridge Too Far - Original Motion Picture Score LP (Black Vinyl) - Beverly Hills Cop - Music From The Soundtrack LP (Black Vinyl)- Beverly Hills Cop 2 - Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (Black Vinyl) - Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - Original Soundtrack LP (Black Vinyl) - Friday The 13th: Part II - Music By Harry Manfredini LP (180g “Jason Burlap Sack Mask w/ Blue Splatter Vinyl) - George Engle - Man’s Incredible Venture To The Moon LP (Black Vinyl) - *Mono pressing of original radio broadcast)- He-Man - Masters Of The Universe LP (Black Vinyl) - *Kids Cartoon Story Album* - Office Space - Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (Clear Vinyl) - Star Trek - Book & Record Set LP (Black Vinyl) - Superman: The Animated Series Die Cut Single (“Classic” Red Vinyl) - Superman: The Animated Series Die Cut Single (“Kryptonite” Green Vinyl) - Superman II - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (Black Vinyl w/ “S” Logo Laser Etched) - The Deep - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (Translucent Blue Vinyl) - The Great Outdoors - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (Black Vinyl) - The Life Aquatic - Seu Jorge Sessions x2 LP CASSETTE TAPES:- Blink 182 - Buddha (White Shell)CDs:- Saves The Day - Bug Sessions Volume One CD- Saves The Day - Bug Sessions Volume Two CD- Saves The Day - Bug Sessions Volume Three CD- V/A - Drive Thru Records - 2002 Winter Sampler - V/A - Drive Thru Records - 2003 Summer Sampler - V/A - Underground Operations - 2008 Summer Sampler - V/A - Underground Operations - 2009 Summer Sampler - Wild Sweet Orange - The Whale EPDVDs - Music:- Dave Chappelle’s Block Party- Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness & The Middle VHS - ***2 VHS Tapes!***- Mae - From Toledo To Tokyo - Moneen - With This DVD I Will Destroy Myself (Music Video & Live Footage)- Riding In Vans With Boys (featuring Blink 182, Green Day, Kut U Up, & Jimmy Eat World - following the Pop Disaster Tour) FILM/TV DVD:- 3rd Rock From The Sun - Season 1 - Along Came Polly - Argo- Arthur (Russel Brand Remake) - Beverly Hills Cop- Dave Chappelle Show - Season 2 - Death At A Funeral - Die Hard: Die Harder- Die Hard 3: With A Vengeance- Eastbound & Down - Complete First Season - Escape From LA- Futurama - Volume 1 - Futurama - Volume 4- It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Season 1 & 2 - Katt Williams - American Hustle: The Movie - Machete - Martin Lawrence - You So Crazy- Master And Commander - Mike Epos - Inappropriate Behavior - Mr. Deeds- Reservoir Dogs (10 Years Special Edition) - The Butterfly Effect- The Patriot - The Whole Nine Yards- Tim & Eric: Awesome Show Great Job - Season One - Tim & Eric: Awesome Show Great Job - Season Two - Tim & Eric: Awesome Show Great Job - Season Three - Tim & Eric: Awesome Show Great Job - Season Four - Watchmen
  5. Wants 12"/LP Various Artists - Fat Music Vol. VI: Uncontrollable Fatulence 10” Fat Music For Fest People (Red) Fat Music For Fest People (Orange Translucent) Records for sale12”FatBig In Japan - Destroy The New Rock { Black } $2Dillinger Four - Situationist Comedy { Blue w/ White smoke } $14Hagfish - S/T { Black } $2Limp - Pop & Disorderly { Black } $2Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Are A Drag { Green } $14Non-FatAgainst Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues { Black } $8Anchor Down - Steel To Dust { Orange } FreeDegradation - Homeward Bound { Black } FreeFlipside, The - Clever One { Black } FreeGlass And Ashes - S/T { Purple mush } FreeMighty Fine, The - In Revival { Red } FreeOn My Side - Grow { Grey/Green mush }PUP - S/T { Pink smash } $12Religious As Fuck - American Cheeseburger { Brown mush } FreeScouts Honor - I Am The Dust { Black } FreeSee You Next Tuesday ‎– Parasite { Black w/ Rainbow splatter } FreeTubers - Anachronous { Green mush } FreeVarious Artists - Shores/Charles The Osprey split { Green marble } Free10”Consumed - Breakfast At Pappa's { Black } $2Snuff - Blue Gravy { Blue } $27”FatBracket - For Those About To Mock { Black } $2Masked Intruder - Under The Mistletoe { Black } $2Masked Intruder - Under The Mistletoe { White } $4Morning Glory - Born To December { Bone w/ Camo splatter } $3Night Birds - Maimed For The Masses { Black, 70g } $4Non-FatBuilt To Last - The Letdown { Dark Grey mush } FreeBuilt To Last - The Letdown { Light Grey mush } FreeHoly Mountain, The - Cobra Noir { Tan mush } FreeHoly Mountain, The - Wrath { Grey mush } FreeHoly Mountain, The - Your Face In Decline { Light Pink mush } FreeVarious Artists - Black Tusk/Holy Mountain, The { Olive Green mush } FreeWhite Wives - Nothing Is Real { Blue w/ Black blob } $3White Wives - Nothing Is Real { Yellow w/ Black blob } $3Young Rochelles, The - Cannibal Island { Red } $2 Helping friends sell some records. Lists are here and there: http://www.fatwreckwiki.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=686807#p686807 http://www.fatwreckwiki.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=691328#p691328 Message me here or there if you're interested in anything. Thanks.
  6. Hey y'all! Doing some spring cleaning and some of these need to go go go! Algernon Cadwallader - Parrot Flies (black) $10 Blacklisted - Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God (clear/blue haze) $15 Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me (clear red) $150 Chuck Ragan/Austin Lucas - Bristle Ridge (clear) $25 Coldplay - X&Y (black) $30 Daughters - The First Supper (black) $20 Glassjaw - Natural Born Farmer (black with logo cutout) $30 Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown (black 2xLP) $30 James - Waterfall (black) $10 Lagwagon - Blaze (black) $10 Lemuria - Pebble (black) $10 New Found Glory - Connect the Dots (red/white half and half) $10 NOFX - The Decline (pic disc) $35 NOFX - Sid and Nancy (red w/ grey splatter) $40 Ramones - Leave Home (black) $10 Ramones - Ramones (black) $10 Ramones - Rocket To Russia (black) $10 Ramones - Road to Ruin (black) $10 Real Mckenzies - Loch'd and Loaded (black) $10 Real Mckenzies - Oot and Aboot (black) $10 Relient K - Forget and Not Slow Down (Box Set - Clear Yellow) $80 Sound City - Reel to Real (black) $20 Iggy and the Stooges - Raw Power (black) $10 Tumbledown - Arrested in El Paso Blues (pic disc) $10 Taking Back Sunday - New Again (black) $40
  7. I've got a pair of these that I would like to sell. Excellent condition, around 10 hours of use. Still have original box and everything. Asking $200 PPD. Please let me know if interested, can provide pictures. I will be updating this page with items that arent in my Discogs collection. There is a lot there I won't sell, but I'll entertain any offers. All listed prices are PPD. Will combine shipping on records. Thanks for looking Discogs - http://www.discogs.com/user/ChrisWithanF/collection $40 Roku 2 XS - Good condition. Includes remote and power adapter. May even still have the box in storage, havent looked for it yet. All records/jackets should be in great condition. I will list anything that may be wrong with them, and willing to double check and provide pictures if wanted before going through with sale $18 Lagwagon - Double Plaidinum - 2xLP edition, vinyl has never been played $24 Old Man Markley - Down Side Up - Red/White/Blue Vinyl $14 Old Man Markley - Down Side Up - Black Vinyl Sealed $40 Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar - Hot Topic 2xLP Red vinyl - Jacket is NM- has like a line indention going down the front of it, this is how I received it. A/B/C side has never been played. D side has a scuff going through one of the last tracks. It does not affect playback. The only time I have played it was to see if it skipped or anything. $20 Daylight/Superheaven - Jar - Deep Purple Vinyl, never played $14 Rev Peytons Big Damn Band - Between the Ditches - Marbled Gray Vinyl $14 Old Flings - Spite - Red/White/Blue Swirl $12 Math the Band - Get Real - Purple vinyl $14 Defiance, Ohio - Great Depression - Dark Gray Marble $8 Old Gods S/T - Red vinyl, screen printed B side Will be updating throughout the afternoon
  8. Looking to knock a few wants off my list. If you have any of these, please drop me a message and hopefully we can work something out! I'll pay cash or trade for some - list in signature. 12" Against Me "Americans Abroad" (2xLP Black) Against Me "White People For Peace" (12") A Wilhelm Scream "Mute Print" (Yellow)D3 A Wilhelm Scream "Party Crasher" (Any 1st press splatter) Blink 182 "Buddah" (any colour variant) Bon Jovi "Greatest Hits - Ultimate Collection" (4xLP) Chixdiggit! "Pink Razors" (Magenta) Descendents "Cool To Be You" (Blue) Dillinger Four "Situationist Comedy" (pink) Feeder "Polythene" (Black) Feeder "Yesterday Went Too Soon" (Black) Frank Turner "Campfire Punkrock" (Yellow / Black / Splatter) Frank Turner "Sleep is for the Week" (Black) Green Day "39/Smooth" (with 7"s / Green / White) Green Day "American Idiot" (Red) Green Day "Dookie" (Green) Green Day "Warning" (Green / white) Iron Chic "Constant One" (Splatter / Pink) Lagwagon "Live in a Dive" (Burgungy and Yellow) The Lawrence Arms "Greatest Story Ever Told" (Burgungy) Mad Caddies "Just One More" (Blue) Manic Street Preachers "Holy Bible" (Pic Disk) Manic Street Preachers "Lifeblood" (Black) Mikey Erg "Heart" (Shaped Red) Millencolin "Same Old Tunes" (Black) MXPX "Life in General" (White) MXPX "Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo" (Black) Propahandhi "Potemkin City Limits" (White / Green) Randy "Welfare Problems" (Black) Randy "You Can't Keep A Good Band Down" (Black) Refused "New Noise EP" (Grey) Stretch Arm Strong "Revolution Transmission" (Orange Black Splatter) Stretch Arm Strong "Rituals of Life" (Orange) Strike Anywhere "Dead FM" (Yellow) Strung Out "Exile In Obvlivion" (Yellow) Strung Out "Live in a Dive" (Red and Green) Tim Vantol "Road Sweet Road" (Splatter, #'d, screen print cover) 7" Against Me "True Trans" (Clear) Against Me "Thrash Unreal" (red) Against Me "Stop" (Yellow) Against Me "I Was A Teenage Anarchist" (red) Against Me "Russian Spies" (Red / Blue) Blink 182 "Short Bus" (Maroon) Blink 182 / Swindle "Split" (Yellow) Descendents "Clean Sheets" (Black) Descendents "Enjoy" (Black) Descendents "Ride The Wild" Descendents - Any Bootleg 7"s Green Day "Slappy" (Green / Blue / Laytonville) Lagwagon "OX Fanzine Split" (Black with Fanzine) Millencolin "Kemp" (Clear, Black) The Movielife "Self Destruct" (Red / Black / White) The Movielife "Face or Kneecaps" (Black) The Movielife / "Split" (Clear) No Use For A Name "s/t" (Any Variant) Teenage Bottlerocket / The Ergs "Split"
  9. Hello, I'm looking to buy/trade a copy of Millencolin's Kemp on clear wax, it's the last one I need to complete my collection. If you can help then hit me up with trade or cash offers. This is my record list, the only things off limits are the Millencolin, masked intruder and OPIV records. http://www.theoldlp.com/users/26178/collection Thanks for looking. All the best! Dave
  10. Everyone's favorite punk supergroup cover band is back with their first new full length in almost 8 years, with the theme of songs by divas this time around. Due out May 13, 2014. http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/919 Track List I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor) Straight Up (Paula Abdul) Believe (Cher) Beautiful (Christina Aguilera) My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion) I Will Always Love You (presumably the Whitney Houston version) Top of the World (???) Speechless (Lady Gaga?) Karma Chameleon (Culture Club) Crazy for You (Madonna) On the Radio (Donna Summer?) The Way We Were (Barbra Streisand)
  11. Hello. I'm looking to buy these two boxed sets, the Bad Religion 30th anniversary and Lagwagon's Putting the Music in its place. If anyone is willing to part with their copy then please let me know, and we can work something out. Thanks for looking All the best.
  12. More than 10 Bad Astronaut Acrophobe LP there for 12.99 !! really good deal for this amazing album I'ts sad that i can't buy one from Canada http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bad-Astronaut-Acrophobe-12-Vinyl-Record-SH1681-NEW-/331040901880
  13. Looks like I didn't budget as well as I planned this paycheck, so I need to dump a few records just in case. Make me an offer. I'd prefer to ship multiple items to one person, but it isn't a requirement. I'll consider shipping outside the US too. I'm the original owner for almost all of these, many of which have been in my collection for about 10 years. I'm not at home right now, but I'm guessing they're all VG+/VG+ at a minimum. I can check specifics if necessary. Most have been listened to once or twice. Alkaline Trio - From Here To Infirmary - black, first pressing Bouncing Souls / Hot Water Music - 7" split - red with black & white splatter / 1000 Converge / Agoraphobic Nosebleed - The Poacher Diaries - black /1450 Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind - 180 gram black /1000 Into It. Over It. - 52 Weeks - 4xLP red /200 Lagwagon - Let's Talk About Leftovers - 2xLP yellow/red splatter, yellow/green splatter Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards - Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards - black The Limousines - Get Sharp - black Link 80 - Killing Katie - 10" black /2000 Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers - black (pending) MU330 Crab Ragoon Nerf Herder - Nerf Herder -black NOFX - The Album - black NOFX - The Decline - black (sold) NOFX - Eating Lamb - black NOFX - Pump Up The Valuum - blue marble NOFX - So Long & Thanks for All The Shoes - black Rage Against The Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles - black w/slipmat Rancid - Life Won't Wait - 2xLP translucent orange Rancid - Rancid - black Rancid - Rancid 2000 - black (sold) Skankin' Pickle - Sing along with Skankin' Pickle - green translucent (sold) Ten Foot Pole - Insider - black Ten Foot Pole - Unleashed - black
  14. I've collected a lot of colored vinyl. I used to try to collect every variant I could with some bands, but I just don't have the interest or the money to do that anymore. So, I'm keeping my favorites and selling some of the others. Gotta make room for more records! These are the records that I would sell if the price is right. Anyhow, I figured that I would post them up here before I go to ebay. If you're interested, PM me with offers. Please make them reasonable, I know how much they can go for. I can ship internationally, but just be aware that postage ain't cheap! Then again, if you're overseas, you probably already know that! Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (Blue LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (Translucent Red LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (Clear/Red Splatter LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (red/white/green splatter LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (Half red/Half Black LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (White LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (Purple/yellow/Black Splatter LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - From Here to Infirmary (Purple Marble LTD to 126) x 3 Broadway Calls - S/T (Yellow LTD 500) Darlington - Louder Than Morrissey (Black) Dead to Me - Cuban Ballerina (Clear) Dillinger Four - CIVIL WAR (Clear LTD 550) Dopamines - Vices (White LTD 100) Dopamines - Vices (Red LTD 100) Dopamines - Vices (Green LTD 100) Dopamines - Vices (Yellow LTD 100) x 2 The Ergs - Ben Kweller (Black) The Ergs - Dorkrockcorkrod (Black 1st Press) The Ergs - Upstairs/Downstairs (Gold LTD 150) The Ergs - Jersey's Best Prancers (Yellow) The Ergs - Jersey's Best Prancers (Translucent Dark Blue w/Handwritten Labels...Tour edition) The Ergs - That's It, Bye (Black First Press) The Girls - Yes, No, Yes, No.... (clear) Good Riddance - For God and Country (Translucent Blue LTD 653) The Hextalls - Call it a Comeback (Die Cut Hockey Mask Cover 34/50) Hunchback - Pray For Scars (Black) Lagwagon – Duh (Purple LTD 524) Lagwagon – Trashed (Coke Bottle Clear LTD) Leftovers - On the Move (Clear 1/5) These were never for sale, thus no cover Leftovers - On the Move (White) Leftovers – On the Move (Coke Bottle Clear) Leftovers – On the Move (Translucent Red) Leftovers – On the Move (Translucent Orange) Masked Intruder – S/T (Red) Mean Jeans – On Mars (Red LTD 300) Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Have Another Ball (Light Blue LTD 551) New Mexican Disaster Squad – Don’t Believe (First Press White LTD 415) Ninja Gun – Restless Rubes (120 Pressed Green (Coody Claus and Ninja Elves Xmas Edition) NOFX – The Longest Line (White LTD 1082) NOFX – Hardcore 10” (Black/White 50/50) None More Black – Icons (Translucent Blue LTD 326) Off With Their Heads – In Desolation (Red) 1 corner of cover slightly bent. The Playing Favorites – I Remember When I was Pretty (Blue Pink 50/50) The Playing Favorites – I Remember When I was Pretty (Blue Pink marble) Propagandhi – Failed States (Blue Sealed) Radio Faces – Party at the Bushwick (Black) Riverdales – Tarantula (Picture Disc) Screeching Weasel – First World Manifesto (Gold/Black/Red Splatter Gatefold) Snuff – 5-4-3-2-1---Perhaps (Green/Purple Haze LTD 407) Steinways – Missed the Boat (Green LTD 50) Steinways – Missed the Boat (Purple LTD 125) Steinways – Missed the Boat (Yellow LTD 125) Steinways – Missed the Boat (Test Press 6/10) Steinways – Gorilla Marketing (Yellow) Steinways – Gorilla Marketing (White) Steinways – Gorilla Marketing (Tour Version, Screened Cover, Testpress 71/101) Strung Out – Another Day in Paradise (Orange LTD 570) Strung Out – Elements of Sonic Defiance (Yellow LTD 322) Swingin Utters – Juvenile Product… (Yellow Marble LTD 550) Teenage Bottlerocket – Live in ’06 (One Sided LP, other side etched) Toy Dolls – Dig That Groove Baby (Black Wiseguy – Burning the Tracks (Black) Universal Record Store Day 2010 LP The Unlovables – Heartsickle (Blue) The Unlovables – Heartsickle (Red) Ben Weasel and His Iron String Quartet – These Ones are Bitter (Tan/Green Haze) Ben Weasel and His Iron String Quartet – These Ones are Bitter (Translucent Tan) x2 Ben Weasel and His Iron String Quartet – These Ones are Bitter (Translucent Blue) Ben Weasel and His Iron String Quartet – These Ones are Bitter (Red) White Wires – III (White) It’s Delicious! (Suburban Home Comp)
  15. I know some people here are looking for the Scorpios album... i talk to the guy at the HomeCaravan website and he have a couple LP left so he put it on the site of the HomeCaravan here is the link : http://www.hometowncaravan.de/index.php/htc/show_products i don't think he have so much of these left so hurry if you want one !! p.s. My english is not perfect i usually speak french
  16. Joey Cape / Hugo Mudie Split is out on limited, colored 10" vinyl for the first time. You can order the record from Interpunk or dectly from Flix Records: Interpunk (Green vinyl): http://interpunk.com...fm?Item=206941 Interpunk (Red vinyl): http://interpunk.com...fm?Item=206942 Flix Records (Green vinyl): http://flixrecords.m...lp-10-grun.html Flix Records (Red Vinyl): http://flixrecords.m...-lp-10-rot.html Best, Felix [email protected]
  17. Hey everyone, I'm Connor and I'm pretty new on here, but I've spent the past few nights lurking through the pages for loose records to build up my relatively young collection. Basically, you guys kick a thousand times more ass than ebay and most of the online superstores I've become familiar with these past months. Until now, those sites were really my only options to buy, with the exception of a few good finds I've been able to grab at my local small record store. But with classes starting I realize I need to find another route for buying cheaper and avoiding terrible ebay sellers (Dealing with about four at the moment who won't ship or respond to me). And so I'm here. Mostly I just wanted to say 'Hello' to everyone and let you get a feel of where I'm coming from since I'm likely to be dealing with a lot of you in the future, as a buyer and later as a seller if I land this job at Dimple Records. I love music immensely and last February I received my first record, Danger Days, as an 18th birthday gift. I'm still working on building up a personal stereo system but I've grabbed a large number of albums since that first one and I've started playing along to them on piano and drums. I've got what I consider a pretty wide ear for music. My current list of vinyl is in my signature. I'm looking for a lot, and this is just a quick jot down of what I've been hunting for the most. I don't expect much response, but if you do have some of these that you're looking to let go of, remember--poor college kid prices are my kind of prices. If I turn down an offer now, chances are I'll probably take a second look at it later when I have money. If you want a reference of my buying reputation you can look at my ebay account 'sandbox-wars' that has not one but TWO positive feedback. You can't beat that. So without further adieu - WTB: Paramore Blink 182 NOFX MCR - Three Cheers or any 7"s Catch 22 - Keasbey Nights Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Goes Numb 30 Seconds to Mars Lagwagon Against Me! Less Than Jake AFI The Cat Empire Chiodos (Talking to a guy about All's Well, looking for BPB) Atreyu Dragonforce Nightwish Victim Effect (I don't even know if they have a record honestly) Tonight Alive - Consider This Goldfinger Big D and the Kid's Table Panic! At the Disco Linkin Park Sublime Shinedown Rise Against Dropkick Murphys Gorillaz And video game/movie soundtracks are cool too. Tons more. My digital library is massive, my goal is to eventually physically match it. I'm looking more for LPs at the moment than for shorter records, but all will be considered. Once again, Hello all, thanks for looking and for being a cool congregation of audiophiles, and have a good night and great weekend.