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Found 4 results

  1. Yeah, yeah, I know there's tons of these threads on here, but bear with me. Discogs, and even toolvinyl.com have been disappointingly scarce with some of the details. Because I'm insane, and have no life, I have accumulated this knowledge, and felt like putting it up here. STUDIO ALBUMS: Opiate: 3 pressings. All official, no boots. - 1st pressing was released in 1996. Printed inner sleeve, BLACK center labels. "Parental Advisory" sticker on jacket. "Tool - Opiate" on spine. Worth $50-$70. http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=468462 - 2nd pressing was released in 1999. Generic inner sleeve, white center label. Smaller "Parental Advisory" sticker on jacket. Worth $15-$20 - 3rd pressing was released in 2006. Like the 2nd pressing, generic inner sleeve, white label. "Parental Advisory" printed on the jacket, no sticker. Somewhat blurry, off colored artwork. Everywhere for under $10. http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=4201393 Undertow: 3 pressings, all official. - 1st pressing was released in 1996. Printed inner sleeves, "x-ray" labels. "Parental Advisory" sticker on shrink wrap. Worth $35-$45 http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=763651 - 2nd pressing was released in 1999. Generic inners, plain white labels, "PA" sticker. Worth $25-$30 - 3rd pressing was released in 2006. Follows the same pattern as the Opiate re-presses. Generic inners, white labels, "PA" printed, not stickered. Everywhere for under $20. http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=1157598 - There's also the original 1993 promo w/out "Digustipated" on gray or clear vinyl. Gray is worth $100ish, clear is more like $150. http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=1275319 Ænima: 2 official pressings, and an unknown # of bootlegs. - The 2 official pressings are essentially identical, gatefold jacket, printed inners, black vinyl, ornate grayish center-label. On eBay, they range anywhere from $150 to $400. - It seems there's a huge number of bootlegs bouncing around, but from what I've seen, there might be only 2 (maybe 3?) unofficial pressings, just in a wide range of colors. #1: Gatefold jacket, plain white sleeves, only one insert, plain black center labels w/ only a serial number printed on them. I've seen transparent yellow and transparent green a lot (plenty of talk about them on this forum), but even black, clear blue, clear red, and orange. The jacket itself is very flimsy, and rough. Haven't seen one on the auction sites as frequently anymore, bootleg #2 is far more common now. #2: Gatefold jacket (much sturdier), plain white sleeves, two inserts copying the original inner sleeves, and even the original ornate label artwork. Nicely weighted vinyl on marbled yellow, transparent orange, marbled gray, transparent gold, and some with one of each. Sound quality is nice, maybe not as good as an OP, but usually sells for less than $60. Salival: Bootleg. - Never put out on vinyl by the band, but whoever did, did an excellent job. (which might explain why so many people think it's official) Supposedly "limited to 350 copies". Cool foil-bag serves as an outer packaging type-deal. Colored vinyl, usually gray & clear. Great sound quality. I used to see 'em a lot for $50-$60, but now hard to come by on eBay for under $100. Lateralus: 1 official pressings, a few bootlegs too. - The real one is unmistakable, because of the holographic gatefold and the 180g double picture discs. $35 online or in-store. - There's a blue 12" promo circulating since the release that looks official at first but sounds like trash. . - There's a 2xLP on marbled pink/red, that is clearly fake because the track listing mimics the CD, which was re-ordered for the official release. - And a new boot I've seen has the "eye rings" on it, like the official release (they're positioned differently, so it doesn't look similar), and a photograph of a human eye on the back with the CD track listing sort-of super imposed over it. Labels are each made to look like a miniature version of the picture discs. Sound quality is reportedly below average. 10,000 Days: Bootleg. - This one has some potential; artwork is well made, but printed on a cheaper cardboard. Heavy blue and/or red vinyl, small amount on green, (confirmed) that sounds good but as several people have pointed out, has 2 seconds of silence between tracks, even if they're supposed to fade into each other. This one's sort of a draw, but I don't think Tool are going to press a real one anytime soon. $45 online, sometimes in-store. SINGLES/PROMOS: Prison Sex: 1 single, 1 promo. - UK 12" on gray vinyl. 45rpm, but I read somewhere that copies play 33 1/3 (confirmed) - UK 12" Promo on standard black vinyl. 2 tracks, black label, black die-cut sleeve. Sober: 3 promos. - UK Sober E.P. 12" promo. Black label, black die-cut sleeve. Includes 8x10 glossy band photo w/ press release. - UK 12" promo. Black label, black die-cut sleeve. Side B is "Intolerance (Live)" from Lollapalooza '93. - UK 12" picture disc. Promo. Clear plastic sleeve. (I'm assuming ?) Selections from Ænima: Promo/picture disc. - European 12" pic disc. Comes in printed promotional jacket. Never sold for less than $700-$800. "Cherubrium" artwork on one side, "Tool - Ænima" on the other. Stinkfist: Promo/picture disc. - 10" picture disc given to anyone who bought a copy of Ænima from Best Buy in 1996. "Medicine Twins" artwork on both sides. Housed in clear plastic sleeve. Cesaro Summability: Promo/picture disc. - 12" picture disc, limited to 5000 copies. Comes with a press release to promote Housed in clear plastic sleeve. Lateralus: Promo/picture disc. - 12" picture disc, limited to 500 copies. (confirm?) Contains 6 songs from Lateralus. Housed in Clear plastic sleeve. LIVE BOOTLEGS: Lollapalooza 1993: - 12" on many colors. I've seen Pink, Purple, Blue, and Grey. Sleeve is blank white with a long sticker on the front; although I have seen at least 1 with a black sleeve. Silver labels, sound is okay. Don't spend more than $15 here. MMXII: - Double picture disc. Gatefold sleeve, vinyl is supposedly pretty thick. The recording is from a concert in Charlotte, NC on 02/04/12. I don't own this, so I can't say anything about sound quality, but it looks pretty awesome. Live In Newcastle: - Colored vinyl, just yellow so far. This is brand new, I don't know anything about it. WORTHLESS BOOTLEGS (Just Don't Buy Them): Silver Tongue: - Green colored vinyl. Demos from the 72826 cassette on side A, covers on side B. (Although I don't recall Tool ever covering Sublime.) Pretty much a pointless purchase. Parabol: - Colored vinyl. There's red, blue, black, white, brown, and grey. This has pretty much the exact same side A as Silver Tongue, except Sober is on here. Neat. Side B is also similar, but adds No Quarter from Salival, and that Pink Floyd cover that Tool totally did. Remember that? Tainted Love: - Blue or red colored vinyl. This one's mostly Maynard collaborations. In fact the rest of the band is only credited on the last 2 tracks. The final track is the demo version of Sober. Why this exists, I have no idea. I would imagine, like the 2 releases above, that it sounds like it was cut with a screwdriver. Hope this is helpful! Will update as needed.
  3. After buying a very warped copy of Lateralus.... Oh and what of the other disc you ask? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIRAXzWbR8Y
  4. Hey there, I'm looking for APC and TOOL records as well as shirts (size L) without having to pay eBay-prices. So, if you're looking to get rid off your records/shirts, feel free to contact me...would love to get those suckers on vinyl (no matter if they are bootlegs! ) Feel also free to check my Sale/Trade-List: Gracias, Sasan