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Found 12 results

  1. Pop-punk EP featuring Hawk Nelson’s original singer Jason Dunn. Vinyl on sale Friday 11/18, noon EST. Order here Listen to the EP here
  2. Hey me and a couple of buddies were interested in cutting out own lofi records, and I know everyone says the sound is pure shit but I've heard some recordings and apparently you can get good enough for it to sound pretty cool! I heard you can cut into lots of things like CDs, plastic plates, etc. I also heard you can cut into 12" laserdiscs! So I bought a few neat Japanese anime ones on Ebay. (What's with our fascination with obsolete formats?) I just wanted to get people's inputs on making your own recordings at home, and cutting records for your friend's local bands etc.
  3. Dumb release alert: I play in a Nirvana deep cut cover band with a female singer called The End of Music. We play non-album tracks only. We don't advertise as a Nirvana cover band. We don't play more than 20-25 minutes, and we don't put any Nirvana covers online, nor will we ever record any. I grew up listening to these and other stupid songs on bootleg cassettes and "import" CDs, so I decided it would be a good idea to just play these songs live, since most people have never heard them. However, we're stupid, and decided to record 2 covers of covers for a hi-fi stereo lathe cut 7" that is now available. "Turnaround" aka Turn Around (Devo) and "Oh, Me" (Meat Puppets) are the tracks. I'll admit, these two cuts aren't the deepest of the deep, as they were both on major label releases (Incesticide and Unplugged, respectively), but they were the two that we covered best, I suppose. Maybe we'll try a Wipers song next year. Or KISS. We'll see! Spin this monstrosity here: https://theendofmusicmusic.bandcamp.com/album/turnaround-b-w-oh-me We're playing Milwaukee tonight at Cactus Club as part of Triple Eye Industries Fest. Tons of awesome bands. Super cheap. You should probably go if you live nearby. https://www.facebook.com/events/170073890183174/
  4. Just released Sorority Noise's 3rd session with Little Elephant. " Watch Sorority Noise play "Leave The Fan On" / "No Halo" / "A Better Sun" live here at Little Elephant in Toledo, OH!Buy this session on VINYL (includes an EXCLUSIVE audio recording of "Car" both digitally, and on the record!): " http://www.littleelephantlive.com/_p/prd2/4631572971/product/sorority-noise-session-3-vinyl
  5. I've recently started variant collecting for Old Gray and I'm searching far and wide for a lot of variants of tapes and vinyl, so if you've got any you're willing to sell, by all means, hit me up because I am definitely more than willing to pay good money for any of these. Lathe Cuts: "I Think I Might Love You" is an awfully long sentence - 7" clear lathe cut - /50 The Artist - 5" clear lathe cut - /30 Vinyl 7", 10", & 12": Any test pressing for any EP/LP by Old Gray Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To - 1st Press - clear with grey haze - /100 | black with white splatter - /200 | transparent red - /100 | coke bottle clear - /100 | opaque violet - /100 | mixed colors - /200 An Autobiography - 1st Press - Any of the 25 special addition pre-order covers | transparent blue - /100 | white with silver and gold splatter - 200 - 2nd Press, black - 200 | silver - /150 | gold - /150 | “WINTOUR ‘14 EDITION” Black /40 3rd Press- Bluer/Gold/Silver Tri Colour Striped - /150 Dikembe / The Hotelier / Modern Baseball / Old Gray / Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) / Pentimento / - Fest 12 Split - Orange - /550 Cassettes: Old Gray - An Autobiography - Clear blue cassette - /200 | Clear red cassette - /200 Old Gray - Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To - Pink /30 Old Gray & Girl Scouts split - Clear cassette - /100 | Blue cassette - /100
  6. Looking to pick this up! Let me know if you're willing to part with it!
  7. IT IS NOW EASIER THAN EVER TO RELEASE YOUR MUSIC ON VINYL! Have you been looking into offering your future releases on vinyl? If you have been doing so, you are probably aware of the extended waiting lists, the minimum number of units required etc. Well, it is now easier than ever! Any label or artist is now able to get their music released and pressed onto custom vinyl, without the need of ordering hundreds of units. From as little as 1 unit to use as a promotion tool or 1-5 units to offer as an exclusive limited edition product, we’ve got you covered! Don’t go spending thousands of dollars for manufacturing and get a good taste of the vinyl record market by pressing on demand or in limited small runs. No longer wait 4 - 8 weeks for pressing. No upfront fees required. No longer deal with inventory. No longer deal with shipping and handling. List an unlimited number of releases. Receive monthly royalties. Non-exclusive license. & so much more! Perfect for: Artist Record Release Label Compilations Promotional Items Limited Edition Sale Want to submit your demo or hear more about our service? Please click here. You can also read more about the service here. Currently using Symphonic Distribution? We are proud to announce our partnership with Symphonic Distribution for service! If you currently use symphonic for distribution please submit your quotes/demos here.
  8. Hello and Happy 2015, Vinyl Collective! Fellow member Morrissey and I have started up our own little label based out of the Northeastern Illinois/Southeastern Wisconsin area called Butterfly Puke Records and we're super excited to share our first release with you all. Our very talented friends in Awe Howler of Johnsburg, Illinois have finally finished up their newest album "Living With Spiders" and to celebrate that, we are releasing it on a limited edition, hand packed and highly cared for cassette tape as well as releasing their single "Failure to Thrive" on a limited edition lathe-cut 7". The band has put in countless hours creating these amazing songs over the past year. This record is very important to everyone involved, so we thought it was only fitting to try and put in as much work as possible into this release. Stream/download the entire album for free here: http://awehowler.bandcamp.com/album/living-with-spiders Buy the following stuff here: http://www.butterflypukerecords.bigcartel.com/ The first run (/25) of green tapes are housed in a hand stamped and hand numbered envelope and include a hand-written lyric sheet all sealed by a wax Butterfly Puke Records seal. We only have 10 in stock at the moment, because we are selling them at the record release show this Saturday in Johnsburg, Illinois. After that, we will put any extras up. After these deluxe editions are gone, they’re gone. We will be doing another run, but not the same as these! The "Failure to Thrive" single is cut onto a dark blue and violet mix lathe cut 7" housed in a special slip cover and is limited to 20 pieces. These are on their way to us now and we should have them by Monday, the 5th. So any order with a lathe will ship then. There are also 5 bundles for only 8.50 each plus shipping. Awe Howler’s “Housewarming Party” off of “Living with Spiders” THE GIVEAWAY: In celebration of everything, we are doing a nice little giveaway exclusive to Vinyl Collective members. We are giving away 2 tapes and one tape/lathe cut package. EACH winner will also receive an extra 7 inch from either mine or Morrissey’s personal collection. Just post on this thread indicating your entry. It’s a hell of a deal so why not? Let us know what you guys think with any suggestions, thoughts, or comments. We would appreciate it. Enjoy!
  9. For everyone that just wanted the Lathe Cut, Get yours now before they are gone forever. Also The Rocking Chair Years is 12.99 this month. Thanks for the support. http://brokenheartrecords.storenvy.com
  10. I have this Gig Life lathe cut that I want to sell. It's only been played once. It's a first pressing, hand numbered, number 55 out of 56, hand screen printed picture disk. It is the only one that was made using brown ink.
  11. 'I Think I Might Love You' Is An Awfully Long Sentence" is a track originally recorded for the"Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To" EP but was cut due to time constraints. This limited edition lathe cut 7" features screen printed artwork by Raph Bastek on the b-side. This record is limited to 50 copies and is LIMITED TO 1 COPY PER CUSTOMER. If you order more than one copy your additional copies will be refunded and will not be shipped. http://brokenworldmedia.bigcartel.com/product/old-gray-i-think-i-might-love-you-is-an-awfully-long-sentence-lathe-cut-7 Over half of these are gone so get them while you still can!
  12. Limited to 50. Never played. Released by Square Of Opposition Records last year. PM me with offers.

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