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Found 10 results

  1. Japanese Punk meets NYHC Track List 1. 小便 たれ 2. Coward 3. ゴキブリ 男 4. No Sympathy 5. Peach Generation Haven't seen any pressing info but I'm assuming the pink is - /100 or lower. Listen - https://krimewatch.bandcamp.com/releases Order - http://lockinout.limitedrun.com/products/581052-krimewatch-demo-2016-7
  2. New 7" by DC's Red Death. One of the better HC bands out there, reminds me of Dirge. On red or black vinyl. http://lockinout.limitedrun.com/products/575341-red-death-deterrence-7-ep https://reddeath.bandcamp.com/album/deterrence This is the second pressing of this record. The first press was discarded after Red Death decided it didn't meet their standards. Most bands don't discard a record after it is already pressed, paid for, and ready to go out. That decision delayed the record for nearly a half year. But Red Death is the best band doing it today and they hold themselves to a suitable standard. I've heard you shouldn't let the perfect be the enemy the good, but maybe more bands should take a page out of Red Death's book and just release two perfect songs every year. If you liked Rampage, this is the closest you can get to them today, but with more modern beefy recording and more blatantly crossover, think more COC or Bastard than Rest In Pieces. And the cover art is a new career highlight from Arbysdrink. A rampaging beast is drawn like an actual moving toy ripped from a half forgotten childhood nightmare. Includes instant digital download.
  3. All prices shipped, pm me for pictures/info. 12"s Triple B Records | America's Hardcore Vol. 2 | Clear Blue | 1050 | $12 Triple B Records | America's Hardcore Vol. 3 | Black | 1000 | $12 Trapped Under Ice | Secrets Of The World | Bronze w/ Black Splatter | 1000 | $20 Trapped Under Ice | Big Kiss Goodnight | Grey w/ Yellow Splatter | 1000 | $25 7"s Focused x Minds | Straight Edge Overload | Black TEST PRESS | 13/15 | OFFER Forced Order | Retribution | Burgundy | 500 | $8 Kid Armor | Better Days | Black | 94/120 | $8 Jaguarz | Jungle Jamz | Black | 250 | $8 Slumlords | Drunk At The YOT Reunion | Clear Yellow | $6
  4. Long awaited Map of the Heavens is finally out. Those who went to This is Hardcore were able to snag copies of both of these but now you can finally order them. Not really a pre-order but they don't ship out until 11 August. http://www.lockinout.com/index.html Map of the Heavens on Purple and Black. 2010 Demo + Bloodtype on Purple Swirl and Black
  5. Looking for size large shirts from these bands. Will buy or trade for. Cold World (Designs before the LP) Floorpunch Hatebreed (90's era) Unbroken (Pre-reunion designs) Thanks.
  6. I'm looking to buy a copy of the Stop And Think "Both Demos" LP, if you've got one that you would be willing to sell PM me and we can work something out!
  7. Looking to buy or trade for any Stop and Think shirts/long sleeves in a size large or XL. I will pay good money. Also, I have the Think With Cali shirt in a medium if anyone to trade for their Think With Cali in a Large/XL. Thanks.
  8. Looking for any lockin' out releases including vinyl/tapes. I already have a good amount of them, but I'm just looking for other variants and releases I don't have. Just hit me up with what ever you have. I'm down to buy or trade. Thanks!
  9. Here's my list: http://howsyouredge.com/swap/display.php?page=2997 For a faster reply, email me: [email protected] Here's what I want: Records/Tapes: The Boston Strangler - Demo Tape Ceremony - Violence Violence - White/Clear Splatter (1st Press) Dump Truck - Feelin' Good Tape Jaguarz - Jungle Jamz - Lockin Out Press Joyce Manor - s/t - Pink (Regular cover or record release cover) Lockin' Out - Any Releases No Tolerance - No Remorse, No Tolerance - Black and Gold No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge - Gold Righteous Jams - Demo Tape Step Forward - 10 Song EP - Any Color Stop And Think - Both Demos LP - Posi #'s Press Verse - Aggression - Record Release Cover Verse - From Anger And Rage - Any Color Verse - Rebuild - Any Color Merch (All Size Medium/Large): Free Spirit - Any Merch Jaguarz - Any Merch Lockin' Out - Band Merch No Tolerance - Any Merch The Rival Mob - Ya Don't Fuck With The Eagle Step Forward - Any Merch Stop And Think - Any Merch Verse - Tye Dye Shirt Thanks!
  10. I'm looking to buy or trade for these. Please contact me if you're looking to make a deal. Dump Truck - Feelin' Good 2003 Tape Jaguarz - Jungle Jamz Tape No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge Tape No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge (Gold vinyl) No Tolerance - No Remorse, No Tolerance (Record release press) No Tolerance - No Remorse, No Tolerance (Gold vinyl) No Tolerance - No Remorse, No Tolerance (Black vinyl) S.O.S. - Demo Tape (Lockin' Out Band) Step Forward - 10 Song EP (Any color) And any merch in size medium or large from those bands. Thanks!

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