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Found 4 results

  1. REJOICE $22 a piece (plus $10 for each 7") Now Available from Glacial Pace: LCW and Long Drive (also there is a 7" of Long Drive and LCW era songs at respective links) Now Available from Fat Possum : LCW and Long Drive Now available for preorder from ShopRadioCast: LCW and Long Drive Hastings Exclusive LCW: http://www.gohasting...6956&quantity=1 OP:Here I am at a Modest Mouse show talking to a merch lady (super nice and awesome). "Are either of these (Lonesome Crowded West and This is a long drive...) ever gonna be pressed on vinyl again?" "Soon actually. This one (Lonesome Crowded West) will be first." Holy fucking shitballs. Good news for Modest Mouse vinyl fans! No more $200 records. Share and keep your eyes on Glacial Pace's website. "Edit": 2 things have been brought to my attention: 1) There is already a thread on this. For this, I apologize. I was at the show on my (shitty) cellphone so it was all I could do to post this. 2) Apparently this has been a thing. If it pans out soon, I'm going to be pumped. If it doesn't I am now in the same boat as you all.
  2. Hi everyone! Happy that I stumbled upon this forum Looking to trade for a copy of Modest Mouse's "Lonesome Crowded West". I have a little bit of everything to trade, including some very rare vinyl (Gorillaz "Demon Days", original Sonic Youth pressings, old Beach Boys, Jay-Z etc etc) thanks!
  3. So, I misread an item description on eBay and ended up winning what I thought was a great deal on a copy of Lonesome Crowded West. Ends up that I only purchased LP2 of Lonesome Crowded West. Now I'm in a position where I am either looking for someone who has a copy of LP1 that they would be willing to sell or If anyone would be interested in purchased LP2 from me. Let me know. Thanks!
  4. Any of them. All of them. Mostly Lonesome Crowded West, but I know not to get my hopes up on that one.

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