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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all! Been meaning to downsize my collection for a while now, and since I'm broke and rent is coming up, decided to sell some now. I did my best to mix it up and included something for everyone on the list. Some rare, some not so much, but all are priced very fair! Set sale but will take reasonable offers, especially on multiples and will also combine shipping. If you're interested in something or have any questions, please PM or Email me - ( [email protected] )- 7"/EPs Bad Cop Bad Cop; Self Title (2019 white W grey/black splatter) $25 Beatnik Termites; You're All Talk (green) $5 Chemical People; Cum, Blister, Bleed (purple) $5 Chemical People; Fan Club Single (blue) $5 The Crums; Creepy Crawl (blue) $10 Dickies; Gigantor (yellow) $10***SOLD*** Evaporators; Welcome To My Castle $10 Gorilla Biscuits; Self Title $10***SOLD*** Longshot; Love Is For Losers (picture disc)$15 MurderBurgers; Shitty People and Toothache (orange) $10***SOLD*** Nobody's; Politically Incorrect (first press numbeted red and second press black)***SOLD*** NOFX; PMRC $5 Propagandhi; Where Quality is Job # 1 (2ep one black, one grey) $15***SOLD*** Propagandhi; How To Clean A Couple Of Things $10***SOLD*** Random Victim; Self Title $10 Screeching Weasel; You Broke My Fucking Heart $10***SOLD*** Screeching Weasel; Suzanne Is Getting Married (Glued Cover) $10 ***SOLD*** The Scuches; Negatory (blue) $15 S.O.A.; 12/29/80 First Demo (yellow) $10 Vindictives; Eating Me Alive (picture disc) $5 The Young Rochelles; Gotta Keep You Alive (clear 5") $10 The Young Rochelles; Know The Code $5 Zoinks!; The Soap Factory $5 The Reptilian; No Path (green flexi) $5 10"s: Zoinks!; Panorama $15 Comps/Splits: Jabber/Science Police Flexi (white, green) White $5 Green $5 Cj Ramone and The Manges $10 Scooby Don't and Boris The Sprinkler $5***SOLD*** MTX and Sicko $5 Proton Packs and The Livermores (yellow) $5 Vandals and Dropkick Murphys $10 City Mouse and Week End Dads (yellow) $5 Sloppy Seconds and Dangerbird (orange) $20 Something To Do Music For Something To Do People; Phase One (green) $20 Punk Rock Raduno; 3 $20 12"/LPs/2xLPs Against Me!; Reinventing Axle Rose (sealed orange/black splatter W tote) $30 Bad Cop Bad Cop; Warriors $10 Beastie Boys; Polly Wog Stew (EU Unofficial Clear) $50 Being As An Ocean; Dear G-D (grey/silver) $15 Black Keys; Rubber Factory (picture disc) $20 Bomb The Music Industry - Vacation (Pink/Yellow Sunset, Never played ) $27***SOLD*** City Mouse; Get Right (blue and black) $15 Cokie The Clown; You're Welcome (red W splatter) $20 The Copyrights; Learn The Hard Way $15 Counterpunch; Bruises (Blackhawks splatter) $25 Descendents; Everything Sucks (with bonus 7") $20 Descendents; Everything Sucks (clear with bonus 7") $40 Descendents; Hypercaffium Spazzinate (red) $20 Emily's Army; Dont Be A Dick (yellow) $15 Groove Ghoulies; World Contact Day (red) $15 ( also have a promo picture may get rid of ) Promo Photo $15 The Gungans; MessaMessaMessa! (Grim Deeds) $20 Horror Section; Self Title (yellow) $20 Huntingtons; Muerto, Carcel, O Rocanrol! (red black marble) $20 Less Than Jake - GNV FLA ( Green w/ Pink splatter ) *Sleeve has a makeshift cover, I had no idea when I purchased it. Looks pretty cool though, will gladly send pictures. Vinyl is in mint condition* $25 Lillingtins - S.O.L. (Glow in the Dark) $50***SOLD*** Lillingtons - Death By Television ( RSD exclusive Pic Disc, New w/Hype sticker ) $25***SOLD*** Lillingtons - Death By Television $20 ***SOLD*** Lillingtons - Stella Sapient $15 ***SOLD*** Longshot; Love Is For Losers $20 Masked Intruder - 3 (green) $20 Mean Jeans - Gigantic Strike (Red and Blue split W Black splatter) $15 Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Diva (Fatwreck Store Edition) $100 Misfits - Static Age $20***SOLD*** Moral Crux; Pop Culture Assassins (red) $10 NOFX - Ribbed (first press) $50***SOLD*** NOFX - Ribbed Live In a Dive (" Together on the Sand " blue mustard split) $50 NOFX - The Greatest Songs Ever Written 2xLP (glow In the dark /500) $50 Propagandhi - How To Clean Everything $15***SOLD*** The Putz; Hole In One (orange) $15 The Putz; Clinically Inane (yellow) $15 The Putz; Mad Monster Party (orange) $15 The Putz; Rise and Shine (red copy, blue copy) Red $15 Blue $15 The Queers; Grow Up (brownish marble) $20***SOLD*** The Queers; Love Songs (brownish marble) $20 ***SOLD*** The Queers; Beyond The Valley Revisited (singed) $25 Thrice - Beggars ( Special Edition on Red/Yellow/Blue Stripped vinyl. Opened but never played, w/ hype sticker, + 7" still sealed ) $35***SOLD*** Rehasher; Make The Noise; Blue $30 Rehasher; High Speed Access To My Brain (red white split copy and blue white split copy) Redwhite $15 Bluewhite $15 Reno Divorce; Fairweather Friends/Ship Of Fools (orange) $20 Screeching Weasel - Wiggle (red) $30 Teenage Bottlerocket - Tales From Wyoming (beer) $40***SOLD*** The Sleights; Something Wasted This Way Comes (red copy and yellow copy) Red $15 Yellow $15 Sloppy Seconds; Knock Yer Blocks Off! (Yellow) $15 The Smarties; Whole Buncho Weirdos $5 Smoking Pope's; Into The Agony (red purple split) $15 Street Dogs; Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing (gold) $65 Test Pressings: The Wannabes; Out Went The Lights (48/50) $30***SOLD*** Pinhead Gunpowder- West Side Highway $40***SOLD*** Vandals - Peace Thru Vandalism $80 Man Dingo; ifive $30 Mikey Erg - Wax Built Castles (Signed, colored test ) $50 Something To Do Music For Something To Do People; Phase One (24/30) $40 Zoinks!; Panorama $40 Jabber; Science Police (flexi test) $15 Rehasher; Eat/War (7/24) $25 The Scuches;Negatory (2/30) $25 The Smugglers; Sellin'g The Sizzle $80 Shipping in the U.S ( Media Mail ) 7"- $3.50 10"/12"- $4.99 •Discounted shipping on multiple records• International Shipping Rates: *RATES VARY BY LOCATION, PLEASE MESSAGE/EMAIL ME FOR EXACT OVERSEAS PRICING* I'll gladly work out deals and open to reasonable offers, and will combine/discount the shipping prices. Thank you everyone!!
  2. We are very excited to announce we are re-issuing the Big Rig "Expansive Heart" 7" original on Lookout! Records. Big Rig was a very short lived project from Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy, Common Rider, Classics of Love), Doug Sangalang (Screw 32, Limp, One Time Angels), Kevin Cross (The Nerve Agents, Pitch Black), Jeremy Goody (Pitch Black) and Brandon Riggen. This was Jesse's first recorded project post Operation Ivy and the band rose and fell very quickly in 1993. They played a single show and left behind a demo and this EP. Order now at www.1234gorecords.com/1234goreleases This is a vastly under appreciated piece of east bay punk, a hidden gem of the Lookout catalog and personally one of my favorite records. We’re producing 1000 total copies housed in a faithful reproduction of the original 8 panel booklet/sleeve. 800 copies are available on WHITE vinyl and 200 on "Highway Strip" color vinyl. We expect these to start shipping on or around October 1st. Revolver will have these available for wholesale if you're a store or distro. Info from them is coming soon.
  3. Hey all, I'm working on my collection and looking for some Screeching Weasel, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Queers and a few other albums. Some that I really need I listed below but if you have any 90's Lookout Records stuff ( Chrimpshrine, The Lookouts, Riverdales, Green day, Sludgeworth, Mr.T Experience, Op Ivy ect.. ) I would be quite interested in some of those as well. Screeching Weasel - Punk House ( Orinigal pressing or Ben Weasel's Repress ) Screeching Weasel - Boogada ( ANY ) Screeching Weasel - Anthem for a new tomorrow ( ANY and the Test Pressing ) Screeching Weasel / Born against split 7" Screeching Weasel - Kill the musicians ( Test Press ) The Queers - Love songs for the retarded ( ANY plus the Test Pressing ) The Queers - Too dumb to quit ( ANY ) The Queers / Pink Lincolns ‎– Live At Some Prick's House (Hand colored version ) The Queers - My old man's a fatso 7" ( 1st pressing ) The Queers ‎– A Day Late And A Dollar Short ( 1st press on Gold and 3rd pressing with Glow-in-the-dark silk screen cover ) Pinhead Gunpowder - Jump Salty ( ANY ) Pinhead Gunpowder - Carry the Banner ( Black w/ White labels, Red, and White pressings ) Pinhead Gunpowder - Shoot the moon ( Gold pressing ) Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat ( Red eye cat cover ) Alkaline Trio - Remains ( ANY color ) The Wonder Years - Sister Cities ( Sunset smash ) Aaron West and the roaring twenties - Routine maintenance ( Blue w/White swirl, tour press ) Please PM me if you have anything you would sell or make a trade for. I have some Fatwreck SEs & Tour editions, a bunch of other non fat punk bands and some TPs for trade. Thanks everyone, with your help hopefully I can snag some of these!
  4. Groovie Ghoulies “Appetite for Adrenochrome” LP / CD – First released in 1989 on Crimson Corpse Records, and later re-released by the legendary Lookout! Records, this iconic debut LP from GROOVIE GHOULIES has been out of print for years. Eccentric Pop is BEYOND STOKED to finally bring this album back into print – fully remastered, with 3 bonus tracks, and all new art from Tom Neely (Green Day, Henry and Glenn Forever, The Humans). Pressed on super-hot pink vinyl with 2 sided poster insert and mp3 download codes Kepi Ghoulie / Accelerators “Fun in the Dark” LP / CD – Holland’s ACCELERATORS (Shield Recording / Stardumb Records) perfected the classic tracks from “Fun In the Dark” while supporting Kepi Ghoulie on a mammoth 2013 European tour. After the last show, Kepi and the band hit the studio and recorded an EPIC re-interpretation of the entire album. This really is a mind-blowing record, and people are going to freak out when they hear it! (The original version will also be remastered and re-released at some point in the future – we’re going in chronological order on the reissues!) http://eccentricpoprecords.storenvy.com/
  5. Minimum order is $20 please. Shipping and fees will be added, but very minimal. 7” Amy Linton (The Aislers Set) + Stewart Anderson (Boyracer) $3 (slr) Aislers Set – Been Hiding | cardboard sleeve $8 (slr) Aislers Set / Fairways - split | $8 Aislers Set – Attraction Reaction Action | some fading on top of sleeve $5 Aislers Set / #Poundsign# (Rocketship) split | Japan tour only (slr) Aislers Set – Christmas single | red vinyl, very limited (slr) American Steel - Fat Club | small chip on top of sleeve $13 Bad Brains –Live At Iguanas | purple vinyl, scratched $1 Beatnik Termites – Ultra Low Fidelity | $4 Beatnik Termites – Circles | clear vinyl, $20 Beatnik Termites – You’re All Talk | green $10 Beatnik Termites – You’re All Talk | gold $10 Beatnik Termites - Lineage | $10 Buck – Jerry Hall | black for $4 or red for $15 Cause Co-Motion – I Lie Awake |$2.50 (slr) Crabapples – For Change | blue vinyl, $2.50 (slr) Dan Vapid & The Cheats/Jetty Boys - split | green vinyl w/black smoke $make offer Earthmen | white vinyl $3 (slr) English Singles | 1st release on Slumberland $2.50 (slr) Evans the Death – Telling Lies | white vinyl $3 (slr) Evans The Death – Catch Your Cold | white vinyl $3 (slr) Green Day - Sweet Children | Reprise remaster (official pressing) $12 Groovie Ghoulies - Child of the Moon Groovie Ghoulies – Lost Generation | purple vinyl Groovie Ghoulies – Island of Pogo Pogo | $8 Groovie Ghoulies – Running With Big Foot | red vinyl Groovie Ghoulies – Magic 8-Ball | red labels, $22 Groovie Ghoulies – Graveyard Girlfriend | orange $15 Groovie Ghoulies – Vampire Girl | pic disc $22 Gregory Webster – Promised Land | $2.50 (slr) Hangee V/Angry Breed - Sounds of Fuzz split | red (pinkish) vinyl $10 Invalids/Tough - split | pink vinyl Invalids - Wiseguys | green logo Jane Pow – Warm Room | test press, coke bottle clear $25 (slr) June Brides – moon / cloud | +bonus CD $3 (slr) Kepi Ghoulie/Flav Giorgini - split | $6 Kepi Ghoulie – Sleepy Hollow | orange vinyl, pumpkin sleeve $16 Kepi Ghoulie/Dr. Frank – split | purple vinyl, limited to 60 $35 Linda Smith – Till Another Time | blue vinyl $11 (slr) Lorelei - Asleep | red vinyl $11 (slr) Manatee – Indecision | ice blue vinyl $2.50 (slr) Manatee – Single Payer Class War | flexi $2.50 (slr) McRackins – We Like To Make Records | white vinyl, $4 Mr. T Experience – So Long Sucker | $15 (LK) Mr. T Experience – Strum Und Bang | $15 Mr. T Experience/Goober Patrol - split | $7 Mr. T Experience – Alternative Is Here To Stay | $7 Mr. T Experience – King Dork (split w/Gigantor) | orange vinyl $14 Nord Express – Sharky | $2.50 (slr) NOFX – Liza and Louise | gold vinyl from box set NOFX - Suffer | black, NOFX – Regaining Unconsiousness | grey with white smoke $7.50 NOFX – Fat Club | gold vinyl from box set $14 NOFX – I’ve Become A Cliche | gold vinyl from box set $4.50 Noise By Numbers - 1st 7" | $15 Noise By Numbers/Magnificent - split | purple vinyl, $6.50 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Everything With You | blue vinyl, $40 (paid $100 for this one) Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Young Adult Fiction | red vinyl, $15 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Come Saturday | green vinyl, $10 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Belong 7" | pink vinyl make offer Parasites - Burnt Toast $5 Parasites - En Homage aux Beatles | clear vinyl, #0007 of 1966 $12 Parasites - Letdown | clear purple vinyl $15 Parasites – VMLive 1994 Phil Wilson – Industrial Strength | 2x7” $4 (slr) Queers/Atom Age - split Queers/Hi-Fives/Ten-Four/Scared of Chaka - Dishwasher | $7 Small Factory | white vinyl $12 (slr) Small Factory – Lose Your Way | $8 (slr) Stereolab – John Cage Bubblegum | pink vinyl $52 (paid $80, slr) Surrogate Brains – Surrogate Serenades | $4 (lookout records #6?) Teen Idols/Mulligan Stu - split | yellow vinyl Teen Idols – Let’s Make Noise | blue vinyl Tender Trap – Do You Want A Boyfriend? | white vinyl, $3 (slr) Tiger Trap/Henry’s Dress - split | blue vinyl Violens – Totally True | clear vinyl, $4 (slr) Wynona Riders – Some Enchanted Evening | $5 Zoinks - Soap Factory | black vinyl, $4.50 Zoinks – Sapsucker Sluggo | black vinyl, $4.50 (v/a) Searching For The Now 1 – Roy Moller/Hermit Crabs | | white vinyl w/green splatter $2.50 (slr) (v/a)Searching For The Now 2 – Bye!/The Happy Couple | white vinyl w/blue splatter $2.50 (slr) (v/a)Searching For The Now 3 – A Sunny Day In Glasgow/The Sunny Street | white vinyl, $8 (slr) (v/a)Searching For The Now 4 – Pains Of Being Pure At Heart/Summer Cats | grey vinyl, $21 (slr) (v/a)Searching For The Now 6 – The School/George Washington Brown | mixed vinyl, $2.50 (slr) (v/a)All Kinds Girls vol 2- Cub/Mini Skirt Mob/Lemon Babies/Pink Kross | 2x7” $9 (v/a) For Paper Airplane Pilots – Cub/Raggedy Ann/Tully Craft/Weakling | $5.50 (v/a) World In Shreds vol. 4 - Undead, Parasites | clear vinyl $12 10” Groovie Ghoulies – Berry’d Alive | orange vinyl Pinhead Gunpowder - Carry The Banner $20 12” Aislers Set – Terrible Things Happen | $43 (slr) Aislers Set – The Last Match | rare blue vinyl, $48 Aislers Set – Mission Bells | $8 American Steel – Destroy Their Future | white vinyl, $48 American Steel – Dear Friends | red vinyl, VG+ condition, $22 Bad Religion – True North | red vinyl, no skips + CD, $25 Balzac - Zennou x2 LP | red vinyl $15 Balzac - Out Of The Light | pic disc $8 Balzac - Terrifying: Art of Dying/Last Men On Earth II red/green vinyl $10 Beatnik Termites – Pleasant Dreams | white vinyl, $45 Bricolage | $4.50 (slr) Brilliant Colors – Again and Again | blue & pink swirled vinyl, $18 (slr) Cause Co-Motion | hand painted jacket, $4.50 (slr) Crimpshrine – Duct Tape Soup | original pressing $25 Dan Vapid & Cheats - Two | sparkled vinyl, $75 Flim-Flams (Vindictives) - green vinyl $30 Frankie Rose & The Outs | $11 (slr) Frankie Rose – Interstellar | black vinyl, $11 (slr) Get Up Kids – Simple Science | blue vinyl, $15 Gold Bears – Are You Falling In Love? | black, $4.50 (slr) Green Day – Nimrod | German pressing, no insert Green Day – International Superhits | Asian pink vinyl, $65 Groovie Ghoulies – World Contact Day | purple vinyl, $30 Groovie Ghoulies – Re-Animation Festival | orange vinyl $40 Groovie Ghoulies – Fun in the Dark | $40 Groovie Ghoulies – Travels With My Amp | gold vinyl $38 Groovie Ghoulies - Go! Stories | white vinyl with doodles from band from record release party $70 Groovie Ghoulies - Flying Saucer Rock N Roll | green vinyl Hunx and His Punx- Gay Singles | EU pressing, $13 Hunx – Hairdresser Blue | black, $7.50 Lodger – Grown Ups | $7.50 (slr) Lodger – Life Is Sweet | $4.50 (slr) Lodger – Flashbacks | $5.50 (slr) Lookouts – One Planet, One People | NM condition, $70 Lorelei - Everything Must Touch The Stove (slr) $20 Meatload - Dead Ringer $10 Mr. T Experience – Everybody’s Entitled To Their Own Opinion | $22 (LK) Mr. T Experience - Road To Ruin | white vinyl $75 Mr. T Experience – Alcatraz | $15 Manges – R Good Enough | original pressing Manges – Good Enough | blue vinyl, $25 Misfits - Descending Angel |white vinyl w/black splatter, limited to 300 $23 Noise By Numbers - Yeah, Whatever | white $22 Nord Express – s/t | $4.50 (slr) Nord Express – Central | $4.50 (slr) NOFX – Liberal Animation | yellow vinyl, $27 NOFX – Liberal Animation | remastered, black vinyl, unplayed $7.50 Pinhead Gunpowder - Goodby Ellston Avenue | 1st press $20 Pinhead Gunpowder - Shoot The Moon | 1st press $20 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Acid Reflex | purple vinyl $12 Pinhead Gunpowder - Carry The Banner Queers – Shout Out | limited to 666, but w/super rare bonus 7”, $60 Queers – Grow Up | gold vinyl, limited 100 $make offer Queers - Day Late, Dollar Short | gold vinyl, limited 100 $make offer Sleater-Kinney - Call The Doctor $35 Softies - Holiday In Rhode Island $35 Teen Idols – Pucker Up | Veronica Falls – s/t | blue vinyl, $80 (slr) Veronica Falls – Waiting For Something To Happen| white vinyl, $43 (slr) Veterans (Manges) | red vinyl, $28 Young Fresh Fellows – Electric Bird Digest | $4 (v/a) Built On Blood - rare Sludgeworth (Dan Vapid) track $22 (v/a) The Thing That Ate Floyd | purple 2xLP, $45 (v/a) Kill Rock Stars/Lookout Records - A Slice Of Lemon | 2xLP, $18 (v/a) Joe Queer Presents More Bounce To The Ounce | 2xLP, $18 (v/a) Teenage Kicks | $14 (v/a) Julep – Another Yoyo Studio Compilaton | purple vinyl, $35 (v/a) Periscope – Another Yoyo Compilation | purple NM vinyl purchased new, but right audio channel has noise | $25 (v/a) Boyracer's Jen + Steve wedding comp (Softies) $25 (v/a) Nadwuar Human Serviette - Teenage Zit Rock Angst $10
  6. I have a bunch of rare records for sale. I have a good idea what these things are selling for around the Internet and eBay, so I wanna get fair prices for them. Will do some discounts if a bunch are combined. I may not check around here very often, so if you want anything or have questions, email me at [email protected]. Let's get weird and give me money. 7 Inches Banner Pilot/Monikers split gold vinyl first pressing /500 – Kiss of Death Records The Briefs - Love and Ulcers –Dirtnap Records The Briefs - She’s Abrasive – Dirtnap Records- The Briefs - C’mon and Squash Me like a Bug – Sub Pop Records VA - Dangerous Intersections III sour grape vinyl/150 (Dopamines, Todd C , etc) Dopamines - Soap and Lampshades orange vinyl /500 – Cold Feet Records Dopamines/BMD split purple vinyl 74/200 – It’s Alive Records The Ergs/Lemuria split orange vinyl/500 – Whoa Oh Records Iron Chic Shitty Rambo green vinyl/166 – Dead Broke Records Masked Intruder- First Offense pink vinyl/150 – Hang Up Records Masked Intruder/Turkletons split purple vinyl/250 – Hang Up Records The Measure/Blotto split – Snuffy Smile Records Off With Their Heads/Dukes of Hillsbrough split red vinyl/200 – ADD Records Off With their Heads/Tiltwheel – Fast Crowd Records/Small Pool Records Off With Their Headss/Four Letter Word split gold vinyl/500 – No Idea Records Off With Their Heads - Live at the Atlantic white vinyl/200 – Sound Study Recordings Off with Their Heads/Dear Landlord split white vinyl/193 – No Idea Records Off With Their Heads/J Church split/40 – 1234 Go! Records Ramones - Carbona Not Glue /500 - Sub Pop Rivethead - City Sound Number Five purple vinyl – Blood of the Young Records Rumbleseat -lot of four records - No Idea Records Shorebirds - ST gold vinyl/500 The Spits/The Briefs split – Dirtnap Records Tenement – Icepick green vinyl - 608 Kisses LPs Banner Pilot - Resignation Day lp clear grape vinyl 13/50 tour edition – Kiss of Death Records Dopamines - ST sky blue vinyl/35 – Its Alive Records GG Allin - You Give Love a Bad Name LP maroon vinyl – Homestead Records Lawrence Arms - Ghost Stories LP clear vinyl/500 – Asian Man Records Lawrence Arms - Guided Tour LP purple vinyl/500 – Asian Man Records Lemuria - Get Better lp white vinyl/800 – Asian Man Records Lemuria - The First Collection lp green vinyl/800 – Asian Man Records Lil Wayne- Tha Carter II 2xlp – Cash Money Records The Mopes - Accident Waiting to Happen lp – Lookout Records Nirvana- From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah 2x lp – Geffen Records The Offspring - Americana lp - Columbia Off With Their Heads – From the Bottom LP white vinyl/500 – No Idea Records The Queers - Punk Rock Confidential lp – Hopeless Records The Reds - Its About Time lp – Rip Off Records VA - Revival Road LP white vinyl/1000 – Suburban Home Records
  7. The long wait is over! Up for pre-order RIGHT NOW! The Old Wives and The Blendours Split 12" LP! Purple vinyl is limited to 150 copies, and comes with some rad Old Wives buttons and an Eccentric Pop magnet, and maybe some other fun stuff as well! I am so, so incredibly stoked on this LP – best new pop punk record yet in 2013, hands down! There are some preview tracks on the pre-order page!! PLUS... each pre-order is in the drawing for one of three test presses! PLUS... I just stocked the store with TONS of rad pop punk records from Mooster Records, Jolly Ronnie Records, Kid Tested Records, and Dead Broke Rekerds, including several color variants that are either out of print or damn near out of print (I only have one copy of most of these!) Buy all you can - I've gotta pay for the new Jetty Boys LP coming out in a few months! AND... a new super mega bundle has been put up as well, featuring all the Eccentric Pop Records releases, two Kurt Baker records, and a FREE, OUT OF PRINT GROOVIE GHOULIES 7"!! holy smokes! Don't miss out on this pre-order! The split LP is expected to ship on June 13th, and the only way to get your hands on one of those test pressings is through our store! Eccentric Pop 2013!!! Wooo!!!! How many exclamation points can one label possible employ!! http://eccentricpoprecords.bigcartel.com/
  8. Guess what just showed up at Eccentric Pop headquarters??!?!? Both variations for sale RIGHT NOW at http://eccentricpoprecords.bigcartel.com/ !!!
  9. Hey Everyone, We're doing the mail order for our friend Ryan's (Am. Steel/Communique) new label Lugosi Records. First on deck are the American Steel "Rogues March" LP reissue and the debut full length from his new band The Reckless Kind which also has Adam from AFI in it. We expect copies to arrive August 24th and start shipping shortly after that. You can pre-order copies of both at the store here http://lugosirecords.bigcartel.com/ Here's the one sheety info about these...both written by Brendan Kelly. You can blame/thank him for the use of the term "dick-swingingest"! AMERICAN STEEL - ROGUES MARCH LP The classic second album from American Steel. Features limited edition 140 gram green vinyl, full color poster with cover art painting, lyrics and photos! At long last, after delays that ended only when Lookout! Records finally shut its doors earlier this year, American Steel’s classic 1999 album Rogue’s March will finally be available again on August 24th via guitarist and vocalist Ryan Massey’s new endeavor, Lugosi Records. More focused than their untitled debut, Rogue’s March found American Steel at their aggressive, snarly best. Before the overt, genre-bending experimentation of Jagged Thoughts, Rogue’s March effortlessly placed vitriolic anthems like ‘Whiskey, Women and Blackguarding’ alongside melancholy rippers like ‘Every New Morning’ and dancey, Clash-esque numbers like ‘Got a Backbeat’ to create what remains, to many, the definitive album from Gilman’s second generation of bands. All in all, Rogue’s March is a portrait of a legendary Bay Area band during their early career-defining peak and emotional boiling point. THE RECKLESS KIND - GOLDEN AGE THINKING LP The Reckless Kind's debut album "Golden Age Thinking" on limited edition 140 gram translucent gold vinyl. Includes a 12"x24" fold out poster with the full color cover painting on one side, and all lyrics and photos on the back! What if I were to tell you that members of classic Bay area punk bands AFI and American Steel had joined forces with a bunch of young whippersnappers and formed a band called The Reckless Kind, and that they play some of the dick-swingingest rock and roll this side of 1979 – with tunes that recall the best of Tom Petty, Thin Lizzy and even a little Exile-era Stones thrown in to keep it classy? I hear your skepticism, but man, it’s true! A far cry from the punk anthems of the sweaty clubs and Warped Tour fairgrounds that their more well-known members are known for, The Reckless Kind have the sort of effortless cocky swagger that will, if you play their songs loud enough, take you back in time to the age of denim-clad asskickery, and rock you so hard that you pass out in a pool of sweat and wake up pregnant with yourself. But that’s not the only trick The Reckless Kind has up their sleeves. They also croon out the soul, a-la the Stax sounds of yore. You’ll even find a trumpet or two on this motherfucker! It’s bombastic rock meets ‘time-to-fuck’ soul at its absolute best and it’s gonna be available on August 24, 2012 in the form of their upcoming debut full length, Golden Age Thinking, courtesy of upstart Oakland label Lugosi Records. So dust off your Zippos and hide your daughters, because The Reckless Kind is coming to rock you. Here’s how it went down: Bay Area natives and long time collaborators Ben Coil and Brian Miu, starting with little more than a vague idea of what they wanted to do after the dissolution of their previous projects, started cranking out songs that were so magnetic that they attracted a golden voiced, walking embodiment of rock and roll named Phillip all the way from the hinterlands of Arizona to Northern California. There he decided to wear his sunglasses at night, grow a resplendent mane/beard combo that makes Simba from the Lion King look like Neo, fresh out of the Matrix, and lend his amazing pipes to the proceedings. Virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Sean Reilly soon joined in on guitar and keys and was closely followed by Adam Carson from AFI on the drums. When it came time to record Golden Age Thinking, The Reckless Kind enlisted Sharkbite Studios owner and resident knob-twiddler Ryan Massey, of American Steel/Communique fame, to do the honors. Ryan, so turned on by the tunes that The Reckless Kind boys were cranking out in his studio, not only offered to put Golden Age Thinking out on his own Lugosi Records, but also muscled his way into the lineup as the sixth man, playing keys and guitars and singing backups. It’s not every day that a band goes in to make an album and comes out with a new member, unfettered access to a studio and a record label, folks. But in this case, that’s what all the fuss is about. So, come see The Reckless Kind celebrate the launch of Lugosi Records and the release of Golden Age Thinking at Bottom of the Hill in SF on August 24th with American Steel. Or if you can’t make it, catch them when their limited touring schedule brings them closer to your home. Massey, who is the default band mouthpiece due to his being the keyboardist, guitarist, engineer, producer and label honcho all at the same time, has said that besides West Coast weekend dates, The Reckless Kind is planning on doing at least one full US tour this year. So don’t miss your chance this time, because by the next time they tour, if The Reckless Kind’s magnetic contagion continues like it’s been going, they’ll probably have like a hundred guys in the band. Consider yourselves warned.

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