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Found 2 results

  1. https://officialzao.bandcamp.com/album/reformat-reboot 1. Reformat/Reboot (Jeff Gretz Remix) 2. Xenophile (Joseph Milligan Remix) 3. The Observer (Leverage Models Remix) 4. Vessel Collapsed (Dave Hidek remix) 5. Broken Pacts (Makeup And Vanity Set Remix) 6. Antivirus (Steve Moore Remix) 7. Left In Pieces (Metavari Remix) 8. Apocalpyse 2.0 (Emanuel Ayvas Remix) Formats: Picture Disc - Limited edition of 600 numbered copies on 12 inch Picture disc. Comes in die-cut sleeve. CD - Edition of 500 compact discs housed in a 5.25 Floppy Disc. Numbered out of 500. Completely hand assembled by Zao. Cassette - Limited/Numbered edition of 100 on Lime Green Cassette. NES Cartridge - The entire Reformat/Reboot album on a classic Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge. Playable in an NES system. NOT 8-Bit audio. This is the actual album audio. Lyrics and liner notes will appear on your TV screen. Comes with an Expansion Audio Chip and instructions on installing. NOTE: These will NOT work in top loading NES. Limited to 100. Note that the Cassette and NES Cart are already sold out, but more are coming at some point. They also mentioned they MIGHT do a non-picture disc pressing in the future. One track released so far: https://officialzao.bandcamp.com/track/the-observer-leverage-models-remix
  2. For any fans on here who haven't already seen this PO (or for anyone else who hasn't heard this band), Makeup And Vanity Set's new album is out on April 8th: "WILDERNESS is the tenth full-length album by American fantasy synthesist MAKEUP AND VANITY SET. The double-album is a long-form meditation on the technology of human life and death and features contributions from JASMIN KASET, BIG BLACK DELTA, THOMAS BARRANDON and THE PROTOMEN. The first proper follow up to the acclaimed formative album 88:88, WILDERNESS is a dense sci-fi concept album about outliving death through technology. Released on the synthwave label TELEFUTURE, the album lives in the tradition of the worlds of William Gibson or Stanisaw Lem, a cold, exacting futurist experience from start to finish." Short trailer for the album and film that comes with it: PO here: http://telefuturenow.bandcamp.com/album/wilderness