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Found 14 results

  1. Looking for any pressing just trying to finish a collection out, anyone trying to part with theirs?
  2. CrowNamedMrBluejay

    Sell me your Alkaline Trio stuff!

    Looking to collect variants at this point. Looking for the following: GODDAMNIT ◦ 1st Press - Black - 2000 ◦ RP White - 500 ◦ RP Clear w/ Red Splatter - 500 ◦ RP Red/Black - 500 ◦ RP Red w/ Black Splatter - 500 ◦ RP Black/Yellow/Purple Splatter - 500 ◦ RP Green/Yellow/White Splatter - 500 ◦ RP Red Translucent - 500 ✓ RP Blue - 500 ◦ 2nd Press White w/ Red - 500 ◦ 3rd Press 180-gram Black - 500 ◦ 4th Press Clear - 500 ◦ 5th Press Black - 500 ◦ 6th Press Random Colored - 500 ◦ 7th Press Black - 550 ◦ 8th Press Black - 666 ◦ 9th Press Gold w/ Smoke - 800 ◦ 10th Press Clear Blue w/ Smoke - 800 S/T ◦ 1st Press Orange - 500 ◦ 1st Press Brown - 500 ◦ 1st Press Blue - 500 ◦ 1st Press Grey - 500 ◦ 1st Press Clear w/ Black Smoke - 500 ◦ 2nd Press Black - 500 ◦ 3rd Press Random Color - 596 ◦ 4th Press Clear Red w/ Black Smoke - 650 ✓ 5th Press 180-gram White - 600 MAYBE I'LL CATCH FIRE ◦ 1st Press Black - 1000 ◦ 1st Press Orange - 1000 ◦ 2nd Press Clear Red w/ Black Smoke - 500 ✓ 2nd Press Orange w/ Black Smoke - 1000 ◦ 2nd Press 180-gram Black - 1000 ✓ 2nd Press White w/ Red Swirl - 500 ◦ 3rd Press Black - 500 ◦ 4th Press Gold - 500 ◦ 5th Press Black - 690 ◦ 6th Press Clear Green w/ Smoke - 800 ◦ 7th Press 180-gram Red w/ Smoke - 800 FROM HERE TO INFIRMARY ✓ 1st Press Black - ??? ◦ RP Clear - ??? ◦ RP Red/Black Marble - 500 ◦ RP Orange - ??? ◦ RP Clear Red - ??? ◦ RP Translucent Green - ??? ◦ RP Purple Marble - 126 ◦ RP Blue - 300 ◦ RP Grey/Purple/Black - ??? ◦ RP RSD Black - ??? GOOD MOURNING ◦ 1st Press Black - ??? ◦ 2nd Press 2xLP Blue - 300 ◦ 2nd Press 2xLP 180-gram Black - 25 ✓ 2nd Press 2xLP Clear/Grey Marble - 25 ◦ 2nd Press 2xLP White - 25 ◦ RP 2xLP Green - ??? ◦ RP 2xLP Purple/Black - ??? CRIMSON ✓ 1st Press Black - ??? ◦ 1st Press Red - ??? ◦ 2nd Press Grey - 1000 ◦ 2nd Press Green - 1000 ◦ 2nd Press Blue - 1000 ◦ 2nd Press White - 1000 AGONY & IRONY ✓ 1st Press 180-gram Black - ??? ✓ 2nd Press 2xLP Red - 500 ✓ 2nd Press 2xLP Cream - 250 ◦ 2nd Press 2xLP Black - 1000 ◦ 3rd Press 2xLP Clear - 900 THIS ADDICTION ✓ 1st Press Black - ??? ◦ 1st Press White - 500 ◦ 1st Press Grey Marble - ??? ◦ 1st Press Red - 1000 ◦ 1st Press Green - ??? MY SHAME IS TRUE ◦ 1st Press Black - ??? ✓ 1st Press Pink - 1000 ◦ 1st Press Green - 500 DAMNESIA ◦ 1st Press Black - ??? ✓ 1st Press Clear - 500 ◦ 1st Press Cola - 500
  3. Destroyevery4

    Alkaline Trio Wantlist

    There are very few Alkaline Trio variants I need Please help Agony & Irony- 1st press Europe Pressing V2 records Broken Wing- Pressing Plant error on Pink Crimson - 1st Press Black U.K. Hassle Records My Shame is True- Pressing Plant error On Blue One Man Army Split - Red S/T- 3rd press Random Color S/T- 4th press Red w/ Black Smoke This Addiction 1st Press Black U.K. Hassle Records Test Pressing - I have a few but any The two Demo Tapes
  4. My roommate has been hounding me for copies from my collection, but I want to keep my variants. Looking for anything that he doesn't have. He has: Damnesia Maybe I'll Catch Fire Agony & Irony
  5. BlinkandPanic

    WTB Blink 182 Memorabilia

    Hey guys, I've been looking to add to my collection of blink 182 memorabilia. I'm really interested in anything you have to offer, but there are a few things in particular that I'm looking to buy. Here goes: -BOMPA IAMBROKE sale smiley logo black dickies zipper jacket limited to 182. -First date single pack (Includes a finger skateboard, condom, and "Ass, Gas, or Grass..." Sticker) -I am looking for all three variants of the finger skateboards for first date! (Red Wheels) -What's my age again promo party pack -All the small things boxer shorts promo pack -Blink 182 pen (the one that came with the notebooks) *Sealed Only* -Take off your pants and jacket air freshener -Untitled promotional shoe laces -Greatest hits promo store vinyl banner -2009 reunion tour promo state farm key (Great condition or better) -Honda civic tour merch -Bompa button and sticker funpack -Any Pre-182 merch- stickers, tees, cassettes, cd, etc. -Adam's song/man overboard sealed DVD -Blink 182 Live from Sydney Australia VHS -Blink 182 Retail Guide (TOYPAJ era) -Feeling This VHS single -Greatest Hits Promo Sticker -Christmas 2012 Sweater and Scarf -Angels and Airwaves Dog Tags (new in packaging) -Himynameismark Flashdrive -Himynamismark Vannen Watch (Blue First Edition) -AVA Gold Poet figurine -Plus 44 skateboard deck -Enema of the state Pill Logo skateboard deck - +44 promotional merch- stickers, etc. -Blink Live at Soma in San Diego July 27, 1995 DVD -Josie VHS (Not the Blue and Orange version, the polystyrene promo, preferably sealed) -Tour slapbands packs -2001 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket 3 Button Set By C&D VISIONARY -Take Off Your Pants and Jacket tour button set -2011 Honda Civic tour drawstring bag -Generic Smiley Logo Black Drawstring bag -The Blinkumentary Business Card -Any Tee shirts, preferably tour shirts (especially the 2009 tour ones limited to 182 each) -POSTERS GALORE!! -Anything with a signature *EDIT* Hey guys, I recently came across a cardboard store stand up from the Take off Your Pants and Jacket album. Problem is, it doesn't have the tower with it that the CD's would be displayed in. The CD tower can be seen in the pictures in this old ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Very-Rare-Collectable-Blink-182-Cardboard-Stand-2001-Take-Off-Pants-and-Jacket-/151663541635?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item234fd9fd83&nma=true&si=dQE2QDvxsyYb%252Bnds%252FnpHfBtjsS0%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 If anyone has one or knows where I can find one, I will pay a very fair price for it!! Thank you!!
  6. CrowNamedMrBluejay

    WTB Alkaline Trio

    I have been trying to finish up and further my collection. I am mainly looking for, but am interested in any and all variants that I do not have: Crimson (any pressing) From Here To Infirmary (any pressing) Goddammit (original pressing) Variants: Damnesia (Cola) This Addiction (Green or Red) Goddammit Redux (various colors) Remains (various colors) Maybe I'll Catch Fire (various colors) Looking to get reasonable prices if possible. Send me offers. Thanks!
  7. Can't really find any information on it. Yellow cover. Released in 1993. Still sealed! I only know of one other person that has one. PM any offers!
  8. so yes, hello. long time no see. i'll get the important shit out of the way first, and if you want to keep reading after that, cool. i'm selling a bunch of old and rare alkaline trio stuff from my personal collection. there are also things from their related bands and projects. i posted over a hundred pictures in a facebook album with prices on everything and notes stating any flaws in condition. if you're interested in checking everything out, click the link: Alkaline Trio records/merch i used to post on VC pretty regularly from 2007-2011 (hence my post count being so high for somebody who hasn't been around in like 4 years). since then, i've started a record label called Artistic Integrity Records and have put out 27 releases so far. some vinyl, some CDs, some cassettes, and some digital only. anyway, i think i'm a pretty reputable dude, and hopefully some of my old buddies can vouch for me here if anybody has any skepticism about dealing with me. to answer a question i'm sure a few of you who have known me for a long time will ask: no, i'm not breaking up my collection. all of these records are doubles that i had been holding on to and i just don't want them anymore. i think they're priced pretty fairly, considering their condition and rarity. the t-shirts, i just don't care about anymore. i kept about 10-15 of the super rare ones for my personal collection, but i realized a few years ago that i'd never be able to keep up with the insane amounts of new shirts alkaline trio releases every year, and i don't really wear them anyway, so why hold on to them when other people might give them a good home? that's what i'm hoping for here. i could put all of this shit on eBay and probably make a decent amount more than selling here, but i'd rather have these things go to people who are super into them, not just the highest bidder. if you guys are curious about any of the releases i've put out through my label, you can head over to the bandcamp page and stream everything for free: Artistic Integrity Records bandcamp feel free to poke around there, too. hopefully out of the 27 things i've released so far, you'll find one or two of them enjoyable. i've also got a deal going right now where if you want to buy the entire AIR discography digitally, you can do it for cheap as fuck. like 65% off. i'll try to check this thread as frequently as possible over the next few weeks, but BY FAR the easiest way to get in touch with me is to shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] if you want to personally add me on facebook, by all means, go for it. i do still have a pretty decent wants list compiled here, for those interested: A Photographic Journey Through My Wants List i think that's all i've got for now. hopefully i'll talk to some of you soon. thanks for reading all of this if you made it this far. -dan
  9. Summing up all Pre orders. White+CD ltd to 100 (Europe) - 17,99 € https://www.insideoutshop.de/Item/Matt_Skiba_and_the_Sekrets_-_KUTS_-white_LP-CD-/16091 Silver+Glasses ltd to 100 (Europe) - 19,90 € http://www.greenhell.de/katalog/angebote/detail_76457.html Red - $23.99 http://www.shopradiocast.com/products/Matt-Skiba-And-The-Sekrets-%252d-Kuts-LP.html Black+CD (Europe) - 15,99 € https://www.insideoutshop.de/Item/Matt_Skiba_and_the_Sekrets_-_KUTS_-black_LP-CD-/16090 Blue ltd to 750- $19.99 http://kingsroadmerch.com/matt-skiba-and-the-sekrets/view/?id=7618&cid=1138 Interpunk - $23.50 http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=226505& Amazon - $22.99 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00W34UFY2/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00W34UFY2&linkCode=as2&tag=kersjour-20&linkId=DF7MG52W56BIC43X
  10. BlinkandPanic


    Hey all, Looking to buy a poster from the show at the Roxy in Los Angeles CA today. Willing to pay a fair price, not ridiculous ebay prices, however. Let me know if anyone has an extra they'd be willing to part with!! Thanks for helping me out!
  11. I'm trimming off a few pieces primarily to fund a few overseas purchases that I am looking to make. I also have decided to throw in the towel on attempting to collect Touche Amore variants...because I have only managed to do a pretty half-assed job to this point. Anyhow, if you don't like the price make me an offer. Add $4 for shipping regardless of how many you buy. I pack like a tank and tracking is included! Touche Amore - "Is Survived By" (Transparent Light Blue) $15 Touche Amore - "Is Survived By" (White) $20 Touche Amore - "Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me" (White) $10 Botch - "We Are The Romans" (Opaque Baby Blue, 2013 Repress) $35 Cave In - "Until Your Heart Stops" (Black, 2013 RSD) $25 New Found Glory - "Not Without A Fight" (Grey Marbled) $5 Matt Skiba/Kevin Seconds Split (White w/ a dash of Pink) $8 Hopesfall - "The Frailty Of Words" (Transparent Orange) $12 Stephen Brodsky - "Hit Or Mystery" (Clear w/ Black Blob, 1st Press OOP) $15 I am terribly easy to work with, so don't hesitate. Check my feedback and I have ebay feedback available as well!
  12. horrorshow696

    FS: Heavens - Patent Pending vinyl

    So, I've decided to part with my copy of the Patent Pending 7" vinyl to buy a want I've been after for a while. $35ppd in the US. Mint condition. Never played. Ships within 24 hours of payment via USPS with tracking. Let me know if you're interested. SOLD
  13. I thought with the purchase of Anthology my Thrice collection was complete but I forgot the last two key parts to it: All That's Left 7" Imagine Of The Invisible 7" I am also looking for Dustin Kensrue's This Good Night Is Still Everyhwere in either color. Further more a few other records I want: Heavens, Patent Pending Against Me!, Searching For a Former Clarity - FIRST PRESS Fear Before The March Of Flames, The Always Open Mouth - SPLATTER Thursday, Full Collapse - Any color, any press Birds In Row, You Me & The Violence Looking for Kevin Devine's Brothers Blood, I'm not worried about color or if it's played I just want the record to play it. Drop me a PM if you have one you are looking to sell. Thanks!
  14. In the words of Matt Sharp: "Not so good, Al." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66B-PIa4_wE I'm going to the show tonight in Cleveland—hopefully they will have figured stuff out by showtime.