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Found 16 results

  1. The Chinchees are a power pop trio from Minneapolis and their debut album is addictive—like, stupidly addictive. Eleven lo-fi jams laced with simple but thoroughly catchy hooks in the vein of the Marked Men, Tenement, Future Virgins, and Frozen Teens. This is the band's debut. It was originally self-released by the band, but they sold through the first pressing and we jumped at the opportunity to repress it. You need this in your life. 300 pressed on yellow vinyl. (records arrived early. It'll be available in stores on August 4th, but records are shipping from Dirt Cult now) www.dirtcultrecords.com www.dirtcultrecords.bandcamp.com
  2. Both of these records are out now Warsong - Control LP After leaving their mark on three continents, Zaragoza, Spain’s WARSONG are back with a new 12", their first sung entirely in Spanish. This is their most complexly rich record to date - an arresting soundtrack for dark times. Those who have been following this band for a while will also notice less distortion, longer and more elaborated song structures, and an unexpected treat on “Dejando Atrás” featuring guest vocals from the singer of ACCIDENTE (. . I’d be hard pressed to find a current comparison because WARSONG has few musical contemporaries- they are truly carving out their own path. I hear the convergence of diverse elements such as THE ONLY ONES, early NEW ORDER, the WIPERS, SONIC YOUTH, and THE RAMONES blended up and spewed out against the neoliberal end times. Accidente - Pulso LP "Socio-political melodic/pop-punk from Spain. Wait, sorry, really amazing socio-political melodic/pop-punk from Spain. If it wasn’t for the fact that the lyrics are in Spanish, I wouldn’t have been surprised if you told me this band came up through the New Brunswick, NJ basement scene—or at least were from somewhere on the East Coast. Equal parts melodic hardcore and straight up pop-punk, with beautiful vocals by Blanca. All of this together sounds like something in between the earnest swagger and jangle of the MEASURE [SA] and WORRIERS and the infectious, angered energy of LA FRACTION—or maybe like the too short-lived Syracuse band NO CONNECTION." - MRR www.dirtcultrecords.com www.dirtcultrecords.bandcamp.com
  3. San Diego, CA www.awesomefest10.com LINEUP: The Arrivals Lemuria RVIVR Red City Radio Broadway Calls Shellshag Deep Sleep Shang-A-Lang Macho Boys The Stops Violence Creeps Baby Ghosts Backbiter Bad Future Detached Objects Tim Version Robot Repair toyGuitar Raging Nathans Dyke Drama City Mouse Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band Dead Bars Stymie Slow Death The Capitalist Kids Spokenest Toys That Kill Underground Railroad to Candyland Bad Cop/Bad Cop Turkish Techno Winter Break Tiltwheel DMFK Western Settings Ash Williams and more... weekend passes are $50e $50
  4. Ken Sent Me's debut album "Home Is Where Your Heart Is", originally released in 2013, is now available physically for the first time from Less Talk, More Records! Available on CD and cassette. The cassettes come with a printed j-card with lyrics. Cassettes are limited to 27 copies (14 white and 13 green). Check it out, free download available from https://lesstalkmorerecords.bandcamp.com/album/home-is-where-your-heart-is Recommended tracks to start with: Set Up, A Ride And A Crash, Hmm Yes, Rather Quite Send me a PM if you wanna buy a copy. One CD/cassette $6, two for $10 and all three for $13 (plus shipping from Sweden). Let me know if you'd like anything else from our label, I'll give you a good price (if I still have it in stock). (Also available now: Ken Sent Me's first EP "Tool Assisted Speedrun", home printed DIY cassette, 2 $/€/£, plus shipping.)
  5. http://www.laagoniadevivir.com/product/pre-order-now-ladv63-satanic-surfers-hero-of-our-time-lp-reissue This is going to happen tonight (00.01 spanish time) LADV63 - SATANIC SURFERS hero of our time LP REISSUE 20th ANNIVERSARY VINYL REISSUE!!! COMING OUT January 21th!!! Under exclusive license from Burning Heart Records/Epitaph Europe © 1999 https://laagoniadevivir.bandcamp.com/…/ladv63-satanic-surfe… VINYL REISSUE PRESSING INFO: 200 clear red / 200 clear transparent / 600 black. Delivery and shipping: January 18th Ask for wholesale prices for distros and shops (only available for black vinyl version). http://www.laagoniadevivir.com/ https://laagoniadevivir.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/laagoniadevivir.records
  6. This record is up for order now. Shipping early to mid-September The Stops - Nameless Faces LP Self-described as “5 girls playing punk, The Stops quickly became one of Dirt Cult’s favorite local Portland bands (if not one of our favorite current bands period) when we moved out here last year. Their debut LP, Nameless Faces, definitely adds to Portland’s reputation for dark melodic punk (see also: Observers, Red Dons). The Stops are talented individuals who’ve cultivated a unique sound – combining seemingly disparate influences of the Wipers, Adolescents, and early Go-Go’s. They kind of come off like an American counterpart to Terrible Feelings – except they’re more straight-forward punk rock and no quite as bleak. Still, if you enjoy that blend of melodic hooks and darker lyrics, The Stops are a band you won’t want to miss. Lead guitarists, Ruby is an absolute force. Out of the many guitarists of the moment playing in that classic Rikk Agnew style, she’s one of the best we’re heard. This record is loaded with top-notch guitar hooks, and they fit in perfectly with the band’s style. LISTEN BUY
  7. Earth Girls - Someone I'd Like to Know 7' (out now) Following a killer self-released demo tape and 7" on Grave Mistake/Drunken Sailor, Earth Girls return with 4 fierce, slightly bubblegum garage rock songs. Fronted by Liz Panella (Libyans. Broken Prayer, Autonomy, Siamese Twins). Sounds like there's an LP coming soon on Grave Mistake Records. Comes with download. 100 color/400 black LISTEN BUY
  8. Big Dick - Disappointment LP "out" Feb 24th, but since I already have the records I've decided to go ahead and post it on the website. Big Dick return with their second LP! The band is due featuring drums, bass, and dueling vocals from Ottawa, Canada. Named after a NOMEANSNO song, Big Dick has cultivated a sound that borders on progressive punk and post-hardcore, while also gravitating towards both the melodic and absurdly heavy. This is a band equally at ease with their penchant for 90's ear Canadian indie rock as they are with the punk, hardcore, and noise rock bands of the last three decades - the result being a memorable listening experience that breaks down traditional sub-genre party lines. Dissapointment serves as an anthemic celebration of failure and inquietute for fans of Death from Above, Japandroids, and more Stream: punknews Order (limited to 100 on blue vinyl): dirtcultrecords
  9. FERAL TRASH - TRASHFICTION LP A simple 3-piece from the small eastern (often overlooked) city Of Moncton NB, Feral Trash play cold, anxiety ridden songs about the shitty world they see around them. Formed over a winter of Nyquil, hash and too many Wipers records, guitarist Eric Neurotic (Fear of Lipstick, Varsity Weirdos) sought out members of the darkest band in town (Thalidomy Kids) and recruited them to start something new. After releasing their surprisingly well received Dead Eyes EP in 2013 (well received by their standards), Feral Trash took the next logical step and went to the studio to record their debut album Trashfiction. FFO: Masshysteri, The Vicion, Vann Inget, Allvaret, The Creeps, etc. Order color vinyl here (limited to 100) Order black vinyl here (limited to 200) Stream at PunkNews Stream/purchase on Bandcamp Purchase on Itunes If all goes well at the plant, records should ship by the end of October.
  10. New split 7" from Pittsburgh, PA's Barons and Remainders. Barons are catchy and gruff. Members of American Armada, Voice In the Wire, and Teddy Duchamps Army. Remainders are a melodic punk band (ex Incommunicado/Worlds Scariest Police Chases). Artwork by Righteous Indignation. Split release between Drink and Destroy Records (exclusive White) and Between the Days Records (exclusive Transparent Gold). Stream the entire split HERE. Available via Barons bandcamp and Between the Days Records
  11. Available on digipak CD and Limited Colour Vinyl PRE-ORDER's/BUNDLES AVAILABLE NOW FROM: http://www.tnsrecords.co.uk/?product_cat=pre-order From TNS Records: The brand new album from Officer Down is now available to pre-order from our webstore. We are really looking forward to you hearing these tunes, it is a cracking album. We have known these guys for a long time and have always been massive fans. If you haven’t come across them already, their sound is fast-paced punk rock with melodic choruses and a hint of skate punk. As with so many of the TNS bands, they are very active in supporting the scene through their own EHC Records and through EHC Screen Printing. They are a perfect fit with the TNS principles and what we try to achieve with our label. We’re sure that you will love their music and ethos as much as we do. Officer Down have just come back from their North American tour and will be heading to Europe later in the summer. As you would expect, they are playing across the UK most weekends so if you haven’t had a chance to catch them live you will have plenty of opportunities this year. The album is out both on CD and Vinyl. We have green vinyl that is available exclusively from us. We also have some exclusive pre-order packages available for both formats including t-shirts and hoodies. All orders will also come with a patch and a couple of badges… as well as whatever else we have lying around at the time. http://www.facebook.com/officerdownuk
  12. Out 3/4/14 via Creator-Destructor Records Pre-order the LP/CD at http://www.creatordestructor.bigcartel.com Pressing Info 125 Yellow 125 Oxblood w/ Yellow Splatter New song "Into The Clouds" streaming at Dying Scene: http://dyingscene.com/news/the-mighty-fine-releasing-new-album-brothers-and-smugglers-on-creator-destructor-records-premiere-new-song/ Awesome label continues to release awesome music on the cheap! Support!
  13. Captives release new ep "Afterimage" on August 20th Captives will release their second EP, "Afterimage" on August 20th via Reveille Records. FFO: Balance and Composure, Brand New, Seahaven, Taking Back Sunday, Crime in Stereo Captives are back and with more crushing heaviness than ever. Afterimage, Captives’ second release, features powerfully atmospheric guitar work, intoxicating melodic harmonies, brooding drum beats, and crushingly emotional vocals from dual-vocalists Jeffery Mudgett and Trevor Bookout. These five new tracks showcase the growth and evolution Captives has accomplished as a promising band on the rise and further builds the theme established on their 2012 EP, My Eyes Are Open. An afterimage is a visual image retained after looking at something vivid, an image you can still see after you've turned away or closed your eyes. Even after minutes the illusion will remain if the image was distinct enough. Afterimage represents still seeing and feeling those things that are no longer with us, when only an impression remains. Afterimage recorded, mixed, and mastered by Stephen Hawkes (American Me, I Am The Ocean, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo) at Interlace Audio in Portland, Oregon. Afterimage is set to release on August 20, 2013 via Reveille Records. Pre-orders will be up for the 10" vinyl version of the release on the same day. Track list: 1. All I Have 2. Broken Oars 3. Leaving 4. To Forget 5. Squander Stream: https://soundcloud.com/reveillerecords/sets/captives-afterimage-ep Let us know what you guys think!
  14. Protagonist - The Chronicle FFO: No Trigger, Strike Anywhere, Heartsounds Genre: Melodic Punk, Punk Rock We are approaching the 5th anniversary of The Chronicle, a release that many feel is the album that defines Protagonist’s career as a band and a staple of classic punk rock for the new age. To commemorate this milestone, Reveille Records and Paper + Plastick Records have teamed up to get this release pressed on vinyl for the very first time. You can pre-order the album from Reveille Records or Paper + Plastick Records. Release Information: Pre-orders: July 1, 2013 Release date: July 23, 2013 Features: Limited to 500 copies 3 color variations: Fluorescent Pink w/ Purple Marble (100), Coke Bottle Clear/White Split (100), Classic Black (300) Glossy Spot UV on front and back cover Double sided insert featuring original artwork by Adam Forst of Foment Media Each copy comes with a digital “vinyl rip” of the album A word from Reveille Records “Punk didn’t die. It matured. It grew up. With its maturity came progression. The Chronicle is classic punk rock for the new age with tight guitars, a strong rhythm section, and vocals that hit so hard you’ll think the band is standing with you in your basement. Protagonist’s The Chronicle was released nearly 5 years years ago and since then the punk rock wave has ebbed into new territory. With pop punk, 90s revival, and gruff punk taking over now is the perfect time to bring punk back to its roots. The Chronicle is what punk rock sounds like at its core. Classic punk rock will never go out of style, never fade, and certainly never die as long as there are albums like this continue to resurface every once in a while in order to ground the rapidly changing fads that are always apparent in the punk scene. And that is why I am proud and extremely excited for Reveille Records to be a part of releasing Protagonist’s The Chronicle on vinyl for the first time ever.” - Bill Leary of Reveille Records Press Buzz: “On The Chronicle, [Protagonist] drink deeply from the essence of summer nights, and then regurgitate on rowdy numbers “Light The Fuse,” “1095 Days,” and “IAMTHEGHOST.” - AbsolutePunk.net “After all, their debut Paper + Plastick release, The Chronicle, is more than worthy of praise and recognition and should have made it on many year end lists” - ThePunkSite.com Additional info: THE VINYL WILL SHIP OUT ON OR BEFORE JULY 23 if you order from us (Reveille Records). The records are coming in within the next couple of days, so there will be no delays. We've also added some great distro items in our store recently (Rust Belt Lights, American Verse, Post Season, Civil War Rust, The Riot Before...) along with limited colored vinyl from our other artists (This Is Your Life, Boxer, Eyes Wide) so please check them out as well! You can't beat our shipping prices, they're as low as they can get and we ship fast and package with care and free goodies.
  15. Adhesive - Sideburner vinyl reissue coming soon! Please help us spread the word! More info @ www.cantslowdownrecords.com
  16. I always thought that there were three Hero of Our Time colors out there and last week I finally got the third color and now I'm sure. Genet Records also confirmed that there are three colors, about 250 each. This is new to me and I just needed to share Btw, I'm sure that there are more than 5 collectors out there