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Found 18 results

  1. Great news! Link is under the picture; very reasonable prices, and some cool bundles. This band deserves to have this happen. Such great guys who make incredible music. I've never participated in a crowd-funding thing before, so this will be my first time! Taken from Facebook: We asked you if you would be interested in getting Mòn on vinyl. Your response has been tremendous. Now the time has come to realize this project together! Get involved in our crowdfunding campaign to get your hands on this very special edition of our first album. New design and remastered songs. 250 copies available. After that, it's gone...forever! Follow the link below for all the details. And share the good news! Cheers! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/appalaches-mon-vinyl-release--2#/ Listen to the album here:
  2. Hi there, Have been trying to track down this box set for some time now. Looking for a US seller and a set in VG shape or better. This will complete my Mogwai box set collection! Cheers
  3. As the title says I am selling my whole collection but i have now posted everything. Everything is in NM condition for both the vinyl and cover unless otherwise listed. If you have any questions at all please ask. I ship via media mail delivery and it will be $4.00 per album Shipped within the U.S. only. If you order 4+ albums then shipping is free. I accept paypal. Please understand that since I will be selling everything and I don't use a car I can only ship albums 2-3 times a week. Thanks again and please pm me with questions regarding variants and such, I honestly don't have the time to list everything about a particular album but I will try and get back to you in a timely fashion. I accept payment via paypal and ship USPS on most occasions. 

Feel free to make an offer as long as its realistic and not low ball. 
 Aeges-the bridge-mylene sheath-hot pink /100-$8.00
 Baroness-red-2x lp red/white splatter /500-$28 Baroness-blue-double album blue vinyl 45 rpm-$35 Baroness-blue-double album blue vinyl 45 rpm-$35 Baroness-yellow and green-half yel/green-/1000 gatefold-$40 Baroness-yellow and green deluxe Book-yel/green-/500-$80 Baroness-yellow and green deluxe-Book-yel/green-/500-sealed-$80 Baroness-first and second—opaque purple vinyl (marbled)/1000-$20
 Battles-gloss drop-2xlp-$30 Beady eye-7†box set sealed-$30
 Beware of safety-dogs-pilsner-2xlp /300-$20 Beware of safety-dogs-pilsner-2xlp /300-$20 Beware of safety-it is curtains-black /250-$8 Beware of safety-scars-brown 2xlp 45rpm /300-$12 
 The black angels-phosgene nightmare-white 10" /5000-$26 The black angels-another nice pair-red /2500 10â€-$20
 The black keys-attack and release/$14 The black keys-the big come up-$14 The black keys-culahoma-$10
 Bob dylan-bringing it all back home-sundazed mono-not kg version-$12
 Boris-pink-2x lp-$70 sunn55 oink version with acid tabs Brand new-daisy-$15 The bravery-the sun and the moon picture disc-$35 Bright eyes-digital ash-$8 Bright eyes-the peoples key-$20
 Caspian-live at old south church-white-/200-$25 Caspian-four trees-Transparent Pilsner w/ Maroon and Black Splatter/100 all second press-$62 Caspian-four trees-clear/bronze swirl /100-$40 Caspian-Tertia-3rd press bloody gold splatter /104-$50 Caspian-Tertia-3rd press maroon/gold swirl /100-$30 Caspian Tertia-Second press-gold /300-$20 Caspian-waking season-purple marble first press tour copy-300-$50 Caspian-you are the conductor-black 180g /300-$18 Caspian-Hymn for the greatest generation-milky brown /250-$35
 This Charming Man-Brown-/667-$40 This Charming Man-Brown-/667-$40 Chuck ragan-covering ground-white-/500-$13 Chelsea wolfe-unknown rooms-$18
 Church of misery-early works- 3x lp-$30 Church of misery-master of brutality-$40 Church of misery-vol. 1-$20 Church of misery-house of the unholy-? Church of misery-second coming-red-$22 The dead wether-sea of cowards-$14 The decemberists-Long live the king-$7 The decemberists-live-3x lp-$16 Donovan frankenreiter-move by yourself-$8 
 Earth-demons of light 2-aqua blue-$28 Earth-bureaucratic desire-$16 Eddie vedder-ukulele songs-$90 Electric wizard-dopethrone-neon green-$65
 Explosions in the sky-take care box set-$20
 The flaming lips-dark side of the moon-green-$17 The flaming lips-at war with the mystics -red-$35 The flaming lips-heady nugs box set-black-$70 The flaming lips-neon indian small seam split the flaming lips hope david bowie isn’t dying is etched into the dead wax-$18 The flaming lips-heady fwiends RSD special-$30
 Gaslight anthem-american slang-$10 Gates of slumber-blood and thunder-$20 Gates of slumber-the wretch-$20
 Giants-old stories-Sea blue/mustard yellow /200-$18 Giants-old stories-gray/oxblood /300-$18 Giants-they the undeserving-cream/maroon /300-$15 Giants-they the undeserving-trans sky blue /100-$28 Giants-they the undeserving-opaque maroon /100-$35 Giants/beware of safety-split 7’-$8
 Gifts from enola-loyal eyes betray the mind /250-$25 Gifts from enola-s/t-orange-/300-$13 Gifts from enola-a healthy fear-blue /300-$15 Gifts from enola-a healthy fear-Opaque baby blue band exclusive /100-$25
 Glaciers-mirrored-black marble or brown marble-$15 Glaciers-and the sea won the battle-clear/blue-$15 God speed you black emporor-dont bend ascend-180g-$16 God is an astronaut-s/t-63/500-Hand #-$50
 The head and the heart-s/t-$12 
 If these trees could talk-red forrest-white/brown(bone/bronze) second press small seam split-/200-$28 If these trees could talk-red forrest-clear/green swirl second press /200-$50 If these trees could talk-s/t-orange second press- /100-$40 If these trees could talk-s/t-orange/black(half orange half black) second press /300-$35 If these trees could talk-Above the earth-second press clear/green(trans forrest green) /150-$45 If these trees could talk-Above the earth below the sky-second press-opaque aqua blue /250-$35 If these trees could talk-st & above the earth below the sky-sheath 050-clear /150-$65 Inside llewyn davis-ost-$13
 Isis-absence of truth-gold/black second press-$40 Isis-wavering radient-white-$55 Isis-panopticon-black-$35 Isis-live 2-$15 Isis-live 4-brown-$40 Isis-aereogramme-blue-$16 Isis-red sea-black 180g-$13 Isis-celestial-one clear/yellow one clear/red-$40 Isis-holy tears-clear-$13 Isis-melvins split-black-$25 Isis-Oceanic remix 2-$8 Isis-Oceanic remix 3-$8 Isis-live 6-grey-$45 Isis-temporal-$18
 Jack white-blunderbuss-$18
 Jimi hendrix-are you experienced 88697 62395-$18 Jimi hendrix-electric ladyland 88697 62398-$12
 Jim james-regions of light & sound of god-$15 Junius-martrydom-brown-$20 Junius-days of the fallen sun-mylene sheath limited Mylene Sheath edition-brown/cream swirl hand numbered 65/100-$30
 The kills blood pressures-$14 The kills-satellite -10"-$6 The killers-battle born-red-$28 Lavinia-there is light between us-bronze/silver swirl-$10 Lee morgan-sidewinder-7243 4 95332 1 9 no cd-$11 Light bearer-act one lapsus- eyeofsound die cut special edition /200-$60 Marriages-kitsune-$8 The mars volta-octahedron-white custom sleeve-$35 The mercury program-chez viking-$8 Miles davis-kind of blue special edition music on vinyl blue vinyl-$50 Minus the bear-planet of ice-purple haze/purple marble? Minus the bear-omni-blue marble/green marble-$40 Minus the bear-gigantic-black s-017-$14 Minus the bear-infinity overhead-clear-$14
 Mogwai-hardcore will never die-$15 Mogwai-earth division-$10 Mogwai-the hawk is howling-$30 Mogwai -government commissions-cover is vg+ just a little hazing due to it being white-$32 Mogwai-les revenants ep-$40 Mogwai-special moves-$25 Mogwai-les revenants-$18 Mogwai-Rave tapes box set-$85
 Mono-for my parents-white-$32 Mumford and sons-babel-$15 Nine inch nails-the slip-$18 Nirvana-bleach-Damaged O'death-outside-$8
 Pelican-ataraxia-Bone-$12 Pelican-march into the sea-clear /500-$8 Pelican-what we all come to need-clear/black/red/grey splatter-/550-$45 Pelican-pink mammoth-pink/black-$9 Pelican-s/t-gray-/500-$16 Pelican-australasia-black-$22 Pelican-city of echoes-silver-$30 Pelican-the fire in our throats-white-$45 Pelican-Arktika-orange-/500-$20 Pelican-Forever becoming- 1 orange 1 blue-/500-$30
 Postal Service-Give up box set -loser edition $65
 Queens of the stone age era vulgaris- 3x lp-$18 Queens of the stone age-kyuss-blue mr-063-$30 Queens of the stone age-like clockwork deluxe heavyweight edition-$32
 The rapture-mirror-$6.00 vg/vg+ vinyl-rough shape Red sparowes-the fear is excruciating-black-$20 Rekerds rekerds-10'-$8 The Revival Tour-2011 collections-tfr012-18
 Russian circles-station-brown/black splatter-$70 Russian circles-geneva-black-$18 Russian circles-empros-red-$20
 Samuel jackson 5-box-black-$150 Samuel jackson 5-easily misunderstood-clear/orange-$100 Samuel jackson 5-s/t-blue-$28
 Sonny rollins-saxophone colossus-jazz track 1006 lp-$10 Soundgarden-telephantism 3x lp set-$25 Spiritualized-sweet heart sweet light-white-$13 The strokes-angles-$14
 This will destroy you-s/t-$14 This will destroy you-young mountain-Marble grey-$20 Thurston moore-demolished thoughts-$13 Titus andronicus-local business-$12 Tomahawk-eponymous box set-$70 
 Tom waits-asylum years-$14 vg+ Tom waits-anthology of tom waits-$14 vg+ Tom waits-bad as me-$14 Tom waits-swordfish trombones-$18-2009 pressing Tom waits-orphans box set-$350 Tom waits-mule variations-$50-2010 pressing Tom waits-franks wild years-$26-Music on vinyl pressing
 Uncle acid and the deadbeats-bloodlust-white/red-/500-$35
 Unwed Sailor-The white ox-12 Unwed sailor-little wars-$10 Unwed sailor-the faithful anchor-$18 Unwed sailor-Circles-$16 
 Watchmen OST Various Artists- Weezer-Hurley-$8 
 The white stripes-de stijl-$15 The white stripes-icky thump-$20 The white stripes-under the great white northern lights-$16 
 Wilco-a.m.-$16 Wilco-the album-$16 Wilco-sky blue sky-$16 Wilco-the whole love-$16 Wilco-the whole love box set-$150
  4. I'm poor and need to pay rent so I am selling a couple records. I may add more if there is any interest in these. Feel free to message me with any questions or if you would like any photos. I have sold records on here once before years ago and I have an eBay account with some feedback if anyone needs verification that I am real: ebay.com/usr/tibetanjazz (I am posting this from my phone so I am sorry in advance if this all ends up looking awkward on a desktop) Belong: Same Places (Slow Version) Turquoise vinyl - NM $15 (the poly sleeve this originally came in was falling apart and the record is now stored in a white inner sleeve) Built to Spill/Caustic Resin split: VG+ - $20 (has a price tag near top right corner) Dead C: White House VG+ $37 Earth: Hibernaculum (brown vinyl) $35 Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light Two NM $40 (Blue vinyl, no poster) Games: That We Can Play (Ford & Lopatin) VG+ $20 Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin: Instrumental Tourist VG++ $16 (with obi) Mogwai: Happy Songs for Happy People (2003 Matador pressing) VG+ $40 R Stevie Moore - What's the Point?!!! NM $30 OPN - R Plus Seven NM $17 Sunn O)): Void NM $18 Rehearsal Demos NM $37
  5. looking to convert my Mogwai collection from CD over to vinyl. if you are looking to sell any of their full lengths PM me, and I will update this as I get them. Here is the list that I am needing right now: Young Team Come On Die Young Ten Rapid (Collected Recordings 1996 - 1997) Zidane - A 21st Century Portrait - An Original Soundtrack By Mogwai Les Revenants Atomic Bought: Rock Action Happy Songs For Happy People Mr Beast The Hawk Is Howling Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. Rave Tapes
  6. I need to make room and try to buy a new amp. Make $$$ Offers Please. Shipping via media mail in the US. Add $4 I don't have it in me right now to price this stuff. Almost everything is in EX shape. A few things in the VG range. If you're concerned about the condition, I'll look into it for you. PM all inquiries. Thank you. 12" Aesop Rock - Bazooka Tooth 3XLP Aesop Rock - Labor Days 2XLP As Tall As Lions - Into The Flood Anywhere - S/T (Aquamarine Vinyl) [RSD 2012] (w/o outer jacket; sealed in inner sleeve) Baroness - First & Second (Translucent Red Vinyl) [Hyperrealist, 2010] Battles - Gloss Drop 2XLP Between The Buried And Me - The Great Misdirect 2XLP (Translucent Orange Vinyl) Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues (Clear Vinyl) Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me 2XLP (Purple Vinyl) [Academy Fight Song, 2010] Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise 2XLP Circa Survive - Descensus 2XLP (Black Vinyl) [sumerian, 2014] Circa Survive - Juturna (Orange/Red Marble Vinyl)[/1000] Circa Survive - On Letting Go (Translucent Blue Vinyl)[1000] Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind 2XLP (180 gram Black Vinyl) [Deathwish, Inc., 2012] Converge - Jane Doe 2XLP (White Vinyl) [Equal Vision Records/Deathwish, Inc., 2010] [/2000] Cough/Windhand - Reflection of The Negative (Black and White A side/B Side Swirl Vinyl) [Relapse, 2013] Deftones - Adrenaline (Picture Disc) The Dillinger Escape Plan w/ Mike Patton - Irony Is A Dead Scene (Clear Vinyl) [Epitaph, 2010] Elder - Dead Roots Stirring 2XLP (Black Vinyl) [Meteor City/Headspin Records, 2011] Emarosa - Relativity/Emarosa 2XLP (A/B Bone C/D Orange Vinyl) [Rise Records, 2008/2010/2014] Fuzz - II 2XLP (White Vinyl) [in The Red, 2015] Hella - There's No 666 In Outer Space 2XLP [ipecac Recordings/Black Diamond, 2006] High On Fire - The Art of Self Defense (Clear Vinyl) [Man's Ruin/Southern Lord, 1998/2012] High On Fire - Luminiferous 2XLP (Red/Yellow/Blue Starburst Vinyl) [eOne, 2015] (Sealed) Hood - Cold House [Aesthetics, 2001] Hum - You'd Prefer An Astronaut (Clear Vinyl) [RCA/Shop Radio Cast, 1995/2013] ISIS - Mosquito Control EP (Dark Gray Marble Vinyl) ISIS - Oceanic 2XLP ("Brine" Vinyl) [Robotic Empire] [/300] ISIS - Oceanic 2XLP ("Gyre" Vinyl) [Robotic Empire] [/200] ISIS - Oceanic 2XLP (Black) [Escape Artist] ISIS - Panopticon 2XLP (Grey/Silver Swirl Vinyl) The Jesus Lizard - Goat [Touch & Go, 1991/2009] The Mars Volta - Deloused In The Comatorium 2XLP (Silver Vinyl) [universal/Gold Standard Labs/Music On Vinyl, 2003/2014] Maserati - Pyramid of The Moon EP Mastodon - Crack The Skye Meshuggah - Obzen 2XLP (Translucent Red Vinyl) mewithoutYou - Brother, Sister (Half Red/Half Yellow "Sun Split" Vinyl) [Tooth & Nail/Burnt Toast Vinyl, 2006/2013] mewithoutYou - Pale Horses (Double Rainbow Vinyl Deluxe Edition w/Pale Horses Appendix 12" LP) [Run For Cover, 2015] Minus The Bear - Planet of Ice 2XLP (Baby Pink Vinyl) Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News 2XLP (Sealed) Mogwai - Happy Songs For Happy People [Play It Again Sam/Rock Action, 2003/2013] Moneen - The Red Tree (A/B White C/D Red Vinyl) 2XLP w/ Bonus 7" Monolord - Vænir 2XLP (Opaque Orange Marble Vinyl) [Riding Easy, 2015] Monolord - Vænir 2XLP (Green A/B Seafoam green w/ orange haze C/D Vinyl) [Riding Easy, 2015] Oceansize - Everyone Into Position 2XLP [beggars Banquet, 2005] Pearl Jam - Vitalogy 2XLP [sony, 2011] Quicksand - Slip (Yellow/Green Vinyl) [Polydor/Dine Alone, 1993/2012] Red Fang - Murder The Mountains (Beige/Brown/Multi-colored Marble Vinyl) [Relapse, 2011] Refused - The Shape of Punk To Come 2XLP (Translucent Blue Vinyl) Rodriguez-Lopez, Omar - S/T Picture Disc Russian Circles - Enter (Clear w/ Black Splash Vinyl) [Flameshovel Records/Hewhocorrupts, Inc./Friction Records/Sargent House, 2014] Segall, Ty & White Fence - Hair [Drag City, 2012] Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain (Black Vinyl Test Press) [Earache/Kreation Records, 1992/2007] Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain (Full Dynamic Range Edition) [Earache, 1992/2015] The Sound of Animals Fighting - Lover, The Lord Has Left Us 2XLP (Black Vinyl) [Equal Vision Records, 2006/2014] Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends (Opaque Red Vinyl but not really) Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends (Pink Vinyl) These Arms Are Snakes - Easter (Clear Vinyl) These Arms Are Snakes - This Is Meant To Hurt You (Grey Vinyl) (Sealed) Thursday - Common Existence 2XLP Thursday - Full Collapse (Tan Vinyl) Thursday - Full Collapse (Translucent Red Vinyl) [Victory Records, 2011] Today Is The Day - Supernova [Amphetamine Reptile, 1992] Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Blood Lust (Opaque Blue Vinyl) [Rise Above Records/Killer Candy Records, 2011] Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Mind Control 2XLP (Opaque Red Vinyl) [Rise Above Records/Metal Blade, 2013] Waits, Tom - Swordfishtrombones [island, 1983/2009] Whores. - Clean (Black Vinyl) [/500] [brutal Panda, 2013] Windhand - Grief's Infernal Flower 2XLP (Purple/Green Merge w/ Splatter Vinyl) + Slipmat [Relapse, 2015] Windhand - Grief's Infernal Flower 2XLP (Olive Green Vinyl) [Relapse, 2015] Windhand - Live At Roadburn 2014 (Red Vinyl) [Roadburn/Outer Battery, 2014] Young Widows - Easy Pain (Purple Foil Cover, Black Vinyl) [Temporary Residence, LTD., 2014] Young Widows - Easy Pain (Red Foil Cover, Black Vinyl) [Temporary Residence, LTD., 2014] Young Widows - Settle Down City (Maroon Vinyl) [Jade Tree/Auxiliary Records, 2009] 7" Converge/Drop Dead Split 7" (Translucent Red w/ Black Swirl Vinyl) Finch - Letters To You b/w Worms of The Earth 7" Glassjaw - You Think You're (John Fucking Lennon) 7" 10" Helmet - Betty 2x10" [interscope/Amphetamine Reptile, 1994]
  7. I'm looking for trades and cash. if you're interested in something let me know.. I'm not against offers... sorry my list isn't in alphabetical order so please don't hate me! if you have a trade list lay it on me. all prices ppd... Also have a few random items.. For trades I'm looking for windhand, unsane, slomatics, tombs, black tusk, black flag, black sabbath, yob, ufomammut, melvins, cough, inter arma, gwar, bongripper, neurosis, thou, keelhaul, electric wizard, Hew time gold black splatter $30 Battlefields - stained with the blood of an empire yellow vinyl $15 Mastodon call of the mastodon black vinyl first press $40 Isis the red sea black gold splatter vinyl $23 Moutheater ornament black pink split vinyl $14 Harvey milk life... The best game in town grey black splatter $60 Earth pentastar Earth Earth Radio bundle $20 Wild thrones bloodmaker red vinyl dog Shredder Brass tactics bundle $40 Big dumb face- duke lion fights the terror $35 Bongripper Satan Worshipping Doom orange translucent vinyl $70 Old man gloom Christmas ab black C/D gold vinyl *tear, barely noticeable $26 Melvins freak puke pic disc Dave Cooper edition $60 Melvins / hard ons split 287/306 $70 Melvins mangled demos 10" (trade) Melvins stoner witch cassette (trade) Melvins bride of crankenstein 10" (offer) windhand soma riding easy white cassette w/ collectors box $20 Kylsea ultra violet purple green marble vinyl 2lp $35 Mogwai come on die young black vinyl $65 Torche songs for singles pink vinyl + flexi disc $35 Torche in return 10" clear orange splatter Weedeater god luck and good speed black vinyl first press ($40) Fistula vermin prolificus black vinyl $16 True widow circumbulation clear blue vinyl + custom print $55 Brant Bjork jalamanta ab black vinyl CD orange vinyl $60 Indian From All Purity yellow beer vinyl $35 Indian guiltless blue vinyl $25 neurosis honor in decay smoke vinyl $35 Megachurch s/t $17 Megachurch 2 judgement day $17 Or $30 for both Dope guns N fucking in the streets vol. 13 unplayed *mailorder edition* $65 Dope guns N fucking in the streets vol. 13 unplayed *band edition* $80 OTHERS HTC one m7 32gb silver unused headphones rooted at&t charger cable, usb port and 3 cases $185 Melvins solo poster Joe Preston $15 Melvins 4 clown button set sealed $15
  8. I saw this release listed on Sub-Pop's site as a new full length by the band with a track listing. The thing is it's listed for a release of 1/21/13 & I can't find any info on it at all. Mogwai is my favorite active band, and any info on what this is would be appreciated. - Garrett *** Update *** The band has been talking about announcing new music in the last couple of days. The update is suppose to happen today as well as a new song. I'm hoping SubPop just jumped the gun (& screwed up the release date) and this is in fact a new LP.
  9. Anyone have Mogwai - Young Team LP? and if so, how much would you be willing to sell it for?
  10. In 2012-13 PIAS repressed Mogwai catalog from "Rock Action" to "The Hawk Is Howling". On Discogs someone has commented about the poor sound quality of "Happy Songs...", can someone here confirm this? "Happy Songs.." also seems to be already OOP considering the prices at eBay and Amazon, while the others are still widely available.
  11. Why didn't anyone tell me to listen to Mogwai before? I always saw their albums scattered throughout shops and sort of just flipped passed it without giving it much thought. Why wouldn't you tell me? Where has this been all my life?
  12. Few things for sale. All in great shape. All prices PPD. i add tracking on all shipments sent, via media mail. if you want to haggle PM me and lets see what we can do. not looking to trade, sorry. (i centered this to make it look like a poem) Mogwai - Zidane - 2XLP - OFFER Pelican - March into the Sea - /200 reissue - $15 Junius - Days Of The Fallen Sun - Brown & Cream marble /100 (Mylene Sheath Exclusive) - $25 Junius - Reports From The Treshold Of Death - White /100 - Hand #'d (Mylene Sheath Mailorder) - $25 Glaciers - Mirrored Through The Ancients - Red Swirl /100 - (Silk screened, hand #'d fold-over cover) - $40 Mono - For My Parents (white /500) $25 Gayngs - Relayted $16 Blueneck - Scars of the Midwest (/200 repress) $25 Panda Bear - Tomboy (white) $13 Grails - Deep Politics (black) $13 Grails - Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 4, 5 & 6 (red & yellow w/ etching in groove /500) $18 ----- Sunn & Ulver - Terrestrials (white) $17 ITTCT - s/t (black) $30 (with TWDY Tunnel Blanket signed poster) Washed Out - Paracosm (loser edition green) $20 Beware of Safety - Leaves/Scars (White w/ Black Streaks /100) $25 Pelican - Forever Becoming (orange and baby blue /500) $22 TWDY - Tunnel Blanket (2nd press white with black splatter, signed) $25 Moving Mountains - s/t (white) $16 Russian Circles - Memorial (clear /500) $25
  13. Want to raise some funds for a release that just popped up. Please PM me with offers. Keep in mind that I'm based in good old Europe / Dschörmänie. Also take a look @ my Tradlist. If there's something of interest, try your luck and PM me. // 7"es // Converge - Live At BBC || 1 x 7 " || Deathwish (DW157v) || White (Deathwish Exclusive) || / 333 || Mastodon - Capillarian Crest || 1 x 7 " || Relapse Records (W 734T) || Black || lim. to ? || # 5253 with Poster || Mogwai - Glasgow Split EP || 2 x 7 " || Plastic Cowboy (Plastic 005) || Black || Mogwai/Dweeb - Angels vs Aliens || 1 x 7 " || Ché Trading Limited (Ché 61) || Black || Mogwai/Longview - Split || 1 x 7 " || (SAM 00961) ||Black || Mogwai/Magoo - Two Sonic Scratches Of The Big Bad Rock Arse Split || 1 x 7 " || Fierce Panda Records (NING 47) || Black || // 10"es // ††† - EP † || 1 x 10 " || Not On Label (††† Self-Released) ‎(96878A) || Pink || 1st press || ††† - EP †† || 1 x 10 " || Sumerian Records ‎(SUM426) || Blue || // 12"es // At The Drive-In - Relationship Of Command [2013] || 2 x 12 " || Transgressive Records ‎(TRANS155X) || Orange || /4000, RSD 2013 || Botch - We Are The Romans || 2 x 12 " || Hydra Head Records ‎(HH666-41) || Black || 1st press /800 || Chvrches - Recover EP || 1 x 12 " || Goodbye Records (GR001V) || Transparent Orange || /1500, RSD 2013 || Cult Of Luna - Vertikal || 2 x 12 " || Back On Black, Indie Recordings ‎(BOBV354LP) || Black || Deftones - Covers || 1 x 12 " || Reprise Records, WEA International Inc. (9362-49582-9, 9362-49582-9) || Black || lim. to 5000 || RSD 2011 || Gay Witch Abortion W/ Haze XXL || 1 x 12 " || Amphetamine Reptile Records (AmRep093) || Red Splattered || #85/100 || Don Caballero [1993] - For Respect || 1 x 12 " || Touch And Go (TG120) || Black || Don Caballero [1995] - Don Caballero 2 || 2 x 12 " || Touch And Go (TG143) || Black || Don Caballero [1998] - What Burns Never Returns || 2 x 12 " || Touch And Go (TG185) || Black || Don Caballero [2000] - American Don || 2 x 12 " || Touch And Go (TG218) || Black || Don Caballero [2006] - World Class Listenig Problem || 1 x 12 " || Relapse Records (RR 6693-1) || Blue || lim. to 250 || Don Caballero [2008] - Punkgasm || 2 x 12 " Gatefold || Relapse Records (RR 6124 - 1) || Seafoam Green & White || lim. to 450 || limited Relapse Records edition || Primus - Green Naugahyde || 2 x 12" || - || Green || indie store version #643/750 || Primus - Sailing The Seas Of Cheese || 1 x 12 " || Interscope Records (7567-91659-1) || Black || first press || Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magic || 2 x 12 " || Warner Bros. Records (WX 441, 7599-26681-1) || Black || Rosetta/East Of The Wall/Year Of No Light - Split || 2 x 12 " Gatefold || Denovali/Vega Vinyl (DEN45 / VV - 006) || Black || lim. to 100 || Union Of Sleep - Death In The Place Of Rebirth || 1 x 12 " || Per Koro Records || Black || lim. to 400 || Yo La Tengo - And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside - Out || 2 x 12 " Gatefold || Matador (OLE 371 - 1) || Black || Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One || 2 x 12 " || Matador (OLE 222 - 1) || Black || // Boxset // Tomahawk ‎– Eponymous To Anonymous || 3 x 12 " Box || Ipecac Recordings (IPC135) || Black || lim. to 5000 || VA - !K7 - 150 || 4 x 12 " || !K7 Records (!K7 150 LP) || Black || lim. to 1000 || I'll close this thread when I raised anough money. Thanks for watching!
  14. !//!Still Sealed!//! Okay, so I ordered a copy of this box set thinking I would have this as an archive copy. However, the seller "forgot" to put it into a protective covering before shipping it. The box is still sealed, but has picked up some corner wear on its journey. Media condition: Mint Sleeve condition: VG+ Pressing info: Rock Action Records (EU) release. This is not the Sub Pop version. AN EXCELLENT PLAY COPY CANDIDATE. Pictures available upon request! TAKING OFFERS!!! All photographs taken during the 'Rave Tapes' sessions in Glasgow August - October 2013 The only credit for Reverend Lee Cohen appears on the inner sleeve of the CD. While this credit does not appear on the cassette or vinyl portions of the release, it is still pertinent across the whole release. The box set contains: - Heavy pressed die cut LP - Exclusive heavy pressed 12" coloured vinyl (pink) - Single sided heavy pressed etched 7" - CD version of album - limited cassette version of album - 40 page 300mm x 300mm hardback photograph book - 3 x exclusive high quality 12"x12" art prints featuring artwork of album cover, 12" & 7" printed on XXXgsm art card - Printed download card for high quality download of all tracks contained in box Limited edition of 4000
  15. Anyone have a spare or not so worn men's Medium or Large? could try to stretch a S or shrink an XL... as well All the places I checked may list in stock but when you go to check out, you get the dreaded message of defeat. Thanks!
  16. Les Revenants EP is limited to 2000 copies worldwide and features 4 tracks taken from the hugely successful Canal+ series 'Les Revenants' which has been scored by Mogwai. Please note that due to the nature of the format the 10" is pressed on standard vinyl and comes with a digital download code to redeem mp3 versions of the tracks. The Les Revenants EP 10" will be released on 28th January 2013. Tracklist: 1. Wizard Motor 2. Soup 3. The Huts (version) 4. This Messiah Needs Watching (version) Available through Rock Action Records / Mogwai Store
  17. The auction is here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/TORCHE-In-Return-10-1st-pressing-melvins-converge-stoner-isis-mogwai-mastodon-/290768162764?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item43b3220fcc This is an auction for a FIRST PRESSING of "In Return" 10" by TORCHE. This record is in NM++ condition with no wear, dings, seam splits or any noticeable damage whatsoever to the LP itself or jacket. Comes with CD. Vinyl has NEVER BEEN PLAYED. This version is long sold out! DESCRIPTION OF RECORD: This monstrous, seven-song, 20-minute EP pushes TORCHE's musical extremes even further as the "poppy" songs are far more catchy, and the "heavy" songs are infinitely more crushing. The band continues to explore every side of their multi-faceted personas, presenting their darkest, heaviest and most infectious work to date! "In Return" is also Robotic Empire's most obsessively ridiculous packaging yet; a beautiful full-color John Baizley design as a gatefold 10" jacket with a printed innersleeve and a die-cut that holds the companion CD in place, all housed in a thick mylar bag with a two-color sticker. Yep, this deluxe colored vinyl comes with a musically-identical CD counterpart so you don't have to deal with any digital download hassles if you simply want this thing on your computer. However, you'll definitely appreciate the physical nature of this true beast once you see and hear TORCHE's absolutely mammoth new release, as this truly is the most over the top packaging we've done to date! I will ship outside the USA but additional postage is required. Proceeds of this auction go towards funding future releases on Chrome Peeler Records.
  18. Special offer: Grab more than $20, and I'll throw in any one $3 item from the list. Guitar stuff: Ibanez Soundtank Digital Delay DL5 $40 12" Isis - Live II … Black /800 NM/NM $25 Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will ...Black M/M $16 My Minds Mine - Between Soothing Consolation And Uncontrollable Madness ...Black NM/M $7 The Roots - Instrumentals Album … Black 446/5000 NM/M $10 Struggle - Struggle Black NM/M $7 Terror - Lowest Of The Low … Clear /1000 M/M $9 7"s: 7000 Dying Rats - Feeling Good, Feeling Spry! … Black NM/M $3 A Life Once Lost - The Fourth Plague: Flies … Clear /200 M/M $4 A Life Once Lost - The Fourth Plague: Flies … Red/White Marble M/M $4 Agoraphobic Nosebleed - S/T … Black M / M Bovine Records - Yellow Cover $15 Agoraphobic Nosebleed - S/T … Black M / M Bovine Records - Yellow Cover $15 All Hype - Response ...Red/Black Splatter M/M $3 Anti-flag - Émigré … Black M/M Promo $3 As Long As We're All Living, We're All Dying - S/T … Clear Red NM/M With CDR $5 Bane - XXX … Black VG /M $20 Blocked Out - Torn Throats ...Black M/M $3 Bucket Full Of Teeth - III … Green Marble /1400 NM/M $4 Cakewalk - 7 Inch Record … Black 60/330 M/M Screenprint/scotch tape/USPS Mailer $4 Casket Lottery, The - Lost At Sea … Clear Green M/M $4 Cave In - Anchor … Black /3000 NM/M $3 Cave In - Anchor … Clear Yellow /500 VG/M $5 Cave In - Anchor … Gray Marble /1000 NM/M $4 Cave In - Lost In The Air … Black /1300 NM /M 180gram $4 Coheed And Cambria - The Running Free … Black M/M $5 Corn On Macabre - I … Black M/M Long plastic sleeve $5 Corn On Macabre - II … Clear M/M Semi-Clear packaging $5 Costa, Matt - Witchcraft/Johnny's Love Of Majik ...Black NM/M $3 Curl Up And Die - 1998 … Black M/M $5 Daughters - S/T … Black NM/M First press. $15 Daughters - S/T … Black NM/M First Press. $15 Dedication, The - Youth Murder Anthems … Clear /848 M/M $3 Dillinger Escape Plan, The - Live Infinity … Black /2000 M/M Unique tracking $17 Dot Flash Line - The G7 EP … Clear Blue 098/500 M/M Vellum cover $3 Dragbody - Transgress. Nullify. ...Black NM/M $3 Duffy - Mercy … Black M/M Record Store Day 2009 Promo $3 Farewell Chapter, The - Desensitizing Your Arrogance … Clear Orange M/M Plastic cover $3 Farewell Chapter, The - Desensitizing Your Arrogance … Clear Orange M/M Plastic cover $3 Gandiva - S/T … Clear Purple VG /M Andy Kyte (ex-Cave In) $5 Gaslight Anthem, The - Señor And The Queen ...Black M/M (double 7") $6 Gaslight Anthem, The - Tumblin' Dice/She Loves You ...Black M/M $7 Get High - S/T … Black M/M $5 Hangnail - Nightmare In Painesville … Black VG /M $3 Harvest - One Step Closer Than The Last … Black /800 M/M $5 Hassan I Sabbah - S/T … Black /800 /F $8 Heroin - S/T … Black M/M Paper Bag cover $9 Holdstrong - Pursuit In The Face Of Misfortune … White M/M $5 Hollomen - S/T … White /305 M/M Aaron Turner/Guitars $4 Hope Conspiracy - File03 … Black /1500 M/M Etching on B side $18 In Pieces - Brick Wall Stare … Black VG /M $10 Jasta 14 - S/T … Black F/M Green Cover $8 Jasta 14 - S/T … Black VG/M Red cover $6 Jasta 14 - S/T … Black VG/M Red cover $6 Jesuit - Bronze … Black /847 M/M $8 Jesuit - Silver … Black NM /M $10 Kid Kilowatt - Hit Single … Black /550 M/M $6 Kid Kilowatt - Hit Single … Gray Marble /275 M/M $8 La Gritona - Frank White … Black VG/M Keelhaul members $4 Locust, The - Flight Of The Wounded Locust … Clear /10000 M/M $8 Narrows - Narrows ...Brown/Black Split M/M $5 National Acrobat, The - It's Nothing Personal … Black M/M $5 Neil Perry - Specimen … Picture Disk /2000 /M Picture Disk $10 Neurosis - Aberration EP … Black NM/M $6 Nora - Kill You For A Dollar … Purple Marble M/M $6 Octis - Twevim Lenlengr … Black 170/500 VG /M 180gram $5 Phobia - My Friends - Our Grind! ...Black M/M $5 Pretty Girls Make Graves - By The Throat … Black /1200 M/M 180gram $5 Pretty Girls Make Graves - Speakers Push The Air … Black /1212 M/M 180gram $5 Shadows Fall - To Ashes … Clear Purple VG/M Gatefold cover has minor water damage. $7 Time In Malta - Identify. Persist. Transcend. … White M/M contains a Threadbare cover $5 Tree - S/T … Clear Green NM/M 180gram $5 Tree - This Land … Pink VG /M 180gram $5 Vent - Long Lost Human ...Black NM/M (Hydrahead 666-01) $4 Vision Of Disorder - Resurrecting Reality … Black NM/M 180gram $8 Waifle - (Breakfast Violence) … Black M/M Hand Stamped Cover $8 Warren Commission, The - Uncover/Discover … Black VG /M $3 You And I - First Seven Inch … Black NM/M Second press $6 7" Splits Agothocles/Kadaverficker ...Black M/M $3 Assistant, The/Forstella Ford Black /700 M/M 180 grams $7 Assistant, The/Scarlet Letter Clear M/M $7 Avail/(Young) Pioneers - "The Fall Of Richmond" Black M/M $3 Bane/Adamantium Black /1574 M/M $16 Black Army Jacket/Noothgrush ...Black NM/M $8 Black Army Jacket/Spazz ...Black M/M $8 Botch/Murder City Devils Black /2200 M/M Embossed Vellum Cover $17 Botch/Nineironspitfire/Jough Dawn Baker/Slowsidedown ...Gold NM/M $15 Boy Sets Fire/Shai Hulud "Crush 'em All" Black M/M Diecut cover (Lightning Bolt) $5 Burnt By The Sun/Hope Conspiracy, The … Black 618/1000 M/M Krazyfest stamp $10 Burnt By The Sun/Hope Conspiracy, The … Black 829/1000 M/M Krazyfest stamp $10 Burnt By The Sun/Hope Conspiracy, The … Black 870/1000 M/M Krazyfest stamp $10 Burnt By The Sun/Hope Conspiracy, The … Black 873/1000 M/M Krazyfest stamp $10 Casket Lottery, The/Hot Water Music - Colors, Words $5 Casket Lottery, The/Waxwing ... Purple Marble 1501/1662 (211 on purple) M/M Hand Stamped Number/label info $5 Cave In/Botch - In These Black Days Volume 5 ... Black /1504 NM /M 180gram $13 Cave In/Children ... Black /2000 VG/M 180gram $9 Cave In/Children ... Black /2000 NM/M 180gram $9 Corrin/Arise ... Black VG /NM $10 CR (Compassionate Revolution)/Milhouse ... Black NM/M $5 Creation Is Crucifixion/Suicide Nation … Black /1000 (900 on Black) NM/M $5 Creation Is Crucifixion/Unruh - A Split 7" Battle To The Death Black /2100 NM/M Cardboard style mailer (pull strip has been opened) $9 Darkest Hour/Ground Zero - A Split Seven Inch ... Black NM/M $12 Dillinger Escape Plan/Drowningman Black /2000 M/M $13 Dragbody/Burial Ground ... Black NM/M $8 Great Redneck Hope/Bleeding Kansas … Clear Green 137/400 M/M Screenprinted cover. 180gram $10 Hassan I Sabbah/Usurp Synapse - Just Do It! Black /900 M/M w/ "sorry slip" $13 Isis/Pig Destroyer - A Split Seven Inch … Black /1750 NM/M $20 Keelhaul/Anodyne … Black M/M $6 Keelhaul/Anodyne … Black M/M $6 Lighten Up/Big Ups ...Blue Marble M/M $3 Locust, The/Jenny Piccolo … Picture Disk M/M Picture Disk 5" $7 Nasum/Asterisk … Black NM /M "first press 2001" etched into vinyl $20 Neil Perry/Kaospilot … Black M/M 180 grams $8 Polyglot/Fall From Grace … Black NM/M $5 Swarm, The/Morser … Black NM/M 180gram $13 Waifle/Death Is Your Language - A Split 7" … Teal M/M $5