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Found 7 results

  1. Releases October 6th 2018 on No Funeral Records ! Long awaited debut from Montreal Screamo group "Dianacrawls" Members of Commuovere, Ultimate Screamo Band, Heresie Ltd to 150 handpainted glitter ivory tapes Order here: http://nofuneral.storenvy.com/products/24538818-dianacrawls-sporadic-defenestration-tape Listen to the premier here: http://openmindsaturatedbrain.blogspot.com/2018/09/dianacrawls-exclusive-premiere.html?m=1
  2. The Nils’ story has been described as a “Greek rock ‘n’ roll tragedy.” Forging a following in the mid ’80s with their melancholy punk-driven power-pop sound, the Montreal group became casualties of a record label deal gone bad, before spiralling into black holes of drug addiction and death. Despite languishing in legal limbo and quickly going out of print, The Nils’ 1987 debut album has become a Canadian cult classic, influencing members of Green Day, Hüsker Dü, Sloan, and Superchunk. Now, to celebrate the album’s 30th anniversary, Label Obscura is proud to reissue a deluxe remastered LP, available on 180 gram vinyl for the first time in decades. This edition of The Nils’ classic debut features new artwork from Yorodeo (the visual art collective of Dog Day’s Seth Smith), a gatefold jacket with archival photos, and liner notes by Jack Rabid, editor of New York’s influential music zine The Big Takeover. A series of live performances from the reformed Nils will follow throughout October. Pre-order here : https://labelobscura.bandcamp.com/album/the-nils-the-nils Listen here :
  3. Good Band if you like TLA, Leatherface, Crimpshire, & even Elway. http://asianmanrecords.storenvy.com/products/2307483-powernap-oreosmith-12-ep *** Pre-orders will ship December 2014 *** Saturnine, melodic punk in the vein of The Lawrence Arms and Crimpshrine. You might recognize some of these guys from killer Quebecois bands like the Sainte Catherines and Miracles. SIDE A 1. Beautiful Day 2. Working for the Weekend 3. Live Slow, Die Whenever SIDE B 1. Girls From Bars 2. Jewelry 3. I'll Resist 1st press: 500 black vinyl
  4. We have newcomers at Solar Flare Records, we're glad to release the upcoming album of THE GREAT SABATINI entitled Dog Years : PREORDER SLF015 :: THE GREAT SABATINI - Dog Years LP out June 2nd (+mp3 coupon) ORDER HERE THE GREAT SABATINI’s third proper full-length, Dog Years was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sean Pearson (Cursed, Shallow North Dakota), and boasts the band’s raw, unpolished approach to capture n act with years of accumulated experience touring, writing and recording together. The aim was to create a hi-fi document with all of their lo-fi sensibilities, grit and live energy intact, and the results are astoundingly destructive. The band tackles an endless array of approaches within the delivery of their well-honed and devastating hooks and vocal styles. Through a spew of independent and unsigned singles, EPs and two previous full-length releases since 2008 amidst bouts of regional touring as well as extensive tours of North America and Europe, the band has gained a loyal fanbase within the noise, metal and sludge circuits, including the heads of Solar Flare Records, who now brings the band into their ever-expanding roster of gnarled audio chaos, for the release of Dog Years. Vinyl Infos : :: 500 12" vinyl on two different colours : - 200 Transparent Red - 300 Black :: Thick jacket cover :: Download coupon :: Price : 11.90€ + shipping (preorderers get a 10% discount) SOLAR FLARE RECORDS : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube | Soundcloud | Instagram THE GREAT SABATINI : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Instagram
  5. I'm looking for the seafoam green vinyl of Paralytic Stalks, sold only at Urban Outfitters. I'm looking to buy it for around $25, but PM me if you have something in that general range, please. It doesn't have to be sealed, but I'm looking for something that is at least near-mint condition - preferably no scratches on the vinyl and as little damage to the cover as possible.
  6. Among the bands announced so far: Dillinger Four The Menzingers Tim Barry Mad Caddies Chixdiggit! From Ashes Rise <---- Dropped. Bummer. Old Flings The Front Bottoms The Swellers Placeholder Up For Nothing & more... It may not be the strongest lineup so far but I'm always excited because I love festivals like this and it's my favorite because its in Montreal. Anyone else going?
  7. Hello folks, I just released the 10 years anniversary re-issue of montreal's best The Sainte Catherines. Four different colors, some are pretty limited, the white one are sold out as well. Check it out, I think it's fun. Do you remember your first punk albums? The ones that influenced you when you were still a teenager? The ones that you ended up reading all the lyrics, and then, your life was suddenly meaning something different because of them? These albums that made you feel like leaving home and protest against everything that pissed you off? If there is a ton of albums in the world that fit this profile, there is not a whole lot from Québec. One of these albums is without hesitation The Art Of Arrogance. From the motorbike noises to Bush’s speech, this album pushed us off our boundaries so many times. The art of arrogance, we saw it like a way of life that we were already cherishing, but in the form of a music album, it was pretty much summing all our bad moments and the anger that we had against conformists and politicians. It’s been already 10 years since the album from The Sainte Catherines came out and it is still an excellent one to start a wild night in Montreal. All that to say, we are really happy to announce the repressing of one of the most cult album coming out of the punk rock Quebec scene. In collaboration with Housebreaker Records (Canada) and Anchorless Records (USA), a repress of 500 vinyl will see the day on December 10th. The repress include a brand new artwork (by PM), four new vinyl color options (brown, beige, clear and black), a download code of the album and some bonus live tracks and demos of 10 of the original songs. Pre-order at Housebreaker Records (Canada): Pre-order at Anchorless Records (United States): An European version is excepted for 2014 through Flix Records. Montreal can bleed again!