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Found 13 results

  1. This thread is sort of a spin-off of Will's thread for the MCU. Here we can discuss the movies coming up in DC's slate of releases for their shared universe.
  2. I'm curious on opinions on this. Is there any collector value to any movie or video game soundtracks on vinyl? I picked up an original, but not near mint though it was close, Star Wars A New Hope soundtrack at a local record store for like $15. I was surprised it was so low but is this normal? And is there any value to collecting these besides just for fun?
  3. Came across this deal earlier today and thought I would pass it along. I went a little crazy, but a pretty sweet deal. Looking at about $20 for blu-ray and $15 for DVDs, which is a steal for Criterion releases. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/Criterion-Collection-Blu-ray-Disc-DVD-Special-Editions/379003202/
  4. https://deadformat.net/tradelist/TSTLSOOM looking to make a move out of my parents house, so I am really up to selling anything on my trade list. Im also currently going thru my dvd/bluray collection and putting up movies that I dont watch anymore. Make some offers with PPD too. Here are the blurays: just shoot me an offer The Campaign Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince The Princess Bride Sucker Punch Diary of A Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules The Wolfman (newer version) Your Highness Get Him To The Greek Fast Five The Other Guys Hot Tub Time Machine Im going to go through my actual dvds now and ill post those in a few
  5. Today we lost another great, this time from the acting world. Alan Rickman passed away this morning surrounded by his family and friends at 69 years old. He had been suffering from cancer for some time from the sounds of it. He always seemed like such a fun, wonderful man, and I hope he can rest easy now, up there with all the others recently lost as well.
  6. A thread for talking about new movie trailers that don't necessarily deserve their own threads. The trailer for Gone Girl, David Fincher's new movie, just came out and it looks awesome. It's some Zodiac/Se7en type shit. http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/fox/gonegirl/
  7. Gonna try to clear some shelf space and make a few bucks for upcoming events. I can bundle stuff if you want a better deal. If you have questions about variants, feel free to ask. Thanks for looking LPs - shipping is $5 No Trigger - Tycoon ... $10 Troubled Coast - Awake and Empty ... $8 Day Trader - Twelve Years ... $10 Bullet For My Valentine - Fever ... $16 Rise Against - Endgame ... $12 Rise Against - The Black Market ... $10 (take em both for $18) Most of those are things I've tried to sell before, so I tried to price them low. If you wanna make a counter offer feel free, I'm willing to make some deals. Xbox 360 Slim - Black - CONSOLE ONLY, no hard drive, cords or accessories. It'll come with a couple assassin's creed games, guitar hero and cod black ops. $25 firm. This will ship in a flat rate box. Not sure how much it will be but I'll find out when we make a deal. HD DVD player. $10 - this will also ship in a flat rate box. If you want it, pick 2 movies I'll throw in for free. Movies These will ship in a bubble mailer, and I'm not sure how much shipping will be, so if you want some I'll have to figure out a shipping cost. I have 6 mailers, so if you want multiple movies and don't care about getting the case with them, I can ship just the discs and work out a deal. $3 each Saw 1-6 (get em all for $13, save 5 bucks) The DaVinci Code The Haunting in Connecticut Men in Black 2 Jackass number 2 Ice Age: The Meltdown Natural Born Killers Spirit
  8. I'm not sure on how illegal - or if even illegal - this may be, but what I want to know is that if you stream TV shows or movies, what websites do you use? Do they have a good selection? Mobile-friendly? (I ask this because I do everything on my phone and I'm sure others do as well.) I'll keep this thread updates with different websites and also, if needed, for people in other countries in case the U.S. based websites don't work for them.
  9. For anyone who's still into buying cds, FYE is running a cool sale. Got a whole bunch of cd's for a good price. And i think it applies to used movies as well. Coupon code for it: BLUEBERRY
  10. Ever want to be in a killer clown film? Didn’t think so. Ever want to produce one? Well, either way, Rob Zombie is looking for you. The horror auteur is using the crowdfunding site FanBacked for his newest film, 31. The story: Five random people are kidnapped and held hostage in a place called Murder World in the five days leading up to Halloween. To survive, they have 12 hours to kill their terrifying clown foes in a game called 31. For the next 60 days, fans who pledge will be rewarded anything from a signed DVD ($50) to an original Rob Zombie clown painting ($2,500). Or, for $5,000, you can get some clown paint on yourself and appear as a film extra. So far, however, only one person has claimed the $300 reward of having Zombie follow them on Twitter. According to an interview with Rolling Stone, no cast has been set. Location scouting begins next week. http://insidemovies.ew.com/2014/07/31/rob-zombie-crowdfunding-killer-clown-movie-31/ http://robzombie.com/tag/31/ Hopefully this is as good as his first couple movies, Lords of Salem wasn't so great. Lol @ that Twitter perk.
  11. Selling List: (willing to trade also) Willing to ship international! Records: 12" Blink 182 The Mark, Tom and Travis Show 2XLP Pink + Purple 1/1000 Sealed Boys Night Out - Trainwreck 2XLP (sealed) Strung Out - the element of sonic defiance - 6PPD DVD'S: 4.25PPD each. (Titles with an * means they do not have there original case) 61 American Pie American Pie 2 American Wedding Austin Powers Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me Austin Powers Goldmember Babe Ruth The Life Behind The Legend Badder Santa Blades Of Glory Be Cool The Doors The Fast And The Furious* Fever Pitch Gladiator The Godfather* The Godfather Part 2 Grumpier Old Men Kingpin Knocked Up The Longest Yard (Adam Sandler) Leathal Weapon 4 Malibus Most Wanted The Manchurian Candidate* Men In Black 2 Meet The Fockers* Meet The Parents * Miracle National Security Old School Once The Pagemaster The Replacements Road To Perdition* The Rundown Scarface* School Of Rock The Simpsons Movie Slackers Step Brothers Stranger Than Fiction Super Troopers Talladega Nights Vantage Point Varsity Blues* Wall Street Walking Tall The Wrestler Books: The Art Of Hanging Loose In An Uptight World - 3PPD PM me with any questions
  12. Looking to buy your DVDs for around $1 or so per, plus whatever shipping is. Would also trade records/CDs if you'd rather have them than money. PM or email ian_stan3 at hotmail.com with what you have to offer and I will let you know if you have anything I want. Thanks!

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