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Found 22 results

  1. Hey guys. In order to make some room, I've added an option in store to get a free LP with the purchase of another LP. You must add the free LP to your order to make sure you get it. I'll be pulling LPs from distro and the label to throw in orders. I'll try to match the free LP with the style of LPs you are buying (If you buy a HC record, you'll get a HC record, pop you'll get a pop record, etc). I"ll also throw stickers and other bonus items to random orders. We have a pretty extensive distro and lot of shirts and some enamel pins too. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/products/526831-free-lp-with-purchase-of-an-lp
  2. For the workers of the world, we are having a Labor Day weekend sale. Enter code 25OFF at checkout for 25% off your entire order. Check out our extensive distro, there are lots of t-shirts, LPs, tapes, and CDs to look through. http:\\bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com We are catching up on some HBO today, so give us some orders to pack in between episodes!
  3. Hey guys. I have a couple days off and I want to have some more orders to pack! Enter the code SUMMER to get 20% off your order. This applies to everything. We have all of our releases from the likes of Most Precious Blood, Indecision, Old Flings, Down In It, No Restraint, Muscle & Bone and a ton more. We also have a pretty large distro with stuff from Deathwish and a lot of other labels plus shirts and enamel pins and whatnot. Check out our store and see if there is anything you'd like to pick up for cheap! This will only be up for a couple days. Bitter Melody Store SUMMER - code for 20% off
  4. Get 20% off everything with code "TOFURKY" at bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com
  5. We are doing a holiday weekend sale! Enter "HANSMOLEMAN" at checkout for 25% off your order. I'll be throwing extra surprises in orders too. Coupon is active now and will be pulled down on Monday. We have a lot of releases and a ton of distro stock from other labels to look through. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/ Check out the new stuff from Dead Mothers, Gut Feeling, No Restraint, and Down In It if you haven't heard some our newer releases. We have a bunch of distro especially Deathwish.
  6. $10 minimum. Offers for now. The more you want, the better the deal. hit me up if slightly interested in anything. i'll hook you up big time. All of these are brand new and/or sealed. old flings first press red sold lvl up sold cayetana sold makthaverskan sold mitski - sold adventures sold lbl sold breeders timeshares split (test press) sold choir vandals sold cayetana sold jenny lewis sold
  7. Today is the day! Preorders for Clipwing’s “Ashford” EP and a Coffeebreath & Heartache Mega Bundle are online! Clipwing – Ashford EP We‘re proud to welcome Clipwing from Winnipeg/Canada to the growing Coffeebreath And Heartache family. Together with Laserlife Records (AT) and Trilob Records (NL) we‘ll release their new „Ashford“ EP in a limited special edition. You‘ll get 5 tracks of energetic, melodic, and passionate punkrock directly into your ears (plus 7 download only bonus tracks). Pre-orders for the one-sided, colored 12“ with handscreened b-side start today. The record will be released on January 15th, 2015! Tracklisting Ashford Lettie Hempstock’s Ocean Watch Me For The Changes Flash Paper Lessons Learnt + 7 download only bonus tracks: Iowa (Rough Acoustic Demo Ashford (Rough Acoustic Demo) Lettie Hempstock’s Ocean (Rough Demo) Watch Me For The Changes (Rough Demo) Flash Paper (Rough Demo) Lessons Learnt (Rough Acoustic Demo) Lessons Learnt (Rough Demo) Pressing Info 100x white vinyl w/ petrol screenprint 100x clear vinyl w/ black screenprint 100x clear vinyl w/ gold screenprint Media A stream of „Lessons Learnt“ will be available at Visions Magazine soon: http://www.visions.de A teaser video is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP7WJGm7gKc Songs from the Split LP w/ Icons Down are available too „Iowa“ (stream): http://clipwing.bandcamp.com/ „What I’m With Isn’t It“ (video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VpR3WYcSl0 „Iowa“ (video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFvakdzsOck Preorder Info We at Coffeebreath And Heartache have all three variants plus a very few testpressings available here: http://coffeebreathandheartache.limitedrun.com/products/533376-clipwing-ashford-ep-12 Laserlife Records have clear vinyl w/ black screenprint available: http://www.muncom.com/laserlifercrds Trilob Records have clear vinyl w/ gold screenprint available: http://trilobrecords.bigcartel.com/ Coffeebreath And Heartache Bundle We at Coffeebreath And Heartache have a Mega Label Bundle available too. This includes all our releases that are still available for a very fair price: 8 vinyl for 60€ instead of 87€. This is limited to 15 bundles! The bundle contains: The Violent Hearts – The Penalty EP (7″) – blue vinyl Gameface – Regular Size (7″) – yellow vinyl Nightmares for a Week – Banquets – Split (12″) – clear/solid red mixed vinyl Banquets – Self Titled (12″) – random color Pentimento – Pentimento (12″) – solid silver vinyl Pentimento – Inside The Sea EP (10″) – black/white mixed vinyl Old Flings – Spite (12″) – solid orange/black mixed vinyl On Bodies – The Long Con (12″) – black/silver mixed 180gr vinyl Preorder it here: http://shop.coffeebreathandheartache.com/products/538453-coffeebreath-heartache-mega-bundle-8-vinyl
  8. We almost let our 5 year anniversary as a label slip by. It's been an amazing ride. I've made a ton of friends, had amazing adventures, and released some amazing records. Thanks for all the support over the years! We have enabled a 25% off coupon code to celebrate: 5YEARS (enter at checkout) Help us make some room for our year 6 releases. We have a ton of distro stock to pick through too. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/ I'll be throwing some other free stuff in these orders too!
  9. We recently just released new albums by Museum Mouth, Late Bloomer, Alright and Viewfinder, which you should check out, but that isn't the point of this update... https://selfawarerecords.bandcamp.com/ The point of this post is to let you know about all of the distro items we recently added to the webstore. We have a really big store, with lots of different genres of DIY punk/indie/hardcore/etc., so I bet we have something for everyone. We recently received copies of... http://selfawarerecords.storenvy.com/collections/13827-all-products LPs Joyce Manor "Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired" 12" LP (Asian Man)- $11.99 Unfun "Shores of Lake Eerie" 12" EP (Dead Broke)- $10.99 Failure's Union "Tethering" 12" LP (Dead Broke)- $10.99 Muscle & Bone "Peace & Light" 12" LP (Black Numbers)- $10.99 This Routine is Hell "Howl" 12" LP (Bitter Melody)- $12.99 Young and in the Way "When Life Comes to Death" 12" LP (Deathwish)- $12.99 Brain F "Empty Set" 12" LP (Sorry State)- $11.99 Bastard "Wind of Pain" 12" LP (Feral Ward)- $15.99 Seven Sisters of Sleep//Children of God "split" 12" LP- $10.99 Integrity "Suicide Black Snake" 12" LP (A389)- $15.99 Plow United "Goodnight Sellout" 12" LP (Dead Broke)- $11.99 Iron Chic "Not Like This" 12" LP (Dead Broke)- $10.99 Hoax "S/T" 12" LP (Self Released)- $14.99 7"s Beach Slang "Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?" 7" EP (Dead Broke)- $4.99 Big Eyes/Post Teens "split" 7" (No Idea)- $4.99 Wild Moth "Mourning Glow" 7" (Asian Man)- $4.99 Milky White "S/T" 7" (Bitter Melody)- $4.99 Dikembe/The Jazz June "split" 7" (Topshelf/Tiny Engines)- $4.99 Young and in the Way//Withdrawal "split" 7" (A389)- $5.50 Nona/Crowbait "split" 7" (Dead Broke)- $4.99 tapes Common Market "Demo" CS (Vile Audio)- $3.99 (features members of No Power) Nö Pöwer//Chaos Destroy "split" CS (Vile Audio)- $3.99 Caves "Betterment" CS (Dead Broke)- $3.99 Mineral Girls "Something Forever" CS (Self-Released)- $4.99 Ivadell "The Young Design" CS (Bitter Melody)- $4.99 (features members of Discourse) Sundale "S/T" CS (Bitter Melody)- $3.99 New SA releases Late Bloomer "Things Change" 12" LP- $11.99 Museum Mouth "Alex I Am Nothing" 12" LP- $11.99 Alright "Sleep Study" CS- $3.99 Viewfinder "Do You Even Want Anything?" CS- $4.50 Old Flings "Spite" 12" LP- $10.99 (3RD PRESSING!!!) If you have any questions about shipping or any other general inquiries please feel free to email us at [email protected] http://www.selfawarerecords.com http://www.selfawarerecords.com http://www.selfawarerecords.com
  10. Hey. I'm off tomorrow, so I thought I'd do a sale for Labor Day too. This is running from midnight to midnight - All of Sept. 1st. We have new pressings and tons of distro stock. Enter code LABORDAY at checkout to get 20% off your order. I'll likely be throwing in some free stuff too. Old Flings, Indecision, Muscle & Bone, Milky White, Crosseyed, Discourse, Manalive, Oddczar, Gut Feeling, and a bunch of other stuff.
  11. $10 minimum. images are clickable. Prices are ppd in the US of A. Willing to negotiate on prices on multiples. tigers jaw sold first aid kit -sold tim kinsella - $8ppd strike anywhere - $6ppdsold btmi - $10ppd sold ringers - $6ppd houseboat - $7ppd j church - $8ppd sw - $6ppdsold the beat buttons - $6ppd
  12. We decided to do a quick sale for the holiday weekend. Use code LONGWEEKEND for 20% off your order for today only. New stuff from This Routine is Hell, Muscle & Bone, Old Flings, Fake Boys, Pizza Underground, Colour Me Wednesday, and a ton more including our huge distro. Check it out! Also, there are options to get a free cassette (with 10 dollar minimum) and a free LP (with a 20 dollar minimum), but you have to add them to your cart to get them. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/
  13. I'm so stoked on this split. It's seriously the most solid split this year. But I'm a little biased, since I'm putting this out. haha. This will hopefully be ready by late October/Early November. 100 - pink 150- green 250- black AND I will have /50 FEST exclusive versions of this 7" with special covers and numbered at the Bitter Melody Booth. I will also have special FEST editions of the MANALIVE 7", the Sundale tape, a Matt Evans lathe /25 and TWO unannounced projects (one is an LP and the other is a tape). Busy, busy. The Matt Evans (old flings acoustic) FEST lathe cut will have an acoustic version of the track Funeral Mixtape from their split with Fake Boys. We are doing 25 of these and the packaging should be super nice. You can hear the acoustic version from the lathe here: http://oldflings.bandcamp.com/album/funeral-mixtape-acoustic-fest-12-exclusive I'll post some pictures later.
  14. So, we aren't doing Treasure Fest this year. Instead we are focusing on the 5th anniversary of SELF AWARE RECORDS and throwing a two day event with many of the current and active SA bands playing. If you live in Charlotte, NC or anywhere in the Southeast then you should come out to this, it will be an awesome time. June 13-14 @ The Milestone w/ Old Flings Totally Slow Mike Bell & the Movies (ex members of Bandname, Algernon Cadwallader) Late Bloomer (ex Meth Mountain) No Power Museum Mouth Oddczar Pullman Strike Alright (new band-members of Late Bloomer) Means Well (ex Calormen) One Another plus special guests and honorary Self Aware friends Muscle & Bone (Black Numbers/Bitter Melody Recs), Junior Astronomers (Broken Circle Recs) and Black Market (ex Light the Fuse and Run). https://www.facebook.com/events/273054142860530/ MORE INFO will be posted soon as well as a flyer for your visual pleasure. Thanks for all the support over the past 5 years, it definitely means a lot! www.selfawarerecords.com www.selfawarerecords.bandcamp.com
  15. 20% off everything in the whole store starting now. Coupon runs through tomorrow. RSD2014 http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/
  16. I'm releasing Sundale's (Johnson City, TN) first full length in a couple weeks. We are doing CDs and cassettes for now, but hopefully we can do a vinyl release down the line. Even though this band hasn't had a chance to tour extensively, they have written an amazing record that is worth checking out. They have done some touring with labelmates Old Flings. Here is the first song "Groundhog Day": Please give it a listen and share if you dig it. We are going to get a stream of the full album up in the next week or two. I'll have these at Fest and probably a FEST exclusive version of the tape!
  17. I know we've posted in here before, but here we go again, this is an update of sorts. Recently we released an LP for a Greensboro, NC band, Totally Slow (ex Rights Reserved, Decoration Ghost, Eagle Bravo) with the help of Headfirst! Records. It is going awesomely and we love those dudes. Not sure what the point of this post is, other than to make you aware of Self Aware Records. We have lots of awesome releases and very expansive distro, as well as some cool shirts for sell. We have a busy 2014, with a few LPs and you could help us by thinning the heard to make way for the new stuff! Check it out... www.selfawarerecords.storenvy.com Also take a look at our bandcamp so that you can hear our past and current bands, We have ALL of our current releases on there, and a few more that we decided you needed to hear. https://selfawarerecords.bandcamp.com/ SA020: Totally Slow "S/T" 12" LP SA019: Means Well "Don't Dream" CS (ex Calormen) SA018: Center of the Sun "Machine Gun" 12" (members of Young and In the Way) SA017: Late Bloomer "S/T" 12" LP SA016: Oddczar "One Word" 12" SA015: Old Flings "Spite" 12" LP SA014: Late Bloomer "demo 2012" CS (OOP) SA013: No Power "No Axis" 7" SA012: Mike Bell & the Movies "Stuck In a TV" 7" (ex Algernon Cadwallader) SA011: Just Die! "A Momentary Lapse in Positive Thinking" 12" SA010: Pullman Strike "People We Know" CD (OOP) SA009: Andy the Doorbum/Yardwork "split" 7" SA008: Matt Evans "Senseless" CS (b/w Old Flings) SA007: Bandname "Breakfast" 12" LP SA006: Meth Mountain "Discography" CS (OOP) SA005: Meth Mountain "Monotony" 7" SA004: Just Die! "Garages and Basements" 7" SA003: Meth Mountain "Gentrifi-Cat" CD SA002: World Champions "Angels With Filthy Souls" CD (OOP) SA001: Lowbrow "Broken Speech" 7"
  18. At the moment we have the following stuff available at http://shop.coffeebreathandheartache.com/ AFTER THE FALL - ERADICATION (Shield Recordings) european pressing - 8€ BANQUETS - s/t (CAH013) limited european pressing. screenprinted (double) covers with cutouts! available on black/white mixed vinyl and on black/purple/clear mixed (touredition) vinyl - 12€ GREAT LAKES USA - LIVE FAST, DIE WHENEVER (CAH012) limited european pressing. Screened wooden covers! available on clear (touredition), green and purple vinyl - last copies - 13,5€ THE LANGOLIERS - A MILLION WAYS / WHATEVER THEY SAY (Angry Chuck) one-sided 7" with screened b-side, pink vinyl. screened and stamped cover - last copy - 5€ OLD FLINGS - SPITE (CAH014) limited european pressing. orange/black mixed vinyl with handscreened and handcut cover (sand with black print) - 13€ ON BODIES - THE LONG CON (CAH009) one-sided 12" with handscreened b-side and cover. available on black/silver and black 180gr vinyl - 12€ PENTIMENTO - s/t (CAH011) limited european pressing. solid silver vinyl with handscreened cover (white with black print) - 12€ PENTIMENTO - Inside The Sea (CAH015) limited european pressing. one-sided 10" with screened b-side. black/white mixed vinyl with handscreened cover - 12€ PJ BOND - TEN DEGREES AND THE FLOOR (Shield Recordings) 7", solid purple vinyl - 5€ THIS ROUTINE IS HELL - HOWL (Shield Recordings) black vinyl - 12€ THIS ROUTINE IS HELL - REPENT. REPEAT (Shield Recordings) 10", black vinyl - 8€ YOUR FAVORITE TRAINWRECK - THE BRILLIANCE (CAH006) one-sided 10" with handscreened b-side, black vinyl - 8 € -- COFFEEBREATH AND HEARTACHE - SLIPMAT available in red, dark red and black - 6€ -
  19. SELF AWARE RECORDS will be tabling at the FEST flea market tomorrow!!! This is our 4th year tabling and we would love to hang out with you. We have free coozies, stickers and download cards for you!!! On the label front, we have a few artists playing FEST that you should check out: Old Flings, Museum Mouth, Late Bloomer, Neil Mauney (of Late Bloomer) and Matt Evans (of Old Flings). We have a sampler that will give you somewhat of an idea of what each of these artists sound like... https://selfawarerecords.bandcamp.com/album/fest-12-sampler-free Here's the schedule: Friday- Museum Mouth (7:20-7:50) @ Boca Fiesta/Palomino Saturday- Neil Mauney (3:10-3:40) @ The Lunchbox Saturday- Late Bloomer (8-8:30) @ Loosey's Saturday- Old Flings (8:50-9:20) @ Loosey's Sunday- Matt Evans (1:50-2:20) @ Civic Media Center We have a LOTTTT of shirts this year for sale, come buy a few so we don't have to take them all back home. We have SELF AWARE shirts, our Beach/Flag shirt, Tie-dye Slayer, Crass/Terminator and one other design you have to see for yourself on. Additionally we have a crazy amount of distro items. I mean for us it is insane. We have new releases by Don Giovanni, Grave Mistake, Sorry State, Kiss of Death, Hot Green, Salinas and so much more!!! On the label front we have the new LP by Totally Slow (ex Rights Reserved, Eagle Bravo) and a tape by Means Well (ex Calormen). In other Means Well news, Josh Cook of Means Well will be filling in on bass with Muscle & Bone. Really stoked on that, he's a good friend of mine!!! Seriously, come check us out tomorrow, its gonna be wild!!!
  20. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/ Hey guys. I'm doing a quick little sale before I head out with Old Flings for a weekender with Burners. Enter code: springbreak at checkout to get 15% off your order. The first 5 orders (that include LPs) will get a free Bitter Melody slipmat. This is a good chance to pick up the second press of Old Flings - Spite on clear, oddczar - one word LP, Indecision- Unorthodox (if you don't already have it), Discourse, and tapes by Muscle & Bone and Family Cat. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/ http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/ Thanks!
  21. Enter code " newyear " in the webstore to get 20% off your order tonight and tomorrow! Last sale of the year-first of the new year. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/ Thanks! Good time to pickup Old Flings, Family Cat, Muscle & Bone, Indecision, and a bunch of distro stuff.