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Found 6 results

  1. You can now pre-order Mayfair’s debut LP, “The Ability to Dream” on 12″ vinyl. Dark and haunting is the best way to describe these eight tracks. Creeping and melodic guitar work, thick, heavy bass and straightforward drumming, all paired with slow, drowned out vocals. Lyrically, this record touches on heavy subjects, such as feeling isolated and invisible, and memories of better times with former loved ones. This LP features two singles that were independently released by the band, “Swell” and “Broken Sled”, re-recorded for the record. You don’t want to sleep on this. FFO: Nothing, Cloakroom, Whirr, shoegaze Stream here: http://ozona.bandcamp.com/album/the-ability-to-dream Pre-order here: http://ozonarecords.limitedrun.com/products/567324-mayfair-the-ability-to-dream-lp
  2. Now available to pre-order: Televangelist's "Wild, Jealous, Youth" on 12" vinyl via Ozona Records. Seven brand new songs from SATX's finest math rock band. Black /100 Cream /100 Clear w/ red swirl /100 Stream: http://ozona.bandcamp.com/album/wild-jealous-youth Pre-order (US): http://ozonarecords.limitedrun.com/products/564475-televangelist-wild-jealous-youth-lp Pre-order (UK/EU): http://ztapesrecords.com/products/wild-jealous-youth-12-vinyl-pre-order
  3. NOW AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER! The incredible split 7” between Wherebirdsmeettodie and Dearest. Incredible screamo with raw, emotional vocals that every screamo fan will love. Released in part with Koepfen, Shivery.MMXII.Productions and Age Crisis Records. There are 300 records, all black. STREAM HERE: https://ozona.bandcamp.com/album/wherebirdsmeettodie-dearest-split-7 PRE-ORDER HERE: http://ozonarecords.limitedrun.com/products/536861-wherebirdsmeettodie-dearest-split-7 FOR ALL INTERNATIONAL FOLKS: Age Crisis (AUS) will have pre-orders available on their webstore. http://agecrisis.storenvy.com/ Shivery.MMXII.Productions (GER) has pre-orders available on their webstore. http://shiveryproductions.tictail.com/ FFO: pageninetynine, on the might of princes, gatherer, touche amore
  4. Two Texan bands go head to head on this single-sided 12" record. Guaranteed to crush your hopes for a better tomorrow. Flesh Born lay down blackened hardcore akin to Protestant and Hexis. Cara Neir play blackened melodic hardcore. Ozona Records will have exclusive screen printed copies. Design done by Aetoric Design (http://aetoricdesign.carbonmade.com/) This record was released with the help of: Guard Records (Springfield, IL) It's A Trap! (Huntington, WV) Ozona Records (San Antonio, TX) Dingleberry Records (Germany) Fall Into Void (Vienna, Austria) Epileptic Media (Graz, Austria) STREAM THE RELEASE HERE: http://ozona.bandcamp.com/album/flesh-born-cara-neir-split PRE-ORDER HERE: http://www.ozonarecords.limitedrun.com/products/536081-flesh-born-cara-neir-split-12
  5. Six explosive new tracks from San Diego based screamo band on 7" vinyl! This is a split release with Driftwood Records and Ronald Records. FFO: Jeromes Dream, Orchid, Saetia, skramz in general. Pressing info: Black /200 Blue /100 There are three options available for pre-ordering this record: single variant, both variants, or one variant + a tape! There's also a mystery poster available to order! Stream: http://flowerstapedtopens.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-7 Purchase the 7": http://ozonarecords.storenvy.com/
  6. Hey friends! My record label put up pre-orders for a dual-cassette release of "Blue Version" and "Red Version" by The Speed of Sound in Seawater about two weeks ago, and I just realized I didn't post it here. This is the first, and possibly only, time that these two EP's have been available physically. We decided to do cassettes over vinyl to fit the Pokemon game aesthetic (cartridges.. remember those?). This band is really phenomenal, and definitely worth checking out! The packaging will include.. - Two cassettes, red and blue, professionally printed on and packaged into a dual-cassette box with printed artwork. - An exclusive patch made just for this release. - A TSOSIS button and sticker. - An Ozona Records button and sticker. Stream here: http://ozona.bandcamp.com/album/blue-version-red-version Pre-order here: http://ozonarecords.storenvy.com/products/6872242-the-speed-of-sound-in-seawater-blue-version-red-version-cs Also, in the coming months, be on the lookout for.. Flowers Taped to Pens - s/t 7" Somebody's Basement 12" LP Rookie Move 12" LP Thanks!