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Found 7 results

  1. We made some "jawbreaker" rip off tee's. You can get a t-shirt and your choice of an LP, 2 CD's, or 2 seven-inches for $12. Link below. https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/merch/t-shirt-lp-or-2-cds-or-2-7s
  2. Pre-order here: https://animalstyle.nosleeprecords.com/product/7301/temporary Pop-punk may be a young person's game most of the time, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for growth – or for grown-ups. Light Years are here to prove that. The band have graduated from the teenage angst that fuels most of their peers, instead turning their focus to the problems that face them in their mid-20s. I Won’t Hold This Against You, their 2013 debut LP released via Paper + Plastick Records, dwelled on the inescapable past while looking for ways to heal the scars incurred while coming of age. Now working with Animal Style Records, Light Years will release a new five-song EP titled Temporary. The EP, recorded with Will Yip, is a quick, 16-minute blast of blisteringly paced punk-rock showcasing the band sinking their teeth into evolving musicianship and offering up a meaty effort full of hooky choruses, full-bodied guitars and a pounding rhythm section. Temporary is bound to please fans of blink-182, Fenix TX and New Found Glory who are looking for a new undertaking to completely submerge themselves into, rather than a quick listen to forget about later. New song: http://nothingoriginal.net/post/91750114116/light-years-stream-new-single-fall-apart 1 sided 12" w/screenprinted b-side Pressing Info -100 White -200 Clear -200 Red Pre-order here: https://animalstyle.nosleeprecords.com/product/7301/temporary
  3. From the Paper + Plastick FB page: The Moms will release their debut LP, 'Buy American,' on Sept. 23! We're excited to share their music video for "Miss America" with you guys via PropertyOfZack: http://pozne.ws/1n1b0ox Also check out preorder options including very patriotic limited vinyl bundles here: http://bit.ly/momsLP Pressing info: 700 - Red with Blue & White Splatter 300 - Half Red / Half Blue w/ White Splatter on Red Side (For those who'd rather not visit PoZ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NsKqUL-NEM)
  4. Like the title says, I have a copy of Pentimento's S/T album from Paper + Plastick. This is the /50, black vinyl version with the screen printed (and normal) jacket. Mint condition. Shoot me an offer via PM if interested. I'm really bad at checking threads I make so you're more likely to get a reply via PM.
  5. Protagonist - The Chronicle FFO: No Trigger, Strike Anywhere, Heartsounds Genre: Melodic Punk, Punk Rock We are approaching the 5th anniversary of The Chronicle, a release that many feel is the album that defines Protagonist’s career as a band and a staple of classic punk rock for the new age. To commemorate this milestone, Reveille Records and Paper + Plastick Records have teamed up to get this release pressed on vinyl for the very first time. You can pre-order the album from Reveille Records or Paper + Plastick Records. Release Information: Pre-orders: July 1, 2013 Release date: July 23, 2013 Features: Limited to 500 copies 3 color variations: Fluorescent Pink w/ Purple Marble (100), Coke Bottle Clear/White Split (100), Classic Black (300) Glossy Spot UV on front and back cover Double sided insert featuring original artwork by Adam Forst of Foment Media Each copy comes with a digital “vinyl rip” of the album A word from Reveille Records “Punk didn’t die. It matured. It grew up. With its maturity came progression. The Chronicle is classic punk rock for the new age with tight guitars, a strong rhythm section, and vocals that hit so hard you’ll think the band is standing with you in your basement. Protagonist’s The Chronicle was released nearly 5 years years ago and since then the punk rock wave has ebbed into new territory. With pop punk, 90s revival, and gruff punk taking over now is the perfect time to bring punk back to its roots. The Chronicle is what punk rock sounds like at its core. Classic punk rock will never go out of style, never fade, and certainly never die as long as there are albums like this continue to resurface every once in a while in order to ground the rapidly changing fads that are always apparent in the punk scene. And that is why I am proud and extremely excited for Reveille Records to be a part of releasing Protagonist’s The Chronicle on vinyl for the first time ever.” - Bill Leary of Reveille Records Press Buzz: “On The Chronicle, [Protagonist] drink deeply from the essence of summer nights, and then regurgitate on rowdy numbers “Light The Fuse,” “1095 Days,” and “IAMTHEGHOST.” - AbsolutePunk.net “After all, their debut Paper + Plastick release, The Chronicle, is more than worthy of praise and recognition and should have made it on many year end lists” - ThePunkSite.com Additional info: THE VINYL WILL SHIP OUT ON OR BEFORE JULY 23 if you order from us (Reveille Records). The records are coming in within the next couple of days, so there will be no delays. We've also added some great distro items in our store recently (Rust Belt Lights, American Verse, Post Season, Civil War Rust, The Riot Before...) along with limited colored vinyl from our other artists (This Is Your Life, Boxer, Eyes Wide) so please check them out as well! You can't beat our shipping prices, they're as low as they can get and we ship fast and package with care and free goodies.
  6. Deluxe 15th anniversary re-issue of the 1998 Bitter Tongues record. More info to come soon but for now just know that we have some killer ideas for the LP packaging and will have a deluxe edition with tons of bonus tracks and more. Even if the bonus tracks are only on the CD or download card I hope its released as a 2xLP so all the songs from the original CD can at least be on the vinyl. The original LP released on Hometown Caravan is missing a bunch of tracks from the CD
  7. Comming out August 21 on Paper + Plastick. I'm super pumped for this album. Seriously waiting all summer for it. Just wondering if any Westbound Train fans have been excited for this like I have. @Thomas: Do you have any clue when the PO is going up seeing as this is 3 weeks away? Any clue on how the vinyl is comming along? Any news would be appreciated, seeing as how I can't find hardly any news about it on the P+P website.

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