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Found 5 results

  1. 20 artists running the gamut of experimental queer Black rap and electronic music, solo female projects, power-pop, post-punk, and more. https://volarrecords.bandcamp.com/album/presence-not-absence-a-benefit-compilation-for-trans-bipoc-housing-assistance 1. The Uhuruverse - Obey (prod. by Onelle Woods) 2. D.Wrex - It All Aches (from their debut EP on Volar) 3. Eddington Again - Libra 4. Cody Blanchard - The Ballad of Hollis Brown (Bob Dylan cover) (Cody of Shannon of the Clams, prev. unreleased // on the Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert recently!) 5. Vaguess - My Generation 6. CO-ED - Error 7. Ingonoir - Enchantment Nocturma view 8. Ale Mania - Vis a Vis (ft. de la Rosa) (previously unreleased) 9. Blue Zero - Lemon Year 10. Teach Me - Breakdown (previously unreleased) 11. Uno Lady - And Let Live (previously unreleased) 12. Ingonoir - Alien Boy 13. Slaughterhouse - Nausea (X cover) 14. Cat Scan - Citrus Benefit view (previously unreleased) 15. No No Baby - Freeway (Driving on the) 16. Susan (LA) - Now I Know Why 17. Dove Armitage - Smoke (previously unreleased) 18. Tolliver - Got Mine (previously unreleased // on James Corden recently!) 19. Soft Riot - There Just Isn't Enough Time II 20. Public Interest - Decency 21. The Passengers -Until the World Falls Apart
  2. Looks like Matthew Sweet's classic 90s pop trilogy albums - Girlfriend, Altered Beast and 100% Fun - are finally being reissued, along with Son of Altered Beast which is being released for the first time. I'm guessing this will get wide-spread availability outside of PledgeMusic but that's where they're at for now, along with some merch and signed options: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/matthew-sweet
  3. Second killer LP from the Canadian Powerpoppers I’ve been throwing jelly and ice cream at the walls throughout the duration of this record. I’m wearing sunglasses indoors and dreaming of a world where The Barracudas became not just a tongue-in-cheek footnote in the great powerpop textbook, but the most universally adored band in the world. Where The Archies started wearing skinny ties and pouring cheap lager into their amps just to see what happens. Where Teenage Fanclub start and end every day rubbing a little dab of speed on their gums. Where Ohio Express are made to play Yummy Yummy Yummy in the middle of a drag race. Look, it’s just really good fun, ok? First Base are from Toronto and this second album sees them picking up where their 2013 debut LP left off: pop as hell and punk as fuck. Not That Bad is the sound of a band stretching out and bettering itself without losing sight of what was so fucking great about ‘em in the first place. A worthy sequel, a damn fine introduction, whatever. It just rules. Now excuse me, I have walls to clean before flipping the vinyl again and dropping the needle back at the start… Aww, who am I kidding? The walls can wait. Will Fitzpatrick. First 100 on Blue Vinyl http://www.drunkensailorrecords.co.uk/products/604468-first-base-not-that-bad-lp-drunken-sailor-records-drunkensailor-079 Full album stream https://noisey.vice.com/en_au/article/ywb5xm/slide-into-some-power-pop-goodness-with-first-base Still Hot! Corner Boys - Just Don't Care 7", Acrylics - Structure 7", The Cowboy - ST LP https://drunkensailorrecords.bandcamp.com/ http://www.drunkensailorrecords.co.uk
  4. I cant remember who turned me on to this guy, but his most recent LP appears to still be available, (limited to 100, I think) https://erikblood.bandcamp.com/album/lost-in-slow-motion Produced TacocaTs latest as well as prior albums by Moondoggies and Shabazz Palaces, his solo stuff is Teenage Fanclub mixed with Ride and The Brother Kite, some ambient, some postrock influences, its really really good. His back catalogue really holds up too. Its all ive been listening to for the last few weeks. Anyway, if the tags intrigue you, take a chance on the listen.
  5. A decade after teaming up in the Exploding Hearts, Terry Six and King Louie Bankston are back together with a brand new single. Picking up where their previous projects (Six's Nice Boys and King Louie's Loose Diamonds and Missing Monuments) left off, Terry & Louie are still combining vintage power pop hooks with an updated attitude and urgency. After a self imposed exile from music and an exodus from Portland, Terry found himself resettled in Oakland, California ready to start a new chapter with an old friend. After months of phone calls planting the seeds of collaboration, Louie flew out west from New Orleans and the pair went to work. Now the dust has settled and the fruits of their collaboration is a project that incorporates the last remaining links to an unforgettable and timeless band- and it does not disappoint. After the success of their first single "(I'm) Looking For A Heart, they are back to give you two more smash hits! "Can Ya Tell Me? (How Life Goes On) is the long awaited second 45 single release from Terry & Louie on Tuff Break Records. "Can Ya Tell Me? (How Life Goes On)" is a party rager and tugs from 70's Glitter Glam, 50's and 60's Rock N Roll and delivered with a rebellious Punk attitude and ends in a blaring guitar solo and chanty sing along. Any fan of true Powerpop will be hooked! At 1:27 seconds, "Daze Gone By" is "King" Louie Bankston at the height of his most condensed style of songwriting. It's punchy drums, melodic vocals, and upbeat charm drive this song from start to finish and will leave you wanting more Back again is guest drummer Garett Goddard (King Tuff, Personal and the Pizzas, Girls) and recorded at the Tuff Shed Bunker in Oakland, CA credits releases 21 April 2015 "King" Louie Bankston - Vocals, Guitars Terry Six - Vocals, Guitars Garett Goddard - Drums first pressing limited to 500 copies. 100 limited edition pink vinyl copies. https://tuffbreak.bandcamp.com/album/terry-louie-can-ya-tell-me-how-life-goes-on-45-single

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