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Found 19 results

  1. https://animalsasleaders.org/collections/vinyl Cyan Clear & Galaxy /200 (Sold out) https://animalsasleaders.org/collections/vinyl/products/parrhesia-cyan-and-clear-galaxy-vinyl Black & White Split /500 https://animalsasleaders.org/collections/vinyl/products/parrhesia-black-and-white-split-vinyl Black & Coke Bottle Green /750 https://animalsasleaders.org/collections/vinyl/products/parrhesia-black-and-coke-bottle-green-vinyl Grey Moonphase /? URL ?
  2. Hey guys, unfortunately my vinyl collection has been sitting for years and I could use the cash right now so it will all be going up for sale! Here is a link to my collection that shows the variant as well as the condition: https://www.discogs.com/user/Levi79/collection Please take note of the record values listed on Discogs and send an offer for the records you're interested in. I can take pictures of the record before you purchase if you'd like. 1 Thing to Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency, You Might Be Surprised. Market Scan Payment by Paypal Minimum purchase total $25 - Shipping from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada (local pickup also available) Shipping in US and Canada $16 - $2 per extra item Shipping outside US and Canada $19 - $2.50 per extra item Positive Feedback for me can be viewed on my profile, I can also get more from other forums if necessary.
  3. Haken are pleased to announce the release of 'Affinity', their fourth full-length studio album and the follow-up to their acclaimed 2013 album 'The Mountain', on the 29th April 2016. Pre-order for the UK/EUROPE is here: https://www.burningshed.com/store/InsideOutMusic/product/523/7321/ No word just yet on US preorders* 'Affinity' will arrive as a Limited Edition Media Book (incl. bonus disc with instrumentals), 180g Gatefold 2 LP Edition (incl. album on CD), Standard CD Jewel Case, Digital Download and Deluxe Digital Download (incl. instrumental version of the album as bonus).
  4. The new LP from Coastal North Carolina psych masters Zack Mexico is out now! Aptly titled for the times - Sound Waves For The Relaxed And Dying. Give it a listen and consider picking up a copy of the LP. Packages ship quickly with the utmost care and safety. Limited to 300 copies. https://warhenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/warhen035-sound-waves-for-the-relaxed-and-dying
  5. Haken - 'Vector' *EXCLUSIVE* Gatefold Violet 2LP+CD $32.17 This product is on pre-order and will be released Oct 26 https://www.omerch.eu/shop/haken/ Side A 1 - Clear 2 - The Good Doctor 3 - Puzzle Box Side B 1 - Veil 2 - Nil By Mouth Side C 1 - Host 2 - A Cell Divides Side D Etching CD 1 - Clear 2 - The Good Doctor 3 - Puzzle Box 4 - Veil 5 - Nil By Mouth 6 - Host 7 - A Cell Divides
  6. Hi everyone, this is Toby Driver from Kayo Dot. I'm happy to report that, after 14 years of perennially asking for the rights from the original label, Tzadik, we have finally been granted permission to *self-release* our debut album, CHOIRS OF THE EYE, on vinyl for the first time ever! I'm currently running a pre-order over at our bigcartel page, http://kayodot.bigcartel.com Please take a look! The deluxe edition is sold out, but the standard edition still promises to be of the highest fidelity possible, in a double-gatefold package, printed on mirrorboard and featuring the original artwork and new artwork, lyrics for the first time ever in print, and remastered for vinyl and personally cut by the original mastering engineer, Scott Hull at Masterdisk. If you pre-order, you'll also receive a video of our reunion performance of CHOIRS OF THE EYE in full at The Stone in NYC, from August 2015 (to be delivered immediately), as well as an outtake from the Choirs studio sessions of 2003 (to be delivered with the records). The price will go up by a few dollars once this is out of the pre-order stage as well, so if you want to get it at this price please order your copy as soon as possible, specifically before the end of November. Expected delivery date will be late December 2017. Thanks everyone and please let me know if you have any questions! Here's a link to a stream of the album too, in case you're unfamiliar: https://kayodot.bandcamp.com/album/choirs-of-the-eye
  7. Europe/World: Stickman Records (Seafoam Green Vinyl) Napalm Records (Black Vinyl) Amazon UK (Unspecified variant) US: Armageddon Label (A/B Light Blue/Red ; C/D Red/Green Vinyl) Deathwish, Inc. (Bone/Orange Mix Vinyl) Revolver USA/Midheaven (Clear/Green Vinyl) Tee Pee Records (Rainbow Splatter) Tracklist: 1. Sanctuary [11:13] 2. The Falling Veil [11:12] 3. Staving Off Truth [10:18] 4. Blind [13:23] 5. Sonntag [8:39] 6. Thousand Hands [9:36] Band members and friends Nick DiSalvo, Jack Donovan and Matt Couto already dismissed any last remains of stoner metal stereotypes on "Lore" (2015). Their current album, which was written following the long and acclaimed Lore tour in moments ofintense creativity, is a journey into prog rock and psychedelic worlds. Six monumental songs, huge in sound, each of them their own cosmic expedition. What begins as driving mid-tempo rock filled with heavy guitar riffs repeatedly erupts into melodic tangents and clever variations. The high demands that DiSalvo places on his own songwriting seem to become more unfettered from minute to minute – as does the pleasure of listening to him. Guest musicians Michael Samos and Mike Risberg have added additional guitars, pedal steel and keyboards to the trio, making Elder’s sound more voluminous than ever, and the influences found here range from 70s prog dinosaurs such as Yes, King Crimson or Pink Floyd to their kindred spirits in the European psychedelic and space rock scenes. And it is of course a cliché, but Elder bring their own organism to life from all these influences. Elder already strike out on their chosen path on the album opener “Sanctuary”. What begins as a trademark stoner song turns on its own axis several times at minute four, morphing into lyrical polyphonic pickings and using a Mellotron to sweet-talk its way to an unfathomable and brutal finale. “The Falling Veil” moves between Thin Lizzy with palpitations and undulating progressive riffs. Those who think of Kyuss during “Staving off Truth” won’t be able to hold that thought the entire 11 minutes of the song. And as hymn-like as the riffs can be, the band never settles down to one part for longer than two minutes. But at the same time, the songs never lose their coherence, because all parts are logically woven into one another. And it could be that “Sonntag”, a detour into the Krautrock motorik functions of Neu!, most clearly shows the limitless cosmic ambitions of Elder. Elder will be taking Reflections of a Floating World live to European fans in July and August 2017, followed by a USA tour in the fall. The East Coast trio will be a quartet for the first time ever on these tours with the addition of Mike Risberg on second guitar and keyboards. Anybody who has already seen Elder live know that they shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see them on this tour! It’s time to get euphoric. With Elder’s fourth full-length album, an epic piece of rock music will be released unto the world. And we think that’s a reason to celebrate...
  8. "Over the moon to finally announce our debut album "Phoenix" will be out worldwide on August 25th! In addition we present you the title track and our latest single. Thank you all so much for your patience!" This band used to be called "Burning Down Alaska" and released an EP under that name on vinyl a few years back. For fans of Northlane, Erra, Being As An Ocean, Napoleon, etc. Single: Preorders: Black /? Impericon: http://www.sharptone.net/en/artikel/artikel/4782150.alazka-phoenix-black-vinyl.html Band Store: https://www.alazka-apparel.com/collections/cd-vinyl/products/phoenix-vinyl-black Clear Gold /300 Impericon: https://www.impericon.com/en/alazka-phoenix-colored-vinyl-special-pack-keychain.html Band Store: https://www.alazka-apparel.com/collections/cd-vinyl/products/phoenix-vinyl-orange
  9. New album set to ship June/July (shipping date subject to change) KILLER MERCH variant Opaque White w/ Purple Splatter 2xLP 200 available online MERCH NOW variant Coke Bottle Clear 2xLP 200 available online
  10. http://thedearhunter.com/#read http://equalvision.merchnow.com/search/SearchByCatalog?q=the+dear+hunter&catalogid=508 1pm est today. Release date of September 9th. The new single, Gloria, is on Spotify. Here's the hype site: http://hymnswiththedevil.com/ Tracklist: 1. "Regress" 1:22 2. "The Moon / Awake" 6:09 3. "Cascade" 5:11 4. "The Most Cursed of Hands / Who Am I" 6:42 5. "The Revival" 5:00 6. "Melpomene" 4:14 7. "Mr. Usher (On His Way to Town)" 4:59 8. "The Haves Have Naught" 4:02 9. "Light" 5:16 10. "Gloria" 5:32 11. "The Flame (Is Gone)" 5:40 12. "The Fire (Remains)" 5:26 13. "The March" 4:12 14. "Blood" 4:33 15. "A Beggining" 6:19 Total length: 73:17
  11. Haven't seen anything on here about this record and thought I'd better share because it's so good. Vola, from Denmark, combines djent rhythm sections, 80s synths, poly-rhythms, and clean vocals, channeling the likes of Devin Townsend, Meshuggah, and Depeche Mode. If you like progressive metal, this is definitely worth a listen! available on their bandcamp page, mascot records, and amazon. Inmazes 2PL (180gr Vinyl) Tracklist: A1 The Same War A2 Stray The Skies A3 Starburn B1 Owls B2 Your Mind Is A Helpless Dreamer B3 Emily B4 Gutter Moon C1 A Stare Without Eyes C2 Feed The Creatures C3 Inmazes D1 Gutter Moon (October Session – bonus track) D2 Stray The Skies (October Session – bonus track)
  12. one of my favorite bands from the last few years check it out http://www.brutalpandarecords.com/products/boyfrndz-impulse Austin, TX experimental psych rockers BOYFRNDZ return with their most mature and expansive material to date. Recorded at Uniform Studios with producer Jeff Zeigler (War On Drugs, Kurt Vile, Nothing), Impulse is a cerebral and emotive sonic journey. Complete with celestial melodies, propulsive rhythms and the soaring, ethereal falsetto of vocalist/guitarist Scott Martin, BOYFRNDZ have created a dark, cerebral work of chilling atmosphere and timeless soulful majesty. Vinyl pressing is limited to 700 copies and comes with a lyric insert and digital download of the full album. 7 Test Presses 100 Clear w/ Red/Black Splatter 200 Gold 400 Black ***This is a PRE-ORDER. Items will be shipped on or before the 5/27 release date Catalog#: BPR-31
  13. Hi, I was hoping to get some info about Deroy Sound service records? I have recently purchased a white label, presumably test pressing on Deroy, i believe it to be dated from about 1969/70 and its by a psych rock group called Slave (This is not the funk band of the same name). I beleive they only pressed very limited amounts of each vinyl, but was wondering if anybody had heard of this group or anything about the label itself, thanks
  14. Hi everyone! I'm kinda new to this forum but I just wanted to let all the collectors out there know that I am selling an original 1968 NEAR MINT- MONO copy of Cheerful Insanity Of Giles Giles & Fripp on the rare Deram label!! Honestly, the disc is fantastic! It's stunning and I acquired it from a collector who barely played it! Sadly, it is time for it to go to a better home, where it will be appreciated and hopefully played more! I am starting the auction at 99p with NO RESERVE on my eBay page. Here is the link - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GILES-GILES-AND-amp-FRIPP-CHEERFUL-INSANITY-OF-DERAM-MONO-DML-1022-FIRST-NM-/161670819533? I'm also open to offers! Thanks, Jordan.
  15. From Facebook: Listen to "Mutilated World" NOW: https://soundcloud.com/metalbladerecords/thomas-giles-mutilated-world or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtWIajTPP14 Modern Noise will be released on November 25th 2014. North America Preorder: http://www.indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords/search/?q=TG3492CPW OR Vinyl/Bundles Preorder:http://www.merchconnectioninc.com/collections/thomas-giles *Europe/Uk Preorder Links will come later this week. FULL PRESS RELEASE: Between the Buried and Me vocalist/keyboardist Tommy Rogers is set to release his second solo album on Metal Blade Records. The new album, which will again be released under the Thomas Giles moniker, is entitled “Modern Noise”. Testing the limits of what he can do naturally with his voice, Rogers' strikingly beautiful falsetto and dynamic range conjures tales of anxiety, collapse, end-times and strength against swelling, heart-lifting arrangements and pristine backdrops of ambient loops, digital burbles, analog hiss and woozy drones. Exploring combinations of the outré genres of both post-rock and electronic, the music's emotionally resonant yet textural sounds draw reference to artists such as Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, the Verve, Beck, Oasis and Spiritualized, balancing both rock and electronic impulses. Listen to the first single from the album, “Mutilated World” now atmetalblade.com/thomasgiles. Though Rogers is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (he recorded most everything himself on the previous album), for this new album he enlisted the talents of a former band mate. Fans will surely recognize percussionist Will Goodyear, who performed drums on "Modern Noise." Goodyear, who is currently in Grohg, previously played with Tommy on the self-titled Between the Buried and Me album, as well as their previous band, Prayer for Cleansing. The two have a natural synergy, and that was only enhanced while working with longtime Between the Buried and Me producer, Jamie King, at The Basement Studios in North Carolina. Rogers adds, "having Will play on the record was such a wonderful experience. We have a very long history together and I'm glad we found a way to create something together again. He was a perfect addition to the record. He made every song better naturally and really brought the album to life. A very creative mind. "What is "Modern Noise"? The title is merely a statement that reflects what they are creating: their take on the modern rock sound. Tommy Roger explains the title and music: "This record was an outcome of me creating songs while not wanting to over evaluate the music. I wanted to record things that naturally came to me and because of this, the record feels like an accurate extension of myself. I took a more rock approach and really focused on writing simple yet dynamic songs. Lyrically, I feel it's a great mix of storytelling and personal experience. "Modern Noise" is basically just saying this is my current noise on the earth. We all are here for a short amount of time and the noise we make is our memory. "Fans of Tommy's work with Between the Buried and Me, as well as fans who steer clear of anything metal related, will find plenty to enjoy here as this is nothing short of a well written, genuine, and intensely passionate modern rock/progressive album. This is Tommy's take on music, or as he says: "Music is always Modern Noise. I'm just a person in current time trying to create something somewhat new."
  16. I have bought a fair few records in the last couple of years, and now that the honeymoon phase is over I am starting to regret a lot of my impulse purchases. I can't fit any more on my shelf and these are the things I've mostly only listened to once or twice and never touched again. Here's the list of stuff I'd let go: *shels - Plains of the Purple Buffalo | SHELS023LP | Second press | Purple marbled vinyl | x / 300 Atoms For Peace - AMOK | XLLP583X | 45 RPM | Debossed foil cover Balmorhea - All Is Wild, All Is Silent | WEST059 Brian Eno ‎- Ambient 4: On Land | EGED 20 Brian Eno - Before And After Science | 2310 547 Camel - Camel | MCF 2665 Caravan - In the Land of Grey and Pink | PS 593 Caspian - You Are The Conductor | SHEATH009 | Clear vinyl | x / 600 Cloudkicker - Fade | Clear vinyl David Bowie - Aladdin Sane | RPL-2103 | Japanese pressing David Bowie - Heroes | AFL1-2522 Deep Purple - Machine Head | TPSA 7504 George Harrison - All Things Must Pass | STCH 639 | Box set God Is An Astronaut - All Is Violent, All Is Bright | ER-003 | Clear vinyl God Is An Astronaut - Far From Refuge | MR.2008.02 | 238 / 500 God Is An Astronaut - God Is An Astronaut | MR.2009.04 | 67 / 500 If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk | Sheath001 | Orange vinyl | x / 100 Jakob - Solace | GRAVE029LP | Red / black vinyl | x / 500 Jeff Wayne - War Of The Worlds | CBS 96000 Jethro Tull - Aqualung | L 35212 Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures | RHI1 73395 | Textured Sleeve | 2007 repress King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King | 2310 516 King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King | P-8080A | Japanese pressing King Crimson - Larks' Tongues In Aspic | SD 7263 Kraftwerk - Autobahn | 6360 620 Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV | SD 19129 Marillion - Fugazi | EMC 2400851 Marillion - Misplaced Childhood | EMC.240340 Marillion - Script For A Jester's Tear | EMC 3429 Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori - Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary | SE-3002-1 | Green vinyl MGMT - Oracular Spectacular | 88697 19512 1 Mike Oldfield - Hergest Ridge | V 2013 Mike Oldfield - Incantations MONO - Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined | TRR68 Muse - Absolution | 48733-1 Muse - Black Holes And Revelations | 44284-1 Muse - Showbiz | 47382-1 Pink Floyd - Animals | SHVL 815 | Wide spine | UK first press Primus - Green Naugahyde | ATO0113 | 45 RPM | Green vinyl Queen - A Day At The Races | 6E-101 Queen - Sheer Heart Attack | 7E-1026 Radiohead - Kid A | 5284831 Radiohead - The King Of Limbs | TICK001S | Newspaper edition | Clear vinylRadiohead - No Surprises | 509996 93537 10 Sigur Rós - Ágætis byrjun | FATLP11X | 2009 repress Spaces - Nothing Exists But Atoms And The Void | WIR 002 | Red vinyl | 83 / 250 Tame Impala - Innerspeaker | MODVL128 | 33 RPM re-release Tame Impala - Tame Impala EP | MODVL174 | Red vinyl The Beatles - Rubber Soul | PCSO 3075 The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band | PCS 7027 The Beatles - Yellow Submarine | 2012 repress Tool - Lateralus | 61422-31160-1 LP | Picture disc Van der Graaf Generator - The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other | CHC 5 Various - Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World | 0343-1 | Red vinyl | 2013 repress Prices will depend on what you want, but I will probably let most of it go for $10-20 a piece (some of the older stuff, maybe cheaper again). Ideally I'd really prefer to sell to people who live in Brisbane so I don't have to dick around with postage; our postage rates are ridiculous and most of them probably aren't worth sending through the mail because odds are it'll more than double the price (plus I don't have many mailers). If you're interested, shoot me a PM and we can organise prices and all that good stuff. I can also take photos and record audio samples if that is a thing you require. All of these are in at least listenable condition and none of the covers are horribly destroyed or anything. thanks
  17. Hey everyone, I'm unloading most of my collection and rather than taking it to a record store I'm hoping to sell it to other collectors. I am very open to hearing offers on individual things or on a collection of stuff, or for the whole thing. If anyone is local i'm in brooklyn and you are welcome to come over and check stuff out. if you're not local I can provide Hi res photos of anything you want to see. Below is the list of records, please get in touch if you are interested! Classical Geroge Crumb – Black Angels – 8$ George Crumb – Makrokosmos Vol. II – 10$ Charles Wuorinen – Time’s Encomium – 10$ Charles Wuorinen – Chamber concerto / ringing changes – 10$ Honegger (DG) – Symphonies – 8$ Harry Partch – The world of Harry Partch (RP) – 13$ Harry Partch – Dilusion of fury – Original Box set GREAT SHAPE – 40$ (or offer!) New Music With Guitar – Carter, tredici, Kolb, Takemitsu – 8$ Xenakis – Metastasis / Pithoprakta / Eonta – 8$ New Music for Violin and Piano – Crumb, Wuorinen, Yun, Cage – 15$ William Bolcom – Frescoes – 10$ Boulez conducts BOULEZ – Quadrophonic version – 15$ Boulez – Domaines (rare French pressing) – 20$ New music in Quarter Tones – Ives / Hampton /Lybbert / Macero – 10$ -A pile of random contemporary music LPs from lesser known composers – rather large pile of library discards, vinyl is in great shape. Could do 25$ for the pile, get in touch for more details. Prog King Crimson – Islands – Good cond. – 10$ (sale pending) King Crimson – Starless and Bible Black – good cond. 10$ (sale pending) King Crimson – USA – good cond. – 10$ (sale pending) King Crimson – In the Wake of Poseidon – great shape – half speed master edition – 15$ (sale pending) Zappa – Freak Out MONO – a bit beat up but plays fine (a couple spots where it pops) – 35$ Zappa – Overnite Sensation – Good cond. – 10$ Zappa – one size fits all - good cond - 10$ Zappa – apostrophe – jacket is beat but vinyl is good – 7$ Genesis – The lamb lies down on broadway – good cond. – 10$ Magma - Inedits - cover has a small amount of edge wear, but vinyl is mint - 15$ Rock Living Colour – Vivid –g reat shape – 10$ Shudder to Think – X French Tshirt / shake your halo down 7” single – 7$ Secret Chiefs 3 – Le Mani Destre Recise Degli Ultimi Vomini – 20$ Radiohead – Hail to the thief – 20$ The National – Sad songs for dirty bloofers – 8$ Stump – A fierce pancake – 5$ Talk Talk – The Colour of Spring – 10$ The Beach Boys – Surf’s Up (decent shape on the jacket, vinyl great) – 10$ Live Skull – Dusted – 5$ (sleeve pretty worn) UZI – Sleep Asylum (members of live skull) – 8$ - good shape Gastr Del Sol – camofleur – 10$ The Residents – Meet The residents (I believe the 2nd pressing) – 35$ GREAT SHAPE The Residents – It’s a man’s man’s man’s world 7” single – white version with eyeball veins on sleeve – 20$ The Residents –It’s a man’s man’s man’s world 7” single – regular black version in paper sleeve – 10$ The residents – Kawliga 7” single picture disc – red vinyl (one small scratch) – 10$ Godspeed you black emperor – F# A# infinity – RP with penny etc – 10$ Tom Waits – Franks Wild Years – Good shape – 10$ Death in June - Operation Hummingbird, clear green vinyl SIGNED - 30$ - MINT! Jazz / World / whatever Fred Frith – Guitar solos – MINT – 35$ Goat – world music – blue vinyl – 25$ Billyl Bang – Outline No.12 (cover has some creases) – 8$ Little Women – Teeth – 6$ Sir Richard Bishop – The Freak of Araby – 10$ Omar Souleyman – Leh Jani – 20$ Elliott Sharp – Six Songs / Marco Polos Argali – 8$ Elliott Sharp – Tessalation Row – 8$ Elliott Sharp – Resonance – early solo guitar record – 15$ Kourosh Yaghmaei – Back from the brink 7” box set – 25$ Metal (all are in excellent shape) The endless Blockade / Bastard noise split – 10$ Deathspell Omega – Paracletus – 25$ Rites of They Degringolade – Totality – 10$ Black Death – some title in Russian – on hospital Prod. – 8$ Sulaco – Build and Burn -10$ Locrian – Greyfield Shrines – 10$ Flourishing – The Sum of All fossils – maroon vinyl – 10$ Oneirogen – Kiasma and Veni Nox Anima – 10$ Portal – Outre Reissue Picture disc – 30$ Ash Borer – Untitled Demo reissue – 10$ Malkuth – Sefira Gevurah – 8$ Odz Manouk – S/T – 10$ Krallice – first LP, first printing – 25$ Black Witchery – Inferno of sacred destruction with booklet and poster – 25$
  18. So I'm going to start off by saying that I am extremely new to this so you might have to bear with me but I promise to hold up my end of any deal that may transpire. I am looking to buy the following (I don't care about the specific pressing or if its limited edition or anything like that) for around the amount of money I am posting (though I may go higher). Also, although I might be reluctant to trade some of it, here is my collection on Discogs to look at if you're looking for anything: http://www.discogs.com/collection?user=Rushaholic9 (WARNING: I do not take the time to make sure the specific pressings are 100% correct so you might want to ask me to make sure if you are going after a certain pressing). I have a lot of prog and I am looking for mainly prog. Here is my list of what I am looking for: The Mars Volta: De-Loused in the Comatorium $115 (would probably go for more on this one) Porcupine Tree: Deadwing $100 (I know this is a ridiculously low price so I could surely work with this. Maybe in conjunction with a trade?) Camel- The Snow Goose $15-25 Tool- Aenima (Bootleg. Can't spring for the real thing) $30-40 Soft Machine- Third $30 max Matching Mole- Little Red Record $40 max I would really be interested in any other prog that I don't have on my Discogs page. I'm open. PM me or just reply. Thanks for looking!

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