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Found 4 results

  1. Just wanted to brag a bit and thought you guys might like seeing some decent pics. Had to spend a pretty penny on it but it's totally worth it. Cover and vinyl: Flower etching indicating mastering by Brian Gardner: Parental advisory sticker still intact: Back:
  2. So seeing how the Chicago VC thread went pretty well I figured I'd give this a shot. I noticed that threads pop up every so often where people say they're coming here and need some recommendations. Look no further! Also NYC area people could post events, arrange meetings, and suggest new places etc. Cool? So some record store recommendations. These are NOT all of them and others feel free to mentioned what I missed... Manhattan: Generation Records - Located in the West Village/NOHO (Depends who you ask) Pretty good new music selection, especially punk/hardcore/emo and stuff like that. Big used selection, but thats mainly Classic Rock, Jazz, Soul, and other genres. Still good though. Other Music - Located in the East Village. Honestly haven't shopped here much, but word is theres a good variety of stuff worth checking as well Update: Closed in 2015 J&R Music World - Located in the financial district near City Hall. Weird spot but its near all the downtown stuff and the Brooklyn Bridge. They've recently consolidated into one building and its a little disheveled but theres some good random new finds in this store as well. Lots of other items at discounts too. UPDATE: This has closed as of April Academy Records - There are several in Manhattan, none are as good as the Brooklyn one. Brooklyn: Academy Records - Used to be in Williamsburg but got priced out and moved to Greenpoint. Great selection of used records of all genres. Often gets a good amount of new stock consistently. They also sell poly lined inners amongst a host of other record supplies at great prices. Black Gold Records - Located in Carroll Gardens. Small place that also sells coffee. A mix of new and used vinyl and has a little bit of all genres as well, but there is a good assortment of punk/hardcore/indie as well. Every so often they have record digs outside with fairs on Court Street. Good times. Rough Trade NYC - Located in Williamsburg. OK so this is new and perhaps there was some press about it opening. Well its like the Virgin Megastore of old with a lot of really overpriced new records. It is set up nicely and there is a 250 person capacity venue in the back so thats cool. If you're in the area or curious its worth at least walking around inside but don't expect bargains here. Permanent Records - Recently moved to Park Slope. I have not visited the new shop, but the selection in the old shop included a good (small) assortment of used and new records. Human Head Records - Located in "East Williamburg" or Bushwick depending on who you ask. It is run by a very friendly dude here on VC and has an awesome mix of records as well. I was his first customer (haha) and have only been back once so far (shame) but word is he has a kegerator and has expanded. Awesome dude and awesome store definitely worth checking out. The Thing - WARNING & DISCLAIMER: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK Also in Greenpoint. This place has some notoriety courtesy of buzzfeed (everyone's favorite) and is a second hand shop with records located in the back and ALL of the basement. If you are into vinyl "digs" and wonder of there is a place with a serious record hoarder, then lets just say this is it. There are tens if not hundreds of thousands of records here, probably which a good 80% in inaccessible due the amount of stacked crates of records there. Definitely a "record hunt for thrill seekers" and I'll let those who visit leave future comments about it. Going to see a show? Here's some cool venues worth your time. Saint Vitus Bar - Place is only a few years old and already has hosted a bunch of legendary shows. Great sound, great vibe, awesome space. I hope you see a show here. Webster Hall (Studio) - Located in the East Village in Manhattan. There is a main space too that I don't care too much about, but the studio downstairs is probably the best remaining venue in Manhattan. Yeah I said it. Knitting Factory - Located in Williamsburg. Relatively small venue as well. Cool space that has some its fair share of good shows Music Hall Of Williamsburg - This is my favorite "big" venue. No its not big I'm partial to smaller shows, but this place often attracts some bigger acts, is sectioned well with a nice bar/lounge downstairs. Good sound and the prices for these shows are usually not too bad considering other venues its size around the city. My favorite part is that as a non-drinker they always have a water cooler out downstairs so I don't have to bother the bartenders. So what about food? OK I'll start quickly with the obvious...PIZZA. Just as a general rule of thumb, a decent slice of pizza in Manhattan is few and far between. Most good slices of pizza will be found in the outer boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island) There is still plenty of good pizza to be had! You just gotta find it, and preferably go with a few friends to these places I recommend. Grimaldi's - One of my personal favorites. Affordable, tasty, classic, and they don't do slices. They have locations in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn near the Brooklyn Bridge (there may be one in Coney Island now, but I don't know if it reopened after Hurricane Sandy.) Lines could be long but worth it. Tip: Ask for fresh garlic on it. Artichoke - Several locations in Manhattan. Run by two guys who initially started it as a side project. Artichoke Pizza and the Crab Pizza will blow you away. Its expensive and really filling. Worth every penny. Vinnie's - A favorite among vegans/vegetarians as well as hipsters. If its edible, its probably ended up as a topping on one of their pies. Denino's - If by some cruel fate you are ever stranded on Staten Island, this pizza place alone is worth the trip in my opinion. Its way out the way and only for serious foodies, but you'll thank me. UPDATE Summer 2016: Now open in Village near Washington Square Park. No excuse for my favorite classic NYC pizza. L&B Spumoni Gardens - If you want a peek of the "real" Brooklyn, and unique but classic take on pizza, come around my area in Bensonhurst. Order a square slice for yourself or a tray for a group. Grab a Spumoni when you're done. I guarantee if you make this trip (its on the way to Coney Island) you will not be disappointed. This was on Man v. Food Brooklyn if you need reference. Theres a billion places to eat in NYC. Just naming some other random food recommendations... Peanut Butter and Co. - Everything Peanut Butter. Its heaven. Best part its around the corner from Generation Records UPDATE: CLOSED IN 2016 Dunwell Doughnuts - Vegan doughnut shop located in Bushwick. Not too far from Human Head Records. Good stuff Vegetarian Paradise (Now named something else) - Located in the West Village. I eat meat and still think this place is great. Everything is excellent San Loco - Several locations in Manhattan/Brooklyn. Gringo Mexican food. Another place where everything is awesome John's Deli - Ok so Philly has the cheesesteak right? This is another local favorite since they have Roast Beef, Fresh Mozzarella, and Gravy on a hero. Heaven on a sandwich. As for other things I hope some other people in the area have some cool recommendations. These are just some of mine. If you haven't been yet make the trip. Its a good time, in case no one told you yet.
  3. This is the real deal. It's VG+ all around... very very close to NM condition. Plays wonderfully. Looks beautiful. I am taking serious offers.
  4. We have premiered a Remastered track by Get Bent, the Queens, NY defunct outfit that featured members of Iron Chic, Potboiler, Jonesin', State Lottery & more. The track is from the upcoming "Discography" CD/LP on Dead Broke: https://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/discography-3