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Found 21 results

  1. Second killer LP from the Canadian Powerpoppers I’ve been throwing jelly and ice cream at the walls throughout the duration of this record. I’m wearing sunglasses indoors and dreaming of a world where The Barracudas became not just a tongue-in-cheek footnote in the great powerpop textbook, but the most universally adored band in the world. Where The Archies started wearing skinny ties and pouring cheap lager into their amps just to see what happens. Where Teenage Fanclub start and end every day rubbing a little dab of speed on their gums. Where Ohio Express are made to play Yummy Yummy Yummy in the middle of a drag race. Look, it’s just really good fun, ok? First Base are from Toronto and this second album sees them picking up where their 2013 debut LP left off: pop as hell and punk as fuck. Not That Bad is the sound of a band stretching out and bettering itself without losing sight of what was so fucking great about ‘em in the first place. A worthy sequel, a damn fine introduction, whatever. It just rules. Now excuse me, I have walls to clean before flipping the vinyl again and dropping the needle back at the start… Aww, who am I kidding? The walls can wait. Will Fitzpatrick. First 100 on Blue Vinyl http://www.drunkensailorrecords.co.uk/products/604468-first-base-not-that-bad-lp-drunken-sailor-records-drunkensailor-079 Full album stream https://noisey.vice.com/en_au/article/ywb5xm/slide-into-some-power-pop-goodness-with-first-base Still Hot! Corner Boys - Just Don't Care 7", Acrylics - Structure 7", The Cowboy - ST LP https://drunkensailorrecords.bandcamp.com/ http://www.drunkensailorrecords.co.uk
  2. According to Enjoy The Ride/Toons Records instagram, their ETR055 will be We're A Happy Family - A Tribute To Ramones If someone forgot, here is the tracklist: 01. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Havana Affair02. Rob Zombie - Blitzkrieg Bop03. Eddy Vedder and Zeke - I Believe In Miracles04. Metallica - 53rd and 3rd05. U2 - Beat On The Brat06. Kiss - Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?07. Marilyn Manson - The KKK Took My Baby Away08. Garbage - I Just Wanna Have Something To Do09. Green Day - Outsider10. The Pretenders - Something To Believe In11. Rancid - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker12. Pete Yorn - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend13. The Offspring - I Wanna Be Sedated14. Rooney - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow15. Tom Waits - Return Of Jackie & Judy16-18. Each contain 10 seconds of silence19. John Frusciante - Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (hidden track) https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ52V7-hV4i/?tagged=etr055
  3. 3 records all up in the store today to PRE-ORDER (Should ship around the 9th September) Dark Thoughts - ST LP With 10 of 12 tracks coming in under two minutes and the band making minimal use of chords, you could easily be misled into thinking you've heard this album thousands of times before. But actually, you haven't. Dark Thoughts finds some separation from the pack that’s linked above by virtue of being effectively straightforward in a genre that tends to grow stagnant whenever anyone’s foolish enough to attempt the feat. So many bands have tried and failed miserably at songs that are frequently (and unfairly) categorized as Ramones-core and while Dark Thoughts certainly embraces an archetype, it does so with an infallible mixture of venom and pure feeling. Every song on Dark Thoughts would be a worthy single but the record functions its own standalone entity as well; Dark Thoughts is a sublime piece of insanely well-informed genre work that skews as close to Fix My Brain as it does Rocket to Russia First 100 on Red Vinyl, comes with instant download. Listen HERE Next up, the second solo record from Sadie Switchblade (G.L.O.S.S.) Dyke Drama - Up Against The Bricks LP Dyke Drama seems to be Switchblade’s outlet for songs of the stirring and heartsick variety, and she navigates through punk anthemics, Replacements-core pointedness, and countryfied storytelling with ease. The album opens with “Rolling Tears”, starting with an acoustic guitar and changing pace suddenly, setting the mood for the record. She opens up about her relationship struggles in “Crying In A Bathroom Stall,” showing uninhibited emotion as she sings about coping with heartbreak: “I dunno how I’m gonna live, how I’m gonna live through this” and shares her feelings towards cis women and their lack of understanding in “Cis Girls”, saying “You say I’m second to none, like I ain’t second best.” The album ends with “Some Days I Load My Gun”, a harrowing acoustic track about contemplating suicide First 100 on Blue Vinyl, comes with instant download Listen HERE Tough Tits - Hairless 7" EP Shouty, synthy punk band from Newcastle upon Tyne. CO-RELEASE WITH FRUX TAPES Originally released on Frux Tapes, we are proud to team up with Frux to bring the songs to vinyl. Title track Hairless is the best introduction to this band, a bass-led track with a low down and dirty guitar riff underpinning the shouty vocals. There is a vitality to all of these tracks, an urgency in the playing that rubs against the frustration of the words; a sort of weariness with the state of things that broods into anger and action. Assertive and feminist; raucous, rough-around-the-edges garage punk. Check out the songs and an interview on Noisey HERE 300 on black vinyl, comes with instant download. We have loads of stuff in the works, next up is LIQUIDS - Hot Liqs LP, Color TV - Demo 7", The Cowboys - ST LP, Adult Magic 7" EP. New stuff in the distro all the time from Lumpy, Dirt Cult, Dead Broke, Total Punk, Red Lounge, Secret Identity, Sabotage etc etc www.drunkensailorrecords.co.uk
  4. I am selling off my record collection. Shipping is $4 for first record and $1 for each additional record. I have hundreds more coming so I will start listing. If you are interested in an album, I will take pictures of both sides of all vinyl and covers along with included inserts. I will only answer objective questions like is the spine cracked. Subjective questions would be like is it in mint. As a buyer I learned with great annoyance that mint to a seller is never mint to a buyer so look at the pictures and ask questions about possible problems. I will keep some listed with prices and the rest I will start posting. If you see I have an artist you like, Ask me if I have more from them. Thank you. If you think prices are to high, make an offer. I will say yes, no, or wait. I pay Paypal Fees. My ebay account is bobem0830. Price Artist Album Number Extra $75.00 Beach Boys Pet Sounds Capitol DT-2458 Duophonic $8.00 Brian Eno David Byrne My Life in the Bush of Ghost Sire srk 6093 $35.00 Can Tago Mago United Artists Records UAS 29 211 Sealed $10.00 David Bowie Changesonebowie RCA APLI-1732 $45.00 Dead Can Dance Spleen and Ideal 4AD CAD512 $10.00 Dead Can Dance Self Title 4AD CAD404 Album Nice Sleeve Horrific $35.00 Dead Can Dance The Serpent Eggs 4AD CAD808 $15.00 Leonard Cohen Recent Songs Columbia- 0-7464-36264-1 $5.00 Lou Reed Live in Italy RCA PL-8156(2) $10.00 Lou Reed Transformer RCA LSP 4807 $15.00 Lou Reed New York Sire 0-7599-25829-1 $20.00 Lou Reed Berlin RCA APLI-0207 $15.00 Mount Eerie Lost Wisdom P.W. Elvirum ELV019 Colored Vinyl $20.00 Mount Eerie Dawn P.W. Elvirum ELV017 $15.00 Ramones Animal Boy Sire 0-7599-2533-1 $15.00 Ramones Too Tough to Die (Sire 0-7599-25187-1 $15.00 Ramones Pleasent Dream Sire 0-7599-23571-1 $15.00 Roky Erickson True Love Cast Out All Evil With Okkervil River (Anti- 045778-70781-2 $50.00 Sigur Ros ( ) "untittled" Fatcat 6-00116-9923-9 Sealed $35.00 Spacemen 3 Playing with Fire Taang Records 7-22975-0097-1 Sealed double 10" vinyl $35.00 Spacemen 3 Performance Fire Records (5-017161-001208) $10.00 T. Rex Tanx Warner Brothers MS 2132 $15.00 The Cure Boys Don't Cry Fiction PVC 7916 $40.00 Velvet Underground Loaded Cotillion SD 9034 $20.00 Velvet Underground Andy Warhol Verve V6-5008 $30.00 Velvet Underground Self Title Polygram Records 0-422-815454-1-2 $30.00 Velvet Underground White Light White Heat Verve V6-5046 $8.00 Not the 9 O' Clock News BBC Records - REB 400
  5. I'm looking for these records, some are easier to find than others, but I want to buy them from you. PM me if youre selling one and i'll send you a price. Beat Connection - Surf Noir LP Green Day - Dookie LP Misfits - Earth AD LP Ramones - Animal Boy LP Ramones - Subterranean Jungle LP Rancid - And Out Come the Wolves LP NOFX - So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes LP NOFX - Punk In Drublic LP
  6. Just looking for some opinions/info on Autographed records. Has anybody had an autograph authenticated by a 3rd party? Is it worth doing? I have had this signed copy of the Ramones S/T for about 10 years. I bought it in an auction run by Arturo Vega (RIP) who was running the official Ramones website at the time. No real plans to sell it, just wondering what factors go into setting value on a signed record.
  7. Hey, I have two otherwise really nice original copies of these records, but I'm missing the printed inner sleeves. Would it so happen that someone has copies with broken or unplayable records and would be willing to sell the printed inner sleeves only? Cheers / Kalle
  8. Hey Ramones Fans: I'm pretty stoked for this and will be going to see it as soon as I can. You should too! Link Dee Dee Ramone Exhibition Comes to NYC for the First Time Ever! Celebrate the Life, Legacy and Art of Ramones' Founder Dee Dee Ramone at the Hotel Chelsea Storefront Gallery December 10, 2014 - January 1, 2015 Fender® to Preview Dee Dee Ramone Limited Edition Signature Precision Bass® Guitar + Accompanying Exclusive Scrapbook The Dee Dee Ramone Exhibition will be held in Dee Dee's home turf of NYC for the first time ever at the Hotel Chelsea Storefront Gallery (222 West 23rd Street), from December 10th, 2014 - January 1st, 2015. The launch of this exhibit will offer a preview of the soon-to-be-released Fender® Dee Dee Ramone Limited Edition Signature Precision Bass® guitar, a tool used by the enigmatic Ramone to leave his indelible fingerprint on rock history for generations to come. This historic exhibition sanctioned by the rock legends' own estate, will celebrate all of the facets of Dee Dee's long-lasting artistic legacy: a founding member of the Ramones, one of the most influential punk-rock bassists and primary, prolific songwriter of world famous group, as well as his work in the visual arts - proving that Dee Dee, who began painting more seriously in 1996, was an artist in every sense of the word. The breadth of Dee Dee's art and achievements is so wide that one of his paintings, to be featured in the exhibit, was recently showcased in a question on America's favorite quiz show Jeopardy. Additionally, what makes this exhibition so incredibly unique is Dee Dee's history with the iconic Hotel Chelsea, which is not only a place he frequented, and at times lived in, but was also the setting for his 2001 novel Chelsea Horror Hotel: A Novel, as well as the focus of many works of art which will be on display in the exhibition. The legendary Hotel Chelsea has been home to generations of writers, artists, musicians, and bohemians and Chelsea Hotels is continuing the dedication to its history and support of the arts through this exhibition. In addition to featuring Dee Dee's original art, wardrobe, memorabilia and rare artifacts, the Dee Dee Ramone exhibition will also include iconic photographs by world famous photographers including Bob Gruen, Mick Rock, Chris Stein (Blondie), Ed Perlstein, Stephanie Chernikowski, Keith Green, Jenny Lens, Stanley Ryan Jones, Jimmy Steinfeldt and more TBA. Previous exhibits of Dee Dee's work have been held at La Luz De Jesus and famed street artist Shepard Fairey's Subliminal Projects galleries in Los Angeles, and is now being presented in New York for the first time. The exhibition will be open to the public from 1pm to 8pm every day, 7 days a week, starting Dec. 10, 2014 thru Jan. 1, 2015. Please note that special Holiday hours will be in effect with early closing on Christmas Eve, closed all of Christmas day, and early closing on New Years Eve. ADMISSION IS FREE! CRETINS, PINHEADS AND WARTHOGS, MARK YOUR CALENDARS—YOU WILL NOT WANT NOT MISS THIS EVENT!!
  9. I won a set of their first 5 albums on colored vinyl for 40.00 in an auction. I can't find much information other than "Manufactured by Rhino Records; exclusively distributed by Scorpio Music, Inc.". Who cut the master for these? What plant were they pressed at? If anyone happens to know this, thanks!
  10. That’s right, folks! The rumors are true. CJ RAMONE is joining the Fat fold and we are thrilled! September marks the 25th anniversary of CJ’s initiation into punk rock’s royal “family,” and to celebrate, on September 30th, we’ll release the single “Understand Me?,” a head-bopping melodic garage-punk screed addressed to an unnamed listener who really doesn’t seem to understand him. Backing Ramone on the single (and the upcoming full-length Last Chance To Dance) is the same all-star unit he pulled together for his 2012 solo debut: Dan Root and Steve Soto from The Adolescents and David Hidalgo Jr. of Social Distortion. Packing in even more punk rock star power, the single’s non-album b-side is a cover of Black Flag’s “Rise Above,” featuring guitar and background vocals by Dez Cadena of Black Flag and the Misfits. http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/285 Listen track here - http://www.fatwreck.com/news/detail/736
  11. I can't believe they are all gone. Far too young..... http://variety.com/2014/music/news/tommy-ramone-last-surviving-original-member-of-influential-punk-band-dies-at-65-1201261584/
  12. To celebrate 20 years of Goodwill records, we have a new game for the month of May. Every day we will post a part of a song and listening to a few seconds of this song you have to guess which band is playing if you guess correctly, you win a prize. Today, you can win a limited edition 7" on GREEN vinyl of STIGMATHE - Suoni Puri Dalla Liberta´(ltd. to 50 copies) with your order. You will be able to hear all the songs at this link: [www.youtube.com] If you know the band, post a comment in the comments area. Once the right band has been guessed, we'll keep the song there, but will disable comments. All the songs to be guessed are called after the date they are uploaded (for example May1, May2, May3,...) You can follow us on www.facebook.com/Goodwillrecords One guess per person! have fun! the Goodwill records team www.goodwillrecords.net
  13. Just some records I want to add to my collection I've been looking for on here. Let me know if you're willing to sell to me or maybe you just know of a place I can order it myself. I am not looking for a specific pressing or color unless stated otherwise. Bolded records I am more serious about buying. PM me with serious offers please. All Get Out - The Season All American Rejects - Self Titled Another Breath - Mill City blink-182 - Dude Ranch blink-182 - Enema Of The State blink-182 - Neighborhoods blink-182 - The Mark, Tom, And Travis Show Brand New - Deja Entendu (I'm dreaming, I know) Dowsing - (Any Release) Eminem - Curtain Call: The Hits Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave (Preferably not one of the Hot Topic reissues) Fireworks - All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion Forever Came Calling - Contender Frank Ocean - Channel Orange The Front Bottoms - (Any Release) Glocca Morra - Just Married H2O - (Any Release except "Nothing To Prove") Hundredth - Let Go I Am The Avalanche - Self Titled Jack's Mannequin - Everything In Transit (Again I'm dreaming) The Killers - Hot Fuss Letlive. - Fake Histoy A Loss For Words - The Kids Can't Lose Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist Make Do And Mend/Touche Amore split 7" Mansions - (Any release) The Menzingers - On The Impossible Past Motion City Soundtrack (Any Release) My Chemical Romance - Conventional Weapons 7" (The 1st one with the song "Boy Division") Pentimento - Wrecked Pentimento/Young English split Pure Love - Anthems Ramones - Selt Titled Say Anything - Anarchy, My Dear Seahaven - Ghost (1st pressing only) Snowing - Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit Stick To Your Guns - Diamond The Swellers - Good For Me Sum 41 - (Any Release) The Story So Far - (Anything besides USAD/WYDS)
  14. The long wait is over! Up for pre-order RIGHT NOW! The Old Wives and The Blendours Split 12" LP! Purple vinyl is limited to 150 copies, and comes with some rad Old Wives buttons and an Eccentric Pop magnet, and maybe some other fun stuff as well! I am so, so incredibly stoked on this LP – best new pop punk record yet in 2013, hands down! There are some preview tracks on the pre-order page!! PLUS... each pre-order is in the drawing for one of three test presses! PLUS... I just stocked the store with TONS of rad pop punk records from Mooster Records, Jolly Ronnie Records, Kid Tested Records, and Dead Broke Rekerds, including several color variants that are either out of print or damn near out of print (I only have one copy of most of these!) Buy all you can - I've gotta pay for the new Jetty Boys LP coming out in a few months! AND... a new super mega bundle has been put up as well, featuring all the Eccentric Pop Records releases, two Kurt Baker records, and a FREE, OUT OF PRINT GROOVIE GHOULIES 7"!! holy smokes! Don't miss out on this pre-order! The split LP is expected to ship on June 13th, and the only way to get your hands on one of those test pressings is through our store! Eccentric Pop 2013!!! Wooo!!!! How many exclamation points can one label possible employ!! http://eccentricpoprecords.bigcartel.com/
  15. OK, here's the post eBay sale. I've dug up about 100 extra records from my collection that I didn't initially want to part with. I'll try to keep the prices down, but some I paid a lot for and those are $10 to 20 less than what I bought them for. Other records I bought new and went up in value, so I used popsike to determine the price. ALL RECORDS IN NM unless denoted otherwise. Everything ships from Japan. To save money, combine orders. Choose between SAL (surface air lift) and airmail. REDUCED Shipping prices: SAL (handled as airmail between countries, surface mail when on the ground) LPs $9 for first plus $3 for each additional LP. 10"s $7 for first plus $2 for each additional 10". 7"s $4 for first plus $2 for each additional 7". Airmail: (about 5 to 10 days for delivery) LPs $16 for first plus $6 for each additional LP. 10"s $12 for first plus $3for each additional 10". 7"s $6 for first plus $2 for each additional 7". 7"s 14 Iced Bears - Inside (Slumberland) $2.50 Art Museums - Dancing With a Hole in your Heart (yellow vinyl, Slumberland) $2.50 BALZAC - Lord of the Light and the Darkness (1st EP) $70 BALZAC - When the Fiendish Ghouls Night (limited to 52 copies on black) $70 BEATNIK TERMITES - LINAGE $30 BEATNIK TERMITES - ultra low fidelity $10 BEATNIK TERMITES - Circles (clear) $25 BEATNIK TERMITES - you're all talk (green) $7 Big Troubles - Sad Girls (dark green/light green, Slumberland) $4 Big Troubles - She Smiles for Pictures (orange/black swirl, Slumberland) $4 Black Tambourine - By Tomorrow (white, Slumberland) $29 Boyracer - one side of (white, Slumberland) $5 Bricolage - Turn U over (Slumberland) $2.50 Bright Colored Lights - open your eyes (singer of black tambourine) (Slumberland) $2.50 Brilliant Colors - Never mine (mint green, Slumberland) $2.50 Brilliants Colors/Girls Names split (Slumberland) $4 Cause co-motion - I Lie Awake (Slumberland) $2.50 the Crabaples - for change (blue, Slumberland) $2.50 the Creeping Illness - Beat on Iraq (Parasites side band) $10 Crystal Stilts - Shake the Shackles (Slumberland) $2.50 Crystal Stilts/Comet Gain split (blue w/red splatter, Slumberland) $8 Devon Williams - Sufferer (clear, Slumberland) $2.50 Devon Williams - your sympathy (pink, Slumberland) $2.50 Disgusteens - teens dis gus ep (Japanese pop punk) $6 Dum Dum Girls - Bhang Bhang I'm a Burnout/Last Caress (white, Slumberland) $4 the Earthmen - cool chick #59 (white, Slumberland) $4 Frankie Rose - Know Me (swirl, Slumberland) $4 Gold-Bears - Something to think about $3 Gregory Webster - promised land (Slumberland) $2.50 Henry's Dress - 1620 (orange, Slumberland) $45 Henry's Dress/Rocketship split (1st press w/sleeves, Slumberland) $25 Henry's Dress/Flake split (corner cut??) $20 the How/Boyracer split (Slumberland) $2.50 the How - Happy Mat (red, Slumberland) $2.50 the Invalids - Wiseguys (green cover) $2.50 Jane Pow - Warm Room (Slumberland) $6 Jane Pow - Warm Room TEST PRESS, COKE BOTTLE CLEAR VINYL $45 the June Brides - Moon/Cloud w/CD (Slumberland) $3 Lognhalsmottaghningen - Oron Nasa (Slumberland) $70 Manatee - indecision (ice blue, Slumberland) $2.50 Manatee - single payer class war (Slumberland) $2.50 Mantles - Bad Design (pink, Slumberland) $12 Parasites - Where the Kids are (/500) $20 Parasites - Live Nightmares $8 Parasites - No Martyr $8 Parasites - VML live 1994 $2.50 Parasites - VML live 1996 $2.50 Parasites/Boris the sprinkler split $2.50 Dave Parasite - demos x2 7" (red, green) $5 Phil Wilson - Industrial Strength (x2 7", Slumberland) $2.50 Queers/Sinkhole Split $2.50 Queers - SLUG (White) $4 ROMANES - Japanese girl Ramones covers $5 Sarandon - Joe's Record (pink, Slumberland) $2.50 Sarandon - spike mulligan's tape recorder (Slumberland) $2.50 the Saturday People - Slipping Through Your Fingertips (Slumberland) $4 Sea Lions - All Right $6 Sleepyhead - Punk Rock City USA (pink, Slumberland) $8 Sleepyhead - sick of heaven (purple, Slumberland) $9 Small Factory - what to want (white, Slumberland) $7 Small Factory - Lose your Way (Slumberland) $4 the Softies - Loveseat (white, Slumberland) $12 the Softies - he'll never know $6 the Softies - the Best Days $6 Spectrals - get a grip (Slumberland) $2.50 St. Cristopher - Radio France Sessions EP (blue, Slumberland) $10 Stereolab - John Cage Bubblegum (pink, Slumberland) $70 Summer Cats (yellow, Slumberland) $2.50 Swirlies - Sarah Sitting (purple, Slumberland) $15 the Urchin/the Thumbs (SNUFFY SMILE) $12 Veronica Falls - Beachy Head (captured tracks) $5 Whorl - Maybe it's Better (white, Slumberland) $7 Wynona Riders - childhood game $2.50 Searching for the Now 1: The Company Presents Roy Moller/the Hermit Crabs split (white w/ green splatter, Slumberland) $3 Searching for the Now 2: Bye!/ the Happy Couple split (white w/blue splatter Slumberland) $3 Searching for the Now 3: A Sunny Day in Glasgow/the Sunny Street split (white Slumberland) $5 Searching for the Now 4: the PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART/ Summer Cats split (grey Slumberland) $35 Searching for the Now 6: the school/george washington brown split (swirl, Slumberland) $3 v/a What Kind Of Heaven Do You Want? Black Tambourine/Velocity Girl/Powderburns (1st Slumberland) $25 10"s Black Tambourine - Complete Recordings (slr) $35 Boyracer - we are made of the same wood (turquoise, slr, includes flexi) $15 Get Up Kids - Simple Science (red /300 for Japan) $12 Henry's Dress (slr) $60 (I paid $75 for this!) Sewer Trout (very small) $12 the Softies - (slr) $25 TEEN IDOLS/Spread $5 12"s the Aislers Set - the last match $25 (nice price!!) Bad Religion - No Control (mint green, $35) Bad Religion - Against The Grain (purple, $30) Big Troubles - Romantic Comedy (red, slr sold out!) $30 Boyracer - more songs about frustration (orange) $20 Bricolage - (slr) $5 Brilliant Colors - Introducing (white, slr) $12 Cause C0-Motion - because because (slr) $5 Devon Williams - Euphoria (blue, slr)) $15 Echo Lake - Wild Peace (white, slr)) Gold-Bears - Are you falling in love? (slr) $7 Henry's Dress - Bust 'Em Green $60 (slr) Hood - Cabled Linear Traction (slr) $25 Judy Ongg - This is Judy (1968 Taiwanese press VG) $5 Jupiter Sun (mint green, slr) $30 Lilys - in the presence of nothing (spinart, slr)) $80 ($20 off!) the Lodger - Life is Sweet (slr) $5 Lookouts - One Planet, One People (NM!!) $100 Manges R Good Enough - 1st press $15 Manges R Good Enough - remix (Clear w/ blue tinges) $15 MISFITS s/t $8 Namie Amuro - Genius 2000 (x2 LP) $25 the PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART - Higher Than the Stars Remixes (Slumberland pressing) $7 the PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART - acid reflex (purple, slr)) $15 Parasites - Nyquil-fueled rock armada $10 Pants Yell! - received pronuciation (slr) $5 Phantom Surfers - model road racing (Hobby hut) $5 Pinhead Gunpowder - Kick Over the Traces (clear) $20 Powderburns - (hand painted cover) (slr #2) $21 Procedure Club - doomed forever (slr) $3 Propagandhi - Today's Empires (blue) $50 the Queers - Shout out (includes bonus 7") $60 the Queers - Live in Philly '06 $ (swirl splatter) $15 RAMONES - Brain Drain (red 180g, for Europe RSD 2012) $40 RAMONETURES - s/t (munster) $35 Rocketship - Certain Sadness, Certain Smile (slr) $40 Rose Melberg - Portola $50 Rose Melberg - Homemade Ships $10 the Saturday People (slr) $5 Sarandon - Age of Reason (purple, slr) $5 Screeching Weasel - Anthem For A New Tomorrow (original pressing, sounds better) VF+ $25 Sea Lions - (swirl, slr)) $12 Seri Ishikawa - Best $5 the Softies - Winter Pageant $10 Southern All Stars - Paradise 12" (red) $5 Stereolab - Switched On (SLR) $40 Summer Cats (multi-splatter, slr)) $3 Todd Congelliere - Clown Sounds (red /50) $8 Viktimz of Society (Vindictives) $36 Violens - Totally True (sold out milky clear, slr) $26 Weekend - Sports (VF+ colored vinyl, slr) $55 Wire - pink flag (4 men w/beards) $10 the Wynona Riders - Artificial Intelligence $4 Xray Eyeballs - not nothing $5 the Young Freshfellows - electric bird digest $5 v/a Here Comes the Summer - Undertones tribute (queers, pansy division, cub, smugglers) $8 v/a yo-yo a go-go x3 LP (beck, excuse 17, softies, jacket in VF+) $10
  16. Check out the first four Ramones LP sealed for 50 bucks. http://www.ebay.com/itm/271125494182?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Auction ends in 2 hours. Thanks for looking.
  17. New records added! -- Clash lot and others added -- A few late 70's/early 80's pop punk records for sale. All used early pressings (no new reissues), but in good shape. PM questions and/or offers. Discounts for multiples. Will also take offers on all. Blondie - $5 per record or $25 for set. Blondie - Autoamerican Blondie - Eat to the Beat Blondie - Parallel Lines Blondie - Plastic Letters Blondie - s/t Blondie - The Hunter Police - $5 per record or $20 for set. The Police - Ghost in the Machine The Police - Outlandos d'Amour The Police - Reggatta de Blanc The Police - Synchronicity The Police - Zenyattà Mondatta Ramones - Prices below or $50 for set. Ramones - Acid Eaters (Multi-color Swirls) - $20 Ramones - Pleasant Dreams - $8 Ramones - Road To Ruin - $12 Ramones - Subterranean Jungle - $8 Ramones - Too Tough To Die - $10 Clash - Prices below or $30 for set. The Clash - Combat Rock - $8 The Clash - Cut the Crap - $8 The Clash - Give 'Em Enough Rope - $6 The Clash - London Calling - $12 The Cichlids - Be True To You School - $6 Nine Nine Nine - High Energy Plan - $8 The Saints - (I'm) Stranded - $2 Siouxsie and the Banshees - Hyaena - $8 Stray Cats - Built For Speed - $8 Gang of Four - Entertainment - $6 The Boys - s/t - $2 The Vapors - New Clear Days - $6 The Jam - The Gift - $4 I'll also entertain some offers on my collection on The Old LP. http://www.theoldlp....3103/collection
  18. http://www.ebay.com/sch/mirrortuna/m.html?item=251125424084&viewitem=&rt=nc&_trksid=p4340.l2562 I played with various prices, but listed a few for 1 cent.
  19. Ramones Brain Drain on red vinyl(/200) Green Day Dookie on pink Green Day Sweet Children 7" Japan fan club press, CHEAP (sold one for $160 on eBay once) Bad Religion No Control green Against the Grain purple Stranger than Fiction Marbled White Get up Kids Simple Science 10" red NOFX white trash white 30 some records from Screeching Weasel, Balzac, Beatnik Termites, Teen Idols, Wire, Queers and more http://www.discogs.com/seller/moonlitdreams27?limit=50
  20. bought a fucking PUNK collection the other day, here's the stuff I didn't keep (but probably should have) e-mail: [email protected] or PM, payment made as a gift ONLY, international welcome, you pay all shipping charges (these prices aren't PPD you cheapskate) 7"s Aus-Rotten-Fuck Nazi Sympathy-This record = WAHHHHHH VG+/VG+ $3 The Burnt Ones-Meet The Golden One-Gold vinyl, more Burger garbage, I am going to light this on fire if no one buys it NM/NM $3 Buzzcocks-Jerk-Comeback single from like 10 years ago, great single. I saw them on this tour! VG+/VG+ $3 The Casualties-Who\'s In Control-Punkest band ever, seriously. Little cover wear. VG+/VG+ $3 The Dils-198 Seconds of the Dils-Repress on red vinyl, with insert. So good. VG+/VG+ $4 The Exploited-Army Life-Punk started with this record. Original first pressing, LOTS of wear but that\'s how it should be. PUNK CONDITION. VG/VG $3 Germs-Forming (Version 2)-Alive records, looks unplayed NM/NM $5 Germs-Forming-Repress of the punkest record ever, red vinyl, with sticker VG+/VG+ $5 Germs-What God Means To Me...-Bootreg, looks new NM/NM $4 GG Allin/Duane Peters Gunfight-Split, UK press, why does this exist VG+/VG+ $3 Jay Reatard-Trapped Here-Blue vinyl, bald dude on cover, not the dead guy NM/NM $35 Jerks-Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me-Fanclub issue, vinyl looks unplayed VG+/VG+ $7 Le Face-S/T-There first 7\", I released this record, how fucking cool is that? VG+/VG+ $5 Masskontroll-Blue vinyl, Havoc records VG+/VG+ $2 MDC-Featuring Pig Champion-Cover has wear, vinyl is nice VG/VG+ $5 The Murderers-S/T red vinyl Havoc records VG+/VG+ $2 Richard Hell-3 New Songs-1991 comeback, pretty tasty VG+/VG+ $3 Sick Kicks for Shock Rockers-comp with Clit 45 and some other shitty bands VG+/VG+ $2 The Stitches-You Tear Me Out-First pressing, yellow cover, with insert. On the worst label fucking ever, Deadbeat-VG+/VG+ $5 The Stitches-Automatic-First press on TKO, black vinyl VG+/VG+ $5 Street Trash-S/T-US pressing on PTBI records, grey vinyl. Probably the best so cal Hardcore record of the past 15 years, essential fucking music. NM/NM $7 12"s Agent Orange-Living in Darkness-Original 2nd pressing with silver labels, no insert. Cover and vinyl have wear, CHEAP VG/VG $5 Agression-Don\'t Be Mistaken-2000\'s repress, one of my favorite so cal HC LPs. VG+/VG+ $5 Anti-Nowhere League "We Are...The League", punkest record ever, US pressing VG+/VG+ $10 Anti-Product-The Deafening Silence of Grinding Gears-Tribal War press, green vinyl NM/NM $8 Aus-Rotten-The Rotten Agenda-USA pressing VG+/VG+ $8 The Avengers-S/T-Known as the \"pink\" album, this is a fanclub version from the 2000\'s. Best female fronted punk band ever. VG+/VG+ $8 Blade Runner soundtrack, promo copy $20 VG+/VG+ Blatz/Filth-Shit Split-Life is Abuse pressing, with booklet VG+/VG+ $7 The Bronx-S/T, grey/purple vinyl-Original pressing, with insert NM/NM $150 Chaos UK-Total Chaos, the singles-Singles collection of the punkest band ever, Get Back records VG+/VG+ $8 Choir Invisible-New wave on Frontier records $3 VG+/VG+ The Clash-Black Market Clash, later US press $7 VG+/VG+ The Clash-Combat Rock-US press, with inner, pretty beat copy VG/VG $3 Confederate-Surrender or Just Fight-Cover still has shrink on it, but upper right hand corner is splitting. Other than that it is super clean. Vinyl is really clean! VG/VG+ $20 D.R.I.-1983-1985-Bootleg that compiles the DRI 22 song EP, Violent Pacification, and Dealing With it. Essential listening. VG+/VG+ $9 The Dark-Chemical Warfare, original UK press $18 VG+/VG+ Darker Scratcher-Comp w/ NON (Boyd Rice), 45 Grave, Human Hands B People, Monitor, etc. $25 VG+/VG+ Dead Boys-Younger, Louder, Snottier-Rough mixes of the punkest record ever, making this SUPER punk VG+/VG+ $8 Detox-2nd record $4 VG+/VG+ Divisia-Wifebeater VG+/VG+ $3 Eater-The Album-Picture disc on Get Back, fucking amazing record VG+/VG+ $5 The Enemies-Seize the Day-Lookout! Records, brand new and unplayed M/M $3 F-Word!-Like It or Not Live-Get back Reissue, still in shrink NM/VG+ $8 Feeding People-S/T-Yellow vinyl, on Burger Records so it belongs in a fucking landfill. Fuck this shit. NM/NM $5 Gravy Train!!!!-Hello Doctor, vinyl clean cover has wear, that pussy Hunk is in this band. What fucking garbage. VG+/VG+ $5 Icons of Filth-Onward Christian Soldiers-Reissue on Get Back, sleeve has a little wear, vinyl is clean VG+/VG+ $8 Iggy Pop-TV Eye 1977 Live-RCA Victor press, with inner sleeve VG+/VG+ $8 Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers L.A.M.F. punkest record ever, sleeve is worn $15 VG/VG+ Johnny Thunders-Chinese Rocks (The Live collection)-Get back reissue, so fucking good VG+/VG+ $8 Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers-Live at the Lyceum Ballroom, London 1984-Reissue on Get Back, some small scratches cuz GZ vinyl is made of SHIT VG+/VG+ $5 Killing Joke-Requiem/Change 12" single, og UK press $10 VG+/VG+ Kraftwerk-Autobahn, us press on Vertigo, spaceship labels $8 VG+/VG+ Lou Reed-Rock n Roll Animal, not the punkest record ever $3 VG/VG Magazine-Back To Nature, weird live bootleg, rare! $40 VG+/VG+ MC5-Back in the USA-Sundazed reissue, still in shrink NM/VG+ $10 Naked Aggression-March March Along-Broken Rekids press, this band still plays, WHAT THE FUCK $4 VG+/VG+ NON-Pagan Muzak, first press w/single sided 7". Sleeve has wear but 7" plays great $70 VG/VG+ Phobia/Resist and Exist-Split-Grind meets pussy peace punk NM/NM $5 Ramones-S/T, punkest record ever, 2nd press on Sire (not distributed by ABC) super clean $17 VG+/VG+ Reagan Youth-Volume 1-Red vinyl, some of the best music EVER VG+/VG+ $8 Reagan Youth-Volume 2-Blue vinyl, fucking amazing record. VG+/VG+ $8 Richard Hell and the Voidoids-Blank Generation-Reissue on Sire/Rhino, still in shrink. ESSENTIAL. VG+/VG+ $8 The Runaways-Best of the Runaways-Lesbians! VG/VG+ $3 Sex Pistols-Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols-Picture disc! Super rare picture disc, vinyl and sleeve are ROUGH but it's the greatest record ever made. VG/VG $7 Siouxsie and the Banshees "Fireworks" 12" cool 12" single! $5 VG+/VG+ The Sonics-Boom-Mono press on Norton, reissue. VG+/VG+ $8 Subhumans-EP/LP-2nd pressing, with insert. VG+/VG+ $8 U.K.-S/T $3 VG+/VG+ Ultravox-Vienna, Japanese pressing no obi $3 VG+/VG+ The Vibrators-Batteries Included, this record has all the hits $8 VG/VG+ The Vibrators-Pure Mania-USA press, top 15 UK punk LP\'s for sure, every song is a fucking HIT VG+/VG+ $8 Vice Squad-The BBC Sessions-Get back reissue, VG+/VG+ $6 The Warriors soundtrack, with insert!!! $17 VG+/VG+ Weirdos-Who What When Where Why, sleeve has wear, with inner sleeve! $6 VG/VG+ Wire-Pink Flag, us press sleeve and inner sleeve has lots of wear, vinyl is kinda scratchy. CHEAP. $5 VG/VG Wire-Snakedrill, nice! $6 VG+/VG+ The Zeros-Don\'t Push Me Around-Bomp! Reissue. AMAZING. Still in shrink. VG+/VG+ 6