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Found 16 results

  1. for all of those you who haven't seen anything about this yet.. LIMITED TO ONE RECORD SHOP opens it's doors, July 29th 10am The east village's newest record shop will open it's doors on Saturday July 29th at 10am 221 East 10th Street (between 1st ave and 2nd ave) Limited to One will focus on rare, limited and out of press contemporary music. during the day, we'll have some performances - 12pm - Adam Rubenstein (Split Lip, Chamberlain) 1pm - Jeff Caudill (Gameface) We'll be selling a limited edition lathe from Jeff. limited to 25 copies. We'll also be having raffles all day, which will include rare 45's and LP's. Also for sale, we'll have "Limited to One" lathes (from Little Elephant) from such artists as Pinegrove, The World is a Beautiful Place, Tim Kasher, Smith Street Band, Jeff Rosenstock, Modern Baseball, Foxing, Sorority Noise and a ton more. We'll only have 1 copy of each of these and once they're gone, that's it. we'll have a few more things for sale, plus a store filled with new inventory. check out our instagram for some of the items we'll be selling. www.instagram.com/limitedtoonenyc I also feel like it should be said, that we did our best to price reasonably. If you're in NYC< please come and check us out. thanks. kristian /tpg
  2. I’m coming through the DFW area from OKC and I know there are plenty of record stores in Dallas / Fort Worth, but which ones will have the best extreme metal selection (ie: black metal, death metal, etc). Here in OKC we have a handful of record stores, and there is only one that carries a somewhat decent selection of metal, all the others aren’t even worth a stop if that’s what you’re after. I know there is a stickied thread about record stores, but I didn’t find anything about what type of selection to expect at record stores in the area. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hey everyone. So I am a 31 male who has been struggling with what to do with my life for pretty much forever. I've always wanted to own a record store and was looking for some tips and advice from any of you that own a brick and mortar store or are a record distributor. I sell a little online, maybe 10 records/month and do record shows when possible. I have a BA in Business Mgmt and am very entrepreneurially inclined. I have been collecting vinyl since I was about 12 and love music. About the current market. The county I live in a county that has over well 600k and has two legit record stores. The city is expanding rapidly with a good mix of people and new development. The record stores are nice, but overpriced, especially for mediocre used vinyl. You know that... 'this is a beatles record therefore it's $25' mentality. One of the stores is located downtown, the other in the corner of the county. There are plenty of up and coming/established corridors that support local businesses. So anyways, does anyone have any advice on opening (or reasons not to) open a record store? Obviously I'm in the very preliminary stages at this point. I have about 500-700 used records that could used for stock. How does one purchase new albums in bulk? From record labels directly or larger distributers? I've done a ton of research, but couldn't find a solid answer and figured an insider would be more helpful. I've received catalogs from a few distributers, but the prices were higher than retail. Emails to labels have gone unanswered and I wonder if it's due to not having an established store. I guess I'm mainly interested in the logistics of the whole thing. I'm fairly comfortable with finding a space, accounting, management, legal, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated or sarcastic remark for that matter. I'm not really in this for the money, but I would be happy making $35k+ a year and not work in some shit manufacturing job.. Thanks in advance VC!
  4. Where do you buy used records most often? Where do you sell your used records? I am having a difficult time selling records even at significantly lower than cost for OOP stuff. As recent as 8 months ago I was using Facebook groups and making a lot of sales. I know the sales board here is dead, all of the Facebook groups I'm in are dead, record stores will only give you pennies. I don't like the rigidity/structure of discogs but is this the only place people buy from? I've heard of people using Instagram, is that worth my time?
  5. Like it says in the title I’m after after record store recommendations in those states because on Saturday the 8th of August I'm flying with the family to the US for a 3 week road trip starting in Charlotte and winding through NC, SC, GA, AL, FL, LA, MI, TN and KY and back to Charlotte so I'm looking for record store recommendations. I haven't exactly decided the route yet so any suggestions will be helpful, the internet is a wonderful tool for finding stuff but you can't beat a little local knowledge. My wife already has her rolling eyes face perfected and my little girl has told me that my records are not going in her case, lack of family support aside I won't let these minor setbacks stop me Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. We are opening a second location in San Francisco on April 1st. No foolin'! More details coming next week but for now we're trying to raise a little money ahead of then by selling some Oakland and SF logo shirts, hoodies, slipmats and totebags in our webstore. http://www.1234gorecords.com/catalog. All prices include shipping and will ship out at the end of the month. Don't need something with our logo on it? We also need your help bringing in stock. We are looking to buy vinyl and tapes. Collections or a handful of stuff doesn't matter to us. Bring us all that stuff you haven't had luck with at swaps, stuff that's gathering dust in your house or things you're just sick of looking at to get cash or trade. We buy every day 11am to 8pm in our Oakland shop. Anyway, thanks everyone and stay tuned for more details! PS: Record Store Day is going to be KILLER in both locations.
  7. Hi guys! For anyone in the Toronto Canada area, I'm opening up a little record store in the Roncesvalles area called 'Tonality Records'! We're set to open in a couple of weeks, our address is 2168 Dundas Street West, M6R 1X3. Right off the bat I'll tell you that we're stocking mainly new releases by small indie and art labels. Graveface, PIAPTK, Slumberland, Bitter Melody, Jigsaw, Ordinal, LebensStrasse, Partisan, Polyvinyl and Bleeding Gold to name a few. We'll also have vintage radios and other audio stuff, as well as a few guitars. If this is up your alley, come by to say hi, mention VC and I'll give you a 10% discount! I'll be updating again soon with a formal opening date. Cheers, Julian
  8. Hey guys, I started an online record store about two years ago, sold on ebay mostly. I recently switched everything over to a Square store. I sell new and used records, cd's and music dvd's. I'm only doing the online thing until I can raise enough capital to open a physical location in Knoxville, TN. If you have any questions, hit me up. We're on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or you can email directly at WretchedWorldVinyl (at) gmail (dot) com. Most of the stuff is between $8 and $30, depending on the item and the condition. Thanks for looking! http://www.WretchedWorldVinyl.com and here's my ebay user name so you can see some of the reviews i've gotten. http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=wretched_world_vinyl&ftab=AllFeedback&myworld=true&rt=nc
  9. Heading up to Fells with the lady Saturday and we're planning on stopping at one of these two record stores. I've been to sound garden before and liked it but I've heard el suprimo is pretty sweet too. Which one is better (or do you prefer) and why? If you could only go to one, which?
  10. Hello, I'm going to be going to Mexicali, Mexico in a few weeks and wanted to check out some record stores. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anything around Mexicali or Baja California works...thanks!
  11. http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/5695502/exclusive-rough-trade-will-open-flagship-us-store-nov-25-in-new-york Rough Trade, the iconic London music retailer that spawned Rough Trade Records and served as a cradle for post-punk music in the late 1970s, will open its first flagship store in the U.S. in New York on Monday, November 25. The store, a 15,000 square foot repurposed film prop warehouse in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, represents a major gamble on the American music market by the retailer, which in recent years has enjoyed a sales boom in the U.K. despite harsh industry realities in that country and around the word. In April, the British trade magazine Music Week named Rough Trade “Retail Brand of the Year.” “New York and London are similar in many ways -- they're kaleidoscopic celebrations of global differences and similarities,” Rough Trade co-president Stephen Godfroy tells Billboard of expanding across the Atlantic. “They enjoy an open-mindedness, a deep respect for the past, a voracious appetite for the future, which all combines to produce a climate that suits our individual approach to music retail.” The Williamsburg store was originally announced in April of 2012, with plans to open its doors at an unspecified date later that year. But what Godfroy describes as “numerous obstacles in the construction planning and building process” left those plans in limbo until now. Rough Trade N.Y.C. will sell all new music -- no used -- in multiple formats in addition to serving as a “healthy-sized place to hang out” for music lovers. A portion of the space has been sectioned off as a performance venue for free in-stores as well as after-hours ticketed concerts booked by The Bowery Presents. The store will join other live music venues in perpetually developing North Williamsburg, including Bowery’s Brooklyn Bowl, Output and the Williamsburg Waterfront and Williamsburg Park. “The emphasis will be on music the art, not the commodity,” says Godfroy. “In that respect, it will be true to our London stores, places where music and culture lovers of all ages and taste congregate and celebrate what it means to be independent.” Physical music retailers in the U.S. have endured a bitter decline in sales as consumers have shifted to digital consumption methods. In the past five years, sales at independent music retailers have fallen 36.1%, according to Nielsen SoundScan, while chain stores and mass merchant retailers like Wal-Mart and Best Buy saw even bigger dips of 71.6% and 51.7% over the same period, respectively. In New York just this year, independent retailers Bleecker Bob’s andSound Fix records closed their doors due to intractable profit margins. There are signs that physical formats aren’t dead yet, however. Vinyl sales are so far up a whopping 31.9% just this year, according to SoundScan, continuing a hockey-stick growth phase for the format that dates back to the first Record Store Day in 2008. In London, Rough Trade Retail Group, which operates independently from Rough Trade Records, has two stores, Rough Trade West and Rough Trade East. The latter, opened in 2007, is the larger of the two, but at 5,000 square feet is only one third the size of the New York store. “This city demands something truly special, and hopefully that's what we can achieve in collaboration with the people that visit and go on to define the space over the months and years to come,” says Godfroy. “[The store is] a way of saying ‘thank you’ for the joy and inspiration NYC has given us with its music and culture.” _______________________________________________________________________________ I'm a little jealous, as this store will likely be like Tower/HMV used to be back in the day....able to get UK imports pretty cheap. I'd also not be surprised if they ended up sending items from UK RSD here to sell exclusively in their store. Any items that are only released or made available in EU/UK will be another area where this store could really help out (going there to special order UK/EU items and saving on shipping costs for instance). I guess with them opening on 11/25, they should partake in Black Friday RSD.
  12. Hi Sorry if I'm just reiterating what has already been mentioned in the main record store list topic. Just thought it would be helpful for whoever lives in or outside the UK to have a topic to flick through if they know jack about the vinyl hot spots in whatever area they are travelling to. Just a few in my nearest city of Birmingham: - Left For Dead, Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham, B9 4AA - Milque & Muhle, Unit 6 Gibb Street, Birmingham, B9 4AA - Ignite Record Store (downstairs inside the Oasis market) 110-114, Corporation Street, Birmingham, B4 6SX All of the above have a broad quality stock and aren't focused on second hand. Milque & Muhle is great for experimental music. Ignite more so with hardcore. Left For Dead has only been open 2/3 months tops but has some great garage rock and electronic music. All are within a year or so of being open. - The Diskery, 99 Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham, B5 6QB If you want a good ol' dig in a classic record store then head to the above. Got a shabby homely vibe to it and is the mecca of all second hand record shops in the Midlands. All other second hand shops in the area don't seem to be worth it. If anyone else feels inclined, give a run down of your local area and anywhere worth checking out. Cheers
  13. Got some stuff up for sale on my new online store. Check it. http://mintyhippo.storenvy.com/
  14. 1. Shoot a Photo of the Outside of the Store 2. Name & Location of the Store 2.5 What Genre You're Most Likely to Find 3. (Additional Photos Optional) 4. (Post Multiple Favorite Stores, Local or Well Known!)
  15. Anyone know of any good record stores in Berlin, Germany? I spending a few days there in July and was hoping to get some tips. I'll be in Kreutzberg so I'd prefer shops in that area. I'm familiar with CoreTex on Oranienstraße already.
  16. Anyone in the Philadelphia area go check out this new show Sit and Spin Records. They have been open for about a month now and are located in South Philly (a block from Acme, 9th & Reed). They were a DIY label that became an independent record store selling mostly punk, metal and hard rock. They stock a lot of local artists and are very active in the scene doing all sorts of shit. I've seen them at a ton of shows and ath the Philly Punx Picnic. Check out these links for more info if interested: http://sitandspinrecords.blogspot.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sit-Spin-Records/111519152314707 They had a pretty decent selection of stuff and are fairly priced. I bought Karate's S/T, a few Pretty Girls Make Graves 7"s, a Modest Mouse Promo 7" and Nobunny's "Give It To Me" for about $30.