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Found 12 results

  1. 2nd press on sale here but it sold out rather quickly. Andy said he is putting more up sometime soon. https://rightawaygreatcaptain.bandcamp.com/ This is another pressing of /1000 on splatter vinyl.
  2. I know this is few and far between but if someone had a copy of this with the lyrics book, keychain and photo they would be willing to part with. That’d be great! I’ve been looking high and low for this and can’t find the whole thing together.
  3. Add $3.50 for Shipping Right Away, Great Captain - Trilogy (2016 Pressing) - $100 Boys Night Out - Broken Bones & Bloody Kisses - $35
  4. Title says it all. Not really looking to sell the album because it's one of my favorites, but if someone is willing to trade for RAGC I'd love to chat with you. Thanks!
  5. I've got an extra copy of the Right Away, Great Captain! Trilogy that got a beautiful repress earlier this year. I can provide pictures as well as an examination of the records. It's hand numbered and signed by Andy Hull, and #45 out of the whole pressing I'm mainly looking for instrumental math-rock and stuff of that sort, but I'm open to a lot of different stuff. There are a couple albums I would specifically trade for including: The Redneck Manifesto - Three LPs or "I Am Brazil" The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute Ta-Ku - Songs To Break Up To Passion Pit - Manners If anyone has anything they'd be willing to trade or have one of the albums I mentioned above then let's talk! You can view most of my collection on Discogs, though it's not completely updated https://www.discogs.com/user/nealon/collection
  6. Anyone selling the trilogy set for RAGC? I'm a huge fan of anything Andy Hull does and I've been looking everywhere for this.
  7. I thought this deserved it's own thread: Manchester Orchestra has rerecorded their album COPE in an alternate fashion. Out tomorrow Tuesday, September 16th digitally. Digital:http://www.amazon.com/Hope-Manchester-Orchestra/dp/B00NC36KT2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1410817009&sr=8-2&keywords=manchester+orchestra+hope Out Tuesday, November 18th on Vinyl and CD Vinyl:http://www.amazon.com/Hope-Manchester-Orchestra/dp/B00NJADEG0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1410807775&sr=8-1&keywords=manchester+orchestra+hope CD:http://www.amazon.com/Hope-Manchester-Orchestra/dp/B00NJADEUG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1410817009&sr=8-3&keywords=manchester+orchestra+hope HOPE Tracklist: 1. Top Notch 2. Choose You 3. Girl Harbor 4. The Mansion 5. The Ocean 6. Every Stone 7. All That I Really Wanted 8. Trees 9. Indentions 10. See It Again 11. Cope
  8. Hi! I'm looking to buy the RAGC Trilogy set. Is anyone selling it? Willing to pay a decent amount but nothing outrageous. Cheers!
  9. I was looking for a reasonably priced Right Away Great Captain Vinyl Box Trilogy. If anyone has one or could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I know its a hard one to find for a reasonable price but its worth a shot! Thanks guys.
  10. Okay, so a while back I happened upon a white whale record: the Thursday Signals/Workforce 10". On the old boards, I had some messages about it. I'm moving from Florida to Washington DC for a couple of months for work, and need some cash, so I gotta let this go for the right price. Wanted to give you guys on the boards a chance at it before I head to the Bay. PM me an offer, and let your friends know it's out there. Also, I am tempted to let go of my Right Away, Great Captain! /120 deluxe set, but I don't know where I put the rest of the goodies (keychain, Lost Sea CD). If I get a good enough offer on it, I'd let that go too. It's in mint, I've played through each side twice. I also have the Coachella yellow press of At the Drive-In's Vaya 10". Say Anything - ...Is a Real Boy (/250 Banquet blue press) - offer At the Drive-in - Vaya 10" (#408/500 Coachella yellow press) - offer Converge - No Heroes (black 3rd press) - $13 ppd HEALTH - Get Color (black 1st press) - $13 ppd Underoath - Disambiguation (gold) - offer Minus the Bear - Steel and Blood $30ppd Here's the rest of my tradelist, and if it's a good enough offer, I may be inclined to let go of a lot to fund this excursion. I won't let go of the HORSE - Pizza EP though, sorry (no I'm not). http://deadformat.net/tradelist/alexschelldorf You guys rule, bye.
  11. Hello, I'm just another guy looking for hard to find vinyl that isn't ridiculously priced. Can anyone help me out? Here's my main focus: Right away great captain - 4XLP trilogy (really really really would like to find this one the most!!!) John Legend and the roots - Wake Up! Rise against - Siren song of the counter culture Brother Ali - Us The Dear Hunter - Act I and Act II The Dear Hunter - Act III The Dear Hunter - Migrations Annex
  12. Hey guys, Bought a copy of Right Away Great Captain last night for a friend and came to find out that he decided he doesn't want it. His loss. Private message me with offers. Still in mint condition in its shrink wrap.