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  1. https://runforcoverrecords.com/collections/citizen https://runforcoverrecords.com/products/citizen-call-the-dogs-pre-order RELEASE DATE: October 6, 2023 Please Note, this item is for PRE-ORDER! All items are expected to ship in MID-OCTOBER, 2023. *Any orders containing a "Pre-Order" item will ship together when the pre-order ships. Please make a separate order if you wish to receive non pre-order items before the pre-order ship date.*. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. UK Customers: Order this album & CItizen Merch from our UK Store by clicking here. EU Customers: Order this album from Evil Greed by clicking here. AUS/NZ Customers: Order this album from Cooking Vinyl Australia by Clicking here. For any questions about your order, please contact us here! PressingInfo: • 100 Pink, Teal & Brown Swirl Vinyl (Magic Circle Subscription Exclusive) • 900 Clear with Red Teal & Blue Splatter Vinyl / 900 (RFC Webstore Exclusive) • 1000 Black Smoke Vinyl (Citizen Tour Exclusive) • 500 White & Yellow Twister Vinyl (Newbury Comics Exclusive) • 400 Blue & Red Swirl (BrooklynVegan Exclusive) • 300 Cloudy Teal Vinyl (Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive) • 300 Pink & Orange Galaxy Swirl (Urban Outfitters Exclusive) • 300 Blue & Yellow Halves (Zia Records Exclusive) • 6200 Brown Vinyl (Check your local record store here) “On Calling The Dogs (the band’s 5th record) it truly is the most excited and energized the band has been in a really long time,” guitarist Nick Hamm says. “This album makes me feel like I'm 19 again — it’s like therapy or something. It sent a lightning bolt through everybody that worked on it. We're ready to go.” Across 11 tracks, Calling The Dogs explores a range of moods, styles and themes with each song as memorable as the last. The album’s first single, “If You’re Lonely,” is the kind of upbeat singalong anthem fans should expect to belt out at shows for years to come. Tracks like “Hyper Trophy” and “Can’t Take It Slow” show that Citizen can still put out unforgettable melodies over dance-worthy rhythms, while others (like “When I Let You Down”) lean more into timeless classics bordering on garage rock. As a whole, it’s as intense and energetic of an experience as the band has ever released. “I really wanted to hone in on how it would feel to play the songs live while writing Calling The Dogs,” Kerekes says. “The songs on the last record are so much fun to play live, I wanted to make sure that this one would still invoke the same kind of emotion and crowd reaction. I kept asking myself ‘Will this be exciting to see live? How will the energy be?’ more than I ever have before.” With all that said, the album is one of self reflection, as well as one that exercises personal demons for the members. The band’s overall willingness to confront themes that they’ve alluded to on past records – combating self-doubt, surviving and escaping familial toxicity, the development of self-awareness, and personal healing is one of the factors that makes Calling The Dogs their most poignant and cohesive body of work yet. Never one to wait too long between albums, Calling The Dogs comes on the heels of 2021’s Life in Your Glass World, an album that (despite finishing recording in early 2020) spoke particularly acutely to millions during the pandemic and helped elevate Citizen to new heights. Combined with this summer’s sold-out celebrations (aka shows) for a decade of their debut, Youth, everyone involved is absolutely ready to explore what the next act holds. That’s why Citizen sees Calling The Dogs as an incredible rebirth. They’re fully hitting their stride as the leaders of the post-COVID rock resurgence, and they’re in the uncommon place of being able to look back at their success and ahead at what’s to come at the same time. Citizen has the experience and wisdom of a longstanding act alongside the energy and hunger of a young band on the rise, as evidenced by the fact that most artists don’t get to go on an anniversary tour for their breakthrough album while still under the age of 30. “We’ve been playing in bands together since we were like 10 or 11 years old, so we have a system that I don’t think anyone else would really understand,” Kerekes says. “There were definitely some tensions in the studio when we were younger, because everyone wants to be right and nobody wants to see their ideas thrown out. But now, the three of us know exactly what to do and nobody’s feelings get hurt, so it really makes Citizen a well-oiled machine.” “The spirit of Citizen is just turning everything we do up to 11 and elevating it creatively as much as possible — and it feels like we can really come out guns blazing now,” Hamm says. “Every Citizen album explores different avenues we want to explore, and I think they always will. Calling The Dogs is the closest we’ve sounded to what I hear Citizen sounding like in my head, but that’s not a stopping point. It aligns with everything we want to do and everything we want to say right now, but that’s always evolving.” Despite adding two new voices to the creative process this time around, Kerekes and the Hamms are so comfortable with each other that they’re well beyond any ego battles or other flare-ups and truly reaching new heights as both writers and performers. The three founding members have been playing music together for over half of their lives at this point, creating a “magic” bond that can’t be replicated and allowing Citizen to fully commit to everything they want to do. With the ability to excel in both quiet ballads and distorted rock anthems, Citizen (which recently expanded to a full quintet with the addition of former touring members drummer Ben Russin and guitarist Mason Mercer) has an incredible knack for channeling raw emotion into singalong songs. On Calling The Dogs, the band exemplifies that passionate songwriting and styling while stripping back to what they do best: guitar-driven rock ‘n roll. Picking up labels ranging from post-hardcore to shoegaze over the years, it’s reductive to try to categorize Citizen as anything other than one of the best rock bands around today. Evolving from teenagers playing local dives to a vibrant band capable of selling out theaters and hitting major festivals around the world, vocalist Mat Kerekes, guitarist Nick Hamm, bassist Eric Hamm, guitarist Mason Mercer, and drummer Ben Russin have earned their reputation as both tremendous songwriters and a must-see live act — and they do both better than ever on their new album, Calling The Dogs.
  2. https://www.runforcoverrecords.com/artists/narrow-head/products Pressing info: 100 Clear & Blue Pinwheel (Magic Circle Subscription Exclusive) 200 Cloudy Blue (Church Road Records Exclusive) 400 Half Blue / Half Black (RFC Exclusive) Black
  3. Yes that's right Seahaven's 'Winter Forever' is getting repressed by for the first time since 2011 for just $14.00 this LP is expected to ship late February 2013. Here are the colors: Purple with Bone Haze: 200 Electric Blue with Coke Bottle Haze: 300 Black and Oxblood: 500 You can pre-order it from runforcover's store
  4. Run For Cover will be releasing the new Tigers Jaw record Charmer on June 3rd. Preorders up now on runforcoverstore.com Vinyl Pressing Information 750 Maroon/white starburst 1050 Translucent green (Hot Topic Exclusive) 1050 Cream w/Green Marble (Newbury Comics Exclusive) 1500 White with pink starburst 2650 Red/white marble 3000 Light green/dark green marble Nervous Kids can be streamed here: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/16787-tigers-jaw-nervous-kids/ Run For Cover @rfcrecords "Want to hear new @Tigersjaw songs from their upcoming record? Watch this my friends."
  5. From the RFC tumblr: Run For Cover is excited to announce we’ve signed Petal! Kiley Lotz formed Petal in 2012 in her hometown of Scranton, PA. Petal currently has a rotating line up that includes members of Tigers Jaw, Three Man Cannon, Halfling, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, and Captain We’re Sinking. In 2013 Petal released their first EP, Scout, which features Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins and was recorded by Matt Schimelfenig. Combining a wide array of influences, Petal falls somewhere between Cat Power and Lemuria while still creating their own distinct sound. Crunchy guitars juxtaposed with clean vocals and earnest lyrics help define Petal as a voice, strong and unwavering, rising out of a chaotic world to assert its place. The repetition of “I was born” in Left A Mark further establishes this idea of presence and purpose, moving away from idle absorption into the masses. With Scout, Petal announced their presence, ready to be heard. We’ll be launching pre-orders for the Scout 7” this Friday alongside a new Petal T-Shirt. For now, you can check out the EP over at http://petalpa.bandcamp.com/
  6. US http://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/648612-elvis-depressedly-depressedelica UK/EU http://runforcoverrecordsuk.limitedrun.com/products/648415 "In a sense, Elvis Depressedly’s stellar new album Depressedelica is something of a love letter to music itself, a synthesis of the broad spectrum of art and influence that shaped his youth and forged Mathew Lee Cothran’s singular sensibilities. ‘Depressedelica’ marks Cothran’s first album of new material under the Elvis Depressedly moniker in four years, and it finds him writing and recording more adventurously than ever before, pushing sonic boundaries and blurring genre lines with gleeful abandon. As wide-ranging as the arrangements here are—autotuned vocals and remixed video game samples sit side by side with hazy guitars and droning synths—the collection as a whole feels remarkably cohesive and sharply focused, the unmistakable vision of a songwriter and producer with a voracious musical appetite and a firm grasp on his identity." Pressing Information: 300 Black & White Galaxy Swirl 700 Clear with Black Smoke 1000 Neon Purple
  7. Basement just announced their new album "Beside Myself" out on october 12th Pre-Order the deluxe edition: US: https://store.fueledbyramen.com/artists/basement/beside-myself-deluxe-vinyl-1.html EU: https://eurostore.warnermusic.com/eu/artists/basement/beside-myself-deluxe-vinyl-32.html Pre-Order the standard edition: US: https://store.fueledbyramen.com/artists/basement/beside-myself-standard-vinyl-1.html EU: https://eurostore.warnermusic.com/eu/artists/basement/beside-myself-standard-vinyl-32.html Listen to the new single "Disconnect" no news of a pre-order yet
  8. Is this how you do one of these things? Pinegrove - Cardinal pre-orders now live up at RFC LP/CD/CS/Digital, with 3 vinyl colors. Blue / 300 Grey / 700 Black / 1000 Deluxe package includes alternate, hand painted LP cover done by Evan from Pinegrove (blue vinyl), cassette, shirt and posters. >>>Pre-order this jawn here >>>Listen to the new single "Old Friends" on Stereogum PS: It's rly good
  9. I've been waiting on some sort of vinyl announcement for this since the EP came out last year on CD from Flake Records in Japan. The CD contained 6 tracks, while the 7" looks to only be 2 tracks (Somebody Else & Dive) according to Amazon. You can see the listing and pre-order at Amazon here. It says it's coming via RFC so I would imagine a pre-order hitting there sometime soon as well.
  10. It’s impossible to imagine modern underground music without mewithoutYou: the influence of their fifteen-year legacy has been nothing less than seismic. Pale Horses, mewithoutYou’s sixth album, continues their unwavering artistic vision, while at the same time reinvents the band as uniquely as any of their fans would expect it to. Aaron Weiss has again produced a work of genius with his nonpareil poetic voice, rivaled only by the soundtrack the rest of his band has forced him to compete against through these eleven songs. The end result is a beautiful fusion not unlike the music found on the band’s most revered releases. The guitar work is precise: delicately soft and tender during lulling moments like the opener “Pale Horse” and fiercely riff-centric on the Brother, Sister reminiscent “Mexican War Streets.” Complementing it is the constant combination of the catchiest bass lines you’ve ever heard and tasteful, steady drum grooves that harken back to Catch For Us The Foxes, the band’s revered second album. Epic in scope, Pale Horses is an emotional journey as captivating as any of their classic releases - referential to the best parts of their catalog with a distinguished vitality, captured in the band’s signature hauntingly iconic way. Tracklist: 1. Pale Horse 2. Watermelon Ascot 3. D-Minor 4. Mexican War Streets 5. Red Crow 6. Dorothy 7. Blue Hen 8. Lilac Queen 9. Magic Lantern Days 10. Birnam Wood 11. Rainbow Signs PO starts 5/4.
  11. Turnover - Humblest Pleasures 7" out 3/25 Digital available 3/4 Up for preorder on: http://runforcoverrecords.limitedrun.com/ http://memorymusic.limitedrun.com/ http://amzn.com/B01BLYXY1U Pressing Info: /300 Black /700 White /2000 Ultra Clear
  12. Pre-Orders are up. http://www.runforcoverstore.com/index.php/preorders/crying-get-olde-second-wind.html Pressing Info: 300 Blue 500 Pink 500 White 700 Blue / Pink Starburst
  13. Looking to collect variants of the citizen turnover split. I already have the tri-color 2nd press and the newest press. Also I am looking for the citizen flexi of silo
  14. Looking for Spencer Radcliffe's record Keeper on tape. It's clear and i think it's out of 40. Would be willing to buy or trade something in my collection to get it. Anyone on here have this thing??
  15. All prices are PPD and will be shipped out within 1 business day of receiving payment. I want to clear space and get rid of these ASAP. Ordering multiple records together will get you a discount. I can send pictures of anything you'd like to see, although these are all in very good condition unless otherwise noted. 7" $12 Anti-Flag / Hostage Calm || Split || Run For Cover Records Subscription Series || Red (/250) $10 Dikembe / Hightide Hotel / Jet Set Sail / Monument || Split || Black (/150) $10 Dikembe / Hightide Hotel / Jet Set Sail / Monument || Split || Gold (/350) $8 The Island of Misfit Toys / Nervous Passenger || Split || Black (/200) $10 Joan Of Arc / Owen / The Love Of Everything / Make Believe || The Association Of Utopian Hologram Swallowers || 2x7" on Green and Purple $7 Loose Lips Sink Ships / Victor Villarreal || Eating Happens (116/500) $12 Miserable / Grey Zine || Split || Run For Cover Records Subscription Series (/250) $10 The One Up Downstairs || The One Up Downstairs || Black $22 Run For Cover Records || Mixed Singles Vol. 1 || Black (851/1000) $18 Self Defense Family / Meredith Hunter || Split || Run For Cover Records Subscription Series || (/250) $15 Shook Ones / Death Is Not Glamorous || Split || Run For Cover Records Subscription Series || (/250) 9" $20 Adobe Homes || Piñata || Black w/ b-side etching (/80) $17 Adobe Homes || Piñata || Blue/Orange/Purple w/ b-side etching (/420) 10" $10 Ape Up! || Kemosabe || Black (/150) - small rip at the top of the outer jacket 12" $15 Arrows in Her - Leaving || White (single sided) $10 Certain People I Know || Certain People I Know || Electric blue (/350) $15 Chalk Talk || Bad Influences || Puke Green w/ hand screened B-side (/150) $30 Joan Of Arc presents "Pine Cone" by Tim Kinsella || Black (/500) $25 Literature - Arab Spring || Pink (/100) $18 Perfect Future || Old Wounds: Warmth In The Winter Of 1914-1915 || Black (/100) $12 Pswingset || All Our False Starts || Coke bottle clear (/250)
  16. LISTEN TO 'MIA' HERE: http://www.stereogum.com/1819906/artist-to-watch-spencer-radcliffe-mia-stereogum-premiere/franchises/band-to-watch/ Super excited that we've signed Spencer Radcliffe. Spencer last released an amazing split with R.L. Kelly on Orchid Tapes, and we're excited to release his full length "Looking In" October 2nd. "Mia," the first single is simply one of the best songs you will hear this year. Check out 'Mia,' a quick blurb from the Stereogum write-up below and pre-orders below. "...m ostly, Radcliffe operates in a drift, more comfortable with floating around in his own head. He feels in this world but not of it, lost and looking for an answer without really knowing the question. Tape delay and overdubs stand in for hesitation and second-guessing; sometimes, a single chord can travel the entire spectrum of human emotion. On one of the tracks from his new album, he muses: “I guess somehow I lost track of the direction back to the world from my mind.” Radcliffe often sounds like he’s taking the path least traveled, but it doesn’t feel like a misstep, just a different way of doing things." US Pre-order: http://bit.ly/1N7MAsE UK/EU Pre-order: http://bit.ly/1DqBrmx
  17. I was variant collecting Pity Sex, but I'm just not as into it as I was. For sale or trade! Adventures Split -Clear with Splatter /750 (1st Press) -Orange/White Aside/Bside / 1000 (2nd Press) -White/Black Split with Splatter / 1000 (2nd Press) Dark World -Black /300 (1st Press on Forward Records) -Cream / 300 (2nd Press(1st on RFC) -Pink /200 (2nd Press (1st on RFC) Not Pictured Feast of Love -Black /1000 (2nd Press) -Blue/White Split with Splatter (Banquet Exclusive) /200 (4th Press) With Flexi -Honey Gold/Cream Starburst /749 (3rd Press) -Lilac /400 (1st Press)
  18. Earlier this year, we spent a weekend recording at Livingston Studio 1 in north London. It was an incredible experience to work in such a prestigious location and one we feel privileged to have shared together. Writing this record, we had to adapt to writing and practicing whilst spread out across the globe and the two new original songs on Further Sky are the outcome of this interesting process. We are really looking forward to playing these songs on tour this summer in Australia, Japan and the USA. - Basement http://www.runforcoverstore.com/index.php/artists/basement/basement-further-sky.html there is a deluxe bundle available too Vinyl Pressing Information 500 Clear 1,500 Purple 5,000 Blood Red/Orange A-Side/B-Side Vinyl comes housed in a heavy duty gatefold 7" jacket.
  19. Abandoning my Pity Sex collection. Willing to sell or trade. Here's what I have: *means I'll hear offers, but not exactly looking to part with it. *Adventures Split - Bone with Blue Haze (Subscription Variant) / 250 (1st Press) Adventures Split - Clear with Splatter / 750 (1st Press) Adventures Split - Orange/White Aside/Bside / 1000 (2nd Press) Adventures Split - White/Black Split with Splatter / 1000 (2nd Press) Dark World - Black /300 (1st Press on Forward Records) Dark World - Clear / 1000 (3rd Press) Dark World - Cream / 300 (2nd Press) Feast of Love - Black / 1000 (2nd Press) Feast of Love - Blue/White Split with Splatter (Banquet Exclusive) / 200 (4th Press) (Includes flexi) Feast of Love - Clear with White Haze / 600 (1st Press) Feast of Love - Honey Gold/Cream Starburst / 749 (3rd Press) Feast of Love - Lilac / 400 (1st Press) *Feast of Love - Record Release Cover - Clear Green #42/50 (1st Press)
  20. all prices include ppd - pm me if interested $14 Run For Cover Records mail order 7" (Camera Shy, Whirr, Makthaverskan and Crying) - out of 1000 - black $15 Adventures/Run Forever Split 7" - first press - out of 300 -Transparent Orange $15 Old Gray/Tiny Moving Parts Split 7" - first press - out of 200 - light blue $18 Ivy League, TX / Turnover / Maker / Such Gold Split 7" - First Press - Sour Diesel Haze $18 Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want to Be - Black - second press/ 1000
  21. FOR SALE (no trades): only shipping to US states - Run for cover Records mailorder 7" - mixed signals vol 2 - black vinyl / 1000 - old gray/tiny moving parts split 7"- first pressing - light blue/ 200 - august burns red - Leveler - 210 gram green/yellow/brown swirl - OOP - The word alive - REAL - white with bone splatter/ 500 - Motionless in white - creatures - grimace purple - braid - no coast - baby blue/ 2000 - Eminem - curtain call - black - Taking Back sunday - where you want to be - second press- black / 1000 message me an offer on anything your interested in
  22. Picked up an extra copy of Euclid on RSD. Will sell for cost+shipping (10ppd) or will trade for the Camera Shy RSD release. Will also consider trading for other RSD releases as well. SOLD
  23. This is a long shot (not as long as Deja, but still fairly long) but if this goes out for sale off Run For Cover's site ( http://www.runforcoverstore.com/cloakroom-further-out-2xlp-record-store-day-edition.html) today, would someone be able to grab it for me? I'm working all day and afraid I might miss out if I haven't completely missed already. OR If by miracle one of you actually has it and would be willing to part with it, I'd also go with that. Obviously I'd pay cost + shipping + a little extra since I appreciate it so much. Thanks

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