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Found 4 results

  1. So I searched for a general thread on running here and didn't see any other than people asking specific questions, all of which died a long time ago. So I decided to start one haha I figured this could be a place to discuss anything and everything, races, training, shoes, stretching, foam rollers, tracking apps, injuries, how your run went today, whatever. I'm not sure if there are any or many runners on a record collecting thread but I figured I'd try it out. So, any runners? EDIT: Join the ongoing challenge here: Yearly Challenge: www.endomondo.com/challenges/26541669 Vinyl Collective Yearly Running Challenge Champion: 2014 - Josh D - peanutbutter beard - 1082.17 miles 2015 - Nathan T - ntslash - 1203.02 Vinyl Collective Monthly Challenge Champion: 2015: January-March (Most Workouts) - Dave C - GentlemanJerseyDave - 57 Workouts April (Most Miles) - Nathan T - ntslash - 122.50 miles May (Fastest 5k) - Nathan T - ntslash - 18:22 June (First to 30 Miles) - Nathan T - ntslash - 5 days July (Most Active Minutes) - Dave C - GentlemanJerseyDave - 27h:5m August (Most Miles in 12 Minutes) - Nathan T - ntslash - 2.09 miles September (Farthest in 1 Hours) - Nathan T - ntslash - 9.14 miles October (Fastest 5 Miles) - Nathan T - ntslash - 31:12 November-December (Most Calories) - Nathan T - ntslash - 24,700 kcal
  2. I just received my new Garmin watch and don't need this one anymore. It is the blue watch and comes with a heart monitor. It is still in good condition, I just needed to upgrade. Would like $75 for it.
  3. So I have this strange tiny fetish. I go on runs just about every day. Nine times out of ten, I tend to just listen to a whole album as I'm running. Whatever it's length tends to dictate how long I carry on. I was just wondering if any of the others do the same. If so, any recomendations?
  4. So I've been wanting to take up running in an effort to trim some weight and I figured it'd be a good idea to start training for a 10K since I'd like to eventually get to where I can knock down 6 miles on the daily. Anyone have any solid plans that have worked for them? At present, I've just started out by doing a mile a day which is pretty simple and from there, I figure I'll just add a half a mile each week to my daily run until I'm up to 6 miles a day by the 1st week of December. Simple enough, or am I missing something? Proper diet and such goes without saying - I've been kicking oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, lentil and spinach soups, made a huge pot of vegan chili yesterday, etc, etc.