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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm selling off most of my Vinyl collection over on Discogs. There is Mondo, Dealth Waltz, Waxwork, Limited Releases, Grunge, Rock, Alternative, you name it. I'm open to offers as well. I prefer selling to everyone on here since everyone has always helped me out so much. Here is the list: https://www.discogs.com/seller/nathan_s82/profile?sort=listed%2Cdesc&limit=250&page=1
  2. http://tnyn.gs/1SQTyFe Hey guys. Help us make room for more records in 2016 ... and save a lot of money, too! These grab bags will feature selections from over half the Tiny Engines' catalog - about 20 releases in total - with several newer titles from 2014 and 2015 included as well. I'm going to do my best to make these packages as awesome and diverse as possible. Of course, our entire catalog is pretty awesome and diverse, which makes my job much easier. Here are the details. Let me know if you have questions or comments. Thanks! * Get FIVE randomly selected records for only $20.00 * Grab Bags include FOUR 12" LPs and ONE 7” or 10”, plus bonus goodies * Limited to 50 packages, deal ends on DEC 19 … whichever comes first * Selections will be made from over 20 titles in the Tiny Engines catalog * Does not include instant downloads: records will come with DL codes * No special requests. Grab bags are cheap and fun, so just roll with it! * Limit TWO Deals per customer: you may get duplicates, but we’ll try to avoid that as supplies allow
  3. Free worldwide shipping for all orders of 60€ and more up to April 20th! No discount code to enter, the offer will apply automatically. If you were intending to place an order, this is by far the best moment for the label. I am relocating Throatruiner to another city in the coming weeks with a few thousand LPs, and every order will be more than helpful to lighten my shelves and save some funds for upcoming projects/releases. And as european/international shipping rates have increased dramatically since january, this may be the last time I'll be able to offer this deal. http://store.throatruinerrecords.com http://store.throatruinerrecords.com http://store.throatruinerrecords.com Our last distro update, with new items and restocks from Deathwish Inc, A389 Recordings, Southern Lord, Relapse, Consouling Sounds, Adagio830/Vendetta and more : ABSTRACTER | Wound Empire [12"] ACxDC | Antichrist Demoncore [12"] ADVENTURES | Supersonic Home [12"] ALL PIGS MUST DIE | Self Titled [12"] AMALTHEA | In The Woods [2x12"] AMENRA/MADENSUYU | Split [10"] AMENRA/ELEANORA | Split [10"] AMENRA | Mass I [12"] AMENRA | Mass II [12"] ANCST/AST | Split [12"] ATRIARCH | An Unending Pathway [12"] BAPTISTS | Bloodmines [12"] BASTIONS/BURNING BRIGHT | Swan Songs [12"] BIRDS IN ROW | You, Me, & The Violence [12"/CD] BLACKLISTED | When People Grow, People Go [12"/CD/TAPE] CALL OF THE VOID | Ageless [12"] CHRIS COLOHAN | Negative Space Book [bOOK] CLOAKROOM | Further Out [2x12"] COLOSSVS | Unholy [12"] CONVERGE | Live at the BBC [7"] COWARDS | Hoarder [12"] CROWS | Better Off Dead [12"] CULT LEADER | Nothing For Us Here [12"] CULT OF YOUTH | Love Will Prevail [12"] CURSED | Two [12"] DEAD IN THE DIRT | The Blind Hole [12"] FULL OF HELL & MERZBOW | Split [12"] FULL OF HELL/PSYWARFARE | Split [12"] GIVE | Electric Flower Circus [12"] GRINDING HALT/SUFFERING QUOTA | Split [7"] HARM'S WAY | Rust [12"/CD] HEAVEN IN HER ARMS/COHOL | Split [12"] HEXIS | MMXIV A.D. IV KAL. IVN. [7"] HIEROPHANT | Peste [12"] HOMEWRECKER | Circle Of Death [12"] IN COLD BLOOD | Blind The Eyes [7"] IN THE HEARTS OF EMPERORS | White Cities Are Breeding In Your Wound [12"] INDIAN | From All Purity [12"] IRON REAGAN | Spoiled Identity [12"] JUNGBLUTH | Part Ache [12"] MAKTHAVERSKAN | II [12"] MAYHEM | Deathcrush [12"] MAYHEM | Live In Leipzig [12"] MOLOCH/HAGGATHA | Split [7"] MUDBATH | Corrado Zeller [12"] NASUM | Helvete [12"] NASUM | Human 2.0 [12"] NASUM | Inhale/Exhale [12"] NASUM | Shift [12"] NOTHING | Guilty Of Everything [12"] OBLITERATIONS | Poison Everything [12"] OLD MAN GLOOM | The Ape Of God I [12"] OLD MAN GLOOM | The Ape Of God II [12"] PELICAN | The Cliff [12"] PHARAOH | Negative Everything [12"] PHARMAKON | Bestial Burden [12"] PISSED JEANS | Honeys [12"] PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS | Up In Them Guts [12"] PLANKS | Funeral Mouth [TAPE] PRIMITIVE MAN | Home Is Where The Hatred Is [12"] PRIMITIVE MAN | Scorn [12"] PYRRHON | The Mother Of Virtues [2x12"] REKA | Dvala [12"] REVOK | Bunt Auf Grau [12"] SED NON SATIATA/CARRION SPRING | Split [12"] SELF DEFENSE FAMILY/CREATIVE ADULT | Split [7"] SLEEP | Dopesmoker [2x12"] SVFFER | Lies We Live [12"] SWAIN | Heavy Dancing [7"] SWAIN | Howl [TAPE] TESS | Que S'Élève La Poussière [12"] THE BODY/SANDWORM | Split [12"] TOMBS | Savage Gold [2x12"] TORCH RUNNER | Endless Nothing [12"] TORCHE | Restarter [12"] TOUCHE AMORE & SELF DEFENSE FAMILY | Self Love [7"] TRAP THEM | Blissfucker [12"] UNIFORM | Self Titled [12"] WINDHAND | Soma [12"] XERXES | Collision Blonde [12"] XIBALBA | Self-Titled [12"] XIBALBA | Tierra Y Libertad [12"] YEAR OF NO LIGHT/BAGARRE GENERALE | Split [12"] YOUNG AND IN THE WAY/WITHDRAWAL | Split [7"]
  4. I have a dude from Italy who wants to buy a record, but I told him I am reluctant to ship there because of the legend of lost incoming parcels. He told me he has heard about that, but thought it was only a legend and asked if it's possible if he pays for tracking. International tracking costs an arm, a leg, and a nut, so I doubt he'll want to after seeing the price, but you never know how badly someone might want a certain record. Sellers - Would you absolutely never ship to Italy or would tracking make it okay and make sure you don't get ripped off through paypal if the parcel gets lost. Follow up question: I'm thinking about updating my seller terms to state I won't ship there, or that I won't ship there w/o tracking, depending what kind of responses I get. What other countries would you list as places to never ship to, and why? Would you ship there with tracking, or just 'no' period? Thanks.
  5. Post all distro/label sales here please! Will update OP as promos are posted, if PM'd I'll update it faster. Thanks! Amoeba.com - 15% off with code APRIL1514, ends April 19th. Anchorless Records - LETSGOWINGS for 23% off until 4/20. Bad Timing Records - 15% off everything in their webstore - VERYPUNK - good through April 20 BagsUnlimited.com -10% off your order - RSD2014- Good through April 20th. Bitter Melody Records - 20% off everything tomorrow only but coupon is active now rsd2014. Broken Heart Records - 15% off with code rsd. Count Your Lucky Stars - 15% off with code RSD2014. Deathwish Records - Get 20% Off your order with coupon code RSD2014 + RSD Exclusives, code not valid wit preorders and brand new items. Dine Alone Records - 20% off everything but new Alexisonfire preorder. dustymedical.com - 33% off LPS, 45% of 7" Dr. Strange - 15% off with code RSD Enjoy The Ride - Various items on sale + RSD bundles, no coupon needed, end 4/22/14 http://enjoytheride.storenvy.com/?page=1 EscapistRecords - 25% off in the store using code RSD14 on Sat and Sun. Plus all orders get free stuff. I Surrender Records - 20% off in webstore (no coupon code needed) http://www.merchdirect.com/ISurrenderRecords/Vinyl/?display_category_id=279 No Sleep Records - 20% off all weekend with code RSD2014 NOT NOT FUN RECORDS - buy one get one, buy two get two, and so forth. Enter what you want free in the PayPal checkout notes. http://www.notnotfun.com Paper + Plastick - Starting tomorrow, Friday, April 18 at 5pm EDT, basically everything in our webstore* (i.e. records, shirts, toys, prints, etc.) will be 50% off! This discount will be automatically applied at checkout and the sale will run until Saturday at 11:59pm EDT. Run For Cover Records - 20% off records all weekend Science of Silence Records - until Monday at 12 PM EST, get 20% off with code RSD14 + orders over $25 get Voyager/Monolith Split LP on clear vinyl for free. Slumberland Records - prices are already discounted http://slumberlandrecords.com/catalog/sale Sound Stage Direct - 10% off all music - RSD10 - Good through Monday 4/21 11:59PM EST Wonderlandarchives.com - 20% off with code RSD2014
  6. Saw this posted on propertyofzack. Figured a few of you might find it useful... No Sleep Records - Use code “JULYFORCE” for 15% off Paper + Platick Records - Use code “FourthOfJulySale” for 66.6% off (noon to midnight) Enjoy the Ride Records - Use code “AmericaFyea” for $4 off a purchase of $24 or more American Dream Records - Use code “AMERICA” for 15% off Youth Conspiracy Records - Use code “STEVEWEISER” for 20% off Less Than Jake - Use code “heatwave” for 20% off In Vinyl We Trust - Use code “AmericaFyeah” for 15% off No Idea Records - Use code “Var-SpangledBanner” for 20% off Glamour Kills - 20% off and free shipping Escapist Records - Use code “4THOFJULY” for 15% off all orders