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Found 24 results

  1. Hey all, I'm looking to buy some used punk band tee's, size Extra Large. We had recently moved and somehow a bag of my clothes went missing. If you have any laying around that no longer fits, have minor holes/stains or just wanna make some cash, please PM me! Interested in pretty much any bands on Lookout!, Epitaph, Fat, Recess, Asianman, Hellcat, It's Alive, Dead Broke, Hopeless, Red Scare, Nitro, ect... I'll pretty much snag any that are reasonably priced and also open to trade vinyl for them. Appreciate it everyone, cheers!
  2. Hey all! Been meaning to downsize my collection for a while now, and since I'm broke and rent is coming up, decided to sell some now. I did my best to mix it up and included something for everyone on the list. Some rare, some not so much, but all are priced very fair! Set sale but will take reasonable offers, especially on multiples and will also combine shipping. If you're interested in something or have any questions, please PM or Email me - ( [email protected] )- 7"/EPs Bad Cop Bad Cop; Self Title (2019 white W grey/black splatter) $25 Beatnik Termites; You're All Talk (green) $5 Chemical People; Cum, Blister, Bleed (purple) $5 Chemical People; Fan Club Single (blue) $5 The Crums; Creepy Crawl (blue) $10 Dickies; Gigantor (yellow) $10***SOLD*** Evaporators; Welcome To My Castle $10 Gorilla Biscuits; Self Title $10***SOLD*** Longshot; Love Is For Losers (picture disc)$15 MurderBurgers; Shitty People and Toothache (orange) $10***SOLD*** Nobody's; Politically Incorrect (first press numbeted red and second press black)***SOLD*** NOFX; PMRC $5 Propagandhi; Where Quality is Job # 1 (2ep one black, one grey) $15***SOLD*** Propagandhi; How To Clean A Couple Of Things $10***SOLD*** Random Victim; Self Title $10 Screeching Weasel; You Broke My Fucking Heart $10***SOLD*** Screeching Weasel; Suzanne Is Getting Married (Glued Cover) $10 ***SOLD*** The Scuches; Negatory (blue) $15 S.O.A.; 12/29/80 First Demo (yellow) $10 Vindictives; Eating Me Alive (picture disc) $5 The Young Rochelles; Gotta Keep You Alive (clear 5") $10 The Young Rochelles; Know The Code $5 Zoinks!; The Soap Factory $5 The Reptilian; No Path (green flexi) $5 10"s: Zoinks!; Panorama $15 Comps/Splits: Jabber/Science Police Flexi (white, green) White $5 Green $5 Cj Ramone and The Manges $10 Scooby Don't and Boris The Sprinkler $5***SOLD*** MTX and Sicko $5 Proton Packs and The Livermores (yellow) $5 Vandals and Dropkick Murphys $10 City Mouse and Week End Dads (yellow) $5 Sloppy Seconds and Dangerbird (orange) $20 Something To Do Music For Something To Do People; Phase One (green) $20 Punk Rock Raduno; 3 $20 12"/LPs/2xLPs Against Me!; Reinventing Axle Rose (sealed orange/black splatter W tote) $30 Bad Cop Bad Cop; Warriors $10 Beastie Boys; Polly Wog Stew (EU Unofficial Clear) $50 Being As An Ocean; Dear G-D (grey/silver) $15 Black Keys; Rubber Factory (picture disc) $20 Bomb The Music Industry - Vacation (Pink/Yellow Sunset, Never played ) $27***SOLD*** City Mouse; Get Right (blue and black) $15 Cokie The Clown; You're Welcome (red W splatter) $20 The Copyrights; Learn The Hard Way $15 Counterpunch; Bruises (Blackhawks splatter) $25 Descendents; Everything Sucks (with bonus 7") $20 Descendents; Everything Sucks (clear with bonus 7") $40 Descendents; Hypercaffium Spazzinate (red) $20 Emily's Army; Dont Be A Dick (yellow) $15 Groove Ghoulies; World Contact Day (red) $15 ( also have a promo picture may get rid of ) Promo Photo $15 The Gungans; MessaMessaMessa! (Grim Deeds) $20 Horror Section; Self Title (yellow) $20 Huntingtons; Muerto, Carcel, O Rocanrol! (red black marble) $20 Less Than Jake - GNV FLA ( Green w/ Pink splatter ) *Sleeve has a makeshift cover, I had no idea when I purchased it. Looks pretty cool though, will gladly send pictures. Vinyl is in mint condition* $25 Lillingtins - S.O.L. (Glow in the Dark) $50***SOLD*** Lillingtons - Death By Television ( RSD exclusive Pic Disc, New w/Hype sticker ) $25***SOLD*** Lillingtons - Death By Television $20 ***SOLD*** Lillingtons - Stella Sapient $15 ***SOLD*** Longshot; Love Is For Losers $20 Masked Intruder - 3 (green) $20 Mean Jeans - Gigantic Strike (Red and Blue split W Black splatter) $15 Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Diva (Fatwreck Store Edition) $100 Misfits - Static Age $20***SOLD*** Moral Crux; Pop Culture Assassins (red) $10 NOFX - Ribbed (first press) $50***SOLD*** NOFX - Ribbed Live In a Dive (" Together on the Sand " blue mustard split) $50 NOFX - The Greatest Songs Ever Written 2xLP (glow In the dark /500) $50 Propagandhi - How To Clean Everything $15***SOLD*** The Putz; Hole In One (orange) $15 The Putz; Clinically Inane (yellow) $15 The Putz; Mad Monster Party (orange) $15 The Putz; Rise and Shine (red copy, blue copy) Red $15 Blue $15 The Queers; Grow Up (brownish marble) $20***SOLD*** The Queers; Love Songs (brownish marble) $20 ***SOLD*** The Queers; Beyond The Valley Revisited (singed) $25 Thrice - Beggars ( Special Edition on Red/Yellow/Blue Stripped vinyl. Opened but never played, w/ hype sticker, + 7" still sealed ) $35***SOLD*** Rehasher; Make The Noise; Blue $30 Rehasher; High Speed Access To My Brain (red white split copy and blue white split copy) Redwhite $15 Bluewhite $15 Reno Divorce; Fairweather Friends/Ship Of Fools (orange) $20 Screeching Weasel - Wiggle (red) $30 Teenage Bottlerocket - Tales From Wyoming (beer) $40***SOLD*** The Sleights; Something Wasted This Way Comes (red copy and yellow copy) Red $15 Yellow $15 Sloppy Seconds; Knock Yer Blocks Off! (Yellow) $15 The Smarties; Whole Buncho Weirdos $5 Smoking Pope's; Into The Agony (red purple split) $15 Street Dogs; Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing (gold) $65 Test Pressings: The Wannabes; Out Went The Lights (48/50) $30***SOLD*** Pinhead Gunpowder- West Side Highway $40***SOLD*** Vandals - Peace Thru Vandalism $80 Man Dingo; ifive $30 Mikey Erg - Wax Built Castles (Signed, colored test ) $50 Something To Do Music For Something To Do People; Phase One (24/30) $40 Zoinks!; Panorama $40 Jabber; Science Police (flexi test) $15 Rehasher; Eat/War (7/24) $25 The Scuches;Negatory (2/30) $25 The Smugglers; Sellin'g The Sizzle $80 Shipping in the U.S ( Media Mail ) 7"- $3.50 10"/12"- $4.99 •Discounted shipping on multiple records• International Shipping Rates: *RATES VARY BY LOCATION, PLEASE MESSAGE/EMAIL ME FOR EXACT OVERSEAS PRICING* I'll gladly work out deals and open to reasonable offers, and will combine/discount the shipping prices. Thank you everyone!!
  3. Hey all, I'm working on my collection and looking for some Screeching Weasel, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Queers and a few other albums. Some that I really need I listed below but if you have any 90's Lookout Records stuff ( Chrimpshrine, The Lookouts, Riverdales, Green day, Sludgeworth, Mr.T Experience, Op Ivy ect.. ) I would be quite interested in some of those as well. Screeching Weasel - Punk House ( Orinigal pressing or Ben Weasel's Repress ) Screeching Weasel - Boogada ( ANY ) Screeching Weasel - Anthem for a new tomorrow ( ANY and the Test Pressing ) Screeching Weasel / Born against split 7" Screeching Weasel - Kill the musicians ( Test Press ) The Queers - Love songs for the retarded ( ANY plus the Test Pressing ) The Queers - Too dumb to quit ( ANY ) The Queers / Pink Lincolns ‎– Live At Some Prick's House (Hand colored version ) The Queers - My old man's a fatso 7" ( 1st pressing ) The Queers ‎– A Day Late And A Dollar Short ( 1st press on Gold and 3rd pressing with Glow-in-the-dark silk screen cover ) Pinhead Gunpowder - Jump Salty ( ANY ) Pinhead Gunpowder - Carry the Banner ( Black w/ White labels, Red, and White pressings ) Pinhead Gunpowder - Shoot the moon ( Gold pressing ) Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat ( Red eye cat cover ) Alkaline Trio - Remains ( ANY color ) The Wonder Years - Sister Cities ( Sunset smash ) Aaron West and the roaring twenties - Routine maintenance ( Blue w/White swirl, tour press ) Please PM me if you have anything you would sell or make a trade for. I have some Fatwreck SEs & Tour editions, a bunch of other non fat punk bands and some TPs for trade. Thanks everyone, with your help hopefully I can snag some of these!
  4. All vinyl is NM unless noted. All jackets are EX/EX+ unless noted. All records include original inserts unless noted. If you can get it cheaper elsewhere, please do. If I have something you believe is overpriced, and you want to combine it with other things, talk to me. Ships from Japan. 2-3 day shipping EMS for rare items. This is the only trackable and insured option. Starts at $20. Cheap shipping options: SAL - 2-3 weeks, $3 for 7", $5 for LP Airmail - 1 week, $5 for 7", $10 for LP $15 $35 limited to 300 on white, jacket is VG+ $30 $8 all VG+ $20, jacket has creases in VG, label is bubbly due to having double labels, I think $12 $12 $12 $20, 1st press, 300 copies? Vinyl EX+ includes poster $6 $45 $50 $10 $30 $30, jacket in rough shape w/split on top. Includes poster $30, the vinyl has a pink tint! includes patch SOLD SOLD SOLD $150. Rare A-stamps on both sides $30. translucent vinyl. jacket VG+ SOLD 1st press in shrink $35 $85 $30, unplayed, opened to check color $10 OOP, seam-split $25, unplayed, opened to check color $25, unplayed, opened to check color $22, VG condition vinyl. Includes Misfits interview insert and live 1978 Attitude recording. $25, 2 songs from first show $25, Vinyl has scratches that don't make any sound. Sourced from 1986 rainbo records pressing that has noisy A-side. $15 Japanese boot, incredibly rare. open to offers. $35, rare Japanese first edition of Famous Monsters in black screen printed case $15 $150 $90 (2009 press, limited to 300, I cherished this) $12, 2010 2nd press (remember when these were out of stock? this was the re-stock) Vinyl has some GZ factory scratches. Played once or twice. Still in shrink with Japanese sticker $60, includes rare bonus 7" $35, jacket in great shape except for ring wear $35 $15 $15 $5 $5 $15 $20, beautiful copy in shrink $35, both vinyl swirled. red swirls in yellow $130, sorry, no price lowerings. Jacket VG+, vinyl NM. CD available for $35 or both as a set for $150 $30, NM $30 $30 $75, vinyl never pressed. just sleeve, rare $25, Promo 7", sleeve never printed $30, pre-SW 2nd incarnation band named Gore Gore Girls (Ben Weasel and Jughead). Only published track: Nightbreed $45, Rare 2nd pressing w/printed labels $35, rescinded 1st press with original mix. A remixed 2nd press was quickly made. Bottom right corner of jacket has creases $30. red also available, but only green or red, not both I paid $150 pre-shipping... $120 $45, incredible sounding 1st press in glossy jacket w/lyrics on reverse insert $30, matte jacket repress. insert does not have lyrics printed on back $30 $20 $15 Pending, contact if interested $25 $12 Pic disc also available $25 (Paid $100 for this!!) $100, rare. disc 1 is kind of pink, disc 2 is marbled. Try to find another like that. Received this straight from Todd. $22 $35 $30 $75. This was Jughead's copy. Has some water damage from his basement flood. $30 $35 $25, Rare red vinyl. Black also available $20 $10 Xero Fiction is a new Japanese pop-punk band. Their records are incredibly rare. $40 $40 $40 $15 $15
  5. Ok here goes, bunch of random stuff from the 90's. Everything is in at least VG+ condition. Most of this stuff is NM and super clean. Shipping will be $3 no matter how many you buy. All vinyl is black unless noted. Please try to buy more than just a $1 7" because that's just fucking dumb. I run a distro and ship stuff every day so these will be shipped quickly and in mailers with additional padding. Send all requests to my email at [email protected] And check out my distro in case you want to combo up an order or something like that http://brainabuse.com Artist Title Pressing Info Price Atom And His Package - Behold, I Shall Do A Thing 7" (Pink) $3 Big Black - He's A Whore 7" $3 Big Black - Il Duce 7" $3 Big Black - Heartbeat 7" $4 Birdhouse Four - I Sold 100 Girl Scout Cookies 7" (White) $3 Blessed Ethel - Dog 7" $1 Codeine - Realize (Clear) $9 Crumbox - You Bought Sound 7" $2 Digger/The Fairlanes - Touch My Body 7" $2 Dynamite Boy/The Impossibles - Split 7" (Green) $25 Everready - Count Transit System 7" (Clear Green) $3 Everready - Kalifornia 7" $4 Ex Members Of/Wardance Orange - Split 7" $2 F.Y.P. - Made In Usa 7" (Red/500) $6 F.Y.P. - Extra Credit 7" (Gray/255) $10 The Fairlanes - Hi We're The Fairlanes 7" $2 Flipper - Flipper Twist 7" (Clear) $9 Flop - The Losing End 7" $1 Haywood/Mariner Nine - Split 7" $1 Horace Goes Skiing - Domestic Violence 7" (Blue) $5 Iron And Wine - Call Your Boys 7" (Clear) $25 Jawbox/Edsel - Split 7" $3 Juno - Magnified And Reduced By Inches 7" (Coke Bottle) $4 M.F.R./One Way - Split 7" $2 Mega City Four/The Refreshments - Split 7" $2 Murdock - S/T 7" $1 Nova Scotia - S/T 7" $2 Pink Noise Test - Sink/Dance 7" (White) $3 Pipe - Ashtray 7" $2 Playground - If You Were Me 7" (Green) $3 Polvo - Tilebreaker 7" $6 The Readymen - Factory 7" $2 Sammy - Chili Lite 7" $1 Samuel - Empty And Then Some 7" $5 Seaweed - Bill 7" (Torquoise) $7 Silkworm - Violet/Around A Light 7" (Red w/sticker) $14 Sinkhole - Stool 7" $1 Small - Chopsocky 7" $1 Spanky - Out Of It 7" (Yellow) $4 Spare Snare/Sone - Split 7" $1 Stranger Death 19 - Astral Pilot 7" $1 Tanner - Blueprint 7" $3 Throneberry - Touched 7" $1 Traitors - I'm So Happy When I'm Hating 7" $2 Tripmaster Monkey - Shutters Closed 7" $1 True Zero/Jill - Split 7"$1 V/A - The Sidewalk Chalk Adventure 7" (Comp w/Going Stagg, Six Cents & Natalie, Busytoby, Radio 4) $5
  6. Up for grabs: Bracket - 12" - Novelty Forever Chixdiggit - From Scene (blue) Chixdiggit - Born On The First... (beer) Citizen Fish - 12" - Life Size Cobra Skulls - 7" - Eagle Eyes (gold/red) /304 Dead To Me - 12" - Moscow Penny (smokey yellow) Dog Piss - 12" - Eine Kleine Epoxies - 12" - S/T Go Go's Tribute (pink) /100 Limp - 12" - Pop And Disorderly Nightmerica - Love Equals Death Morning Glory - 12" - Poets Were My Heroes (red) /313 Morning Glory - 7" - Born To December (camo) /??? Morning Glory - 7" - Off With Their Heads Split (black) /200 MXPX - 12" - The Renaissance EP Night Birds - 12" - Born To Die In Suburbia (screened cover) #145/420 Night Birds - 7" - Maimed For The Masses (70g) /500 Old Man Markley - 12" - Down Side Up (red/white/blue) /409 Old Man Markley - 7" - Blood On My Hands (clear/splatter) /410 Old Man Markley - 7" - Party Shack (pink) Rise Against - 12" - RPM 10 (white) Screeching Weasel - 12" - First World Manifesto (black gatefold) /150 Screeching Weasel - 12" - First World Manifesto (gold) /400 Screeching Weasel - 12" - First World Manifesto (gold/black splatter) /300 Snuff - 12" - 5-4-3-2-1-Perhaps! (purple/green) /407 Snuff - 12" - 5-4-3-2-1-Perhaps! (store exclusive) /100 Snuff - 12" - Potatoes And Melons Wholesale Prices Straight From The Lock Up Sundowner - 12" - Neon Fiction (clear purple) /??? Swingin' Utters - 7" - Stuck In A Circle (grey w/ black splatter) /??? The Bouncing Souls - 12" - Comet (180g) /1000 The Bouncing Souls - 12" - Comet (tour edition) /500 The Flatliners - 12" - Destroy To Create (white) /561 The Flatliners - 7" - Caskets Full (white/black split) /??? The Real McKenzies - 12" - Westwinds (blue) /326
  7. Everything is priced with postage paid but negotiable I suppose. Will obviously cut deals if you want more than one or at least discount since I can combine shipping. Fine with outside of USA but you’ll pay extra shipping obviously. Also will entertain offers on anything on my list - https://deadformat.net/collection/izs3 - but some of them are in storage and I don’t have access for a bit. 12” Vinyl Mischief Brew - Stone Operation (purple+green /500 - sleeve top splitting from shipping) -$25ppd The Real McKenzies - Oot & Aboot (brand new sealed) - $15ppd The Real McKenzies - Loch’d & Loaded (brand new sealed) - $20ppd Dance Hall Crashers - Live Record Witless Banter… (brand new sealed) - $30ppd Conor Oberst - Gentleman’s Pact EP (brand new sealed) - $160ppd Daggermouth - Turf Wars (test press 23/101) - offer? Screeching Weasel - My Brain Hurts (pink) - $50ppd Screeching Weasel - Boogada (white) - $50ppd Pavement - Live Europaturnen MCMXCVII (purple cover) - $30ppd Chris Clavin ‎- The Roads Don't Lead Home. The Roads Lead Everywhere (new - red) - $15ppd The Unicorns - Who Will Cut… (solid pink original /500) - $160ppd Soel - Memento (sealed new) - $45ppd 7” Vinyl Kevin Devine & River City Extension - 7” split (pea green /500 - brand new) - $25ppd Glassjaw - Jesus Glue (repress(?)-vinyl is all black with thin orange line, without GJ adapter) - $40ppd Glassjaw - Lennon (repress(?)-vinyl is all black with thin blue line, without GJ adapter) - $50ppd Beastie Boys ‎– Get It Together / Futterman's Rule (white - “clean - for jukeboxes only”) - $15ppd Dub Narcotic Sound System ‎– Fuck Shit Up (black) - $15ppd Fucked Up - Year of the Pig (Japanese version - black - brand new) - $15ppd
  8. ***On a scale from 1 (Poor) to 10 (Perfect) the gradings are equivalent to:
MINT - 10, Near Mint - 8, Excellent - 7, Very Good Plus - 6 , Very Good - 5 , Good - 2 **I always remove plastic wrap because it warps record sleeves. Plastic melts quicker than sleeve and vinyl. Also over time it will simply contract. *All prices are negotiable. However, everything is researched and based off market/availability. If you can show me you've found it for cheaper I will gladly sell for less. 12"s The Ramones Pleasant Dreams Sire Very Good/Excellent The Clash Rock The Casbah Epic Very Good This is a 12'' Single of Rock The Cashbah, Bside is Mustapha Dance American War Rhetoric Shout Out Loud Prints Mint Nobodys Short Songs For Short Attention Spans Hopeless Near Mint Cheap Girls My Roaring 20's Paper and Plastick Near Mint Clear with Orange Splatter Vinyl Cheap Girls Giant Orange Rise Mint White with Subtle Orange Spots Vinyl Propagandhi Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes Fat Wreck Chords Near Mint The Riot Before Rebellion Paper and Plastick Near Mint The Misfits Die Die My Darling Plan 9 Near Mint/ Excellent 12" EP Classics Of Love Walking In Shadows Asian Man Near Mint Werd Al Yankovic Self-Titled Rock N Roll Excellent Weird Al's First Record Against Me! From Her Lips To Gods Ears Fat Wreck Chords Near Mint 12" Single, Features Remix by Adrock from Beastie Boys Cobra Skulls Bringing The War Home Fat Wreck Chords Mint 12" EP Cobra Skulls Agitation Fat Wreck Chords Mint House Boat The Delaware Octopus It's Alive Mint Olive Vinyl The Methadones Not Economically Viable Underground Communique Near Mint White Vinyl The Methadones Self-Titled Solidarity Recordings Near Mint Clear Red Vinyl The Methadones Career Objective Underground Communique/ Transparent Near Mint The Methadones/Copyrights Split Near Mint 1st Press, Pink Vinyl The Copyrights North Sentinel Island Red Scare/It's Alive Near Mint Clear Red Vinyl The Copyrights Make Sound Red Scare/It's Alive Near Mint Turquios Marble Vinyl Bomb The Music Industry Get Warmer Asian Man Near Mint Bomb The Music Industry Vacation Earnest jennings/ Really Records Near Mint Clear Blue with Blue Splatter Vinyl, Gatefold Shook Ones Unquotable AMH Paper and Plastick Near Mint Screeching Weasel Bark Like A Dog Fat Wreck Chords Near Mint Screeching Weasel First World Manifesto Fat Wreck Chords Near Mint Screeching Weasel Wiggle Recess Records Near Mint White Vinyl Screeching Weasel Major Label Debut Lookout/Panic Button Near Mint The Riverdales Self-Titled Lookout Records Good The Riverdales Phase 3 Asian Man Near Mint Clear Orange Vinyl Chinese Telephones Self-Titled It's Alive Near Mint Half Yellow/Half Blue Vinyl Diamond Youth Orange Topshelf Near Mint Clear Gold with Black Splatter Dinosaur Jr. Farm Jagjaguwar Near Mint Gatefold! Double LP! Elvis Costello and The Attractions Armed Forces Columbia Very Good Elvis Costello and The Attractions Trust F Beat Very Good Elvis Costello and The Attractions Get Happy Columbia Very Good The Pogues Fairytale Of New York Pogue Mahone Records Excellent 12'' Single with a few other songs Off With Their Heads Hospitals Recess Records Near Mint Off With Their Heads From The Bottom No Idea Near Mint White Vinyl The Queers Beat Off with insert - VG The Vindictives Many Moods Of Lookout Records Near Mint Double LP The Vindictives Hypno-Punko Coldfront Records Near Mint Red Vinyl Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit.. IRS Recordings Excellent Front and back covers are orange with black text instead of the usual Black with Yellow Text • Operation Ivy Energy Hellcat Mint Red Vinyl The Menzingers A Lesson In the Abuse.. Mightier Than The Sword/Go Kart Mint 1st Press, Green Vinyl The Menzingers A Lesson In the Abuse.. Mightier Than The Sword/Go Kart Mint 1st Press, White Vinyl The Menzingers A Lesson In the Abuse.. Mightier Than The Sword/Go Kart Mint 1st Press, Black Vinyl The Menzingers Rented World Epitaph Mint 1st press, Dark Grey Swirl Vinyl The Menzingers Rented World Epitaph Mint 1st Press - Black Vinyl The Menzingers Impossible Past Epitaph Mint THIS IS A CD - Australian exclusive press with bonus track only avail here Tigers Jaw Self-Titled Photobooth Records Mint 3rd batch of preorder exclusive hand screened cover, 1/400 w insert Tigers Jaw Self-Titled Run For Cover Mint 1st Press, Black Vinyl Tigers Jaw Two Worlds Run For Cover Mint Clear Red Vinyl Tigers Jaw Two Worlds Run For Cover Mint Powder Blue Vinyl Tigers Jaw Balance and Composure Split Run For Cover Mint Clear Red Laura Stevenson Wheel Don Giovanni Mint Sidekicks Awkward Breeds Red Scare/ Reall Records Mint Clear Gold Vinyl $ Sidekicks Weight Of Air Red Scare/ Team Science Mint Grey Marble Vinyl NWA Gangsta Gangsta 12" Single Ruthless/Priority Very Good Won't elaborate but the album cover is INSANE None More Black This Is Satire Fat Wreck Chords Mint 7''s Pinhead Gunpowder Westside Highway Recess Records Near Mint Slate Grey Vinyl Crimpshrine Quit Talkin' Claude Lookout Near Mint Laytonville Address (means 1st press) Crimpshrine Sleep? What's That? Lookout Near Mint Laytonville Address (means 1st press) Astrid Oto At Home With No Idea Near Mint Slate Grey Vinyl End Of The World News The Forward Recess Records Near Mint Weird Cometbus Band The Vindictives This Is My Face VML Records Near Mint The Vindictives Johnny Where Are You/Eating Me Alive Lookout Mint Picture Disc! The Riverdales Blood On The Ice/No Sense Honest Don's Excellent The Riverdales Fun Tonight/I'm A Vegetable Lookout Excellent Lagwagon Feedbag of Truckstop Poetry Fat Wreck Chords Excellent Saves The Day Anywhere With You single Vagrant/Dreamworks Near Mint Clear Orange Vinyl - Bside is acoustic version Me First and The Gimmes Kenny Fat Wreck Chords Near Mint White Vinyl Me First and The Gimmes Jerry Fat Wreck Chords Near Mint Yellow Vinyl Foxboro Hot Tubs Mother Mary Jingletown Near Mint Cheap Girls Ruby Single Ruse Near Mint Hand number 496/500 Cheap Girls/Lemuria Split No Idea Near Mint Magenta Vinyl Cheap Girls Above Them Split All In Records Near Mint Red Vinyl/ UK Import 30 Foot Fall Cartoons Paranoid Records Near Mint Captain We're Sinkinhg With Joe Reilly Evil Weevil Near Mint Devon Williams Sufferer SLR Near Mint Bomb The Music Industry Everybody That You Love Paper and Plastick Mint Yellow and Brown Vinyl Green Day Minority Adeline Near Mint Sidekicks Sam Whoaoh Records Near Mint Drag The River Under The Influence Near Mint Copyrights Crutches Red Scare Near Mint Choke Up Spent SSR Near Mint Choke Up Luau Split Intense Human Victories Mint Cheeky Choke On A Cheeseburger Freedom School Near Mint Night Birds Prognosis Negative Grave Mistake/Dirtnap Near Mint Mirrors and Wires Slight of Hand Psychic Bolt Near Mint Link 80 Subincision Split Excellent Snowing Sam Rudich Square of Opposition Excellent Dear Landlord/Chinese Telephones Split It's Alive Near Mint Light Yellow Vinyl Dear Landlords Heartbroken Handshakes No Idea Near Mint Elvis Costello and The Attractions Sweet Dreams F Beat Excellent Elvis Costello and The Attractions I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down F Beat Excellent Elvis Costello and The Attractions Live at Hollywood High - Lip Service Universal/Hippo Near Mint Elvis Costello and The Attractions Live at Hollywood High - Watching the Detectives Columbia Near Mint Laura Stevenson Holy Ghost Mandible Near Mint Broadway Calls Teenage Bottlerocket Split Adeline Near Mint Teenage Bottlerocket/Ergs Having A Blast(Green Day) Near Mint Cloud Vinyl Descendents Merican Fat Wreck Chords Near Mint Descendents It Sux Being Single Tumbler Records Excellent Bootleg! Outtakes from Everything Sucks Against Me! Cavalier Eternal/You Look Like I Need A Drink No idea Near Mint Clear Blue Vinyl Against Me! Sink Florida Sink/Unsubstantiated Rumors No Idea Near Mint Grey Vinyl Against Me! Disco No Idea Near Mint Fingerscut/Megamachine Testament Aggravated Near Mint Screeching Weasel Born Against Lookout Near Mint Screeching Weasel Punk House Selfless Near Mint Scared of Shaka Live at Jay's Near Mint Bloodbath and Beyond Jihad Core EP The Queers A Proud Tradition Selfless Near Mint Double 7" Tigers Jaw Gypsy EP Run For Cover Near Mint Tigers Jaw Spirit Desire Tiny Engines Near Mint 2nd Press, Clear w/ Black Swirl 1/150 Tigers Jaw Spirit Desire Tiny Engines Near Mint 2nd Press, Light Grey 1/250 The Menzingers Bouncing Souls Split Chunksaah Excellent Gaslight Anthem Sink or Swim Demos Devildance Records Near Mint
  9. Tape Rec - Death Friends LP is finally out on IFB Records. Tape Rec hails from Rio, Brasil and plays a perfect type of 90's style grunge/pop/punk. This thing has all the influences that any kid getting into music in the 90's could want, from the stripped down lo-fi sound of the Breeders and Butterglory, complete with noised out mania ala Sonic Youth, all with the catchiest hooks ever. The vocals are pure sugary gold, and there are even Screeching Weasel style guitar leads here and there. Seriously this is just the catchiest, most infectious record I've heard in forever with a perfect raw production - no polish here - to please the punk heart. These are $14 ppd alone, or $10 in an order from the IFB Records distro - www.ifbrecords.com Listen to this record at their bandcamp http://taperec.bandcamp.com/album/death-friends
  10. I've kind of come to realize I have a lot of stuff that I probably won't listen to again and I'm trying to weed out my collection a bit. The prices listed are very flexible for my VC pals, especially if you purchase multiple items. I won't turn down any reasonable offer. I am also willing to trade for any Sun Kil Moon stuff. LPs are here. I'm too lazy to relist them on this site. http://www.discogs.com/seller/billspork Shipping will be 4$ to the US for the first 3 LPs, .50$ for every additional one. Payment must be paid as a gift or add an additional 1$ to cover the PayPal fees. I'll be adding more items when I feel ambitious (or get bored). Edit : Shipping for games and CDs is 3$ for the first couple and then an addition .50$ for every two more. Please try and order at least 10$ worth of CDs (including shipping). Added some video games and CDs. Not looking to make much on these, mainly hoping to get them out of my apartment without resorting to eBay or discogs. Alien Hominid (Gamecube) Bombastic Disgaea Disgaea 2 Dragon Quest VII Fallout 3 (360) Front Mission Ico Kingdom Hearts 2 Makai Kingdom Okami Panzer Dragoon Orta (Xbox) Phantom Brave Radiata Stories Shadow of the Colossus CDs (sorry about the formatting, guess tabs didn't translate well in the paste). ...and you will know us by - Source Tags & Codes AFI - Black Sails in the Sunset AFI - Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music - Split As Friends Rust - A Young Trophy Band in the Parlance of Our Times Bad Astronaut & Armchair Martian- War of the Worlds (split) Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty Beastie Boys - Ill Communication Beastie Boys - To the 5 Boroughs Boris with Merzbow - Sun Baked Snow Cave Bright Eyes - A Christmas Album Bright Eyes - Motion Sickness : Live Recordings (sealed) Bright Eyes & Brit Daniels - Home, Vol 4 (split) Bright Eyes & Son Ambulance - Oh, Holy Fools Broken Social Scene - Feel Good Lost Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run : 30th Anniversary Edition (1CD + 2DVD box set) Bruce Springsteen - Human Touch Bruce Springsteen - Lucky Town Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love Cloud Cult - Who Killed Puck? Cure, The - Bloodflowers Cure, The - Join the Dots (4CD box set) Cure, The - The cure Cure, The - Wild Mood Swings Death Cab for Cutie - We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes Decemberists, The - Her Majesty Decemberists, The - The Tain Deftones - White Pony Descendents - Everything Sucks Dillinger Escape Plan, The - Calculating Infinite Dismemberment Plan, The - ! Dismemberment Plan, The - A People's History of The Dismemberment Plan Do Make Say Thing - Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn Elliot - False Cathederals Get Up Kids, The - The EPs : Red Letter Day & Woodson Godflesh - In All Languages (bought used, cover is drawn on) Grandaddy - Under the Western Freeway Granddady - Excerpts from the Diary of Todd Zilla Green Day - 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours Green Day - Insomniac Green Day - Kerplunk! Guns 'n Roses - Live Era '87-'93 Guns n' Roses - G N' R Lies Guns n' Roses - Use Your Illusion II Hold Steady, The - Live at Fingerprints (sealed) Hot Water Music & Leatherface - Split Isis + Aereogramme - In The Fishtank, Vol 14. Jawbreaker - Etc. Jawbreaker - Live 4/30/96 Jawbreaker - Unfun Jesus and Mary Chain, The - Darklands Liars - Drums Not Dead (with DVD) Liars - They Threw Us in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top Liars - They Were Wrong, So We Drowned Matt Felumlee & Dan Adriano - Split Matt Skiba & Kevin Seconds - Split Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The - Live from the Middle East Minor Threat - Complete Discography Misfits - Collection 2 Misfits - Collection I Modest Mouse - Sad Sappy Sucker Mogwai - Ten Rapid (Collected Recordings 1996-1997) Mono & World's End Girlfriend - Palmless Prayer / Mass Murder Refrain Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante Murder by Death - Red of Tooth and Claw (sealed) NOFX - Punk in Drublic NOFX - So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Rust Never Sleeps Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings the Flood Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Murder Ballads Nine Inch Nails - Ghost I-IV Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral x2 Nomeansno - The Worldhood of the World (as such) Pixies - Death to the Pixies Planes Mistaken For Stars - Knife in the Marathon Poison the Well - Tear from the Red Promise Ring, The - Wood/Water Radiohead - Com Lag (2plus2isfive) Radiohead - My Iron Lung Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come Rentals, The - Seven More Minutes Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker Screeching Weasel - Boogida Boogida Boogida Screeching Weasel - Thank You Very Little Sigur Ros - Med sut ieyrum vit spilum endalaust Skinny Puppy - B-Sides Collect Skinny Puppy - Last Rights Skinny Puppy - Rabies Skinny Puppy - The Process Skinny Puppy - The Singles Collect Smackin' Isaiah - Benefits of Thinking Out Loud Smackin' Isaiah - The Champagne of Bands (We Know Sexy) Smashing Pumpkins - Gish Soundtrack - Lost Highway Sparta - Wiretap Scars Sunn O))) - Flight of the Behemoth The Dust Brothers - Fight Club OST Thrice - The Artist in the Ambulance (original) Thursday - Five Stories Falling Thursday - Waiting Thursday - War All the Time Time in Malta - A Second Engine Ugly Casanova - Sharpen Your Teeth Weakerthans, The - Fallow Weezer - Weezer (Blue Album) Whiskeytown - Faithless Street Who, The - Who's Next Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Xiu Xiu - Nina
  11. I am looking for the 7" from Screeching Weasel Happy, Horny, Gay and Sassy. I will buy it for a good price. If you don't want to sell let me know of an album you are looking for and I might own it or I can find it for you as a trade. I've been looking for this for 2 years now and it is the last thing I need to fully complete my SW collection! Any help finding this 7" would be awesome! Thanks Karrah
  12. The pre-order is finally up!! Jetty Boys "Let 'Er Rip!" LP is limited to 100 copies on coke bottle clear vinyl and 200 copies on white vinyl! Don't sleep on this one - coke bottle will probably sell out before this thing is ready to ship, and white vinyl probably won't be that far behind! Pre-orders are automatically in the running for a bonus test pressing of the album, and for 1 of 20 autographed 11x17" Jetty Boys promo posters! If you haven't heard this record yet, stream it from the product page at the Eccentric Pop Records store! Best pop punk record I have heard in years!! http://eccentricpoprecords.storenvy.com/
  13. I've been searching for this 7" for a long time. Any help in finding a copy would be amazing!! Thanks! Karrah
  14. The long wait is over! Up for pre-order RIGHT NOW! The Old Wives and The Blendours Split 12" LP! Purple vinyl is limited to 150 copies, and comes with some rad Old Wives buttons and an Eccentric Pop magnet, and maybe some other fun stuff as well! I am so, so incredibly stoked on this LP – best new pop punk record yet in 2013, hands down! There are some preview tracks on the pre-order page!! PLUS... each pre-order is in the drawing for one of three test presses! PLUS... I just stocked the store with TONS of rad pop punk records from Mooster Records, Jolly Ronnie Records, Kid Tested Records, and Dead Broke Rekerds, including several color variants that are either out of print or damn near out of print (I only have one copy of most of these!) Buy all you can - I've gotta pay for the new Jetty Boys LP coming out in a few months! AND... a new super mega bundle has been put up as well, featuring all the Eccentric Pop Records releases, two Kurt Baker records, and a FREE, OUT OF PRINT GROOVIE GHOULIES 7"!! holy smokes! Don't miss out on this pre-order! The split LP is expected to ship on June 13th, and the only way to get your hands on one of those test pressings is through our store! Eccentric Pop 2013!!! Wooo!!!! How many exclamation points can one label possible employ!! http://eccentricpoprecords.bigcartel.com/
  15. Hey VC folks, I am down to 14 copies of the marbled variant of the Parasites "non stop power pop vol. I" LP (150 pressed). If you'd like one, get it here! http://eccentricpoprecords.bigcartel.com/ Thanks!
  16. Hello VC! I just put up the pre-order for my label's first release! The legendary Parasites most recent full-length, Non Stop Power Pop Vol. I! www.eccentricpop.com This is one of my favorite records they have ever done! Pressing is limited to 150 on the swirled colors, 350 on blue... Thanks! Travis / Eccentric Pop
  17. OK, here's the post eBay sale. I've dug up about 100 extra records from my collection that I didn't initially want to part with. I'll try to keep the prices down, but some I paid a lot for and those are $10 to 20 less than what I bought them for. Other records I bought new and went up in value, so I used popsike to determine the price. ALL RECORDS IN NM unless denoted otherwise. Everything ships from Japan. To save money, combine orders. Choose between SAL (surface air lift) and airmail. REDUCED Shipping prices: SAL (handled as airmail between countries, surface mail when on the ground) LPs $9 for first plus $3 for each additional LP. 10"s $7 for first plus $2 for each additional 10". 7"s $4 for first plus $2 for each additional 7". Airmail: (about 5 to 10 days for delivery) LPs $16 for first plus $6 for each additional LP. 10"s $12 for first plus $3for each additional 10". 7"s $6 for first plus $2 for each additional 7". 7"s 14 Iced Bears - Inside (Slumberland) $2.50 Art Museums - Dancing With a Hole in your Heart (yellow vinyl, Slumberland) $2.50 BALZAC - Lord of the Light and the Darkness (1st EP) $70 BALZAC - When the Fiendish Ghouls Night (limited to 52 copies on black) $70 BEATNIK TERMITES - LINAGE $30 BEATNIK TERMITES - ultra low fidelity $10 BEATNIK TERMITES - Circles (clear) $25 BEATNIK TERMITES - you're all talk (green) $7 Big Troubles - Sad Girls (dark green/light green, Slumberland) $4 Big Troubles - She Smiles for Pictures (orange/black swirl, Slumberland) $4 Black Tambourine - By Tomorrow (white, Slumberland) $29 Boyracer - one side of (white, Slumberland) $5 Bricolage - Turn U over (Slumberland) $2.50 Bright Colored Lights - open your eyes (singer of black tambourine) (Slumberland) $2.50 Brilliant Colors - Never mine (mint green, Slumberland) $2.50 Brilliants Colors/Girls Names split (Slumberland) $4 Cause co-motion - I Lie Awake (Slumberland) $2.50 the Crabaples - for change (blue, Slumberland) $2.50 the Creeping Illness - Beat on Iraq (Parasites side band) $10 Crystal Stilts - Shake the Shackles (Slumberland) $2.50 Crystal Stilts/Comet Gain split (blue w/red splatter, Slumberland) $8 Devon Williams - Sufferer (clear, Slumberland) $2.50 Devon Williams - your sympathy (pink, Slumberland) $2.50 Disgusteens - teens dis gus ep (Japanese pop punk) $6 Dum Dum Girls - Bhang Bhang I'm a Burnout/Last Caress (white, Slumberland) $4 the Earthmen - cool chick #59 (white, Slumberland) $4 Frankie Rose - Know Me (swirl, Slumberland) $4 Gold-Bears - Something to think about $3 Gregory Webster - promised land (Slumberland) $2.50 Henry's Dress - 1620 (orange, Slumberland) $45 Henry's Dress/Rocketship split (1st press w/sleeves, Slumberland) $25 Henry's Dress/Flake split (corner cut??) $20 the How/Boyracer split (Slumberland) $2.50 the How - Happy Mat (red, Slumberland) $2.50 the Invalids - Wiseguys (green cover) $2.50 Jane Pow - Warm Room (Slumberland) $6 Jane Pow - Warm Room TEST PRESS, COKE BOTTLE CLEAR VINYL $45 the June Brides - Moon/Cloud w/CD (Slumberland) $3 Lognhalsmottaghningen - Oron Nasa (Slumberland) $70 Manatee - indecision (ice blue, Slumberland) $2.50 Manatee - single payer class war (Slumberland) $2.50 Mantles - Bad Design (pink, Slumberland) $12 Parasites - Where the Kids are (/500) $20 Parasites - Live Nightmares $8 Parasites - No Martyr $8 Parasites - VML live 1994 $2.50 Parasites - VML live 1996 $2.50 Parasites/Boris the sprinkler split $2.50 Dave Parasite - demos x2 7" (red, green) $5 Phil Wilson - Industrial Strength (x2 7", Slumberland) $2.50 Queers/Sinkhole Split $2.50 Queers - SLUG (White) $4 ROMANES - Japanese girl Ramones covers $5 Sarandon - Joe's Record (pink, Slumberland) $2.50 Sarandon - spike mulligan's tape recorder (Slumberland) $2.50 the Saturday People - Slipping Through Your Fingertips (Slumberland) $4 Sea Lions - All Right $6 Sleepyhead - Punk Rock City USA (pink, Slumberland) $8 Sleepyhead - sick of heaven (purple, Slumberland) $9 Small Factory - what to want (white, Slumberland) $7 Small Factory - Lose your Way (Slumberland) $4 the Softies - Loveseat (white, Slumberland) $12 the Softies - he'll never know $6 the Softies - the Best Days $6 Spectrals - get a grip (Slumberland) $2.50 St. Cristopher - Radio France Sessions EP (blue, Slumberland) $10 Stereolab - John Cage Bubblegum (pink, Slumberland) $70 Summer Cats (yellow, Slumberland) $2.50 Swirlies - Sarah Sitting (purple, Slumberland) $15 the Urchin/the Thumbs (SNUFFY SMILE) $12 Veronica Falls - Beachy Head (captured tracks) $5 Whorl - Maybe it's Better (white, Slumberland) $7 Wynona Riders - childhood game $2.50 Searching for the Now 1: The Company Presents Roy Moller/the Hermit Crabs split (white w/ green splatter, Slumberland) $3 Searching for the Now 2: Bye!/ the Happy Couple split (white w/blue splatter Slumberland) $3 Searching for the Now 3: A Sunny Day in Glasgow/the Sunny Street split (white Slumberland) $5 Searching for the Now 4: the PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART/ Summer Cats split (grey Slumberland) $35 Searching for the Now 6: the school/george washington brown split (swirl, Slumberland) $3 v/a What Kind Of Heaven Do You Want? Black Tambourine/Velocity Girl/Powderburns (1st Slumberland) $25 10"s Black Tambourine - Complete Recordings (slr) $35 Boyracer - we are made of the same wood (turquoise, slr, includes flexi) $15 Get Up Kids - Simple Science (red /300 for Japan) $12 Henry's Dress (slr) $60 (I paid $75 for this!) Sewer Trout (very small) $12 the Softies - (slr) $25 TEEN IDOLS/Spread $5 12"s the Aislers Set - the last match $25 (nice price!!) Bad Religion - No Control (mint green, $35) Bad Religion - Against The Grain (purple, $30) Big Troubles - Romantic Comedy (red, slr sold out!) $30 Boyracer - more songs about frustration (orange) $20 Bricolage - (slr) $5 Brilliant Colors - Introducing (white, slr) $12 Cause C0-Motion - because because (slr) $5 Devon Williams - Euphoria (blue, slr)) $15 Echo Lake - Wild Peace (white, slr)) Gold-Bears - Are you falling in love? (slr) $7 Henry's Dress - Bust 'Em Green $60 (slr) Hood - Cabled Linear Traction (slr) $25 Judy Ongg - This is Judy (1968 Taiwanese press VG) $5 Jupiter Sun (mint green, slr) $30 Lilys - in the presence of nothing (spinart, slr)) $80 ($20 off!) the Lodger - Life is Sweet (slr) $5 Lookouts - One Planet, One People (NM!!) $100 Manges R Good Enough - 1st press $15 Manges R Good Enough - remix (Clear w/ blue tinges) $15 MISFITS s/t $8 Namie Amuro - Genius 2000 (x2 LP) $25 the PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART - Higher Than the Stars Remixes (Slumberland pressing) $7 the PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART - acid reflex (purple, slr)) $15 Parasites - Nyquil-fueled rock armada $10 Pants Yell! - received pronuciation (slr) $5 Phantom Surfers - model road racing (Hobby hut) $5 Pinhead Gunpowder - Kick Over the Traces (clear) $20 Powderburns - (hand painted cover) (slr #2) $21 Procedure Club - doomed forever (slr) $3 Propagandhi - Today's Empires (blue) $50 the Queers - Shout out (includes bonus 7") $60 the Queers - Live in Philly '06 $ (swirl splatter) $15 RAMONES - Brain Drain (red 180g, for Europe RSD 2012) $40 RAMONETURES - s/t (munster) $35 Rocketship - Certain Sadness, Certain Smile (slr) $40 Rose Melberg - Portola $50 Rose Melberg - Homemade Ships $10 the Saturday People (slr) $5 Sarandon - Age of Reason (purple, slr) $5 Screeching Weasel - Anthem For A New Tomorrow (original pressing, sounds better) VF+ $25 Sea Lions - (swirl, slr)) $12 Seri Ishikawa - Best $5 the Softies - Winter Pageant $10 Southern All Stars - Paradise 12" (red) $5 Stereolab - Switched On (SLR) $40 Summer Cats (multi-splatter, slr)) $3 Todd Congelliere - Clown Sounds (red /50) $8 Viktimz of Society (Vindictives) $36 Violens - Totally True (sold out milky clear, slr) $26 Weekend - Sports (VF+ colored vinyl, slr) $55 Wire - pink flag (4 men w/beards) $10 the Wynona Riders - Artificial Intelligence $4 Xray Eyeballs - not nothing $5 the Young Freshfellows - electric bird digest $5 v/a Here Comes the Summer - Undertones tribute (queers, pansy division, cub, smugglers) $8 v/a yo-yo a go-go x3 LP (beck, excuse 17, softies, jacket in VF+) $10
  18. I am trying to get some money back after some heavy spending this past month / in anticipation for more heavy spending this month. This is a mostly set sale with offers on items I don't want to particularly part with unless for the right price or trade. Prices on the left are if you buy multiple and want exact shipping. Prices on the right are single item ppd prices. Reasonable offers considered and I will cut a deal if you buy multiples (i.e. free $1-$2 items, free shipping, etc.). Trades are also encouraged. 7" === Black Merinos - S/T (NEW, /1000) $2 / $4ppd Fuel - Take Effect (NM/EX) $4 / $6ppd Lower Class Brats - The Worst E.P. (NM/EX, Green w/ White Splatter Import) $4 / $6ppd Ressurection / Shades Apart - Out of Step / We Are the One (NM) $3 / $5ppd The Rudiments - Terror in the Heartland (EX/EX) $2 / $4ppd 10" === The Mars Volta - Televators (EX/NM, Yelow Vinyl) $28 / $31ppd Pacer - No. 1 (NM/NM, Electric Blue /200) $5 / $8ppd 12" === The Anti-Nowhere League - Live in Yugoslavia (VG+/VG, First UK Pressing) $5 / $8.50ppd Yo La Tengo - Here to Fall Remixes (NM/EX) $3 / $6.50ppd CDs === No Fun At All - No Straight Angles (EX/EX) $3 / $5ppd Satanic Surfers - Going Nowhere Fast (NM/NM, pretty much new just played 2x since buying last week) $3 / $5ppd Tapes === The Dead Milkmen - Bucky Fellini (EX/NM/VG+) $3 / $5ppd Shirts === Darkest Hour - Camo Fish SFAC (NWOT Small) $1.50 / $4ppd Everlea - Black Star SFAC (NWOT Small) $1.50 / $4ppd
  19. New thread http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/86338-fs-screeching-weasel-soia-bouncing-souls-british-sea-power-ltj/
  20. I am looking for the 7" from Screeching Weasel Happy, Horny, Gay and Sassy. I will buy it for a good price. If you don't want to sell let me know of an album you are looking for and I might own it or I can find it for you as a trade. Also I am looking for Masked Intruder First Offense Original 7" also in any colour. Thank you!! Karrah
  21. Got 107 records on eBay ending soon. Prices range from one cent to hundreds of dollars based not on market value but sentimental value to me. Up for bids is Nofx decline on color played twice. Green Day 1000 Hours green wax, played only 3 or 4 times. Rare Bad Religion Stanger Than Fiction on marbled white vinyl for a UK tour 1/3 of the Slumberland catalog including super rare colored mail order exclusives An OPIV record that's still under $2 1st LP and EP from Lilys Victims of Society, Screeching Weasel, Queers, Beatnik Termites, 1st Teen Idols Really crazy Click link below
  22. http://www.ebay.com/sch/mirrortuna/m.html?item=251125424084&viewitem=&rt=nc&_trksid=p4340.l2562 I played with various prices, but listed a few for 1 cent.
  23. Ramones Brain Drain on red vinyl(/200) Green Day Dookie on pink Green Day Sweet Children 7" Japan fan club press, CHEAP (sold one for $160 on eBay once) Bad Religion No Control green Against the Grain purple Stranger than Fiction Marbled White Get up Kids Simple Science 10" red NOFX white trash white 30 some records from Screeching Weasel, Balzac, Beatnik Termites, Teen Idols, Wire, Queers and more http://www.discogs.com/seller/moonlitdreams27?limit=50

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