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Found 7 results

  1. https://pavedparadise.secretlygroup.com/ Anyone else hear about this or go to it? I'm going to it tonight in Milton, DE of all places. You can see previews in IG posts and stories. https://instagram.com/paved__paradise "From September 9 - 26, Secretly Group, the label consortium comprised of Dead Oceans, Ghostly International, Jagjaguwar, Numero Group, Secretly Canadian, embark on a travelling outdoor label expo, visiting fifteen cities across the eastern United States. Rolling up to a parking lot near you, Paved Paradise is the vinyl wonderland Joni was really singing about. Part pop-up shop, part block party, and part roadside fruit stand alike, Paved Paradise brings the record store experience outdoors, giving an opportunity to test drive the latest sounds and styles flowing from five record companies operating at the top of their respective games. Tucked under two tents, sonic specialists from the Secretly family will be onsite to talk shop, spin records and host special guests to also DJ and share their music knowledge. Expect bins packed with LPs, 45s, cassettes and CDs including exclusive products, limited colored vinyl variants, out of print items, gently used LPs, vintage compact discs and small run tapes. Browse our digital libraries using the Qobuz-powered Hi-Res listening station. Load up on T-shirts, mugs, totes, pins, socks, sunglasses, hats, and whatever other miscellany can fit into a 24-foot Penske."
  2. Secretly Group has a record club. Heard we like those kinds of things around here. 3, 6, and 12 month options. I'm on mobile or I'd post more stuff. https://www.secretlystore.com
  3. 19.99 + shipping here: http://www.scdistribution.com/release.html?catalog=SC299&class=title Didn't It Rain is Jason Molina's first perfect record. Recorded live in a single room, with no overdubs and musicians creating their parts on the fly, the overall approach to the recording was nothing new for Molina. But something in the air and execution of Didn't It Rain clearly sets it apart from his existing body of work. His albums had always been full of space, but never had Molina sculpted the space as masterfully as he does on Didn't It Rain. Perhaps it is that Molina entered the session with fully written songs that allowed this emboldened confidence in chance. The creaks and scraping of strings are all part of the Didn't It Rain choir. So when Molina hoots for another chorus during the album's eponymous opening gambit, it feels less an off-the-cuff call, and more an essential piece of the tone and structure. Midway through the same song, that which takes its name from a traditional piece popularized by Mahalia Jackson, we hear the long, low woosh of a passing bus. Distant traffic has forever been a trope of lo-fi, but here, it is a pristine woosh. The highest of fidelity and sure of purpose. The same can be said for Molina's always remarkable voice, here settling into a matured, assured, and subtly lowered tenor. It all adds up to something near in mood to Neil Young's song "On The Beach," and maybe even Boz Scagg's 1969 self-titled album laid to tape at the legendary Muscle Shoals studio. Didn't It Rain is an ode to the Midwest Rust Belt under which Molina was born and Molina's newfound Chicago home. When we move to a new place, we must truly confront all our own weaknesses and strengths, and Molina puts that all on the table with this one. The album's triple-threat center pieces come by way of "Ring The Bell," "Cross The Road, Molina," and "Blue Factory Flame." Strung together, they present clearly Molina's specific set of mythological symbols that had been forming on previous recordings. It is as heady a middle section as I can recall. But the journey across these three songs -- with their circling serpents, their neon-flame wreathed moons, their swinging blades, their debilitating emptiness -- also feels like a cleansing, a catharsis, a sort of primal therapy. While demo'd and recorded months before the events of 9/11, Didn't It Rain does seem to somehow consider the mood of the time. It's surely an album about setting roots, but it also offers a moment of solace in a time of overwhelming uncertainty. Here, Molina's now well-known battle with depression aligns with an entire nation's moment of depression. While even more cryptic and spartan, Didn't It Rain's imagery and themes can be poetically linked to another 2002 Chicago-rooted album that tapped into the post-9/11 psyche, Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. This expanded reissue presents Molina's home demos of the record, eight previously unreleased tracks, complete with a distant playground full of children chiming in the background for a few songs. The glorious juxtaposition of Molina's songs' desolation and the blissful playing of children is about as haunting as it gets, friends. TRACKS Didn't It Rain Steve Albini's Blues Ring The Bell Cross The Road, Molina Blue Factory Flame Two Blue Lights Blue Chicago Moon Didn't It Rain Ring The Bell- Working Title: Depression No. 42 Cross The Road, Molina- Working Title: Chicago City Moon Blue Factory Flame Two Blue Lights Blue Chicago Moon The Gray Tour- Working Title: Waiting It's Whole Life (Later Re-Recorded for The Gray Tower 7") Spectral Alphabet (Later Re-Recorded for Pyramid Electric Co.)
  4. This may be a long shot, but if anyone is part of the Secretly Canadian Secret Society, I'm after the Japan pressing of Whitney's A Light Upon the Lake. If you could grab it for me, I'd be happy to thank you with a 7" of your choosing from Amazon ($10 or less). Cheers!
  5. Anyone here into Foxygen? New album coming in Jan '17. Black vinyl and colored wax bundle now up for PO https://www.secretlystore.com//hang-foxygen?lf=012e5852f9cf0991ce851dc925d6f119 There are 2 new songs on their Bandcamp page that were sort of ... I don't know
  6. Suuns - Hold/Still (April 15, Secretly Canadian) 1. Fall 2. Instrument 3. UN-NO 4. Resistance 5. Mortise and Tenon 6. Translate 7. Brainwash 8. Careful 9. Paralyzer 10. Nobody Can Save Me Now 11. Infinity Pre-order CD or LP (limited edition purple vinyl LP while supplies last): http://www.scdistribution.com/suuns/ http://www.secretlycanadian.com/onesheet.php?cat=SC329 11"x17" poster featuring album art Digital download code for the album (as a .zip file containing 320kbps mp3s), redeemable on April 1, 2016, two weeks before release date
  7. http://www.scdistribution.com/strandofoaks/index.php?action=add_to_cart&catalog=DOC086xbnd01&format=Bundle&quantity=1 <Link to Secretly Canadian preorder page for Strand of Oak's newest, HEAL. If you are unfamiliar, check out his last release, Pope Killdragon. some really epic slow acoustic stuff. Comes on black vinyl, or clear with the preorder bundle, which come with a 7" with a cover of a The National song, and an acoustic version of one of the other songs.

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