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Found 9 results

  1. via El Camino: "Holy shit, its been 15 years since Gizmodgery was first released! To commemorate this special occasion, Gizmodgery finally gets the vinyl issue that it so rightly deserves. This is not just any vinyl, this suckas on Limited Edition Cayan Blue vinyl, yo! Featuring the hit songs, 'Trunk Fulla Amps', 'Ordinaire', 'Dead Man' and many more, the vinyl also includes the edited version of 'Trunk Fulla Amps' as well as the Japan-only b-side 'Resurrect'. Pre-Order the vinyl now and it will be shipped a full 3 weeks before it hits stores on September 11th. As if this all isn't enough, as a bonus, when you pre-order you will instantly get lossless AIFF download files of the whole album! Crazy, right?" Available for pre-order from the following: El Camino Amazon Barnes&Noble CDUniverse Tracklisting: 1. I Am a Little Explosion 2. 5 Alive 3. Chameleon 4. Dead Man 5. Trunk Fulla Amps 6. Pattycake 7. Ordinaire 8. Miracleworker 9. Hi, My Name's Cindy 10. What a Fool Believes 11. 9 Lives 12. Ilovetoloveyourlovemylove. 13. Trunk Fulla Amps (edit) 14. Resurrect I'm stoked for this to finally be getting the vinyl treatment. I'm a little bummed by the inclusion of the Trunk Fulla Amps edit, as I've always thought it to be an unnecessary addition and was hoping that they would nix it for the vinyl release. I am, however, delighted to see Resurrect on there which is a great song and a strong album closer, IMO.
  2. if you're cool enough to have these send me a PM
  3. Still building up SP collection my collection in general (after I sold most of my collection to start my label 3 1/2 years ago). So...if you'd like trade or sell your copy of Mellon Collie, please PM me! Also, looking for mostly alt and indie rock 90s titles from: Pavement, Foo Fighters, No Knife, Guided By Voices, seLf (Breakfast With Girls), Nirvana, Pearl Jam, PUSA, Jawbreaker, Jawbox, Alice in Chains, Sebadoh, etc... Tradelist here: https://deadformat.net/tradelist/mertzrock Thanks! BK
  4. Not sure how this wasn't posted till now, but Fat Possum has their entire catalog marked down to $10 LPs, but the sale ends today. Get some cheap shit now: http://www.fatpossum.com/store/format/lp
  5. ***ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED. OUR WINNER IS DANIONLY! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED, WE SHOULD FIND OUT LATER TODAY IF WE MADE IT TO THE NEXT ROUND.*** Hey guys, So my band is currently in a contest to get a chance to play at Earthfest in Boston in front of literally hundreds of thousands of people. In order to advance to the next round we need people to vote for us over at the below link: http://www.myradio929.com/local929/ You need to make an account (sorry) and then vote for my band, Big Bad Bobby and the Shoe Horns. As a show of my eternal gratitude just post here saying you voted (hooray for the honor system) and a link to any record you would like as long as it's value is under $25 USD. Non-US people are more than eligible to play, but please link me to something that ships from within your home country. I will pick one winner from those who voted and I will make the drawing tomorrow morning (4/29) around 9 am EST. I kind of slept on this and the deadline is tonight at midnight, so VOTE and who knows, you could win the free record of your choice. We can both help each other out. Lastly, here's a link to what we sound like if that sways you at all.
  6. Went overboard at the record store last week and spontaneously bought this. Listened to it once and wasnt feeling it. No skips or pops, record and jacket are in excellent condition. Not trying to make money off this as its still readily available. 20ppd and its yours.
  7. These guys are super great, good folks too. They have a full LP coming out later this year or next : Listen Here Buy Here Wonderful band from Athens GA featuring Banjo, Cello, Clarinet, Steel, Violin and Drums. 7" released in February 2013 on Gypsy Farm Records, limited to only 150 pressings included CD-EP includes all tracks on 7" plus 3 extras
  8. I'm trying not to spend too much but please let me know if anyone has these.
  9. Just picked up a reddish orange copy of their self titled, and it sounds great plus when the records held up to light, it looks just like the planet behind the topless chick on the bike. its on ebay right now i think for like $50 buy it now, pick one up if you get the chance!