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Found 9 results

  1. Skeletal Lightning just put up preorders for Pool Kids sophomore album along with a new single. Sounds pretty good. /250 - 180-Gram Audiophile Black 12" vinyl LP /250 - Tri-color Striped Pink / Bone / Doublemint 12" vinyl LP (Skeletal Lightning Store exclusive) /500 - Baby Blue in Blue Jay color in color 12" vinyl LP https://skeletallightning.com/collections/pool-kids-pool-kids https://poolkidsband.bandcamp.com
  2. PO NOW: Mush - Thank You, We're Mush Stream the LP here: https://mushisaband.bandcamp.com/album/thank-you-were-mush Order here: https://skeletallightning.com/collections/mush/products/mush-thank-you-were-mush Pressing Info: /100 Coral LP /200 Yellow + Coral Marble LP
  3. Knola is a collective of four long-time friends hailing from four different states, featuring members of William Bonney, XERXES, Midwest Pen Pals, and The Exploration. Knola gathered in Louisville, KY this past February to write and record their debut EP, The Black Beach, which is due out on SxL in July. They will come together again this summer to work on their first full length record, and to tour the Midwest, East Coast, and Canada. You can pre-order The Black Beach now on limited edition 12" vinyl with a special Etched B-Side featuring art by the band. All orders include a digital download made available one week before the release date. T-shirt bundles are also available. Pressing info: 500 copies - /200 Sea Blue vinyl /300 Black vinyl Stream the opening track "Fragile Feeling" via Bandcamp.
  4. You'll Live's second full length features some of the most dynamic of the band's songs to date. Confessional lyrics span across lost and broken relationships with friends and family, and major life events (murder, suicide, death, and Inman's old band, You Blew It!). Limited to 500 copies: /250 Blue/Brown/White Tri-Color /250 Dark Blue w/ Brown + White Splatter Housed in a full color jacket with full color printed inner sleeve featuring art by the band. Order links - Skeletal Lightning (US): www.skeletallightning.net/youlllive Dog Knights Productions (UK): www.dogknightsproductions.limitedrun.com New track streaming via Punktastic: http://punktastic.com/radar/listen-to-a-new-track-by-youll-live/ New music vid for another song off the album:
  5. FIRE SALE 20% Off Nearly Everything In The Store! www.skeletallightning.net/firesale We've been busy here at SxL HQ and we've got a TON of great upcoming releases for you this summer. We wanted to share the news about our FIRE SALE so that you can get to the deals first! So what is this FIRE SALE all about? Scoop the details here: - 20% off nearly everything in the store Use code "FIRE" at checkout to make the magic happen. Doesn't include new releases or current pre-orders, but most everything else is up for grabs! Shop here. - Fire Sale Deals Up to 30% off select Skeletal Lightning releases and certain distro items. These guys are even more heavily discounted than our other deals and are sure to go quick. View deals here. - Vinyl + Tape Grab Bags Randomly picked LP, 7" and tape bundles for highly discounted prices! Vinyl bundles are guaranteed at least one release each from Broken World, Community Records, Dog Knights, and Soft Speak, so you know you'll get something great. Shop Grab Bags here. - Scratch N' Dent Deals The Scratch N' Dent Bin features great deals on good records with minor corner dings or bends received during shipping. The vinyl itself, however, is perfectly fine and playable and limited quantities are available. Shop Scratch N' Dent Bin here. The FIRE SALE is only lasts until Sunday, March 29, and many of these deals are sure to go quickly. Get on it while you can! Thanks as always for your incredible support and cheers to a busy 2015!
  6. The Island of Misfit Toys are a busy 9-piece indie/pop band from Chicago, featuring members of Dowsing, Joie De Vivre, Kittyhawk, Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers, and more. Nervous Passenger are a 3-piece melodic punk band from Chicago featuring members of My Dad, Itto, and Love of Everything. Overall, each of the bands’ songs serve as the perfect complement to one another and the split dishes up some of the best from a few of the most prominent bands in the current and expansive Chicago underground indie, pop, and punk scenes. For fans of: Say Anything, The Anniversary, Arcade Fire, Los Campesinos!, Nothington, Braid, No Use For A Name Side A: "The Cockroach Song" - The Island of Misfit Toys Side B: "Over This" - Nervous Passenger "Shine" - Nervous Passenger An exclusive stream of the split can be found at Modern Vinyl. Variant breakdown/pre-order links: /200 black /100 transparent green (Skeletal Lightning exclusive) /100 opaque yellow (Broken World Media exclusive) /100 opaque red (It's A Trap Records exclusive)
  7. 4 brand new releases announced today, all of which are available for pre-order right now. Details below. Locktender - "Kafka" Tape - SL-004 - Out July 25 Locktender are a concept focused hardcore band concentrating on artists and their works interpreted through music, lyrics & art. Every album is an artist, every song is a different work. "Kafka" is the band's first proper full-length release and one of two to be released this year. Pressing info: 100 clear tapes with white imprinting. Pro-dubbed and hand-numbered. Includes download code. Pre-order // Stream Brighter Arrows - "Dream Journal" Tape - SL-011 - Out July 25 Brighter Arrows have changed their sound from bright and clean to dark and abstract with their new LP, "Dreamliner." What led to the drastic change? Where did it all fall apart? It didn't. It was coming all along... "Dream Journal" is a curious and cohesive mixtape of sorts, featuring demos, early recordings, and a "Dreamliner" B-side that all allude to the full-length. Experimental to say the least, this tape will leave you both riding white puffy clouds and shaking in fear all in a single pass. 100 pro-dubbed, hand-numbered tapes. Includes download code. Pre-order // Stream Scowler - "How To Find Light" Tape - SL-010 - Out July 25 Scowler are a 4-piece non-denominational hardcore/math/punk from Milwaukee, featuring (ex) members of Alta, 2194, and more. With influences ranging from Fugazi, Refused, and At The Drive-In, and fresh and forward-thinking dynamics, Scowler showcase the potential to take the Midwestern underground by storm. "These five songs are tense, urgent, dynamic, and energetic as hell. Overall, How To Find The Light is a killer EP and people looking for progressive/forward thinking dynamics in a punk/hardcore band will totally dig Scowler." -The Elementary Revolt 100 copies on red tapes with white imprinting. Pro-dubbed and hand-numbered. Includes download code. Pre-order // Stream Elesh Norn - "All The Pain I Built Up" Tape - SL-009 - Out July 25 Ear crushing, soul sucking screamo from Denton, TX. Featuring members of Father Figure, Two Knights, and more really good bands. "Well…Elesh Norn is a new 4-piece screamo band from denton, tx with members of father figure. Take a seat. I mean…that sound. Fuck. This. is. amazing. It crushes through your ears with a blend of old-school screamo, dreamy 90′s-emo-like interlude guitar-parts and vocals which remind me of Jayson Green (Orchid), Rich Lombardi (Cloacal Kiss, The Sawtooth Grin) and some depressive black metal bands. Sounds kinda fresh and like something where I feel pretty comfortable. A warm but very aggressive and massive sound." - Missthestars 100 pro-dubbed smokey colored tapes with handwritten A/B sides in white ink. Pro-dubbed and hand-numbered. Includes download code. Pre-order // Stream More info: www.skeletallightning.net
  8. You can now pre-order the second pressing of Chicago emo band Kittyhawk's S/T EP on tape in the Skeletal Lightning store! This time around, the tapes will feature 2 brand new colors: green tint (/100) and yellow tint (/50 - only available through pre-orders and the band). A deluxe bundle featuring the yellow tape variant, the EP on vinyl, a limited edition Kittyhawk t-shirt, and a Kittyhawk knit-hat is also available (in very limited quantities). The tapes will ship on or around August 14. Order here: http://www.skeletallightning.net/store
  9. Skeletal Lightning is an independent DIY label and distro in the Midwest. The label started as a blog to spread awareness of the Midwestern underground music scene, and felt the need to get more involved by releasing music from the bands we love and support. We truly believe in the hard-working artists and their music. What better way to show our support than by helping them bring their music to its most beloved form – physical. Whether it be cassette or vinyl, Skeletal Lightning aims to bring quality music from kick-ass bands to their fans with special packaging, cool goodies, limited artwork, and more with each release. All proceeds from anything Skeletal Lightning related go directly toward future Skeletal Lightning projects. Out now: Northless - "Inside Our Darkened Hearts" 2xTape Bundle - SL-006 Includes download code, an exclusive limited edition 10 x 13" screenprinted back patch with art by Nate Burns, 5.50 x 2.14" Northless crest sticker, and "Inside Our Darkened Hearts" 1" button, plus extra Skeletal Lightning goodies. "Inside Our Darkened Hearts" is a compilation of the oldest parts of the Northless back catalog, including their self-titled demo, the "Leaving The Wolves" tracks, their split with Protestant, a comp, and unreleased tracks. Nearly one and a half hours of ear crushing assault. Limited to 100 copies as a limited edition 2xTape bundle and released by Skeletal Lightning and Error Records in June 2013. The title of this collection is "Inside Our Darkened Hearts" Strangers Now // Enta - Split 10" - SL-007 Limited to a pressing of only 200 copies on black vinyl, this release will take you through a total of 5 melodic passages (2 from Strangers Now, and 3 from Enta), delving into post-rock, screamo, and emotive hardcore. 200 copies on black 10" vinyl - double-sided flap folders - hand-numbered - includes download code. Mastered by Carl Saff + Recorded by Matt Farmer. 15 limited-edition test presses. The Reptilian - "The Donut Hill Sessions" Tape - SL-005 "The Donut Hill Sessions" is a 5 track compilation of songs from The Reptilian's three most recent splits: Jowls/The Reptilian Split 7", Innards/The Reptilian Split 7", and the CLYS 4-way Split 7". 100 pro-dubbed copies on tinted blue tapes, with labels and album art done by Polyvinyl Records designer Tim Reynolds. Includes download code. Aviator - "January MMXIII" Tape - SL-003 The tape includes freshly recorded and updated tracks from the Spirit Fangs/Aviator split, the My Fictions/Aviator split, and 3 brand new unreleased songs, which make up their current live set. Recorded live with minimal overdubs/edits at The Office (North Andover, MA) Engineered/mixed/mastered by Mike Moschetto Out 100. Pressed on black tapes with white imprinting. Full color, hand-numbered j-cards. Includes download code. Coming soon over the summer: Scowler - How To Find Light Tape Elesh Norn - All The Pain I Built Up Tape The Island of Misfit Toys/Nervous Passenger - Split 7" Locktender - Kafka Tape *Will post again when these are available to purchase* Out of print: Tawny Peaks - S/T LP Tape Kittyhawk - S/T EP Tape (Repress coming this fall/winter) Distro: Over 40 releases on vinyl and cassette from labels such as: Topshelf Records, Count Your Lucky Stars, Polyvinyl Records, The Ghost Is Clear, Deathwish Inc., Run For Cover Records, and No Sleep Records. All distro titles