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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all, I'm looking to buy some used punk band tee's, size Extra Large. We had recently moved and somehow a bag of my clothes went missing. If you have any laying around that no longer fits, have minor holes/stains or just wanna make some cash, please PM me! Interested in pretty much any bands on Lookout!, Epitaph, Fat, Recess, Asianman, Hellcat, It's Alive, Dead Broke, Hopeless, Red Scare, Nitro, ect... I'll pretty much snag any that are reasonably priced and also open to trade vinyl for them. Appreciate it everyone, cheers!
  2. so yes, hello. long time no see. i'll get the important shit out of the way first, and if you want to keep reading after that, cool. i'm selling a bunch of old and rare alkaline trio stuff from my personal collection. there are also things from their related bands and projects. i posted over a hundred pictures in a facebook album with prices on everything and notes stating any flaws in condition. if you're interested in checking everything out, click the link: Alkaline Trio records/merch i used to post on VC pretty regularly from 2007-2011 (hence my post count being so high for somebody who hasn't been around in like 4 years). since then, i've started a record label called Artistic Integrity Records and have put out 27 releases so far. some vinyl, some CDs, some cassettes, and some digital only. anyway, i think i'm a pretty reputable dude, and hopefully some of my old buddies can vouch for me here if anybody has any skepticism about dealing with me. to answer a question i'm sure a few of you who have known me for a long time will ask: no, i'm not breaking up my collection. all of these records are doubles that i had been holding on to and i just don't want them anymore. i think they're priced pretty fairly, considering their condition and rarity. the t-shirts, i just don't care about anymore. i kept about 10-15 of the super rare ones for my personal collection, but i realized a few years ago that i'd never be able to keep up with the insane amounts of new shirts alkaline trio releases every year, and i don't really wear them anyway, so why hold on to them when other people might give them a good home? that's what i'm hoping for here. i could put all of this shit on eBay and probably make a decent amount more than selling here, but i'd rather have these things go to people who are super into them, not just the highest bidder. if you guys are curious about any of the releases i've put out through my label, you can head over to the bandcamp page and stream everything for free: Artistic Integrity Records bandcamp feel free to poke around there, too. hopefully out of the 27 things i've released so far, you'll find one or two of them enjoyable. i've also got a deal going right now where if you want to buy the entire AIR discography digitally, you can do it for cheap as fuck. like 65% off. i'll try to check this thread as frequently as possible over the next few weeks, but BY FAR the easiest way to get in touch with me is to shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. if you want to personally add me on facebook, by all means, go for it. i do still have a pretty decent wants list compiled here, for those interested: A Photographic Journey Through My Wants List i think that's all i've got for now. hopefully i'll talk to some of you soon. thanks for reading all of this if you made it this far. -dan
  3. Rapids is a band from Elgin, IL consisting of Mike Petruccelli (Vocals/Guitar), John Perrin (Guitar), Rob Nelson (Bass), and Rob Kellenberger (Drums). Originally released in 2014, Rapids' debut EP 'Traction' (AIR-023) has now been remastered and pressed to your favorite format by Artistic Integrity Records. 500 copies on 3 different colors of vinyl, each copy hand-numbered with a lyric insert, as well as a download code containing the new digital masters. Copies #001-100 were pressed on blue vinyl. Copies #101-300 were pressed on red vinyl. Copies #301-500 were pressed on black vinyl. Currently available online only through Artistic Integrity Records (http://artisticintegrityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/air-023-traction).
  4. Records for sale Fox valley / north side comp - $40 Ripple - $2 7 1/2 clicks - $2 Alkaline trio blue meanies split test press $250 Slapstick $25 Baxter cassette $175 Tumbling dice $9 Red - $38 Gold - $34 Clear - $28 Blue - $38 Gold - $28 Green -$34 Tan - $10 Gold - $9
  5. I'm looking to purchase a high end record setup and get 5 prints framed so I need a bunch of cash. PPD prices are for USA only. International please contact me. Posters - $15ppd for 1 print. $6 for each additional one. Summer Camp - 2010 - 24 X 18 Summer Camp - 2006 - #281/600 - 18 X 24 Summer Camp - 2011 - 18 X 24 Summer Camp - 2008 - #355/400 T Shirts - $12ppd for 1 shirt - $5 for each additional one. New Found Glory - Black - Long Sleeve - Connect The Dots - Large Polar Bear Club - Black - Large - Clash Battle Dan Andriano - Bull - White - Large Crime In Stereo - Is Dead - Black - Large Blacklisted - Six Feet Under - White - Large Slapstick - Hand - White - XL CDs - $6ppd for 1 - $2 for each additional one Disco Biscuits - The Wind at Four to Fly Moe - Warts and All Volume 6 Verse - Aggression The Distance - Your Closest Enemies
  6. A 4 piece Emo/Punk influenced band that resides in Chicago and Elgin, IL. Three of us have beards, one of us wears glasses. We're soon hoping to get sponsorship from El Faro burritos, they haven't returned our calls though. Inspired by Superchunk, Jets To Brazil, Pedro the Lion, and Weakerthans. Rapids is: Mike Petruccelli - Social Media Guru/Marketing, Guitar, Vocals Rob Nelson- Quality Control and Beta Testing, Bass, John Perrin- Executive VP of Operations, Lead guitar Rob Kellenberger- God and all Associative Entities, Drums Punktastic review of 'Traction' - http://punktastic.com/reviews/rapids-traction/ Free Download of Debut EP 'Traction' Available Here - http://rapidsus.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/rapidsus https://twitter.com/RapidsChicago http://rapidsus.tumblr.com/ http://instagram.com/rapidsus
  7. Hey friends, Long time lurker but just decided to join up for a question I can't quite answer. Back in the early 2000's, Asian Man Records decided to clear out their inventories and sell a huge box of records for about $30. I ended up with something like 20-25 1st pressings of a lot of the origonal Asian Man collection along with a bunch of newer CD comps, stickers, etc. I was just going through my collection the other day when I cam across a copy of Slapstick- S/T album, but in single LP form. Everything I have searched for leads me to a repressing of it in clear 2xLP format, not sinle LP black wax. Anyone out there have this record that could tell me a little bit more about this? I was looking at selling it since I havent listened to it in at least 10 years and I wasn't sure if I had a gem on my hands. Below is a link to some photos... https://plus.google....=CLLP9Je354v4Tg Thanks! -Nate
  8. http://www.badsandwichchronicles.net/ 12 new songs to be released at some point.

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