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Found 33 results

  1. Can't believe no one made a thread for this. It comes out tomorrow and it fuckin rules. The Loser edition is sold out online, but there's another variant - clear with pink streaks - exclusive to Electric Fetus and available online here: https://www.electricfetus.com/UPC/098787125030/Low_Double-Negative They're also doing an in-store and signing at Electric Fetus tomorrow night. I'm going and I'm excited to see how this new material translates to live performance.
  2. Just in time for the holiday season, it's the 4th installment of the Sub Pop Singles Club series. https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/sub_pop/sub_pop_singles_club_vol_4 To anyone who did the previous installment in 2008-2009, do they usually announce the artists beforehand? I'd be down for this if they gave a bit of a sneak preview for what I'm expecting.
  3. SPF30 Singles Spectacular tracklist: 1. Mudhoney “One Bad Actor” b/w Hot Snakes “They Put You Up to This” 2. Shabazz Palaces “The Blue Tiger” b/w Chad VanGaalen “Friendly Aliens” 3. Frankie Cosmos “Home Is Where” b/w LVL UP “Orchard” 4. METZ “Escalator Teeth/On and On” b/w Clipping “Club Down” These four 7"s will only be available at the 30th Anniversary shows in Seattle: https://spf30.subpop.com/
  4. https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/mudhoney/digital_garbage
  5. Search didn't come up with an existing thread... Release March 16, 2018. Preorder for Europe: Loser edition on black vinyl, regular edition on clear vinyl. https://www.flight13.com/details/hot-snakes-jericho-sirens-128822?locale=en https://greenhell.de/Hot-Snakes-Jericho-Sirens_5 https://www.finestvinyl.de/rock-vinyl-en/hot-snakes-jericho-sirens/?item=121669
  6. Three Hot Snakes reissues up now at the Mega Mart. New album 2018! Bundle deal for all three reissues is $51 plus shipping.
  7. https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/beach_house/b_sides_and_rarities
  8. This pre order has been up for a minute, I dig it https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/porter_ray/watercolor
  9. https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/pissed_jeans/why_love_now
  10. Damien Jurado's second and third albums - Rehearsals for Departure (1999) and Ghost of David (2000) - are being released on vinyl for the first time on 8/5/16! Rehearsals includes probably his most well-known song ("Ohio") while Ghost includes IMO his most sad/depressing song ("Medication"). There hasn't been an official announcement of these from Damien or SubPop yet, but there are PO links up on Amazon and Bull Moose. Although since these are being put out by SubPop, there may be colored Loser Editions available, so you may want to hold off on pre-ordering if that's something you're interested in. there won't be colored Loser Editions. All copies ordered directly from Damien's webstore will be autographed: https://damienjurado.bigcartel.com Rehearsals for Departure Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Rehearsals-Departure-Vinyl-Damien-Jurado/dp/B00000JUAI/ Bull Moose: http://www.bullmoose.com/p/342881 SubPop: https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/damien_jurado/rehearsals_for_departure Ghost of David Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Ghost-David-Damien-Jurado/dp/B01H2ROWPM Bull Moose: http://www.bullmoose.com/p/22827346 SubPop: https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/damien_jurado/ghost_of_david
  11. crossedoutname

    PO now TAD reissues

  12. Alright, This is for three lps and six 7"s $54 Shipped Love Battery is very hard to find ***The Wonder Years-Deluxe LP IS NOT included*** Lps: Love Battery-Dayglo-Sub pop records 1991/1992 Made in Germany. Sleave has corner wear and side wear and spot in front center: SEE Pictures -Vinyl plays great and no scratches SEE PICTURES Refused-Freedom Black/Gold Vinyl: sealed but slight corner dings Nirvana- "Doused in Mud,Soaked in Bleach" Comp. Never played, Silver Vinyl, with poster...these were not sealed. Perfect shape 7"s: Hew Time: 3x7" Seconds Set #737/850 -(Dumb Plastic sleaves the crack on bottom)members of melvins, Big Business Violent Soho/Spraynard 7" /500 250 on green Zoobombs 7" Neon-Windbreaker 7" WONDER YEARS-NOT INCLUDED(SOLD)
  13. Per Pitchfork: "Beach House's most recent album, Depression Cherry, was released in August. However, the band has just announced Thank Your Lucky Stars, another full-length LP due October 16. "We are very excited, it's an album being released the way we want," the band wrote on Twitter. "It's not a companion to Depression Cherry or a surprise or b-sides." (We beg to differ: It very much IS a surprise.)" Per Beach House's FB: "It was recorded at the same time as Depression Cherry, but for us, it's very much a different record. All of its songs were written after the DC songs. Along the way we realized that we didn't want it to be released in the traditional manner. Mainly, we just wanted our listeners to hear it first." PRE-ORDER: $18.98 $17.99 (Amazon)
  14. Solo project of Dum Dum Girls singer Kristin Welchez. Album is being produced by Kurt Feldman (Depreciation Guild, Ice Choir, Pains of Being Pure at Heart) and Andrew Miller 01 Show Me 02 White Street 03 (Don't) Wannabe 04 X-Communicate 05 Skin Shed 06 Drive the Night 07 What is Love 08 Face 2 Face 09 Going Thru the Motions 10 Smoke Rings Listen: https://soundcloud.com/subpop/kristin-kontrol-x-communicate Pre-order (Loser Edition - Blue) - https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/kristin_kontrol/x_communicate
  15. Pre-order the new album from the supergroup Mike & The Melvins, originally recorded in 1999 and finished in 2015, via Sub Pop. https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/mike_and_the_melvins/three_men_and_a_baby Loser Edition on white vinyl with alternate cover art. First single Chicken 'n' Dump: https://youtu.be/DCuB1yAZkKI
  16. one of my favorite comedian's new LP BOX set is available below and it's a real head scratcher.. https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/eugene_mirman/im_sorry_youre_welcome About the robe- It’s a white velour bathrobe with the album art embroidered on the back in gold thread. An MP3 player is included which has been pre-loaded with all 9 volumes of the album and installed in a special, tailor-made pocket by our finest dressmakers. About the chair- It’s a mid-century modern style chair that is being lovingly reupholstered and customized to house the included MP3 player which has been pre-loaded with the entire aforementioned Eugene Mirman album. The chair is also being wired with a pair of embedded speakers. This chair represents the culmination of centuries of progress in creative audio delivery and is the ultimate way for the modern listener to experience this glorious comedy album. This item is currently being made in the extraordinarily limited quantity of 1. Drop us a line though, we might be convinced to make another… -Eugene I have wanted to make this album for a long time. I first thought of the idea about 10 years ago, originally as a 100-CD album (Somebody said I’d only have to sell 5,000 copies to have a Gold record! Take that, Peter Frampton!). Basically, what began as a half-joke, half-dream that I’d sometimes mention to friends, morphed into a much-more feasible idea of a 10-disc album (I think of things in terms of CDs because I grew up in the 90s, just like 80-year-olds still refer to radio as “The Invisible President”). I decided to start working on it. In general, I make a lot of lists. So, I created a document on my desktop called, “The Box Set CD Blueprint,” (even though there won’t be a CD version of this album, because only Neil Young has a CD player and he won’t let anyone borrow it) and began coming up with ideas for discs. Here are some of them: 1) Terrible sound FX trying to actually sound like the thing with my mouth 2) Me crying for 45 minutes 3) Ringtones 4) Whispering secrets to my dick 5) A comedy album to be played for different animals (cats, dogs, horses, goats, birds and even an alligator!) 6) Me yelling at inanimate objects 7) Talking over ocean sounds and music helping someone relax/go to sleep (recorded live at an ocean) 8) Songs 9) Words to Make Love To — Seven Inspirational Sex Tracks 10) Field recording of going hunting for the first time (And many more…) Some of these ideas made it onto this album, some morphed into something similar and some turned out to be funny-sounding, but less-practical once I started thinking about what it would be. Though who knows, maybe once I Goggle cat and horse brain stuff (I meant to write Google, but laughed at Goggle and left it), I’ll figure out a way to pretend earnestly that I’m telling them jokes? I just looked up which animals can laugh and it looks promising — non-human primates, rats and dogs maybe laugh, but it’s unclear if they have a form of a sense of humor. I guess I’ll show a rat the movie Pixels and see what he thinks? (Side note — I think people would be much more forgiving to Adam Sandler if he just admitted he was now making movies only for animals). Oh, also, the first disc contains a full set of live standup recorded at Columbia City Theater in Seattle, WA June 6, 7, & 8, 2014. I’m sorry. You’re welcome. Sincerely, Eugene Mirman
  17. BEACH HOUSE will release Depression Cherry, the band's fifth album, on 28th August on Bella Union. The album will be released in North America on Sub Pop Records and Mistletone in Australia and New Zealand. Depression Cherry was produced and recorded by the band and Chris Coady at Studio in the Country in Bogalusa, Louisiana. LP and CD versions of the album will come packaged in a sumptuous red velvet sleeve. As an added bonus Bella Union have an exclusive clear vinyl version of the album for purchase, limited to the first 200 copies bought online from us!! (and Sub Pop have the same deal for the Loser Edition for the US). http://bellaunion.bigcartel.com/product/beach-house-depression-cherry https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/beach_house/depression_cherry
  18. https://www.subpop.com/news/2015/02/17/metz_to_release_ii_on_may_5th_hear_a_new_track_now New Song too: Loved their first full length, this one should be great too. Get the loser edition while you can!
  19. Comes out 11/25. This is the first time this has ever been a single LP; the first release was a 2xLP with all the B-sides, then there was that recent gigantic triple LP. Reasonable price point, too. I expect Urban Outfitters to sell a billion of these. https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/the_postal_service/give_up
  20. anyone out there have this and want to trade or let me buy it? I have been looking for this record for awhile and have never seen it come up on discogs or ebay. help? I have a pretty big trade list. thanks. k/ tpg
  21. figured there are a few comedy nerds on this board like myself... PRE-ORDER DETAILSThe first 500 pre-orders* of the LP version of We Are Miracles will receive the album on limited Teal colored vinyl, and will receive a lithograph print of the cover art signed by Sarah Silverman. *Signed art print is for pre-orders of the LP version only. CD and digital copies will not receive the signed lithograph print. All pre-orders will also receive access to an advance stream of the full album from their SubPop.com account, one month before release. Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles, is taken from the acclaimed performer’s Emmy-nominated first headline special for HBO. The album will be available on limited-edition colored vinyl, CD and digitally on September 23rd in North America from Sub Pop Records. Recorded at Largo in Los Angeles, CA, We Are Miracles was written by Silverman, directed by Liam Lynch and produced by Funny or Die and Black Gold Films. LINK: https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/sarah_silverman/we_are_miracles
  22. I am a huge fan of these guys and totally stoked that they're getting back together this year to tour in support of the 11th anniversary of Shine A Light, which will see a re-issue. The re-issue will be the album LP with a bonus 7" of three Shine A Light b-sides. First 250 on orange vinyl, with pre-orders through You've Changed Records in Canada and the Sub Pop "Loser Edition" in the US. Via You've Changed Records: Canadian orders by You've Changed Records: http://youvechangedrecords.com/category/records/#Shine%20A%20Light American orders by Sub-Pop: https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/constantines/shine_a_light Release date is June 10, 2014.
  23. Amazing McAwesome

    Wanted: METZ Loser Edition White Vinyl

    Has anyone got a copy of the White Vinyl loser edition of Metz' self titled album? I really want a copy but it's a nightmare to find. Also, if you've got any of the 7" singles, I'd also like those, though the album is my main priority. Cheers
  24. I'm looking to trade my deluxe 3xLP set on black vinyl with postcards! for one of the earlier versions I don't care if it's black white clear or red I just really don't have a need for this huge LP and I thought maybe one of you would be interested? I'm also willing to just sell it, send me an offer! thanks!