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  1. https://amoebavinylclub.com/?_bta_tid=13063185115476386670785979749691764988820192598639984783826679934273587609519987993116403017282548838663 Long n short: $30 a month. Colored vinyl. "Deluxe" cover by different illustrator every month. Compilations curated by Amoeba. This won't last long...I'm sure. I went ahead and subscribed to give it a try. Maybe I find a new artist I don't know? Maybe I never even spin it. Who knows!?
  2. So I'm not a huge cassette fan. I have a few, but I'm about to get some more. Taken from Tumblr. NOVEMBER 24, 2015 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ We’ve got a lot of ~*cool stuff*~ happening on black friday but today friends, I want to talk to you about one special thing in particular. We will be offering a cassette subscription series for 2016 called the Broken World Cassette Club. It is a subscription series for those ultra nerds who are stoked about what has been called “music’s worst physical format.” Here is the gist of this thing; joining the BWM cassette club gets you a tape copy of everything new release we put out on cassette for a year and in some cases and exclusive variant of the release only available to club members. This won’t include represses of older releases mostly because I don’t want you to end up with the same thing twice. You can always put a note in your order that is like “YO IF YOU REPRESS THIS RELEASE I DON’T HAVE IT AND WOULD LOVE TO HAVE IT” In addition to our regular releases you will receive: - exclusive distro titles that I pick up from other labels and think are rad and need to be fucked with. - exclusive BWM releases special to this subscription series. For example, a weird sound collage of TWIABP demos from the last 6 years that I’ve been working on for a bit. - i will make you a personalized mixtape for your birthday or xmas or something. everyone will get 1. The series will start for the remainder of 2015 and last until the end of 2016. UNFORTUNATELY, this subscription series is only available to US residents due to the nightmare that would be shipping multiple packages a year to international addresses. We are also working on a vinyl subscription series for 2016! (damn I'm gonna be so broke after this) Oh, and it goes live on Friday.
  3. https://nosleeprecords.com/vinylsubscription only 110 of the 120 are available for purchase ALL 2016 Vinyl Releases (Not Including Re-Issues or Bonus Vinyl) 1 Exclusive Subscription Only Vinyl Release Digital Downloads Available Early 20% off Coupon Code (valid 1/1/16-12/31/16; not valid on Pre-orders or Distro Items) 1 Lucky Subscriber will win a Test Press of their choice from the 2016 catalog
  4. Discuss 2014 sub here. Launching Tuesday NOVEMBER 12th.
  5. So I ran across this new vinyl and merch subscription box on facebook today and didn't see any posts about it yet. This is what they wrote about the product on their facebook page: "Rebellion Box is a subscription box for fans of punk rock and hardcore music. Popular artists curate each box and handpick the items included. At least one limited edition or rare item is included in every box." I went ahead and signed up to get more info. http://www.rebellionbox.com/?kid=6BSEF https://www.facebook.com/rebellionbox/timeline?ref=page_internal
  6. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING shipping is 3 bucks on tapes and 7" and 4 bucks on 12" I will combine shipping and work out package deals if you don't like a price please pm me and we can probably work something out thanks! Tapes: Frameworks - loom (goldenrod 1st press /100)[cassette] 5 Knuckle puck - while I stay secluded (gold w/silver ink 1st press /25)[cassette] 12 Knuckle puck - while I stay secluded (grey w/ denim blue ink 1st press /25)[cassette] 12 You blew it! - keep doing what youre doing (yellow 1st press /150)[cassette] 5 7": Adventure/ Pity sex - split (red a side/blue b side 1st press /500) 8 Agent - awake in their world (purple 1st press /300) 5 Burning bridges/The icarus line - split (orange 1st press #770/1000) 2 Cloakroom - lossed over (aqua/olive 1st press /219) 5 Code red - s/t (navy marble /??) 2 Cowardice/A better hope foundation - split (purple marble 1st press /50) 8 Empire empire! - in which choices (pink marble 1st press /50) 10 Empire empire!/ annabel/ the reptilian/ joie de vivre - split (black 1st press /100) 10 Empire! empire!/ Joie de vivre - split (maple 1st press /494) 7 Empire! empire!/ Malegoat - split (kelly green 1st press /150) 8 Frameworks - small victories (pink 3rd press /200) 5 It looks sad - s/t (salmon 1st press /100) 12 Ivy league - summer sessions (brown 1st press /??) 3 Koji - fury (coke bottle swirl 1st press /100) 15 Marietta - cuts (seafoam green /350) 10 Real friends - 3 songs (brown 1st press /800) 6 Real friends - 3 songs (coffee a side/ creamer b side 1st press /300) 8 Sojurner - overwheliming (record release) 5 Tigers jaw - hum (baby blue / bone 1st press /600) 7 Tigers jaw/Tiny empires - split (half white half blue 1st press /200) 15 Touche amore/The casket lottery - split (white 1st press /200) 8 Wreck - nervous wreck (black 1st press /400) 3 Xerxes/ Midnight souls -split (clear green 1st press /400) 4 10": Toe - the future is now (white w/red/orange splatter 1st press /150) 15 12": Basement - colourmeinkindness (blue w/ baby blue smash 1st press [REC RELEASE] /400) 75 Basement - i wish i could stay here (coke bottle green 3rd press /500) 25 Beach slang - broken thrills (white/ clear half and half w/ blue and red splatter 1st press /100) 30 Caravels/ Octaves - split (clear blue 1st press /150) 17 Cayetana - nervous like me (white w/ gold and black starburst 1st press /125) 20 Crucial dudes - 61 penn (white 1st press /300) 25 The devil wears prada - dear love / plagues (clear 2nd press /??) 25 Diamond youth - don't lose your cool (white 2nd pressing /250) 12 Diamond youth - orange (clear w/ orange splatter 1st press /200) 15 Drug church - swell (coke bottle swirl 1st press /100) 25 Elvis depresedly - new Alhambra (dark red w/ orange and yellow starburst 1st press /500) 25 Empire! empire! - you will eventually be forgotten (black 1st press /250) 20 Fall out boy - folie a deux (clear red/ clear orange 2x lp 1st press /??) 30 Field mouse - hold still life (purple 1st press /200) 20 Ghost thrower - 10 songs (clear w/ black smoke /??) 8 Green day - insomniac (black /??) 15 Have mercy - a place of our own (opaque ivory 1st press /??) 20 Ivy league - transparency (black/clear mix 1st press /600) 12 Jay z - black album (black 1st press /??) 10 Kanye west/Jay z - watch the throne (black marble 1st press /?? [boot]) 25 La dispute - rooms of the house (black 1st press /2000) 12 La dispute - rooms of the house (blue 1st press /1000) 18 Little big league - tropical jinx (coke bottle green 1st press /300) 15 My chemical romance - may death never stop you (black 1st press /??) 35 Neck deep - wishful thinking (milky clear w/ white splatter 1st press /500) 22 Power - bremerton zoo (brown w/ yellow splatter /??) 12 Puig destroyer - s/t (white w/ red splatter 1st press /700) 18 Riff raff - neon icon (black 1st press /500) 20 Rocky volotalo - hospital handshakes (coke bottle swirl 1st press /100) 30 Run for cover - mixed signals (black 1st press /1000) 10 Run forever - settling (Stormy Blue 2nd press /130) 10 The saddest landscape - after the lights clear (half red half white [RECORD RELEASE] #48/50) 40 Seasons change - please dont leave (coke bottle swirl 1st press /100) 30 Their/they're/their - s/t (clear red 2nd press /??) 12 Whirr/ Nothing - split (black 1st press /500) 25 Young statues - the flatlands are your friend (black/white starburst 1st press /300)
  7. Mostly looking to sell but may take trade offers for stuff on my want list. NO SLEEP 12" -Balance & Composure - Only Boundaries - Blue - /500 -Balance & Composure - Only Boundaries - White - /500 -Balance & Composure - Only Boundaries - Grey/Black - /500 -Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing - Pink/Red Haze - /500 -Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing - Half Red/White - (Tour Exclusive) /500 -Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing - Red - /700 -Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing - Yellow - /4500 -Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing - Yellow/Black Haze - /1000 -Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing - Half Red Half Blue - /500 -Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing - Pink/Red Haze - /500 -Balance & Composure - Separation - Purple w/Green Haze - /1000 -Balance & Composure - Separation - White w/Yellow Haze -Daisyhead / Have Mercy - Red/Cream Haze W/ Screened B-Side - /500 -Daisyhead / Have Mercy - Clear (Etched) - /300 -Daisyhead / Have Mercy - Grey (Etched) - /300 -Now, Now - Neighbors - Green/White Haze - /500 -Now, Now - Neighbors - Half Seafoam Blue/Green / Half Black - 1000 -Tancred - Capes - No Sleep Subscription - Coffee w/Creamer - 44/125 -Tancred - Capes - Half Transparent Orange / Half White - /600 -Tancred - Capes - White - /300 -Rescuer - Anxiety Answering - No Sleep Subscription - Coffee w/Creamer - 44/125 -Rescuer - Anxiety Answering - Olive w/Cream Haze - /350 -Sainthood Reps - Headswell - Coke Bottle (Clear) - No Sleep Subscription - /200 -Drug Church - Paul Walker - Coke Bottle (Clear)- No Sleep Subscription - /200 -Xerxes - Our Home Is A Deathbed - White - No Sleep Subscription - /200 -Hundredth - Resist - Black/Gold Haze - /600 -Into. It. Over. It / Koji- IIOI/KOJI - Black - /200 -La Dispute - Somewhere At The Bottom... (Double LP) - Red - /1400 7" -Balance & Composure - Acoustic - White - No Sleep Subscription - /200 -Balance & Composure - Acoustic - Clear - /500 -Balance & Composure / Braid - Coke Bottle (Clear) - No Sleep Subscription - 44/200 -Adventures - Adventures - White - No Sleep Subscription - /200 -Adventures - Clear My Head With You - Coke Bottle (Clear) - No Sleep Subscription - 44/200 -Adventures / Run Forever - Coffee W/ Creamer - No Sleep Subscription - 44/125 -Adventures / Run Forever - Blue - /300 -Boysetsfire / Funeral For a Friend - No Sleep Subscription - Coffee w/Creamer - 44/125 -Boysetsfire / Funeral For a Friend - Half Opaque Maroon / Half Opaque Cream - /500 -Boysetsfire / Funeral For a Friend - Silver - /1000 -Drug Church - Drug Church - White - No Sleep Subscription - /200 HARDCORE / MISC 12" -Suburban Scum - Internal War - Black - /300 -Turnstile - Non-Stop Feeling - Black - /300 -Touche Amore - ...To The Beat Of A Dead Horse - Pink (180 Gram) -Basement - I Wish I Could Stay Here - Black - /500 -Expire - Pendulum Swings - Purple (Clear) - /1000 -Terror - Keepers Of The Faith - Black w/White -More Than Life - What's Left Of Me - Cream - /500 -More Than Life - What's Left Of Me - Aqua Marine Splodge - /100 -Whirr - Pipe Dreams - Black - /500 -Go Rydell - The Golden Age - Green - /250 -Hostage Calm - Please Remain Calm - Black (180 Gram) - /500 -Rotting Out - Street Prowl - White -Citizen - Youth - Hot Pink - /1500 -Agitator - Bleak - Gold (Clear) - /215 -American Football - American Football - Black (180 Gram) -Harms Way - Blinded - White - /700 -Basement - Colourmeinkindness - Orange w/Yellow Splatter - /700 -Backtrack - Darker Half - Purple w/Silver Splatter 7" -Turnstile - Pressure To Succeed - Black - /168 -Backtrack - Deal With The Devil - White - /100 -Stick Together - Surviving The Times - Black - /924 -Forced Order- Eternal War - Black -Suburban Scum - Hanging By A Thread - Blue (Clear) - /400 -Dads - Pretty Good - Clear - /150 Subscription Press
  8. hey all, hope everyone is well. ive got several hand numbered subscription series stuff for sale if anyone is interested: all prices include ppd switchfoot the beautiful letdown (37/250) white marbled vinyl 20$ juliana theory- love (40/250) double translucent red vinyl 20$ chevelle wonder what's next (24/250) double coke bottle clear vinyl 25$ jimmy eat world static prevails (30/250) double lavender vinyl 20$ jimmy eat world clarity (36/250) double clear vinyl 20$ all 3 for 50$ shipped. otherwise PM me with offers thanks
  9. Hi everyone! I'm new to the board but figured I'd wave hello by offering up some records: Forgot to add, all of these prices include shipping Mew "Frengers" (white vinyl, numbered subscription series) $30 LP "Hybrid theory" (clear) $30 LP "meteora" (gold) $30 Deftones "white pony" (silver) $35 soundgarden "superunknown singles box" (rsd, box is dinged up but all 5 10" singles are unplayed) $30 Nirvana "in utero" (clear/nm+) $50 nirvana "incesticide" (blue marbled swirl/nm-) $50 nirvana "bleach" (clear+white splatter newbury comics edition sealed of 750) $35 Offspring "smash" (red of 400) $30 Silverchair "frogstomp" (green of 500) $45 Silverchair "Freak Show" (yellow vinyl) $60 Thanks and let me know
  10. hey all, i have zero interest in keeping this so if anyone wants it for 20$ shipped hit me up. i have no problem mailing it to you first also pictures on request as i cannot post in the thread
  11. Hi dudes! As some of you may know I'm an avid collector of everything by boysetsfire and I have another thread here where I look for past releases and other stuff. No Sleep announced that they will do the split for the US and this will be included in the subscription. If anyone doesn't need or want his from the subscription I will more than happily take it! Price and shipping won't be something to argue about. Please contact me! Thanks!
  12. No Sleep posted today on their Facebook page that they hope to have 2013 subscription packages up tomorrow. 175 will be available, and pricing will be changed due to a bonus item that they have never done before. ( )I'm thinking this is the year to pick one up, at least for me. 2013 will hopefully bring some new tunes from Aficionado, Balance and Composure, and I'm really crossing my fingers for some new La Dispute or The Wonder Years. Is anybody else planning on subscribing?
  13. A-F Records and Anti-Flag are excited to announce Anti-Flag's "20 Years of Hell" 7-inch vinyl / online subscription series. These special one of a kind records will have hand silk-screened Di-Cut covers, be hand numbered, and limited to 500. Anti-Flag put together a video detailing the process of making the records as well as what the membership entails. You can check that out HERE and order the subscription HERE. WHAT SUBSCRIBERS GET: Six 7 inch vinyl records (including digital download) that feature Anti-Flag Re-envisioning and re-recording songs from all 20 years of the band's career. The B side of each record will feature 2 new songs from 6 new bands, one band per volume. 4+ additional Anti-Flag songs available digitally and exclusive to subscribers A limited edition 20 Years of Hell subscription t-shirt An exclusive button pack Access to an exclusive web community Access to online video chats with the band Access to exclusive live acoustic performances Giveaways including Anti-Flag gear, test presses, and other rare A-F stuff MORE SECRET STUFF to be announced as the series progresses throughout the year We are excited to put out such a special and unique release that combines our love for vinyl, the chance for us to impart some amazing new bands, and a new web based platform for us to share and communicate with the music community. thanks for reading, -stowe
  14. Hi all, Got the SRC Sub 1.52 for Sum 41 and Saosin. I do not want the other Sub presses I will be receiving. I will be selling the subscription presses of the following: SRC021 - Alkaline Trio - "Agony and Irony" Deluxe Edition 2XLP SRC018 - Copeland "Eat, Sleep, Repeat" LP PM me with offers for either or both. I will let you know when I have received them in and will ship them out to you immediately. Thanks! John
  15. Looks pretty solid, love anything with Jeff The Brotherhood involved https://store.volcoment.com/vevc We hope this message finds you well. It’s been awhile since we sent out a VEVC specific newsletter and the time is right to catch up with all of you. As a VEVC 2012 subscriber you can expect to receive one more 7", VEVC 0030 that we should be shipping out in about a week. You can expect two sides by Jeff The Brotherhood on limited edition white vinyl. You can also expect a little something extra. If we told you now, then it wouldn’t be a surprise. This will wrap up the 2012 subscription. It’s been a blast. Now on to the new stuff. we are excited to announce the initial offer for the VEVC 2013 subscription. As a current VEVC subscriber you are first in line to subscribe (ie. we haven't told anyone else that the subscription is up). The first release, VEVC 0031, is a face melting two-sided slab of new material from psychedelic blues rockers Radio Moscow. This record is already in production and we hope to ship these by early March. VEVC 0032 is also in the pipeline and you can trust us when I say that it will be a rowdy split shared by two of Los Angeles’ grittiest bands, The Shrine and Zig Zags, each contributing new tunes. You will want to turn this one up! We're really excited about the rest of the 2013 roster that is coming together and for those of you who've been long time subscribers, hope that you can trust us when we say we have some cool releases up our sleeves!! Also as a special gift to 2013 subscribers who act fast, we'll be including a free copy of the Volcom x Yo Gabba Gabba 7” to the first 150 subscribers with the shipment of VEVC 0031. This record is super limited to 500 red vinyl and 500 green vinyl and the 150 copies that we can offer are the last remaining ones. In case you didn’t see this one fly by last year, the record features a collaboration between hip-hop legend Biz Markie and Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips on one side and on the other side "He's a Chef", the first new Rocket From the Crypt recording in, like, 5 years… no big deal.
  16. Please check http://www.collectorsfrenzy.com before sending an offer. Low ball offers will be ignored. Add $4 for shipping in the US. International buyers PM me for a shipping quote. These are going to the bay soon so be swift! 12" A Loss for Words - The Kids Can't Lose | 2nd Press | Blue /170 | Willow Tree Balance and Composure - Only Boundaries | 2nd Press | Gold /500 | No Sleep Balance and Composure - Separation | No Sleep Subscription | White #13/35 | No Sleep Blink 182 - Neighborhoods | 1st Press | Pink /500 | Geffen | Includes limited poster Coalesce - Give Them Rope | No Sleep Subscription | Tan + Teal #8/30 | No Sleep Emery - The Weak's End | Screen Printed Cover | Green w/ Black Swirl #18/42 | Dreamover Fake Problems - It's Great to be Alive | 1st Press | Blue /500 | Side One Dummy The Fall of Troy - Doppelgänger | 2nd Press | Red/Black /1000 | Enjoy the Ride Into It. Over It. - Proper | No Sleep Subscription | Black #22/35 | No Sleep Killing the Dream - Fractures | 2nd Press | TIH Screen Printed Cover | Coke Bottle w/ White Splatter /150 | Deathwish La Dispute - Wildlife | Record Store Day | Pink /100 | No Sleep La Dispute - Wildlife | 1st Press | Dark Red / Clear /500 | No Sleep La Dispute / Koji - Split | No Sleep Subscription | Black #13/35 | No Sleep Litany for the Whale - Dolores | 1st Press | Red w/ Black Swirl /157 | The Perpetual Motion Machine Make Do and Mend - End Measure Mile | 1st Press | Mint Green /300 | Panic Native - We Delete; Erase | 2nd Press | Clear Pomegranate /300 | The Ghost Is Clear Native - Wrestling Moves | 1st Press | Maroon /150 | Topshelf No Trigger - Tycoon | No Sleep Subscription | White /200 | No Sleep Seahaven - Ghost | 1st Press | Black /300 | Run For Cover The Wonder Years - Suburbia: I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing | No Sleep Subscription | Black #13/30 | No Sleep This Time Next Year | No Sleep Subscription | Black #8/35 | No Sleep Underoath - Define the Great Line | 1st Press | Black /3000 | Tooth & Nail Underoath - They're Only Chasing Safety | 1st Pressing | Gold /100 | Tooth & Nail 7" Antilles - My Empathy | 1st Press | Black /200 | Affinity Index / Kid Sister Everything Into It. Over It. / Such Gold - Split | No Sleep Subscription | White #26/35 | No Sleep The Promise Ring - Boys and Girls EP | Black | Jade Tree Such Gold / A Loss for Words - Split | No Sleep Subscription | Yellow #8/35 | No Sleep Tabernackle - Pestilence | 1st Press | Black /200 | Willow Tree Tabernackle - Pestilence | 1st Press | White /100 | Willow Tree Wharf Rats - Self-Titled | No Sleep Subscription | White #26/35 | No Sleep The Wonder Years - Don't Let Me Cave In | No Sleep Subscription | Navy #24/35 | No Sleep

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