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Found 9 results

  1. From SBÄM: Holy sh*t! Here are some killer news! We’re releasing together with the great folks from FUNK TURRY FUNK a very very very limited (177 copies only) reissue of the NO FUN AT ALL - Lowrider album + bonus track + new artwork! Only available in our shop shop.sbaemfest.com and/or directly at the venue. There are 2 options – you can buy the bundle (ticket + album) or just the album! Go! http://shop.sbaemfest.com/?product=no-f ... ed-edition www.funkturryfunk.com
  2. I want all their stuff at some point, but lately it's been all about Zopilote Machine for me. I'll trade for or outright buy this album. Hit me up, I won't bite!
  3. http://www.laagoniadevivir.com/product/pre-order-now-ladv63-satanic-surfers-hero-of-our-time-lp-reissue This is going to happen tonight (00.01 spanish time) LADV63 - SATANIC SURFERS hero of our time LP REISSUE 20th ANNIVERSARY VINYL REISSUE!!! COMING OUT January 21th!!! Under exclusive license from Burning Heart Records/Epitaph Europe © 1999 https://laagoniadevivir.bandcamp.com/…/ladv63-satanic-surfe… VINYL REISSUE PRESSING INFO: 200 clear red / 200 clear transparent / 600 black. Delivery and shipping: January 18th Ask for wholesale prices for distros and shops (only available for black vinyl version). http://www.laagoniadevivir.com/ https://laagoniadevivir.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/laagoniadevivir.records
  4. Johan Angergård just won't take a break. After releasing (IMHO) the stellar Legends record, It's Love, he is back again with a new Club 8 LP, Pleasure, to be released on Nov. 20 on Labrador Records. Their vinyl releases are rarely over 500 copies (with the exception of the Radio Dept records), so if you are interested, I'd order early rather than later. Now if only they'd release a new Acid House Kings record... If you are into Swedish electro-pop (like me), then this is news. Amazon: http://amzn.to/1KTK0o4 Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1WA6u4T(Not available yet)
  5. Adore Music has released four albums by Kristofer Åström on vinyl. The latest, the acoustic Loupita originally released in 2004, was released just last week. They have also released Go, Went, Gone, Leaving Songs and Northern Blues in 2014. Kristofer used to play in Fireside, on Him Kerosene's first album, and also the great Skümback/Superdong. Order here: http://adoremusic.tictail.com/
  6. RAJOITUS/RATSTAB Limited to 350 copies: 150 - White Vinyl 200 - Black Vinyl STREAM/ORDER HERE: http://www.patacrecords.com/distro/Rajoitus-Ratstab-Split-Vinyl-EP "A shredder of a split from Swedish hardcore ragers Rajoitus and Providence band Ratstab, who make their own hard-hitting racket. Rajoitus started in the early 90s and were on hiatus until recently. They've reconvened with a revamped lineup and tear through their five tracks with a focoused fury. Ratstab play in a slightly noisier and chaotic vein--something of a Siege influence in their sound and a few Swedish nods." Al Quint/Suburban Voice (www.patacrecords.com) "Gone are the days when one side of a split got the wear…our extreme music scene(s) continue to explode with fucking awesome bands, and here are two on what has briskly become a sought after slab of duel-heaviness….Rajoitus is some killer classicist Britishesque politicore, speeding things up from there with 5 cuts of fist-shake and slam- inducing fast punk, pushing under vocalist Jani’s croaks of sincerity and outrage. ‘Maailma on Kaunis’ opens anthemic, ass-kicking to 110 mph…the band gets right to it with a head-smacking attack beyond verse-chorus-verse. Providence Rhode Island’s Ratstab spew hard on the obnoxiously noisy pummeling side of things with gut-churn adorned, larynx-stripping hatred from singer Scott, atop the band’s sickly excellent skull-bouncing hardcorebulence. Abrasive buildups to grand shrieks from rhythmic walls burning with feedback. Already receiving heavy airplay in my personal rotation." (review by Robert from SIEGE.)
  7. Comes out March 18th! Pre-order here: http://pillowscars.bigcartel.com/product/tellusian-collision-lp-pre-order (the distros that carry their Scania 7" will probably have this as well, if you want to save on shipping) Preview two tracks here: http://tellusian.bandcamp.com/album/collision Excerpts from reviews: "Having had the pleasure of immersing myself in the entire record courtesy of the band, I can assure you it’s potently mindblowing metal of the highest uncategorizable eclectic order. Keep a watch, Collision is coming, and you don’t want to miss it." - No Clean Singing "Within two minutes, they accomplish more than most bands attempt in a whole album. It must be rewarding to know how much is rammed into these intense, complex compositions. This is thickened, concentrated grind, not a snare crack out of place, not a vocal expulsion mid-fired. Getting your head round this in one listen is simply not possible. It strides up to you, all prepared rage and knowing exactly what it wants to say, demanding, nay, screaming repeated listens." - ninehertz "Collision is all about several styles usually not correlated with each other smashing together into a one fused, cohesive entity that, despite its short length will force you into a state of schizophrenic shock. It’s not that the album drags you through some type of jumbled mish-mash of dissonance and noise, because it boasts extremely cohesive songwriting despite the progressive and ambitious nature of the music, it’s more that Tellusian are able to fit everything, and the kitchen sink, into an album full of one to three minute tracks. Ten tracks; roughly twenty-six minutes. You do the math." - The Metal Observer Thanks for reading! Mike http://www.pillowscars.com http://www.facebook.com/pillowscars
  8. "No Omega is hopeless and heartbreaking doomsday hardcore punk. Since their forming in 2010, No Omega have been working hard on creating a sound that's both vibrant and melancholic. The idea of No Omega is to fuse a furious hardcore sound with a sludgier, more dark, melodic and resolute post-metal sound. No Omega always aim at writing something new; something that doesn't sound like everything else. The guitars are heavy, the vocals are filled with power and emotion, and the drums shift between straight up thrash/punk to lumbering and brooding metal. A lot has happened since 2010 and the band has managed to form a pretty solid foundation to build upon. Both the music and the lyrics are more experienced. It's a lot more polished and finished in a fashion. The love for experimenting is still there. The love for expressing angst and fixating on the darker and more negative aspects of life and of our species is still there. The love for heavy and melodic post/modern hardcore is still there. 2013 will be a year of constant touring and taking No Omega to the next level." Pre-orders/full streaming/free download - http://store.throatruinerrecords.com/bands/no-omega Comes on 180-gram heavy-weight black vinyl and housed in a reverse-board jacket (sticker and poster included with each vinyl). Also available on CD digipack. All pre-orders will ship around April 10th. The release will be followed by an european tour with This Gift Is A Curse and Palm Reader (full schedule here) http://facebook.com/noomega
  9. Good news everyone! Sweden's own Tellusian has finally released their first 7"! Two older tracks that serve as a little appetizer for the LP that hopefully will be out sometime in the winter. Transparent green vinyl available for direct mailorder or from the band. You can also pick it up from Howling Mine, Ebullition, Stickfigure, Robotic Empire, Wax Deli and others in a week or two. You can listen here: http://pillowscars.bandcamp.com and order here: http://pillowscars.bigcartel.com Thanks for reading! - Mike http://www.pillowscars.com http://www.facebook.com/pillowscars