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Found 12 results

  1. The 10th anniversary edition comes with a brand new studio re-recording of 10-minutes opener Rhyacian, featuring the current lineup with Loic Rossetti on vocals, Paul Seidel on drums and Mattias Hägerstrand on bass. • 3 LPs in 3 different vinyl colour style • same packaging as the original ltd. edition: gatefold with an extra thick spine, diecut holes, special metallic inks, UV spot gloss varnish • printed inner sleeves, 2 inlays 3 Colored versions each /250 https://pelagic-records.com/product/the-ocean-precambrian-3xlp-10th-anniversary-edition/ I have the original pressings of this album and its amazing, one of the greatest post metal/metal albums an done of the coolest packages of any vinyl I own
  2. Cult of Luna and the old wind (the ocean Robin Stapps side project) have a split and the sample clip sounds absolutely epic!!! http://pelagic-records.com/shop/music/vinyl/cult-of-luna-the-old-wind-raangest-ep-vinyl
  3. The Ocean have repressed both FLUXION and AEOLIAN and are available in 3 different variants each, and a Black version. They are a little expensive, but anyone who has collected their vinyl knows how amazing the final product turns out. There are 400 colored total of each album. http://pelagic-records.com/vinyl/
  4. BTW, please don't ask how much I want for XYZ... I'm only looking to trade the rarer records and will not sell them! (I might sell the more common ones) This is what I have for trade: Amplifier - Hal/Eternity [42/500, Black, signed] Baroness - Blue Record 2xLP [/1000, Baby Blue, 1st Press] Baroness - Live At Maida Vale (BBC Recording) [/2000, Black, Etched] Botch - Unifying Themes Redux 2xLP [/1500, Black, Remastered] City and Colour - The Lonely Life 7" [/202, Pink] Crëvecoeur - #1 & #2 2xLP [Pink/White] Cult of Luna - Vertikal 2xLP [180gr., Black] Daturah - Reverie 2xLP [89/200, Black] Eksi Ekso - Brown Shark, Red Lion 2xLP [/100, brown/red] Eksi Ekso - I Am Your Bastard Wings 2xLP [/600, White, Etched] Envy - Compiled Fragments 97-03 2xLP Explosions in the Sky - Prince Avalanche OST [/936, Transparent Red] Giants - Giants 7" [/100, Opaque Maroon] Giants / Beware Of Safety Split 7" [#205/200, Green] Grails - Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 4,5, & 6 2xLP If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk [/100, Solid Orange, 2nd Press] If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk [/250, Black, 1st Press] If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk & Above The Earth, Below The Sky 2xLP [/100, Translucent Orange / Translucent Sea Blue, Tour Press] Instrument - Instrument [/100, w/ Green Cover] Instrument - Olympus Mons [17/100, Translucent Blue] Jakob - Sines 2xLP [/300, Half Translucent Red / Half Translucent Orange w/ Black Haze] The Mars Volta ‎– Frances The Mute 3xLP [black, Etched] The Mars Volta - Televators [/5000, picture disc] Newsted - Heavy Metal Music 2xLP The Ocean - Aeolian 2xLP [/100, White vs. Gold] Opeth - Ghost Reveries 2xLP [/200, gold] NO COVER Our Ceasing Voice - When The Headline Hit Home 2xLP [/150, Clear] Periphery - Juggernaut: Alpha & Omega 2xLP [/100, White] The Prize Fighter Inferno – Half Measures 10" [/500, glow in the dark, rsd 2013] - SEALED Red Sparowes - At The Soundless Dawn 2xLP [/500, Forest Green] Red Sparowes - At The Soundless Dawn 2xLP [/500, Swamp Green] Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun 2xLP [/500, Red Heart] Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun 2xLP [/500, Red Sun] Shearwater - Rook Sleepmakeswaves - ...And So We Destroyed Everything 2xLP [/300, Black, 180gr.] Sonic Youth - Simon Werner A Disparu - SEALED This Will Destroy You - Communal Blood 7" [/500, Black] Tool - 10.000 Days 2xLP [bootleg] Tool - Ænima 2xLP Tool - Lateralus 2xLP [bootleg] All other items for trade can be found here (marked on the left): https://deadformat.net/collection/Sasan This is what I'm looking for: And So I Watch You From Afar – And So I Watch You From Afar 2xLP And So I Watch You From Afar – Gangs BLCKWVS - 0110 [/30, Red, Hand-Numbered] BLCKWVS - 0120 [/30, Purple, Hand-Numbered] BLCKWVS - Discography Box 5xLP [/75, Red] Bloodbath - Unblessing the Purity [/1000, Clear Red] Daturah - Daturah 2xLP [/150, White w/ Black Screenprint] Dredg - Leitmotif [/500, Black] Faith No More - Album of the Year [/2000, Gold] Faith No More - Angel Dust [/2000, Blue, fixed B-Side] Ghost Brigade - Until Fear No Longer Defines Us 2xLP [/250, Clear or /250, Grey] Gifts from Enola - From Fathoms [/100, Blue/Green Haze & Orange/Brown Haze, Tour Press] God is an Astronaut - Far From Refuge [/500, Black] God is an Astronaut - God is an Astronaut [/500, Black] God is an Astronaut - Age of the Fifth Sun [/100, Yellow or /200, Orange] Hans Zimmer- Inception OST Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight 2xLP HOWWEMAKEMISTAKES - This Time Last Night 7" [/1, Lathe Cut] I.E.M - ANY!!! Jakob - Erfo 7" Jakob - Semaphore / To Be Locked Up Javier Navarrete ‎– Pan's Labyrinth OST 2xLP Junius - Junius 2xLP [/100, Translucent Red + Black Swirl or /100, White/Red Splatter, Black/Red Splatter] Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment 2xLP Mutemath - Mutemath 2xLP Oceansize - Effloresce 2xLP Oceansize - Everyone into Position 2xLP Oceansize - ALL SINGLES/EPs Opeth - Damnation [/1000, Clear] Opeth - Deliverance [/1000, Translucent Marbled White] pg.Lost - Almost everything Porcupine Tree - OFFER ME ANY LP/10"/7"/CD you have; I'm looking for anything Steven Wilson / PT related that I don't own yet Porcupine Tree - Deadwing 2xLP [/700 Red, /600 Black or /700 Blue] Rosetta - The Galilean Satellites I 2xLP Rosetta - Wake/Lift 2xLP Sigur Ros - ANY EPs/SINGLES Shora - Malval [/100 Clear or /500 Black] Steven Wilson - OFFER ME ANY LP/10"/7"/CD you have; I'm looking for anything Steven Wilson / PT related that I don't own yet Strand of Oaks - Pope Killdragon [/300, 1st Press, hand-numbered] Strand of Oaks - Dark Shores [/100, Blue] The Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur 2xLP The Unwinding Hours - Afterlives LP[/1000] The Unwinding Hours - The Unwinding Hours LP[/1100] Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever 3xLP [/1000, Blue or Black] Various - Watchmen OST Why Bother? - Still Not That Great 10" [/3, Lathe Cut] You can always offer me anything regarding Porcupine Tree & Steven Wilson as well!
  5. Spent too much lately. Looking to refill my paypal account. Also, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I'm open to trades. Very willing to make deals. -36 Crazyfists - Collisions and Castaways - Blue -Misser - Distancing - Black -Ruiner - I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes - Gold -Within The Ruins - Omen - Red -Bury Your Dead - Mosh N Roll -The Flatliners - Dead Language - Black -F Minus - Wake Up Screaming - Black -A Life Once Lost - Ecstatic Trance - Black -NFG - Kill It Live - Black / Yellow -Lamb of God - Sacrament - Black PENDING -Brigades - Crocodile Tears - White / Green Haze -Paper - Sunbeam - Black -War of Ages - Return To Life - White -You Blew It! - The Past in Present - Cream -Make Do and Mend - Everything You Ever Loved - Gold PENDING -The Acacia Strain - 3750 - Clear -Red Fang - Whales and Leeches (official bootleg) -Hawthorne Heights - The Silence in Black and White - Orange -The Ocean - The Grand Inquisitor - Brown / Clear
  6. Hey Everyone! I am looking for the Fluxion / Aeolian 3 LPIf anyone has one in the clear blue/blue/clear copy or the white black and grey one I would like to purchase it from you. I would like it with the sleeve! Thank you everyone, talk to you soon.
  7. Hey there, you beautiful people.. I've been searching high and low for these here records (for decent prices). I'm hoping mayhaps somebody here would be in possession of such items and would be willing to help me out. The Ocean - Precambrian Poison the Well - Versions In terms of color/pressing, I'm not being picky, I just want to treat my external auditory meatus orifices to these fine pieces of music I'd really appreciate any help
  8. Hey I am Looking to buy the Ocean Fluxion Aelian 3xLP. Depending on the condition I will go up to 100$ not including shipping. Let me know. Also I am looking for the new Protest the Hero Album in the Blue Haze one they first came out with. Thank You!
  9. I have a few more things for sale. Would consider trades. Feel free to offer. -Daft Punk - Around the World test press -Homostupids - Load LP -Code Orange Kids - Cycles - wine purple /500 -Bon Iver - Beth/Rest 12" - side a played 1x -Ghost - If You Have Ghost - played 2x -The Faint - Fascination (sealed) -Job For a Cowboy - Ruination 10"s - LP 1 and 2 - played 2x -Biffy Clyro - Black Chandelier RSD 7" -Not really looking to let go of these but I would take some offers on them- -Taking Back Sunday/Jimmy Eat World split - decently warped -The Ocean - The Grand Inquisitor - brown/clear - hand numbered 123/155
  10. WTB The Ocean Fluxion Aeolian 3xLP. I will make offers once i know the condition of the record. PM me if you have it and let me know the condition then i will respond with a offer!! Thank you everyone. And i accidently posted this in the wrong section earlier i apologize!
  11. WTB The Ocean Fluxion Aeolian 3xLP. I will make offers once i know the condition of the record. PM me if you have it and let me know the condition then i will respond with a offer!! Thank you everyone.
  12. THE GRAND INQUISITOR 10" - PART III and IV up for preorder now! After the 1st pressing of the „Grand Inquisitor“ Ten Inch sold out within 72 hours after starting the preorder, we decided to give all you poor folks who missed their chance the first time around a 2nd chance: the repress is up for preorder now, and it is not just a remake of the first pressing, but comes with 2 new silk screen prints by 2 different artists! THE GRAND INQUISITOR is a 10" vinyl E.P. featuring the 3 "Grand Inquisitor" - tracks off our latest album "Anthropocentric", as well as the 4th, previously unreleased chapter entitled "The Grand Inquisitor IV - Exclusion From Redemption". This 7-minutes track is thematically completing the "Grand Inquisitor" – series, which makes reference to the chapter of the same title in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel The Brothers Karamasov. The 10“ comes with 4 different silk-screened covers – one for each Grand-Inquisitor chapter. While Dawid Piprek and Chris Smith (the cover artists of the first pressing) visualized the first 2 chapters, the 2 new artists focus on the 3rd and 4th chapter. Christian Brix (Dresden) has visualized the lyrics to "The Grand Inquisitor III - A Tiny Grain of Faith": The devil sows in you a tiny grain of faith And it will grow into an oak tree You will dine on locusts You'll wander in the wilderness to save your soul His drawing shows the face of the non-believer, in who the devil has planted the seed of faith. The Holy Trinity is represented by 3 pairs of acorns in the left half of the picture, which form the 3 corners of a triangle. Carl Whitbread from Sydney, Australia has visualized the lyrics to "The Grand Inquisitor IV: Exclusion From Redemption" in an old etching style. The front cover shows the Grand Inquisitor himself with his hands holding and protecting a sphere with people dancing, which represents the Inquisitor's vision of his protection of humanity by taking away their freedom, therefore keeping them happy and ignorant. On the back, is Jesus. The same sphere appears in between his hands, but this time contains an image of people in a fire, representing the Inquisitor's vision of what Jesus has done to humanity by allowing freedom. Both cover versions were silk-screened by hand onto 650 g heavy natural cardboard. Christian Brix' version comes with transparent clear / transparent yellow colour-split vinyl. Carl Whitbread's version comes with transparent clear / transparent red colour-split vinyl. This second pressing completes the series of the 4 chapters of The Grand Inquisitor. There will not be a 3rd pressing. Be quick this time, as this pressing is limited to 250 copies of each version! Pre-order: http://pelagic-records.com/vinyl/

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