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Found 3 results

  1. We've talked about this project for quite a while but it has finally come together. 6 years ago we released our first EP "Formlessness" via bandcamp. It was recorded in my basement with pretty much 1 microphone and a very limited knowledge on how to actually record music. Throughout the years of lineup changes and our tendency to improv and evolve our songs live these 4 songs have changed quite a bit. We have spent over a year re-recording Formlessness to reflect how the songs have changed. We are also having the original version of the EP mastered for the first time. We are releasing the 2 versions on a single 12" EP. A-side is the original Formlessness, actually mastered, and for the first time on vinyl all 4 tracks are present. The B-side of the record is what I'm calling Formlessness 2016. Pre-orders for the vinyl will go up tomorrow (Friday 7/15) via Broken World Media. We will release the EP digitally for free on our bandcamp on August 20th, 6 years after the original EP came out. http://store.brokenworldmedia.com/categories/vinyl
  2. Epitaph Store (Sly Blue /1000; Black /1500) Epitaph EU Store (Electric Blue w/ Swamp Green & Bronze Splatter /1000; Black /1000) Band Store (Coke Bottle Clear /500; Black /1500; Green Tint Cassette /250) Band EU Store (Milky Clear/Light Blue color-in-color w/ Swamp Green Splatter /500) Bullmoose (Clear /1000; will be available elsewhere in the US/Canada but I'm not going to link every indie store...) Pressing Information US: 1500 Black 1000 Clear - Retail/Canada 1000 Sky Blue - Epitaph Store 500 Coke Bottle Clear - Band exclusive EU/UK: 1000 Black 1000 Electric Blue w/Swamp Green & Bronze Splatter 500 Milky Clear/Light Blue color-in-color w/Swamp Green Splatter Cassette Pressing Info: 250 - Green Tint Dillon and Her Son song stream. /500 Lyric/Illustration book (150 available in the band's EU store).
  3. baileylorraine

    TWIABP Collection up for grabs

    Decided on selling off my TWIABP collection. Thinking about saving a couple things but if you're interested in anything message me offers! https://deadformat.net/collection/BaileyLorraine