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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys, since there are a lot of fans of toms work in this forum i thought i'd post this here, i'm really interested in what the opinions on this issue are. As some of you may have heard or read, a few weeks ago Tom DeLonge announced a new branch of his To The Stars brand, which he claims will bring undisclosed knowledge on issues regarding astrophysics, space traveling and even ufos to the public. Now obviously he has always been crazy for that kind of stuff and in a lot of interviews it becomes apparent that he can be convinced of some weird shit quite easily. Even though on a recent joe rogan podcast he still talked about some wacky stuff, this time he seems to be a lot more serious about it. He seems to have assembled a team that includes people who previously worked at the CIA, in the pentagon etc. You can read all about that on the website or hear it on the video below. https://dpo.tothestarsacademy.com/ Most reactions i've read so far are generally more or less negative, saying that it's a scam and pretty much just another way to make money. I'm sort of on that side as well, especially after seeing the announcement broadcast that they did (below), eventhough i love the idea and really wish there was truth to it and that these guys actually have something real to share here. In the beginning of joe rogans podcast you really think that he has gone completely nuts now but after a while it gets quite interesting. Still something seems a bit off to me and the whole handling seems a bit weird. Maybe it's just because it's in the very early stages.
  2. ...To The Stars has announced that every Angels & Airwaves release is going to be pressed on a clear variant limited to 500 per record as part of the 2017 Hope Vinyl Collection. The releases include: We Don't Need To Whisper I-Empire Love Part I & II Stomping The Phantom Break Pedal The Dream Walker ...Of Nightmares Chasing Shadows They are estimated to ship out on February 15th and can be pre-ordered here: https://tothestars.media/collections/music
  3. SRC just announced a pre-order for 4 blink albums. 3 Tape variants each, at $11.99 each. Self Titled Enema Dude Ranch Mark, Tom & Travis Show
  4. Hey guys, I've been looking to add to my collection of blink 182 memorabilia. I'm really interested in anything you have to offer, but there are a few things in particular that I'm looking to buy. Here goes: -BOMPA IAMBROKE sale smiley logo black dickies zipper jacket limited to 182. -First date single pack (Includes a finger skateboard, condom, and "Ass, Gas, or Grass..." Sticker) -I am looking for all three variants of the finger skateboards for first date! (Red Wheels) -What's my age again promo party pack -All the small things boxer shorts promo pack -Blink 182 pen (the one that came with the notebooks) *Sealed Only* -Take off your pants and jacket air freshener -Untitled promotional shoe laces -Greatest hits promo store vinyl banner -2009 reunion tour promo state farm key (Great condition or better) -Honda civic tour merch -Bompa button and sticker funpack -Any Pre-182 merch- stickers, tees, cassettes, cd, etc. -Adam's song/man overboard sealed DVD -Blink 182 Live from Sydney Australia VHS -Blink 182 Retail Guide (TOYPAJ era) -Feeling This VHS single -Greatest Hits Promo Sticker -Christmas 2012 Sweater and Scarf -Angels and Airwaves Dog Tags (new in packaging) -Himynameismark Flashdrive -Himynamismark Vannen Watch (Blue First Edition) -AVA Gold Poet figurine -Plus 44 skateboard deck -Enema of the state Pill Logo skateboard deck - +44 promotional merch- stickers, etc. -Blink Live at Soma in San Diego July 27, 1995 DVD -Josie VHS (Not the Blue and Orange version, the polystyrene promo, preferably sealed) -Tour slapbands packs -2001 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket 3 Button Set By C&D VISIONARY -Take Off Your Pants and Jacket tour button set -2011 Honda Civic tour drawstring bag -Generic Smiley Logo Black Drawstring bag -The Blinkumentary Business Card -Any Tee shirts, preferably tour shirts (especially the 2009 tour ones limited to 182 each) -POSTERS GALORE!! -Anything with a signature *EDIT* Hey guys, I recently came across a cardboard store stand up from the Take off Your Pants and Jacket album. Problem is, it doesn't have the tower with it that the CD's would be displayed in. The CD tower can be seen in the pictures in this old ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Very-Rare-Collectable-Blink-182-Cardboard-Stand-2001-Take-Off-Pants-and-Jacket-/151663541635?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item234fd9fd83&nma=true&si=dQE2QDvxsyYb%252Bnds%252FnpHfBtjsS0%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 If anyone has one or knows where I can find one, I will pay a very fair price for it!! Thank you!!
  5. Angels and Airwaves announced today via email that they're pressing their upcoming EP Chasing Shadows on picture disc. The release date for this is TBA apparently, but the cut off for pre-order for this is 4/25. They're making this release is a press to order release similar to their previous pressing of their past records when they were sold through Modlife. http://tothestars.media/collections/all-products/products/angels-and-airwaves-chasing-shadows-picture-disc?variant=18580016391
  6. Well here goes this: Tom Delonge's new album is up for preorder http://shop.tothestarsinc.com/tom "Tom DeLonge will release To The Stars, an album of demos, odds, and ends, on April 20th. The track listing is not yet released, but will be on March 16th. Prior to the album’s release, three songs will be released with the first coming on March 9th."
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking for as many pictures of early blink cassettes as I can get. Also curious about how many are out there of each. Looking for Blink Cheshire Cat advance "tom" and "cat" artwork on both white and orange paper Blink Flyswatter Demo Blink Demo 2 Blink Buddha Demo (any variant) Any Pictures or info on pressings would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  8. Like the title says, i'm thinking about selling or trading my blink pre-182 demo 2 cassette, including lyric sheet. I love it, and it's the best piece in my collection, but it sits in a box in a closet, and if I could get some items or money to buy different items that I can enjoy, I may do so. I'm looking for other RARE items. For pictures and more info., please email me bstuek at yahoo EDIT: Here are links to the pictures. http://imgur.com/hyzgk43 http://imgur.com/qWioEpr http://imgur.com/JC5tA9B
  9. I've had my fingers crossed that this album would be the first AVA album to be pressed on vinyl on its original release. According to the photo below, which was supposedly posted and removed from their site today, the vinyl will be available for pre-order on friday. Very Interested if SRC will be pressing this/have their own colors available (like every other AVA release) I will assume the Color in Color, will be exclusive to AVA site members. PRE-ORDERS: http://shop.tothestarsinc.com/index.php?cPath=34_41 (Ships in February)
  10. Taking offers on the following items: Blink-182 plush bunny - bought at TMTATS tour, tags still attached Blink-182 year 2000 tour programme - also from TMTATS tour (Tried to rotate after upload, looks like it doesn't work that way, too lazy to rotate and re-up right meow.) If you are not familiar with the programme, (I did a search and no photos or info came up) each band member gets a page to themselves (Travis' page is blank and only says something like 'Travis didn't hand his shit in on time' - self explanatory. There is a large, full, 2-page spread devoted to explanations of what all of the songs off EotS were written about. There are also large, full-page press photos and some other stuff. Both items were purchased from the same show in the year 2000 at the TMTATS tour.
  11. Hey, I missed out on buying this and was wondering if anyone still has a sealed copy. PM me if you do. Thanks.
  12. I've decided to sell this because I've only listened to it once since getting it when was pressed. It's the 2012 Hot Topic pressing on opaque red. Both the vinyl and sleeve are near mint, I can send pictures if you want! Make me an offer, not looking for anything insane
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/blink-182-self-titled-untitled-vinyl-record-lp-PINK-GREEN-SWIRL-500-MTS-RARE/150980945054?ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1&ih=005&category=176985&cmd=ViewItem
  14. "The new double - EP Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal. On sale December 18th 2012 - taking pre-sale orders NOW! Exclusive digital & merch bundles available only at angelsandairwaves.com" I'm kinda stoked for this EP, but 60 bucks for basically 3 new songs and a photo book is pretty expensive. Also, here's their new track of the EP, "Diary"
  15. This is definitely a stretch, but I'm looking for the Angels and Airwaves Young London 7". If anyone's willing to let this go, please PM me. I'm open to offers and trades.

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