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Found 4 results

  1. Sorry if there is a thread on this already but I couldn't find one when searching. I saved my list from DeadFormat before they shut down and am about to invest a bunch of time switching it over to one of these guys (like many of you have already). I'm curious which one is used more by VC people and why.
  2. I have a dude from Italy who wants to buy a record, but I told him I am reluctant to ship there because of the legend of lost incoming parcels. He told me he has heard about that, but thought it was only a legend and asked if it's possible if he pays for tracking. International tracking costs an arm, a leg, and a nut, so I doubt he'll want to after seeing the price, but you never know how badly someone might want a certain record. Sellers - Would you absolutely never ship to Italy or would tracking make it okay and make sure you don't get ripped off through paypal if the parcel gets lost. Follow up question: I'm thinking about updating my seller terms to state I won't ship there, or that I won't ship there w/o tracking, depending what kind of responses I get. What other countries would you list as places to never ship to, and why? Would you ship there with tracking, or just 'no' period? Thanks.
  3. Hello folks! For a few weeks now, my needle is jumping at the beginning of my records. Not all of them but a lot. I did not modify my turntable prior to this problem and no one else but me touched it. I thought the problem was mostly because I played Epitaph pressings but it's also occurring to previously fine records. My turntable is a Denon DP300-F with a cheap generic needle made for my stock cartridge and has been used for a year and a half without any problem (will be replaced eventually with a Grado Red). The needle is fine and I clean it once in a while with a dedicated solution. I also always brush my records and clean them when they need to so they're not the problem. I did reset the weight in the back of the tonearm and calibrated it again and again without success. I played with the anti-skating knob without success. The turntable is level with the ground and stable on my Expedit without anything else touching it. My speakers are separated on the floor and not touching the Expedit. I printed a protractor alignment paper and it seems fine but I ordered a real one with a mirror finish for exact calibration just in case. My needle seems to be just a little bit crooked on the side (very little) so maybe that's where the problem lies but it's always been like that and it's been fine since this recent problem. One thing I did not try yet is to put the needle on a blank record and check how it's tracking. Any other ideas are welcome to help me solve this problem. If you barely know anything about turntable settings, please refrain from making any witty remarks or suggestions. Thanks for your help!
  4. bye bye delivery confirmation. hello usps tracking. also, they raised the price to just under $1 now.