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Found 13 results

  1. https://store.triplecrownrecords.com/products/698459-free-throw-piecing-it-together Other merch: https://store.triplecrownrecords.com/ All orders get “Cloud Sick” track with pre-order, full album download on release day Release Date: June 25th, 2021 Track List Cloud Sick Worry Seed The Grass Isn’t Greener Down & Out Ocular Pat Down Second Wind Force Of Will Dormancy Trust Fall Ghost in the Routine Equilibrium Dawn of a New Day Pressing Information Red/Clear Butterfly Vinyl - 250 units pressed (pre-order exclusive) 3 Stripes Blue/Grey/Red Vinyl - 400 units pressed (pre-order exclusive) White Vinyl - 1200 units pressed Newbury Comics Exclusive: teal/300 https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/free_throw-piecing_it_together_exclusive_lp?variant=39549541974196
  2. Anyone looking to part with a copy of Death Spells? ISO any variant.
  3. Looking for the following test pressings and offering rewards that lead to a successful purchase of said tests. Deja Entendu first run limited to 8 test Science Fiction test thank you for the help
  4. Just looking for one more item to FINALLY complete my variant collection. Able Bodies - Black (3rd Pressing from TCR)** **Discogs has this listed on the site but i don't remember this ever being sold....anyone have any idea? I have the original self-released pressing on black but never knew TCR repressed it again on the same color.
  5. Just looking to complete my variant collection, only piece i need is the "Clear w/ Green Splash) https://www.discogs.com/From-Indian-Lakes-Absent-Sounds/release/10223840
  6. Yarn, McCafferty's sophomore album, will come out on Triple Crown Records on March 23rd. “One of the definitions of ‘yarn’ is a long, rambling story that is incoherent and just sort of goes on,” Hartkop explains. “I think that really defines McCafferty. No matter how many times we tried to put it down, it’s come back up. The band wasn’t done with us. It was calling us back for a reason.” Pressing Information First Press: 300 - Gold with Red Splatter (Pre-Order Exclusive) 500 - Red/Gold/Purple Tri-Color (Wax Bodega / Tour Exclusive) 1500 - Red (Online and Tour Variant) Track Listing: 1. Loser 2. Paper, Pencil, Copyright 3. Yarn 4. Strain 5. Sauerkraut 6. Scotland 7. Mary Z 8. Windmill 9. It’s A 10. Westboro Sadness 11. Prolly 12. TOEWGMO http://mccafferty.limitedrun.com/products/611123-yarn
  7. Pre-order exclusive pressed on White Vinyl and Clear Vinyl with Pink, Blue, and Yellow Splatter. 250 pressed. www.triplecrownrecords.merchdirect.com/products/61974-hit-the-lights-skip-school-start-fights-vinyl $16.00
  8. Absent Sounds will be available on 10/7/14 via Triple Crown Records. Preorders soon.
  9. Hey, guys. I ordered this off of Interpunk a few weeks back and it unexpectedly went out of stock around the time that I ordered, so I'm currently in the process of a return. Anyway I was wondering if any of you guys on here had a sealed copy of the recent TCR repress (out of 3000) on black vinyl. Comment here or PM me if you do. Thanks
  10. I bought an As Tall As Lions self titled EP back in 2007 when I thought I wanted to collect vinyl, and then my collection just never grew. It is a clear copy. I might have played it once or twice but I don't own a turntable so I don't really remember as it was years ago (I was also on drugs at this point in my life so things are a bit hazy....) My question is how much is it worth? I have seen prices from $50 to upwards of $200. Please be honest as I'm basically a vinyl virgin. I'm trying to make some extra cash for the holidays and would like an accurate estimate. Thanks!
  11. I have a feeling this will be going up for pre-order on Triple Crown pretty soon... TRACK LISTING: 1. Come Into the Divide 2. Parasitical 3. Context 4. Perilous Love 5. Path of Folly 6. Oblivion 7. Transience 8. Disillusion 9. Absence 10. Radiance
  12. I am selling my copy of: The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me 2xLP.....WHITE VARIANT EXCELLENT CONDITION, AND NEVER BEEN PLAYED....ONLY OPENED SO COLOR COULD BE CONFIRMED!!!! THIS IS THE TRIPLE CROWN VERSION OF THE ALBUM, w/the LYRIC SHEET included!!! A MUST HAVE for Brand New Collectors!!!! Accepting offers now. FREE SHIPPING FOR US RESIDENTS.....INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE BUT MUST BE DISCUSSED AHEAD OF TIME WILL ACCEPT OFFERS FOR 24 HRS, UNLESS AN OFFER TOO GOOD TO PASS UP HAS BEEN PRESENTED, LOL Need to move this ASAP. Let me know if interested!!! you can email [email protected] or just respond to the post!
  13. I know this is non-vinyl related, but I figure this community is as good as, if not better than, many other online music communities for doing research and helping a member out! I've seen this poster around, but I can't identify the artist nor where to even begin looking to buy one (other than combing eBay, which is tiring and fruitless at best). I figured maybe if you guys saw it you could help a brother out... Here she be: http://i45.tinypic.com/242u840.jpg Thanks for any help you can provide!