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Found 2 results

  1. hey y'all, just going through all my old childhood shit and i finally got to the box where all my old band shirts are. these are mostly circa 2003-2012 when i was still small enough to fit mediums (and smalls when i was in, like, middle school). i'm fat now and it would be fun to keep all these and pretend one day i'll magically sew them into a band shirt quilt but it just ain't gonna happen. 6x saosin CLAIMED BUT NOT PAID, FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE 1x anthony green SOLD 2x chiodos CLAIMED BUT NOT PAID, FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE 3x the fall of troy SOLD 3x say anything CLAIMED BUT NOT PAID, FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE 2x the sound of animals fighting 1x the dear hunter 1x puig destroyer 1x a day to remember 1x the dangerous summer 1x this time next year 1x cinematic sunrise 2x? every time i die 3x? the wonder years 2x? the dangerous summer 2x? odd project 1x true things anyway if this is remotely interesting to you let me know. just please know in advance the shirts are in various states of wear and disrepair based on how much i loved them over the years. some are still nearly brand new, some are ragged as hell. thanks, alex
  2. I have been in search of one of these masks for a long time. I appreciate anything anyone has to offer. I will pay for it of course!!! Name a price and send pics if you have one. Or if you have a lead could you please send me a link. It doesn't matter at all what mask it is. thanks for reading..

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