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Found 12 results

  1. I gave a persuasive speech the other day on why people should consider going vegan (no animal products in your diet) and it got me wondering if there were any other board members who are vegan or vegetarian. I've been vegetarian for 2 years and vegan for about 6 months now. At the beginning it was Food Inc. that got me. I went "cold turkey" after watching it and never looked back. If anyone out there is looking for help or advice on where to start or anything like that feel free to ask!
  2. We have two new No Restraint items in the store, plus the first two 7"s are going to be on sale during the preorder. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com ****THIS IS A PREORDER. WE HOPE TO HAVE IT AROUND THE SAME TIME AS THE DISCOGRAPHY CD. THE RELEASE DATE IS 3/16 AND WE HOPE TO HAVE IT SHIPPING ON OR BEFORE THAT DATE********** No Restraint (Jacksonville, FL) are back with their third EP, titled, “Growth”. This vegan powerhouse previously released a split with Down In It and a standalone EP, “The Branches of Suffering”, through Bitter Melody Records. They took their time writing this third EP and have written their best songs to date. This EP has 5 new songs tackling a range of issues. Taking influences from Earth Crisis, Harvest, and Turmoil, they have crafted a heavy hitting EP, full of crushing riffs. Bitter Melody is releasing this EP on 7” vinyl, pressed on limited yellow with red splatter vinyl, and black vinyl. We have a few test presses that we are making available to offset the price of such a limited production run. We ship worldwide but these are available from Bound By Modern Age in Germany which may be cheaper for Europe and others. We also have both of the first two No Restraint 7"s (The Branches of Suffering and their split 7" with Down In It) in the store. We have both on sale in celebration of the new 7" so if you don't have them check them out on the front page. We also have a discography CD for preorder that has all 3 7"s and 2 demo tracks. 1. Growth 2. Separation 3. Birth 4. Cages 5. Grasping http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com
  3. Hey all, the HVØSCH - THORNSMOAT LP is out since a couple weeks. Formed in Russia in 2013, Hvøsch is a vegan five-piece band from Saint Petersburg that combines elements of doom, post-metal, and black metal to create an endangered atmosphere in order to impart their narrative. The band intertwines ambient instrumental passages with invasive blast beats and unwavering vocals to advocate for atheism and animal rights. Thornsmoat is now available through Maniyax Records on bone wax with black a-side/b-side mix (limited to 500 copies). For more information about the band, please visit facebook.com/hvoschband and be sure to listen to the album for free in its entirety at the bands bandcamp: hvosch.bandcamp.com "thornsmoat. a two-chapter antiutopia about a tough fate of a black fox. a hunter and a couple of dogs are chasing the prey to a certain death. the burrow is clouded with smoke. everyone has burnt alive. he is the last of the free; his death is coming close. the only thing left is to run. towards his fate - or away from it..." ORDER your HVØSCH - THORNSMOAT LP here! Thanks a lot, Fabian www.maniyax.com
  4. Preorders for the Bonjour Tristesse Par Un Sourire LP and the Wind In His Hair Earthwrecker LP have been posted on our website at http://www.replenishrecords.com RR22 Bonjour Tristesse - Par Un Sourire Formed in Germany in the winter of 2008, Bonjour Tristesse is a vegan straight edge band from Munich that plays a style of black metal that is considered to be of the depressive ilk. Focusing on the oppressing everyday life in capitalist societies, the neverending struggle for freedom, and the crisis between civilization and the environment, the artist weaves a symphony of sadness, alienation, and inner emptiness with a sense of strength that arises from unabashed resilience and standing alone in the face of adversity. Par Un Sourire is now available for preorder through Replenish Records on clear wax with black and white splatter (limited to 100 copies), black wax (limited to 150 copies), and white wax (limited to 250 copies). Please note that preorders will ship in four to six weeks. For more information about the band, please visit http://www.facebook.com/bonjourtristesseofficial and be sure to download the split for free in its entirety from our website at http://www.replenishrecords.com RR23 Wind In His Hair - Earthwrecker Formed in Germany in the spring of 2015, Wind In His Hair is a vegan band from Berlin that combines elements of crust punk, hardcore, and black metal to create a soundtrack for anarcho-primitivism and the rewilding of nature. The lyrics promote love and respect for the environment and the indigenous cultures around the world, and the band dedicates their music to those who work to save our planet from being destroyed by the greedy claws of civilization. Earthwrecker is now available for preorder through Replenish Records on gray wax with black and white splatter (limited to 100 copies), black wax (limited to 150 copies), and white wax with gray splatter (limited to 250 copies). Please note that preorders will ship in four to six weeks and the first 50 preorders come with a free tote bag. For more information about the band, please visit http://www.facebook.com/windinhishairpunk and be sure to download the split for free in its entirety from our website at http://www.replenishrecords.com DONATE - 100% of the proceeds from all digital downloads of the Bonjour Tristesse Par Un Sourire LP will be donated to Earth First! Journal in order to raise awareness and publish news from the eco-wars, direct action resources, informant tracking, and prisoners. 100% of the proceeds from all digital downloads of the Wind In His Hair Earthwrecker LP will be donated to Stand With Standing Rock in order to support the Oceti Sakowin Camp standing in solidarity to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline. With your help, Replenish Records has raised thousands of dollars in support of nonprofit organizations all over the world who specialize in direct action, so we could not be more thankful for your profound sense of generosity and willingness to embrace our rather nontraditional approach to being an independent record label. For more information and to learn how you can make a difference, please visit http://www.replenishrecords.tumblr.com/replenish-establishes-donate-what-you-want DISTRO - All of the items in our distro are currently 25% OFF for a limited time. The distro is overflowing with new titles from artists and labels all over the world including Absolutionist, Alaskan, Amber, Anchor, Arse Moreira, Autarch, Batillus, Beau Navire, Black Everest, Black Table, Burning Ghats, Centuries, Cohol, Fell Voices, Finisterre, Fister, Geranium, Heartless, Heaven In Her Arms, Hexis, Holy, Human Bodies, In The Hearts Of Emperors, Jungbluth, Landbridge, Leather Chalice, Lich, Pray For Teeth, Primitive Man, Ramlord, Recreant, Reka, Republic Of Dreams, Resurrectionists, Sea Of Bones, Teeth, Titan, and many more! Check it out and be sure to get your hands on these distributed titles at a discount directly from our website at http://www.replenishrecords.com/distro Thank you so much for the continued support, we seriously cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate it! Daniel
  5. We are pretty excited about this one. A split EP from Down In It from Wilmington, NC and No Restraint from Jacksonville, FL. More info will be coming soon along with the artwork. The masters have been sent off to the plant and we will keep you updated. Follow the Bitter Melody Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay in the loop. You can stream the first track / video from Down In It at the link below. DOWN IN IT Stream “Heresy”, the first track off the split 7” with No Restraint here - http://www.metalinjection.net/video/down-in-it-heresy-is-new-music-to-mosh-to From Wilmington, NC, DOWN IN IT is another shining example in the current wave of abrasive metalcore that is flooding the heavy music scene. Despite being freshly new to the game, forming only in February 2014, the five-piece has made their mark and continues to turn heads as they look to release “Humanity Has Failed”, a split 7” with Jacksonville, FL powerhouse NO RESTRAINT. The split was recorded with Andreas Magnusson (The Black Dahlia Murder, Despised Icon, Haste The Day) in Richmond, VA. Despite their side only consisting of 3 songs, there was absolutely no room for filler. Taking influence from the more metal side of metalcore like Martyr A.D. and Zao, while adding the more in-your-face style that Turmoil and One King Down made popular, allow Down In It to stand on their own while also giving them room to grow musically. Lyrically, the band hones in on a lot of topics that are extremely important and prominent in current day discussion, such as animal rights, depression, religion, and gender binaries. Andreas’ touch is obvious as well with drums that cut through the mix, and a thick but gritty guitar and bass tone that gives the recording an atmosphere that matches the potency of what this band stands for. “Humanity Has Failed” will see a release via Bitter Melody Records, and will be celebrated at Southern Ties Fest in the band’s hometown of Wilmington this November. In the meantime, the band has plans to hit the road this September with Old Wounds (Good Fight Music) for a short run to Don’t Call It A Fest along side the likes of Eyehategod, See You Next Tuesday, In Cold Blood, and many others. Follow: http://www.facebook.com/bittermelodyrecords http://twitter.com/bittermelodyrecs https://www.facebook.com/xdowninit https://twitter.com/downinitnchc Stream Previous Releases: https://downinit.bandcamp.com/
  6. We released this EP last year on cassette but it's way too good to just live in that media. Pick up The Branches of Suffering on color vinyl now. We have 50 with limited preorder covers available. There are two different designs of preorder/limited covers which will be randomly selected. If you pick up two, we will try to get you one of each. If you buy one with the preorder cover you will still get the regular art as well. All vinyl is color but we aren't sure what color, it will be a surprise. We changed the art from the tape release and went all out with the packaging. These will have 7" glue pocket jackets - reverse board matte printing with a nice thick matte two sided insert and pressed on color vinyl. We should have the vinyl, covers, and inserts next week. We will start shipping to you the week of Feb. 8th. NON US customers - You can pick this up from Bound By Modern Age in Germany and you might be able to save some money on shipping! Bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com Boundxbyxmodernxedge.bigcartel.com for EU orders
  7. Jacksonville, FL's No Restraint play passionate, political 90s influenced hardcore. This 6 song EP is killer. Fans of Trial, Earth Crisis, and Indecision should take note. We are planning our next project (which will be a vinyl release) with them as we speak. We also have a new tape from Down In It (NCHC) and are working with them to do a vinyl project too. You can download/listen here: http://norestraint.bandcamp.com/ 25 on white tapes with green imprinting 75 on green tapes with white imprinting You can grab a tape here: http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/products/546754-no-restraint-the-branches-of-suffering-cassette 1 Factory Farms and Slaughterhouses 2 The Branches of Suffering 3 For No One Else 4 Strength Through Conviction 5 The Disease 6 The Path to a New World
  8. Hey Everyone, So I am going to be spending some time in Portland, Oregon during the month of September and possibly October. I want to explore EVERYTHING and decide if a move from the east coast to the west coast is in the cards for me. I enjoy the following stuff: - music (writing, recording, listening, etc etc) - buying vinyl - eating vegetarian and vegan food - riding my bike - camping / hiking / any kind of wilderness exploration - head shops / 420 friendly activities - any and all things nightlife If you have any suggestions or recommendations I would love to hear it. If you are a Portland local and want to hang, THATS COOL TOO!!! hope everyone is having a great day. xoxo
  9. THE SWARM a/k/a Knee Deep In The Dead "old blue eyes is dead" --7" — 160 made (pink or blue vinyl) www.noidearecords.com
  10. THE SWARM "Parasitic Skies" LP http://www.noidearecords.com/bands/releases/swarm_parasitic.php Vinyl re-cut in 2012 by Dave Eck at LUCKY LACQUERS. Covers screen printed by AESTHETIC PRINT & DESIGN. 106 hand-numbered copies on olive green vinyl. Go! TOP SHELF INTERVIEW with CHRIS COLOHAN http://www.leadusdown.com/2013/02/the-top-shelf-presents-the-swarm-parasitic-skies/ About The Top Shelf Dave Drobach and Matt Sweeting can talk about records. They have experience that can only come from combined decades of touring in numerous bands and working at a record label. No Idea’s finest bring in the creators of great albums we have all come to love, to sit down, reflect and reminisce on these recordings. There are three pieces to a Top Shelf interview. The interview team of Dave and Matt, a band member and the vinyl record itself. The record is played in its entirety, stopped in between songs to discuss the writing, recording and touring that happened around the record. Top Shelf session interviews are recorded live in the Grow Radio studios during the weekly show they run called “2nd Avenue Shuffle.” These are your favorite albums, with commentary found nowhere else. Archived monthly at Lead Us Down.
  11. Hey everyone, The new two song cassette from DYING is now available for mail order. Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy from Andreas at one of the Catharsis tour dates this past weekend. All cassettes are numbered out of 100 and come with hand screen printed j-cards and outer sleeves. Split release between HYDROGEN MAN RECORDS and ENDLESS DISASTER. You can listen and download the songs at www.dyingxvx.com. Listen to one of the songs here: https://soundcloud.com/ironxteeth/lonely-parallax For mail order you can grab a copy here: HYDROGEN MAN RECORDS - http://hydrogenman.storenvy.com/products/978027-dying-quitter-lonely-parallax-cs You can also pick up a copy of the tape from the band at one of their shows this upcoming week in the North East. February 6th - New York, NY @ ABC No Rio w/ Geronimo February 7th - Mendon, MA @ Rad Skate Park w/ Gatlin, Pariah, Death Dealer February 8th - Portland, ME @ 188 Dartmouth St w/ Heavy Breathing, Mouth Washington February 9th - TBA (HELP NEEDED) February 10th - New Brunswick, NJ @ Paradise Lost w/ Manalive, Capacities, Insurrection Thanks! _ Website: http://www.hydrogenmanrecords.com Listen: http://listen.hydrogenmanrecords.com Blog: http://www.hydrogenman.tumblr.com
  12. top left: regular cover top right: top secret cover (2 left) bottom: losing skin tour covers pre-order here: www.page63.com we have a split 7" that begins shipping this weekend, between two raging metallic hardcore bands hailing from the NW part of the states. Parasitic Skies was a vegan straight-edge band from the Seattle area and play a fast, heavy crust ladden blend of hardcore -its dark gritty and fast with a good bit of crunch. this is their final release as a band and is a nice step up from their past full length. shame these guys are done for now having recently called it quits - I think this serves as a great final marker for their sound and showcases them at the peak of their intensity. glad to have finally got to work with them after all this time. two great tracks. Losing Skin - are from the Spokane area, and I really didn't know a lot about them prior to starting to put this together with Parasitic Skies - I knew they were heavy as fuck and their singer Alex had previously been in the band Behold - from the same area. these guys stick more to the heavier side of things and focus more on the faster aggressive metal - FFO: integrity, slayer, black breath, rot in hell, etc etc I suck at describing music - so apologies if anything is off but you can stream the full release for free here: http://headfirstreco...kin-split-7in-2 we will also have the free downloads posted on our website shortly. you can pick these up at http://www.page63.com