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Found 21 results

  1. Have a few things for sale. PM offers please. Cassettes: Man Overboard - Noise From Upstairs | 1st Run /50 - Clear Sorority Noise - Forgettable | 1st Run /200 - Pink 7": Camera Shy - Crystal Clear | 1st Press - Aqua Side A/White Side B Spraynard - Bench | 1st Press /150 - Maroon w/ Cream + Green Splatter The Hotelier - Goodness Pt. 1 | 1st Press /1000 - Black Turnover/Citizen - Split | 1st Press /400 - Baby Blue/Magenta W/ Black Splatter 10": Camera Shy - Jack-O-Lantern |1st Press /498 - Blue/White/Orange Starburst 12": GDP - Useless Eaters | 1st Press /200 - Red Rozwell Kid - Too Shabby | 2nd Press /300 - Coke Bottle Clear Somos - Temple Of Plenty | 2nd Press /225 - Opaque Lavender Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds | 3rd Press /1500 - Yellow / White / Green Starburst You Blew It! - Keep Doing What You're Doing | 1st Press /400 - Coke Bottle Clear
  2. Here's a list of everything I'm selling. All prices are shipped. Please try to buy a 7" with a 10" or 12" 7" Camera Shy - Crystal Clear | 1st Press - Aqua Side A/White Side B - $8 Pity Sex - Euclid | 1st Press /1000 - Half White/Half Green With Gold Splatter - $8 Runaway Brother - Summer / Autumn 7" | 1st Press /175 - Electric Blue w/Doublemint Haze - $6 Spraynard - Bench | 1st Press /150 - Maroon w/ Cream + Green Splatter - $6 The World is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die/Kittyhawk/Two Knights/Rozwell Kid - Sundae Bloody Sundae | 1st Press /750 - Clear - $6 The World is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Formlessness | 5th Press /500 - Gray - $8 The World is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Josh Is Dead | 2nd Press /250 - Dark Red - $8 Tigers Jaw/The World is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die/Code Orange Kids/Self Defense Family - Split | 1st Press /270 - Peach - $10 Title Fight - Secret Society | 1st Press /700 - Blue - $10 Turnstile - Pressure To Succeed | 3rd Press /300 - Blue - $8 Turnstile - Step 2 Rhythm | 4th Press - Green/White Starburst - $6 You Blew It! - Pioneer of Nothing | 1st Press /500 - Grey - $6 10" Camera Shy - Jack-O-Lantern |1st Press /498 - Blue/White/Orange Starburst - $14 You Blew It! - You Blue It | 1st Press /100 - Cyan / Royal Blue Half And Half With White Splatter - $14 12" Adventures - Supersonic Home | 1st Press /500 - Light Blue with Orange Marble - $15 Bayside - Cult | 1st Press - Black w/ White Splatter - $10 (Pending) Cayetana - Nervous Like Me | 1st Press /300 - Opaque Cream - $12 Citizen - Everybody Is Going To Heaven | 1st Press /500 - Deep Purple A-Side/Beer B-Side with Black Splatter Crying - Get Olde/Second Wind | 1st Press /300 - Blue - $12 Foxing - Dealer | 1st Press /500 - Black (180g) Hostage Calm - Die On Stage | 1st Press /625 - Grey/Blue Starburst (Hot Topic/Banquet Exclusive) - $10 Hostage Calm - Please Remain Calm | 2nd Press /300 - Silver/Black - $10 Kanye West - Graduation | 1st Press /250 - Mauve/Dark Pink - $30 Kanye West - Late Registration | 1st Press - Black - $15 Kanye West - The College Dropout | 1st Press - Black - $15 Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City | 1st Press - Black - $15 Lemuria - Pebble | 4th Pressing /1000 - Translucent Red - $10 Mixtapes - Even on The Worst Nights | 2nd Press /490 - Red - $10 Rilo Kiley - Rkives | 1st Press - Black - $10 Rozwell Kid - Too Shabby | 2nd Press /300 - Coke Bottle Clear - $14 Runaway Brother - Mother | 1st Press - Opaque Blue /100 - $15 Somos - Temple Of Plenty | 2nd Press /225 - Opaque Lavender - $14 The Wonder Years - No Closer To Heaven | 2nd Press /5050 - Blue/Burgundy Swirl - $15 (Pending) The World is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Between Bodies | 1st Press /250 - Fire Swirl - $24 Title Fight - Hyperview | 1st Press /2000 - Grey - $14 Two Knights - Shut Up | 1st Press /350 - Coke Bottle Clear - $14 You Blew It! - Keep Doing What You're Doing | 1st Press /400 - Coke Bottle Clear - $14 Cassettes: Candy Hearts - Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy | 1st Run - Clear - $5 Estates - Self-Titled |2nd Run /100 - Blue Tint tapes w/ white Imprinting - $5 September - September | 1st Run /24 - Yellow Tint w/ White Ink - $5
  3. Hello! i'm looking at selling a good chunk of my collection to help pay for college and other things I need to spend my money on! I apologize in advance for not including all of the specific presses of each item, but I hope you find something you'd like to purchase! If you have any questions or if you want me to take a picture of a specific record you are interested in just shoot me a message! Thank you for clicking this link! - Austin 7" Daylight/Superheaven - The Difference Between Good & Bad Dreams - Sea Green - $6 ppd Tiger's Jaw - Hum - Aqua Electric Blue - $6 ppd Snowing - Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit - Translucent Yellow - $8 ppd Snowing - Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit - Black (1st or 3rd Press W/ Special Jacket) *Offer Snowing - Sherbatsky/Pump Fake - Black - $7 ppd Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - In Which The Choices We Make - Coke Bottle Clear - $5 ppd Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - Rika Split - Brown - $5 ppd Bearings - Self Titled - White - $5 ppd Fest 11 Split - State Lines + You Blew It! + INTO IT OVER IT + Misser - Black - $15 ppd Balance & Composure/Braid Split - Translucent Yellow - $6 ppd Balance & Composure - Acoustic - Cream - $6 ppd Dad's - Woman EP - Red - $10 ppd 10" The Reptilian - Full Health - Purple - $10 ppd Two Knights - A Lot Of Bad Things - Brown - $10 ppd 12" Tiny Moving Parts - Pleasant Living - Orange w/ Spot 1st Press - $15 ppd Tiny Moving Parts - This Couch Is Long - Mountain Dew - $18 ppd Moving Mountains - New Light - White - $10 ppd You Blew It! - The Past & Present - Translucent Blue - $10 ppd Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds - Starburst Yellow/Blue - $12 ppd Owls - TWO - Blue - $10 ppd Archers of Loaf - Icky Mettle - Blue - $12 ppd Transit - Stay Home - Halloween Orange - $12 ppd Blink 182 - Untitled - Blue/Pink Splatter - $20 ppd Tigers Jaw - Charmer - Cream - $12 ppd Balance & Composure - Only Boundaries - Gray Splatter - $12 ppd * other things that might interest you? - Casper Elgin "It's Just A Fucking Demo" Test Press *15 ppd - Chromecast w/out power adapter $13 ppd ​- Seinfeld Season 1+2 on DVD - $10 ppd - Insignia Audio Receiver *basically brand new - $40 ppd
  4. SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY: Jurassic Park (Amber) Pet Semetary (Green w/ Black Haze) Pet Semetary (print by Mike Saputo) (will cut a deal if someone buys both Pet Semetarys) Home Alone (DKNG print) Vicious Muse (Jacob Bannon AWLWLB Print Series) Moonshake - Legend of Zelda (Gold) Circa Survive / Sunny Day Real Estate (clear split) Waxwork - Friday the 13th (Woodland Green w/ red splatter) Dikembe/You Blew It!/Have Mercy/Kittyhawk - Christmas split (half red/half green) Dikembe/You Blew It!/Have Mercy/Kittyhawk - Christmas split (test press) Harvard - The Inevitable and I 1st press (ocean blue swirl) Fall Out Boy - From Under the Cork Tree (Translucent Blue) Citizen - EIGTH (Deluxe Package medium) Circa Survive - Juturna (Pic Disc) PRICED LP's: Circa Survive - B-sides (clear) $20 The World Is a Beautiful Place... - Between Bodies (black) $20 The World is a Beautiful Place... - Between Bodies (fire swirl) $30 The World is a Beautiful Place... - Audiotreee (Half purple/half black) $10 Cartel - Chroma (clear w/ red splatta) $30 Hrvrd - The Inevitable and I (Clear w/ splatta) $25 Hrvrd - From the Bird's Cage (gray marble) $30 Far Cry 4 Soundtrack $35 The Early November - The Room's too Cold (black) $30 The Early November - The Mother, the Mechanic, the Path (splatta /29) $45 Circa Survive/Sunny Day Real Estate - Split (maroon) $20 Superheaven - Ours is Chrome (oxblood haze) $30 Converge - AWLWLB (black) $20 Code Orange - I Am King (white) $25 The Amity Affliction - Youngbloods (red w/ black splatta) $50 Mondo - Pet Semetary (black) $25 Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown (orange) $20 Whole list below is $15. Buy anything from above, $10: You + Me - Rose Ave (black) Mondo - Shaun of the Dead (black) Mondo - 2001: Space Odyssey (black) Major League - Hard Feelings (tan/cream) Protest the Hero - Volition (black) Aeges - Above & down Below (Translucent Pilsner and Opaque Gold Swirl w/ Bronze Splatter) Of Mice & Men - Restoring Force (white) The Dillinger Escape Plan - One of us is the Killer (white) The Ghost Inside - Get What you give (black) Every Time I die - Ex Lives (black) Daisyhead/Have Mercy - Split (Red/Cream Haze)
  5. pm me offers on the list!, also accepting offers on my tradelist 7" Adventure/ Pity sex - split (red a side/blue b side 1st press /500) Alert - demo (clear red 1st press 56/100) Beach slang - cheap thrills on a dead end street (red/orange 1st press /150) Burning bridges/The icarus line - split (orange 1st press #770/1000) Diamond youth - shake -(ultra clear w/ highlighter yellow and magenta splatter 1st press /500) Empire empire! - in which choices (pink marble 1st press /50) Empire empire!/ annabel/ the reptilian/ joie de vivre - split (black 1st press /100) Empire! empire!/ Joie de vivre - split (maple 1st press /494) Empire! empire!/ Malegoat - split (kelly green 1st press /150) Frameworks - small victories (pink 3rd press /200) Knuckle puck - oak street (green 1st press [FLEXI] /1000) Knuckle puck/Neck deep - split (opaque purple w/ light blue haze /250) Light years - just between us... (clear blue 1st press /227) Pianos become the teeth/The saddest landscape - split (translucent red w/black smoke 5th press /500) Project x - straight edge revenge (coke bottle clear 3rd press of reissue /1000) Real friends - 3 songs (brown 1st press /800) Real friends - 3 songs (clear w/ red splatter 1st press /600) Real friends - 3 songs (coffee a side/ creamer b side 1st press /300) Sojurner - overwheliming (record release) Team effort - the third age (clear blue /100) Touche amore/The casket lottery - split (white 1st press /200) Wreck - nervous wreck (black 1st press /400) Xerxes/ Midnight souls -split (clear green 1st press /400) You blew it! - pioneer of nothing (opaque yellow/ transparent red color in color 1st press /250) You blew it! - pioneer of nothing (opaque yellow/ transparent red color in color 1st press /250) You blew it!/Fake problems - split (forest green 2nd press /500) Young turks - where i rise (clear green /??) 10" Empire empire! - when the sea became a giant (beer in blue 1st press /350) 12" Blink 182 - the mark tom and travis show ( clear w/ splatter 2x lp 1st press /2700) Diamond youth - don't lose your cool (white 2nd pressing /250) Diamond youth - orange (translucent orange w/ black smoke 2nd press /725) Dikembe - mediumship (white w/ green starburst 1st press /250) Empire! empire! - you will eventually be forgotten (black 1st press /250) Field mouse - hold still life (purple 1st press /200) Ghost thrower - 10 songs (clear w/ black smoke /??) Have mercy - a place of our own (opaque ivory 1st press /??) Hold tight! - blizzard of '96 (opaque blue 1st press /200) Ivy league - transparency (black/clear mix 1st press /600) Jay z - black album (black 1st press /??) Knuckle Puck - The Weight That You Buried (Ultra Clear 1st press /100) Knuckle puck - while I stay secluded (transparent blue a side/ transparent red b side w/ white splatter 1st press /250) La dispute - rooms of the house (black 1st press /2000) Modern baseball - sports (blue 2nd press /300) My chemical romance - may death never stop you (black 1st press /??) Neck deep - rain in july/ a history of bad decisons (orange 1st press /150) Neck deep - wishful thinking (milky clear w/ white splatter 1st press /500) Old gray - an autobiography (white w/ gold and silver splatter [euro press w/ grey themed pre-order cover]/25) Pharrell - in my mind (black 1st press /??) Run for cover - mixed signals (black 1st press /1000) Run forever - settling (Stormy Blue 2nd press /130) Taking back sunday - tell all your friends (black 6th press /1198) Taking back sunday - where you want to be (black 2nd press /1000) Touche amore - is survived by (opaque blue 1st press /11499) Touche amore - parting the sea between brightness and me (black 3rd press /??) Touche amore - to the beat of a dead horse (orange 6th press /??) Turnover - magnolia (aqua w/ mustard splatter 1st press /1000) Wild ones - keep it safe (black 1st press /500)
  6. I have a black copy, not sure what the number is but I can't check/update this thread when I get home. Will trade for anything in my sig (specifically Iron Chic or Jon Snodgrass). If you'd care to make an offer then please PM me, I'll respond a lot faster that way.
  7. With this past weekend marking the 20th anniversary of Weezer’s “Blue Album”, we’re pleased to announce You Blew It! have recently recorded a 5-song covers EP that we’ll be releasing digitally on July 15 and physically on August 12, 2014. Expect pre-orders in mid-June. The cover art’s above and track list directly below: My Name Is Jonas Surf Wax America In the Garage Only In Dreams Susanne The band had this to say about the EP: Get notified when pre-orders go up!
  8. Looking to get cash for these. Open to the idea of trades. Man Overboard - Heart Attack | Purple /500 | 1st Press Neck Deep - Wishful Thinking | Yellow/Purple Smash /500 | 1st Press Transit - Young New England | Red/White/Blue Starburst /200 | 1st Press (Hand numbered 92/200 silk-screened cover from Young New England tour) You Blew It - Keep Doing What You're Doing | Coke Bottle Clear /400 | 1st Press
  9. All prices PPD. 2xLP DJ Shadow- Endtroducing... $14 Jay-Z- The Blueprint $12 Blue Sky Black Death- The Holocaust Instrumentals $10 7" Cap'n Jazz/Friction- Nothing Dies With Blue Skies $14 Lorde- Tennis Court $8 10" Funeral Diner- The Wicked EP $15 This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb- Dance Party With... $10 Orchid- Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! $11 Joyce Manor- Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired (UK pressing/pink /150) $30 12" A Day In Black And White- My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys (white /300) $8 Avail- Satiate $7 Circle Takes The Square- As The Roots Undo (tour press) $30 Dads- Brush Your Teeth Again (white /200) $15 Daniel Johnston- Hi, How Are You $12 Embrace- s/t $9 Ghost Mice- Collection One Or The Fairy War $12 Hop Along- Get Disowned $10 Minus The Bear- They Make Beer Commercials Like This (fruity pebbles /500) $28 Motorhead- s/t (/gray vinyl/hand-numbered /500) $20 Nakatomi Plaza- Unsettled $8 Of Montreal- The Bird Who Continues To Eat The Rabbit's Flower $11 Orchid- Chaos Is Me $12 Pageninetynine- Document #8 (foam /204) $12 The Pine- Lead Blocks For Feet (black w/ brown ink cover /470) $13 You Blew It!- Grow Up, Dude (clear /269) $20 BUNDLES Of Montreal- False Priest 2xLP and 3 different 7"s $13 Rocky Votalato- A Brief History 10" and Matt Pond PA split $12 Cloud Nothings- self titled LP and Didn't You 7" $12 Punch- self titled LP and Nothing Lasts 7" $11 Also: Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance Singles 5x7" box set (Cute Is What We Aim For/Paramore/The Academy Is/Gym Class Heroes/Cobra Starship) $12
  10. saving up for a euro trip, make me an offer on these guys TEST PRESSES *The Jazz June / Dikembe split 7" - test press *You Blew It / Dikembe / Have Mercy / Kittyhawk - Christmas Split - test press *Donor - Ache Through My Bones 7" - test press (members of crucial dudes, you blew it, dikembe, you'll live) *Spanish Gamble - It's All Coming Down - test press
  11. unfortunately i was unable to preorder a copy, but if anybody ordered an extra i would love to take it off your hands! thanks
  12. Afternoon, everyone! Looking hard for: Owen: "Ghost Town" Clear (180 Grams, Pre-Order Exclusive) /800 "No Good For No One Now" Clear Gold /300 Twitching Tongues: "In Love There is No Law" Type O Green/Black Split /400 "Sleep Therapy" Green /??? You Blew It!: "Grow Up, Dude" Yellow W/White /500 Tradelist isn't impressive by any means, but who knows.
  13. Hey guys just wanted to pick up some of these records: -Nothing was missing except me (Clear) -Grow Up, Dude (Maroon) -Loom (Cream) -Chicago Bowls (any 1st press) also i would love to acquire a Hotelier "home like noplace is there" (any starburst) Thanks so much! Austin
  14. If you are interested in trading something from your trade list for this, these are some bands i'm interested in You Blew it! Dikembe The Hotelier Algernon Cadwallader I Can Make a Mess Hightide Hotel Merchant Ships Owen Snowing William Bonney My copy of is on translucent green /200 on second press!
  15. I know this is such a longshot, but i'm looking for a splatter pressing /75 if you would be interested in selling it please let me know!
  16. Prices include shipping 7" Fun./Panic at The Disco - c'mon (clear) /500 $10 Fun./Panic at The Disco - c'mon (Orange) /500 $10 Handguns / Forever Came Calling - Split (Half Green/Half Yellow) /500 $8 Hellogoodbye - Here (In Your Arms) (Picture Disc) $10 Misser - Problems. Problems. Problems. (Electric Blue [A Side] And Bronze ) /300 $12 Mixtapes - Somewhere In Trinsic (Blue w/Black Streaks) /600 $10 Mxpx - Punk Rawk Show (Black) $7 Say Anything - Hate Everyone (Black) $10 The Wonder Years / Heroes For Hire - A Split Record (Red/White) /? $20 You Blew It/The Saddest Landscape -Topshelf Records SXSW Split $15 12" Cinematic Sunrise - A Coloring Storybook (Picture Disc) $12 D12 - D12 World (Black 2XLP) $15 Fun. - Aim & Ignite (Rainbow Splatter) /1000 $50 Various Artists - Gift Wrapped: 20 Songs That Keep On Giving (Red A/B side & Green C/D side) $15 Various Artists - Mixed Signals (Sea Blue + White Aside Bside) /500 $15
  17. Want to buy or trade for these two You Blew It! records. Any variant/pressing. Check out my list!
  18. Edit : Just Looking for the Broad Shoulders/Grow up Dude split now. Either color. Take my money.
  19. Music Gives Back will be putting out a 7" vinyl split featuring Into It. Over It., Misser, State Lines, and You Blew It! The 7" will be limited to 250 copies and available exclusively in Florida at The Fest '11. HOWEVER, on Sunday, September 9th, at 12:00PM EST ill be putting 50 copies up for Pre-order for those of you who cant make it out to Florida. Keep an eye out. 100% of proceeds go to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. http://www.musicgivesback.bigcartel.com/product/the-fest-11-7-split
  20. In our six and a half years of being a label, we've basically hoarded all of our stuff in a temperature controlled storage unit. Occasionally giving test presses to good causes or to friends as wedding gifts or what have you. ~But we gots billz to pay, baby!~ So here you go: the first 100 of a three part summer eBay auction has loads of gems. Check it out here: http://www.ebay.com/...elfsquad/m.html http://www.ebay.com/...elfsquad/m.html http://www.ebay.com/...elfsquad/m.html http://www.ebay.com/...elfsquad/m.html http://www.ebay.com/...elfsquad/m.html Some of the highlights: A Great Big Pile Of Leaves "BOOM" LP Black 20 TEST PRESS A Great Big Pile Of Leaves "Live From The Living Rooom" 7" Black /20 TEST PRESS We Were Skeletons "S/T" LP Black 10/15 TEST PRESS Into It. Over It./Everyone Everywhere Test Pressing 5/9 Black Rooftops "A Forest Of Polarity" LP Black 15/20 TEST PRESS Into It. Over It. / Castevet "Snack Town" 7 Inch Black 12/17 Test Press Caravels "Floorboards" Black /20 TEST PRESS Into It. Over It. "Twelve Towns" LP Black /20 TEST PRESS Chamberlain "The Moon My Saddle" Black /20 Test Pressing 2xLP Caravels/Gifts From Enola "Well Worn" Black /20 TEST PRESS You Blew It! "Grow Up, Dude" Black 17/20 Rejected TEST PRESS The World Is A Beautiful Place "Formlessness" Black /15 TEST PRESS The Saddest Landscape "After The Lights" Black 7/20 TEST PRESS Pianos Become The Teeth "The Lack Long After" Black /20 Test Pressing The Saddest Landscape "Cover Your Heart" Black 19/20 TEST PRESS The World Is A Beautiful Place "Josh Is Dead" Black /20 TEST PRESS Prawn "You Can Just Leave It All" LP Orange /20 TEST PRESS Code Orange Kids / Full Of Hell Split EP Black 19/20 TEST PRESS My Heart To Joy "Seasons in Verse" Blue /100 First Press The World Is/Deer Leap "Are Here To Help" Black /20 Test Pressing Pianos Become The Teeth/The Saddest Landscape EP Black 20/20 TEST PRESS Empire! Empire! (IWALE) "On Time Spent Waiting..." Black 18/20 TEST PRESS Grown Ups "More Songs" 12 Inch Black 10/20 Test Press The Saddest Landscape "After The Lights" Half Blue/Clear /150 First EURO Press Pianos Become The Teeth "Old Pride" Test Press 9/20 The Saddest Landscape "After The Lights" Pinwheel /100 First Press By Surprise "Mountain Smashers" Red w/ Black 13/20 TEST PRESS My Heart To Joy "Reasons To Be" Blue 17/20 Test Pressing A Great Big Pile Of Leaves "Live From The Living Rooom" 7" Black /20 TEST PRESS The Clippers "An Evening With..." Test Press Talons "Hollow Realm" White 12/15 TEST PRESS The Saddest Landscape "Cover Your Heart" Navy /400 First Press for RSD Big Kids "Don't Be A Baby" Black 17/20 TEST PRESS Good luck!
  21. PM me if you're interested in anything. I'm a pretty easy dude to work with. Not looking for crazy money on these, but I know what they generally go for. Let me know if you need pics. Thanks dudes! Offer Maps and Atlases- Trees, Swallows, Houses (black w/grey screen-printed b-side) Saves the Day- Stay What You Are (blue) The Starting Line- With Hopes of Starting Over (white; Enjoy the Ride) Further Seems Forever- 2010 Acoustic 7" Kevin Devine- Luxembourg (clear w/ orange screen-printed B side) Margot and the Nuclear So and So's- Broadripple Is Burning/Holy Cow 7" Set Prices Crime In Stereo- I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone (red)- $10ppd Dropkick Murphys- Do or Die- $10ppd Dropkick Murphys- The Gang's All Here (red)- $10ppd The Forecast- The Forecast (cherry 7-up)- $14ppd Hot Water Music- Fuel For the Hate Game (turquoise/purple swirl)- $10ppd Snowing- I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted (black/600)- $13ppd You Blew It!- Grow Up, Dude (opaque green/100)- $16ppd

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