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Disney/Marvel Soundtrack picture discs LPs - Hot Topic exclusives (updated 1/18/16)

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Hot Topic will be carrying Disney Soundtracks on limited edition vinyl picture discs.


These are exclusive to Hot Topic and these are the only versions being made for these soundtracks.




The Little Mermaid - 4/29/14

The Lion King - 4/29/14

Beauty and the Beast LP - 8/26/14

Aladdin LP - 8/26/14

Frozen LP - 9/30/14

Nightmare Before Christmas 2xLP - 10/7/14








Cinderella - 4/7/15

Sleeping Beauty - 6/30/15

Tangled - 7/31/15

Toy Story - 8/28/15

A Goofy Movie - 10/23/15

Bambi - 11/20/15







Out now:

Peter Pan - 1/8/16


Coming soon:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - 2/26/16

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Travis, any word on sound quality? I've wanted to pick up a Lion King soundtrack for a while now, but the actual disk goes for stupid high prices. 


Well I haven't heard them yet. Disney is handling all the production on these so they should be pretty high quality all around.

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