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Disney/Marvel Soundtrack picture discs LPs - Hot Topic exclusives (updated 1/18/16)

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ordered both for $46.62 after tax.


there's a $10 off $50 coupon code that's working: SVARDHTX10 (expires 8/28)


would've been nice if I could've gotten that $1 shipping too, but the code put it below $50, so I just went w/ the free site-to-store. still, $21.50 a piece is a lot more justifiable.


Thanks for the coupon dude.  Just ordered them both and was able to also get the $1 shipping.  Came to 47.79 w/ tax and shipping


Thanks for the coupon and for the heads up on still getting $1 shipping guys! Ordered both just now.

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Man, it's really bugging me that I can't do site to store because the store here will be closed for remodeling. Can't I just do it anyways, and wait until it's re-open to get them. Obviously I can't but oh well.


If you call them they will probably ship it to you for free as a courtesy.  I know they did when my store got remodeled.

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I love these! I've already got TLM. Can't wait to get the rest! Especially TNBC! Just wish it didn't cost so much to ship to the UK (definitely worth it though!) 


The Frozen picture disc has appeared on amazon.co.uk, but I thought they were Hot Topic exclusives? 



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