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FS RARE Heroin Party 12", rare Teen Suicide, Snowing, Street Smart Cyclist, I Hate Myself

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Hello all! Recently I've run into some car troubles and as a result, I must sell some of my favorite records that I own. I hate to see 'em go but it's necessary right now! If anything interests you, hit me up via PM and let's make something happen!


Snowing - I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted

* 2nd pressing, blue screen printed beer-can cover, grey marble /100

Say Anything - Anarchy, My Dear

* 1st pressing, red

I Hate Myself - 10 Songs

* 11th pressing, white /100

Heroin Party - summer made me blue; summer gave me sky

* Pressed specifically for a RAINN fundraising auction. Features jacket artwork made and signed by Sam Ray himself along with handwritten liner notes, track listing, and other goodies. Lathe cut, /2


Street Smart Cyclist - Demo

* First pressing, blue 242/300

Teen Suicide - Goblin Problems

* First pressing, features alternative artwork that ended up not being used on the final release. The alt artwork was only sent out with 5 records. Black, /200

Teen Suicide - hymns

* First/only pressing, jacket artwork was done by hand (I believe they were all done by Sam Ray's mother?). Lathe cut, /30

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