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Looking for:



Help me complete my B&C collection!

Balance and Composure

Braid Split

Teal /500

White /1000

Dark Maroon Red /700

Gold /700

Coke Bottle Clear (2013 NSR Sub) /200

Translucent Purple /1000


Tigers Jaw Split

Black /500

Brown /300

Green /200

Clear /500

Clear Green /300

Red /200

Gold /500

White /300

Clear Red /200

Brown/white/Green Starburst /2000


Only Boundaries

Black /450

Black (Silk Screened B-Side) /100

Clear Gold (RSD 2011) /50

Clear Gold /500

White /500

Pink /500

Grey /500

Blue /500

Grey w/ Black /500

Clear /500


Acoustic 7"


Midnight Blue /500

Clear /500

Yellow /300

Black (2012 Tour Only Edition - Screen Printed Cover) /200

White (2013 NSR Sub Series) /200

Cream /1000



Blue/Sunfire Split /500

White /500

Black /500

Navy /500

Orange /500

Yellow /1000

Purple/Green Haze /1000

Green/Black Haze /1000

White/Yellow Colour-in-Colour /800

Tri-Colour (White/Black/Trans Orange) /650


The Things We Think We're Missing

Transparent Blue (Hassle Records Exclusive) /500

Opaque Yellow /4000

Opaque Fuchsia (HT Excl.) /1000

Opaque Red /750

Opaque White/Clear Red Split (Tour Excl.) /500

Yellow/Fuchsia Haze /500

Coke Bottle Clear (2013 NSR Sub) /200

Opaque Yellow/Black Haze /1000

Half Transparent Blue/Half Opaque Red /500

Hot Pink/Opaque Red Haze /500




Silhouette (Latin Skin) 7" - Aqua Blue /700

Silhouette (Latin Skin) 7" - Hot Pink /300


Winter Forever - Clear /500

Winter Forever - White /400

Winter Forever - Black (180g) /300

Winter Forever - Black and Oxblood /500

Winter Forever - Electric Blue w/ Coke Bottle Haze /300


The Story So Far


Under Soil and Dirt (Anything but the 180g Black and Maroon)

While You Were Sleeping

TSSF/Maker Split



Ghost (B.C.)




Infestissumam - ANY VARIANT!



The Appleseed Cast


Illumination Ritual

Milky Clear and Bone /1200

Black 180g /500

Wine Red & Beer /300

Swamp Green & Aqua Blue


Modern Baseball - Sports




Check out my tradelist on deadformat





Most everything is for trade if you have a record I want!!

Let me know if you want something above and perhaps we can work something out. Even if you don't have the records listed that I want.

eBay reference: http://www.ebay.com/usr/thundrstruckk

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just wondering if you own a studded belt/what color is your hair

haha haven't had a genuine good laugh in a while



Damn I knew VC was bad but already? No studded belt but I got some blonde hair

haha he's just teasin' trust me, you'll get heaps and endless heaps of TDAGARIM friends 

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I have a copy of the CS/SDRE split that I'm willing to trade. What I would want to happen would be to trade the split and something else for something I have listed above. Preferably one of the variants of Separation, or TTWTWM. Also would trade for a few specific variants of The Story So Far's Under Soil and Dirt, or any pressing of While You Were Sleeping. 

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