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David The Gnome

FS: Senses Fail, Mansions

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Basically looking to get my money back on what I paid for these records I no longer listen to or need. Each have been spun a handful of times, have been well cared for and are in great shape. Everything ships secured in LP mailers with bubble wrap and cardboard inserts via Media Mail + tracking. Prices listed are for payment as a gift via paypal. If you wish to send payment as goods/services we'll just add the appropriate fees (usually a buck or two).


Senses Fail - The Fire (Peach) $40 SOLD

Senses Fail - Renacer (Orange #20/500) $30ppd

Senses Fail - Still Searching (Coke Clear) $30ppd SOLD

Mansions - New Best Friends (1st Press, /250) $30ppd SOLD

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Sorry man. We PM'd about this more than a few MONTHS ago. I had no idea you were still looking for it and didn't even think to check to be honest with you. I don't really think you should expect me to have done so. I've received multiple PM's about this record. Normally the first person to PM me would get this record but that dude hasn't responded back to my reply. One user has hooked me up on multiple occasions for records and this is my chance to make good with him for those times so it's going to him. Best of luck finding it in the future, pudge. 

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