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UPDATED LOWER PRICES FS: All my things (records, games, dvds, books, comics, etc!)

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Looking to part with some things I've held on to through the years since I'm in between jobs and my girlfriend's birthday is in a month. I'm pretty new here so I'm not even really too sure how the feedback system works, but mine is most likely nonexistent. I can link to my ebay where I do have some feedback listed. Hope to gain some here too though as I plan to become a more active member whenever I finally regain income.

My record collection is up-and-coming and almost everything I own is a favorite, so at the moment I don't have many records to list but I do plan on updating with more things as I accept parting with things. I'll also be listing some prints, dvds, music related merch/clothes, video games, comics, whatever I can part with.

Shipping is $4.


|***SOLD The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Mongrel on Red vinyl


|The Gazette Beautiful Deformity giant premotional poster $4

|Darkstalkers 30th Aniversary poster $3

| giant D'espair's Ray 2005 COLL:SET album release promo poster $4


|Red "God of War" themed PSP, HACKED with 4GB memory card, charger, and soft case. This thing here has been a good friend through many years. It works like the day I got it and I'm constantly replacing the games on it (I have a metal gear addiction, but also love Monster Hunter and DJ Max). $45


|3 Dexter books (of which the show is based on), Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Dearly Devoted |Dexter and Dexter in the Dark. All three books paperback. $6 for all three

|original nook with SD card $28


|Watchmen $4

|V for Vendetta $4


|Johnny the Homicidal Maniac the Director's Cut edition $4

|Fables, volumes 1-11 (tradeback) + 1001 Nights of Snowfall (hardback).. this is a pretty large collection and may cost a bit to ship. $48

|Witchblade tradebacks, volumes 1-5 $20

|Various batman tradebacks.. (Batman RIP, Batman the Long Halloween, Batman Year One,

Tales of the Batman, Batman Gotham underground, some more..) $4 each

|Let's Find Pokemon! tall, hardback "Where is Waldo?" style Pokemon books. Three separate books, one Fire Red+Leaf Green themed, one Emarald themed and one other $5 each

|Street Fighter Tribute.. this isn't a comic really, more a giant artbook. $10

Little, skinny, single issue comics:

|Wonderful Wizard of Oz 1-5 $8

|Mirror's Edge 1-4 $7

|Street Fighter 1-2 $3


|Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Manga Series, volumes 1-3 $12 for all thee

|Pokemon Legend of Darkrai manga $3

|Pokemon Temple of the Sea manga $3

|High-School Debut, volumes 1-7 $22

|We Were There, volumes 1-3 $12

|Haruhi Suzumiya, volumes 1-2 $7

DVDs (all discs-only unless otherwise noted, I've kept them all in one big dvd carrier for years)

|BLEACH season 1 $5

|BLEACH season 2 + the Movie $6

|Full Metal Alchemist season 1 $6

|Full Metal Alchemist season 2 +The conquerer of movie $8

|G.T.O. Great Teacher Onizuka complete series on four discs$6

|Buso Renkin season 1 (episodes 1-13) $5

|LOVELESS complete series on three discs $5

|To Heart, four discs $4

|Castle in the Sky 2 disc special edition $4

|Whisper of the Heart 2 disc special edition $4

|Morbito: Guardian of the Spirit complete six disc special edition $6

|Steamboy $4

|L.m.c. GLITTER LOUD BOX Music video DVD with case and insert $4

|DRAGON BALL Z Seasons 1-8 with complete cases and boxes. Ask for photos if interested. $85


|Andrew Jackson Jihad "Only God Can Judge Me" themed black zipup hoodie, size medium. Purchased on their 2012 tour. Photo: http://i.imgur.com/oGlIaYS.jpg $15

|RISK AD, complete with all pieces. This is RISK where you can control the moon as a teritory for God's sake. Don't want to sell this really but no one has played it with me for years (it's a damn lengthy game) $18

|Four acrylic paintings by a local "metal album cover artist" as he described himself. Will post pictures, I believe his artist name is "Cave" Photos: http://i.imgur.com/NlhvyDY.jpg $24 for the set of three, $10 for the ram-beast

|Tons of various Nintendo plushes, along with some other things. Picture included... http://i.imgur.com/xb03OWf.jpg make a low offer on them

|Japanese Rock CD lot (DIR EN GREY: UROBOROS with book and case, GIRUGAMESH self titled with book and case[case has broken disc holder] and MUCC best of MUCC disc only. $5

|Hand painted Pikachu ceramic "piggy bank" $5

|300 Pokemon cards from various generations ranging from 90's-mid 00's; all pokemon, no energies or trainer cards. $22

..basically, if there's anyone as interested in collecting nostalgic items from the mid 90's to early 00's as I am, then let me know and I'll find all the relavant things I could list.

Thanks for reading all this, any offers will help me out a lot. If you're interested in anything at all I can get pictures for you. Just let me know!

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Not most of the anime. They've been in one big case since 2009 and I've moved multiple times since then. I know how much that sucks since I'm pretty ocd about not having the total package for my collection. I'd go pretty low on those because of that, especially if someone got multiple.

edit: I also have Fruits basket complete, Gunslinger Girl and a few other anime sets which do have all their cases and boxes, but I haven't decided to part with them yet

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TODAY ONLY: I am willing to sell Dragon Ball Z seasons 1-8 (nearly 50 discs) WITH bleach seasons 1 (4 discs) and seasons 2 (5 discs), the bleach movie (2 discs),GTO the complete series (5 discs) buso renkin season one (3 discs) AND To Heart (4 discs)...I am willing to sell ALL of the DVDs listed in this post for $100.

That's hundreds upon hundreds less than they cost separately. My crazy surprise bill is due tomorrow. I can either go to the post office today before five or first thing in the morning.

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