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This is Manny. I adopted him from a shelter when he was about 6 months old. He likes to perch on the edge of the tub when I pee and plays with the shower curtain when I shower. He's loves people and is not shy in the slightest bit. Sometimes he's a jerk to the other cats and needs to be put in the bathroom to settle his jimmies.




This is Sadie (alk3). She's my cute little tuxedo cat. I got her from my boss when his cats had a litter to keep Manny company because I think he got bored. She's cute, and very skiddish around new people. Also, she RARELY meows.





This is Baby. I couldn;t think of another name, so it just kind of stuck. I found her alone in the dark outside of my old house when she was only maybe a few weeks old. She was covered in fleas, and was just too tiny to be out by herself especially when I didnt live in a great area of town. She was weened too early, so I had to bottle feed her and raised her without a mom. She also rarely meows and is skiddish but dammit, when she wants attention you'll be wearing a cat sweater in no time! She also suckles on sweatshirts from time to time when she's super comfortable. She's going on around 3 years and in great health!


She also guards the bathroom when I poop for some odd reason.

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Good morning



I love this thread so much. I didn't use to be a cat person AT ALL. I had a black cat in high school that sucked on everything. Everything was dripping in slobber. Especially the ends of my favorite blanket. Turned me off for the longest. Now, I don't know what I would do without the little buggers.

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Pretty Cat Alex.


haha thanks. See that really deep rug she's lying on? Came home to a hairball right in the middle of it, took me an hour to clean it out. Fucking disgusting, she insists on doing that shit exclusively on the 25% of our place with carpet, never, ever on the wooden floor. Ever.

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This is Chomp. He is my favorite.



Here he is in my bathtub. He gets in here all the time.




And in the act of stalking a napkin.



I have two others, Fussy Britches (the one in the middle) and Nibbler (big idiot on the right).



Fussy is quite the talker. Nibbler likes to knock things off shelves.


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