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I'm back with records FS and a rotated pelvis. Alexisonfire fans dig in.


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  • 2 weeks later...

  • 6 months later...

I hate to say it because how rad of a person Dan led me to believe he was, but I have been ripped off by this guy.


I trusted his high ratings on this website and gifted him a payment on Paypal on 6/17 for:

BTBAM - Colors

Brand New - Devil and God

Touche Amore - 2010 7" Boxset


For months I had been led on to believe that due to a busy work and travel schedule that the shipping would be slightly delayed. I waited, kept talking with the guy and shooting the shit, etc.. Seemed super legit and friendly, so I let it go for a couple weeks. Same thing continued, let it go for a few more months. Was told that because of my wait, I could pick another record free of charge, so I asked for "TA - ...To the Beat of a Dead Horse" S&F yellow press, and I was told it'd be on the way. More waiting. I heard from him again about 1.5/2 months ago and was reassured he had just drunkenly thrown together a rad package full of my records, other miscellaneous records, and random shit. And now, having tried to tirelessly reach him for the past month via text, call, VC, Facebook, etc. all communications have ceased.


It seems that perhaps he doesn't frequent the forum anymore, nor Faceboook. Maybe the guy died, I don't know. But I am incredibly bummed. Not just that I had almost $150 stolen from me, but because he seemed like such a stand up dude and genuinely awesome. Anyway, shitty.


Also, I have texts and a payment receipt on Paypal to substantiate all of this if anyone cares, but given he doesn't really come here anymore, I suppose it doesn't matter much.

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That really sucks. He sold me a record that could have easily fetched $500+ for less than half of that.

I know. I don't want to believe it's true and the prices I was offered were so good, but over 6 months later and over a month with no response makes me feel very hopeless.

If you're still out there, Dan, please come home. Your family misses you. :'(

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